API 5000™ LC/MS/MS System
The world's most sensitive LC/MS/MS system.
A new benchmark for quantitativesmall molecule analysis.
The API 5000™ LC/MS/MS system is today's most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for complex bioanalytical samples. Designed to deliver the lowest limits of detection for the most demanding DMPK and ADMET studies, the system combines new QJet™ ion guide technology with the proven TURBO V™ ion source and a powerful new generation of Analyst® software. The result is a robust, high- throughput platform for every phase of pharmaceutical development, from drug discovery through clinical trials—and a new level of quantitative performance in a reliable, easy-to-use system.
The API 5000™ LC/MS/MS system is the latest atmospheric pressure ionization (API) mass spectrometer from Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX.
Backed by an unmatched track record of experience and performance in pharmaceutical development applications, this is the most sensitive—and the most powerful—triple quadrupole system we have ever produced.
Ideal for small molecule analysis
The API 5000™ LC/MS/MS system gives you unequalledaccuracy and precision for quantitative analysis. It also offers linearity over a wide dynamic range and exceptional sensitivityfor routine quantitation of low abundance compounds incomplex matrices—delivering greater signal-to-noise than the industry-standard API 4000™ system.
Excellent linearity over a wide dynamic range is illustrated in this calibrationcurve of eight replicate injections at each concentration of buspirone. Fromthe table, the statistics and accuracy demonstrate unparalleled consistency This chromatogram acquired at unit resolution of both Q1 and Q3 demon- and reproducibility required for quantitation in regulated environments. strates outstanding S/N for 10 fg of buspirone injected on column. Thisdata is taken from one of the eight replicate injections of the lowest concentration in the calibration curve shown in the figure at right. At thislevel, the %CV is an impressive 3.5. n = internal standard corrected
Expert results—even for non-experts
d5-Alprazolam 1 pg/µL MRM transition 314Ô286 CV 2.5%
This is not only the most powerful triple quad available; it is also the easiest to use. From automated methods development l = Alprazolam 2.5 pg/µL MRM transition 308Ô281 CV 3.1%
to quick, simple routine maintenance, the API 5000 system isdesigned to make it easy for you to get the answers you need,even if you are just getting into mass spectrometry.
Unattended, high-throughput operation
Over two days and 500 plasma sample injections, the API 5000™ systemdemonstrates excellent reproducibility and stability for the response of the The API 5000 system is engineered for continuous duty oper- compound and internal standard. ation in high-throughput regulated laboratories. With a fullcomplement of advanced automation features, it fits seamlesslyinto your workflow, and requires limited user intervention.
Advanced technology in a class by itself.
QJet™ Ion Guide
Q0 High Pressure Cell
LINAC® Collision Cell
Curtain Gas™ Interface Innovative TURBO V™ ion source
PhotoSpray™ ion source
Efficiently ionizes compounds and virtually eliminates cross-contamination, An additional option for atmospheric pressure photo-ionization, even with large sample loads. Embedded ceramic heater technology and the PhotoSpray source expands the range of compounds that can improved gas dynamics contribute to the system's low detection limits, be analyzed, often at higher sensitivities than ESI or APCI.
and enable highest sensitivity quantitation over the wide range of flow rates used in pharmaceutical analyses. Proprietary Curtain Gas™ interface
Reduces the need for routine maintenance and ensures maximum
Quick-change ESI and APCI probes let you switch between ionization uptime and productivity by protecting the interface region and modes in seconds.
quadrupole analyzer from contamination.
DuoSpray™ ion source
The optional DuoSpray™ ion source contains both ESI and APCI inlets,
allowing computer-controlled optimization of ionization parameters for each compound during an LC run, making it an ideal tool for fast method development as well as increasing throughput and data quality. High throughput for the networked lab
Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX combines the world's most sensitive mass spectrometer with the industry's leading software for robust, high performance quantitation. Analyst® software delivers a new standard in compliance, throughput, and ease-of-use.
The best quantitation tools for rapid results—reduce your
integration method development and data review time Rapid acquisition method development—automated
compound optimization and tuning routines Intelligent integration—new, parameter-free algorithms
reduce time spent revising and reviewing results The most comprehensive suite of features available for
21 CFR Part 11 compliance—complete, role-based security,
auditing, and electronic records Centralized security management—power and flexibility in
one easy-to-use console provides the finest security model for Powerful auditing features—complete, easily managed
auditing tools give you project-based auditing on your terms, for all levels of compliance Direct network acquisition—eliminate manual file management
QJet™ Ion Guide
Q0 High Pressure Cell
LINAC® Collision Cell
and enhance your data security by acquiring data directly over Support for your workflow—from LIMS to processing tools,
Curtain Gas™ Interface Analyst software has the flexibility to be integrated quickly into Without IntelliQuan Revolutionary new QJet™ ion guide
Replaces the skimmer in earlier triple quad designs, dramatically
improving sensitivity. QJet ion guide technology captures more ions that enter the instrument, more efficiently separates ions from neutrals, and focuses them into Q0.
The IntelliQuan integration algorithm provides a new level of confidence in automatic integration. Produce high quality Patented LINAC® collision cell
results without having to set integration parameters in Ensures maximum ion transfer—free of cross-talk—in MS/MS mode, advance. IntelliQuan minimizes manual intervention during allowing simultaneous multi-compound analyses and enabling you to integration and speeds up data review, reducing your data monitor more compounds and MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) analysis time to improve your lab's productivity.
transitions without any appreciable loss in signal. LINAC collision cell technology enables fast scanning without compromising performance in all modes of operation, including product ion, precursor ion, and neutral loss scans. Bringing innovation to life sciencemass spectrometry Mass spectrometry is a critical and core enabling technology for the life sciences. From basic research to drug discovery and development, clinical, forensic, food, and environmental analysis, mass spectrometry-based methods play a key role.
iScience. To better understand the complex
interaction of biological processes, life scientists What could your lab do with the world's most sensitive LC/MS/MS system? are developing revolutionary approaches to We'd like to help you consider the possibilities. For more information about the discovery that unite technology, informatics, and traditional laboratory research. In partnership API 5000™ system, call the Applied Biosystems sales office nearest you, or visit with our customers, Applied Biosystems provides the innovative products, services, and knowledge resources that make this new, Integrated Science possible.
Worldwide Sales Offices
Applied Biosystems vast distribution and service network, composed of highly trained support and applications personnel, reaches 150 countries on six continents. For international office locations, please call the division headquarters or refer to our Web site at
Applera is committed to providing the world's leading technology and information for life scientists. Applera Corporation consists of the Applied Biosystems and Celera Genomics businesses. Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX is a joint venture between Applera Corporation and MDS Inc.
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Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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