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Dietary Supplement Containing Biologically Active Substances For Improved Immune Function William J. Hennen, Ph.D. Dr. William J. Hennen holds a Ph.D in Bio-organic chemistry. An accomplished researcher, professor and author, Dr Hennen hold more than 10 patents and has published over 30 research

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Volume 10 No 4 Australian Huntington's Disease Association (NSW) Inc Summer 2007/08 From the Editor There were several changes to A Time For Change the Association's staffing towards the end of 2007. In New Housing in the Newcastle Area December we regretfully In our last issue we advised you that the Association was intending

Iron and acetaminophen a fatal combination?

Transplant International ISSN 0934-0874 Iron and acetaminophen a fatal combination?Vinod K. Audimoolam, Julia Wendon, William Bernal, Nigel Heaton, John O'Gradyand Georg Auzinger Institute of Liver Studies, King's College Hospital, London, UK acute liver failure, fungal sepsis, ironpoisoning, liver transplantation. Intentional iron overdose in adults is uncommon. Clinical consequences arevariable and depend on the quantity of iron ingested and the delay to treat-

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Question answering for general practitioners An information presentation module for the IMIX demonstrator Question answering for general practitioners An information presentation module for the IMIX demonstrator M.C.G. van Langen Universiteit Twente, October 2005 Business Information Technology


Health Literacy FEATURE When most people think of literacy they think of reading and writing skills. However, in Ireland, the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) is working with a broader understanding and definition of adult literacy. Here, Communications Officer with NALA, Jennifer Lynch details NALA's role in the area of health literacy and explains the implications for Irish society.

Intensive care unit

Intensive Care Unit Guidelines for Clinical Management (Developed for the Colonial War Memorial Hospital ICU) Compiled by: Dr Lisa Bennett, Consultant Intensivist, 2010 © MOH_ Intensive Care Unit, Guidelines for Clinical Management_CWMH_ 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS © MOH_ Intensive Care Unit, Guidelines for Clinical Management_CWMH_ 2010


terapia de Tener paz no es estar sin crisis, sino estar presentes en el centro terapia de A lo largo de la Historia, la humanidad realización y la trascendencia. muchas alteraciones de la salud ha utilizado diferentes propuestas de La sintergética supone toda una son producto de modificaciones salud, todas ellas válidas, todas ellas

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ADVOCATING FOR THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION – THE SWEDISH "ODDITY"? By David Goldberg Co-convener, Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland December 2002 The history of freedom of information in practice in the world is extremely varied and complete --Thomas Blanton INTRODUCTION: GENERAL ADVOCACY TIPS Using the Communication Initiative's site1 search engine a search for the term "advocacy" brings up 2537 matches. So, one could be forgiven for not doing justice to the complexity of the concept in a short paper. However, quoting a couple of stipulative, working definitions might be helpful. Firstly, the USA-based Advocacy Institute states that,

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Anova Health Institute, November 2013 Recommended Citation: McIntyre, J., Jobson, G., Struthers, H. De Swardt, G., Rebe, K. Rapid Assessment of HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Programming for MSM in South Africa. Assessment Report 2013, Anova Health Institute, Johannesburg. Available at: http://www.anovahealth.co.za The Anova Health Institute acknowledges the assistance of the fol owing people in the preparation of this report: Candice Harrison-Train and Carmel Marock of Singizi Consulting, Anne Aslett and Mohamed Osman of the Elton John AID Foundation, Tim Lane, Zach Isdahl and Alex Marr of UCSF and all the respondents who so willingly contributed their expertise.

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A. MIO STEP 1 AT-A-GLANCE USEr'S GUIdE stops timer, LB weight in pounds STEP number of steps walked INCH stride length in inches KCAL number of calories burned KG weight in kilograms KM distance walked in kilometers CM stride length in centimeters MILE distance walked in miles


Este archivo contiene un capítulo del libro deJose Ramón Gómez Fouz, Clandestinoscon un prólogo de José Ignacio Gracia NoriegaPentalfa Ediciones (Biblioteca Asturianista), Oviedo 1999 IISBN 84-7848-499-X http://www.helicon.es 1999 Pentalfa Ediciones (Grupo Helicón S.A.)DISTRIBUCION GRATUITA * PROHIBIDA SU VENTA


Journal of Steroid Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 96 (2005) 201–215 Effects of dehydroepiandrosterone, Premarin and Acolbifene on histomorphology and sex steroid receptors in the rat vagina L. Berger, M. El-Alfy, C. Martel, F. Labrie Oncology and Molecular Endocrinology Research Center, Laval University Medical Center (CHUL), 2705 Laurier Boulevard, Quebec City, Que., Canada G1V 4G2


Depersonalization Experiences in Undergraduates Are Related to Heightened Stress Cortisol Responses Timo Giesbrecht, PhD, Tom Smeets, MSc, Harald Merckelbach, PhD, and Marko Jelicic, PhD vealed clinically highly relevant findings, relatively little is Abstract: The relationship between dissociative tendencies, as mea- known about the more proximal mechanisms involved in


Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine A case of slow-release potassium chloride overdose An 86-year-old gentleman was brought to the emergency department after a massive overdose of slow-release potassium chloride and indapamide. The initial serum potassium was 6.8 mmol/L. His abdominalX-ray did not reveal any radio-opaque drugs. Whole bowel irrigation was commenced shortly afterpresentation. There was no rebound of hyperkalaemia and his stay in the acute hospital was short. Slow-release potassium overdose is uncommonly reported in the medical literature; such poisoning in the elderlyhas not been reported. Previous case reports are summarised and the management of this uncommon poisoningis discussed. (Hong Kong j.emerg.med. 2007;14:169-173)

Lowlevel laser (light) therapy (lllt) for treatment of hair loss

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 9999:1 (2013) Low-Level Laser (Light) Therapy (LLLT) for Treatment ofHair Loss Pinar Avci, MD,1,2,3 Gaurav K. Gupta, MD, PhD,1,2 Jason Clark, MD,1,2 Norbert Wikonkal, MD, PhD,3and Michael R. Hamblin, 1Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts 021142Department of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 021153Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Dermato-Oncology, Semmelweis University School of Medicine, Budapest1085, Hungary4Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

General guidelines for agitated patients in palliative care

Symptom Management Pocket Guides: DELIRIUM DYSPNEA NAUSEA & VOMITING PAIN LOSS OF APPETITE BOWEL CARE ORAL CARE August 2010/July 2012 Table of Contents ESAS…………………………….………….97 Click on hyperlink to go to specific symptom. Delirium Considerations ……………………….…… 1 Assessment ………………………………… 2 Diagnosis ……………………………………. 3 Non-Pharmacological treatment 3 Pharmacological treatment …….… 5 Mild Delirium………………………….…. 6 Moderate Delirium………………….… 6 Severe Delirium ……………………….… 7 Adverse Effects …………………………. 7 Selected References …………………. 9


Student und Praktikant tisch inaktiven Moleküls Mesoformen In diesem Essay geht es um den letzten Punkt. Eine einfache Definition von Was sind Mesoformen? In diesem Essay dient der Begriff Meso- form zur Kennzeichnung von optisch inaktiven Molekülen, die könnte so lauten: „Eine Verbindung zwar über zwei oder (geradzahlig) mehr Asymmetriezentren ver-


Management Report In the terms of legal and Bylaws dispositions, the Management of Hypermarcas S.A. (‘Company' or ‘Hypermarcas') submits to its shareholders the Management Report and the individual and consolidated Standard Financial Statements of the Company, as well as the independent auditors report, regarding the fiscal year ended December 31, 2014.


Alexandre Cesar Santos AVALIAÇÃO DO TESTE PARA O GENE 3 DO CÂNCER DE PRÓSTATA (PCA3) PARA MELHOR INDICAÇÃO DE REBIÓPSIAS EM PACIENTES SUSPEITOS DESTE TUMOR. Dissertação apresentada ao Programa de Pós- Graduação da Fundação Pio XII - Hospital de Câncer de Barretos para obtenção do Título de Mestre em Ciências da Saúde.


Redacción y Diseño: María Luisa Preinfalk Sabes que es la violencia contra Las Mujeres Sabes que es la violencia contra Violencia Es cualquier acción basada en su género, que cause muerte, daño o sufrimiento físico, sexual o psicológico a la mujer

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Die wahren Ursachen und was wirklich DIE ALZHEIMER LÜGE Von René Gräber, Heilpraktiker und Gesundheitspädagoge (SKA) Die Alzheimer-Krankheit ist spektakulären Ergebnissen berichten möchte, vermeidbar und heilbar! zuerst einmal grundsätzliches zur Alzheimer-Krankheit. Der Skandal: Patienten bekommen immer noch Medikamente „angedreht", von denen

Information governance exercise

Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics HL7 Summer School Capturing clinical requirements: Owen Johnson, Senior Fellow, YCHI, Leeds University Design Process Capture clinical Delegate Capturing Clinical Requirements A UML Design Process Learning Objectives • To introduce a light-weight, agile approach to UML design


Nebs No More After 24: Improving Use of Appropriate of Respiratory Therapies: An Educator's Facilitator Guide Christopher Moriates MD; Theodore Omachi MD MBA; Michelle Mourad MD Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco Overall Project Goals: • To decrease unnecessary nebulizer usage for patients

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Hilotherm Efficacy in Controlling Postoperative Facial Edema in Patients Treated for Alessandro Moro, MDS, Giulio Gasparini, MDS, Tito Matteo Marianetti, MDS, Roberto Boniello, DMD, Daniele Cervelli, MDS, Francesco Di Nardo, MD, Francesca Rinaldo, MDS, Vittoria Alimonti, DMD, and Sandro Pelo, PhD Background: A cooling system based on polyurethane preshaped Combined use of glucocorticoids and nonstreoidal anti-


A EU operation to develop and enlarge expertise in tackling the trade of fake medicine through the internet Module E-commerce THE WEB WE KNOW The web size can be defined by:• The numbers of domains in the world (around 250 M)• The number of indexed pages (around 2 B)• The server space used to index (around 2000 T)


Appendix iV: LiVer-Toxic MedicATions And Herbs The following information is based on an appendix found in The Hepatitis C Help Book and is reprinted with the permission of the publisher, St. Martin's Griffin. There is a great deal of research still to be done to identify those prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbs and chemicals that are liver toxic. Some substances affect everyone negatively, some are dangerous for people who have

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Information for Healthcare Professionals NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Haldol-Janssen solution for injection 5 mg/mL QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION 1 mL solution for injection contains 5 mg haloperidol. For a full list of excipients, see section 6.1. PHARMACEUTICAL FORM Solution for injection Clear, colourless solution.

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HOLY TRINITY PARISH NEWSLETTER Edition No. 11 October 2011 FROM THE PASTOR'S DESK You might like to say the following prayer as you light yourcandle for your intention; Lord, May this candle be a light for You to enlighten me in mydifficulties and decisions. May it be a fire for You to burn out ofme all pride, selfishness and impurity. May it be a flame for Youto bring warmth into my heart, towards my family, myneighbours, and all those who meet me. Through the prayers ofMary, virgin and mother, I place into Your care those I came toremember especially .(name).


Stroke Certification Performance Measures and Indicators A Program of the American Osteopathic Association 142 East Ontario Street Chicago, IL 60611-2864 PERFORMANCE MEASURES AND INDICATORS This section of the manual contains information related to the quality performance of Stroke Centers. Brain Attack Coalition Definitions Recognition of Superior Performance: this includes all of the performance indicators that facilities are required to submit to HFAP. What makes this distinction unique is that a facility who demonstrates 95% compliance in all indicators for a period of three consecutive quarters will be recognized as demonstrating superior performance in the care of the stroke patient. They will be awarded a plaque and a certificate that they may display as they choose. They will also be recognized on the HFAP website. Performance Measure Indicator Definitions: this includes specific definitions for each performance measure that is required to be submitted to HFAP. Seven of these measures are identical to the AHA Get with the Guidelines Performance Measures, which HFAP has adopted. Data Collection Tool: this tool is being provided to HFAP Stroke Centers to assist in their data collection activities. The use of this tool is not mandatory. Data Submission Tool: this tool is being provided to HFAP certified Stroke Centers to submit their stroke data. The intent is to provide consistency in the tracking and trending of stroke data. All required data and performance indicators must be submitted electronically, by emailing facility results to The required quarterly dates for submission are: 1st quarter-April 30 2nd quarter- July 31 3rd quarter-September 30 4th quarter-January 31


BIZ E– NEWSLETTER India Focus this issue BILATERAL NEWS: I-T not to reopen cases before 1 April, Gem & Jewellery Road show held in Singapore Singapore gateway for Indian overseas flows P.4 MOU between IIFT and SMU P.5 Global Investors Meet 2012 (GIM) at

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Michael Maaß-Nelken ist 33 Jahre alt. Seit über vier Jahren leben er und seine Frau Barbara mit dem Wissen um sein Gliom. Er berichtet über Therapien und Wandlungen in seiner Einstellung zu der Krankheit. Es begann 1998. Ich war 29 Jahre alt und rateten nahezu filmreif im Eilverfahren sten lebte ich eigentlich wie vorher und stand mitten im Referendariat zum Lehr-

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NC Comprehensive School Health Training Center 8th Grade, Objective 8.03 Objective: Analyze the safe and effective use of methods of FDA-approved contraceptives to prevent unintended pregnancy. Materials: Appendix 1a, b– Stella's Story and teacher master Appendix 2a, b – Summary Table of Contraceptive Methods (background for teacher) 2007 FDA Birth Control Guide (see CD-ROM) PowerPoint – Contraceptives Contraceptives Kit with sample of methods of birth control Appendix 3a, b – template cut and taped to index cards. One set for each student, or pairs Different contraceptive examples (condoms, birth control pills, Nuvaring, Orthoevra) Appendix 4a, b– Public Service Announcement Template and scoring rubric Review: Assess students' recall of the O-M cycle and when conception is most likely to occur (G6, 2.07 Summarize the relationship between conception and the menstrual cycle). To begin our lesson, I would like to see what you recall about the ovulation-menstruation cycle and other changes that occur during puberty. I have a story that I will distribute and you will need to fill in the blanks using the word bank. Distribute "Stella's Story" (Appendix 1). Go over Teacher Key of "Stella's Story" (Appendix 2) and have students volunteer to fill in the blanks. Statement of Objectives: There are many reasons to delay parenthood and prevent unintended pregnancy. Today we will analyze the safe and effective use of methods of FDA-approved contraceptives to prevent unintended pregnancy as well as considerations for use. Focus: [Set up ahead of time the following bags of beans: Contraceptive implants (99 red beans; 1 white bean) Injectable contraceptives (99 red beans; 1 white bean) Oral contraceptives (95 red beans; 5 white beans) Contraceptive skin patch (95 red beans; 5 white beans) Vaginal contraceptive ring (95 red beans; 5 white beans) Male condom (85 red beans; 15 white beans) Female condom (80 red beans; 20 white beans) Contraceptive sponge (68 red beans; 32 white beans) Vaginal spermicides (70 red beans; 30 white beans) Withdrawal (73 red beans; 27 white bean)


Race and Medicine Genetic studies of population differences, although controversial, promise David Goldstein of University College in clues to disease as well as new drug targets, scientists believe London agrees: "If you say on average the difference between West Africans and Eu- Mention race and medicine in a group of racial identity biologically irrelevant. But ropeans is slight, that does not rule out a

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Horizons nSAHARA OCCIDENTAL MILITAIRES DE L'ALPS DANS LES TERRITOIRES DIMANCHE 24 AVRIL 2016 - 16 RADJEB 1437 - N° 5790 - PRIX 10 DA l Le projet sera livré Leprojet de la grande mosquée d'Alger est solide, parasismique et sera livré dans les délais, a affir- mé, hier, le ministre de l'Habitat, de l'Urbanisme etde la Ville, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, démentant ainsiles allégations mettant en cause la solidité de ceprojet. Lors d'une visite d'inspection du chantier dela grande mosquée d'Alger, le ministre a assuréque le projet sera achevé à la fin de cette année,ou, au plus tard, le premier trimestre 2017.«Depuis qu'il a été lancé, le projet a ses partisanset ses opposants. Quand il était dans sa phased'étude, personne n'en parlait, ni le contestait.Maintenant que la mosquée prend forme, que sastructure prend forme, elle est attaquée par despersonnes qui veulent casser tout ce qui est beaudans ce pays», affirme-t-il. LIRE EN PAGE 3

Report of the

Making Hillingdon fit for the future Report of the Transition from Child to Adult Mental Health Services Working Group A Working Group established by the External Services Scrutiny Committee Members of the working group: Cllr David Yarrow (Chairman) Cllr Allan Kauffman Cllr Mary O'Connor CllrJohn Major

Proposed prescribing information frozen prior approval supplement march 201

HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION These highlights do not include all the information needed to use ------------------------WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS ------------------------ ZOSTAVAX safely and effectively. See full prescribing information Hypersensitivity reactions including anaphylaxis have occurred for ZOSTAVAX.


New technology requires great teamworkAnita Heeg and Glen Blier for Progressive Dairyman Over the last decade, one of four farms in Canada to milking methods have changed be using the technology along substantially. Where our with its two robotic milking grandparents were milking by systems. Together with its herd hand, we now have the ability

Advanced training on outcome based education (obe) and student-centered learning (scl)

Training Report ADVANCED TRAINING ON OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION (OBE) AND STUDENT-CENTERED LEARNING (SCL) April 24- May 3rd Masoom Hamdard, Ahmad Khalid Rasuli Table of Contents Outcome-Based Education and Student-Centered Learning Advanced Training (April 24th - 03rd May 2016) Background: Higher Education is a major driver of economic development and the imperatives for countries to upscale employment skills demands for quality teaching and learning within higher educational institutes. Universities want to be recognized as providers of good quality education, ensure their reputation and wants to demonstrate their performance by responding to student's demands by assuring them that their education will lead to good jobs and will give them the skills needed for a successful person in the society.


Programa Nacional de Eliminación de la Oncocercosis de Colombia (PNEOC). Protocolo de Vigilancia en Salud Pública Fernando de la Hoz DOCUMENTO ELABORADO POR Director General INS Programa Nacional de Eliminación de la Mancel Enrique Martínez Duran Oncocercosis de Colombia (PNEOC) Director Vigilancia y Análisis del Riesgo en Salud Pública

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Beneficial Use of Winston Craig, PhD, RD Professor of Nutrition Andrews University Herb and Spices Herbs (leaves) basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme Spices (aromatic parts of plants) pepper, cumin, garlic, cloves, caraway, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom

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Reykjavík Iceland's annual DesignMarch takes place on 27-30.3.2014. Organized for the design festival sixth time, it will transform the most Northerly capital in the world into one big venue for design. From fashion to furniture, architecture to food design, the festival showcases the best of the local design scene alongside an increasing number of collaborations with international visitors.

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Das therapeutische Potenzial von Cannabis und CannabinoidenFranjo Grotenhermen, Kirsten Müller-Vahl Die Erkenntnisse zum therapeutischen Potenzial von Cannabisprodukten wurden in den vergan- Hintergrund: Seit der Entdeckung des endogenen Cannabi- genen Jahren durch eine große Zahl klinischer Studi- noid-Rezeptorsystems vor etwa 20 Jahren werden Medi-


Teil 4 - Meinungen Kopfschmerz - Realität kontra "geltende Meinungen" Vorliegende Informationen zu Kopfschmerzen durch chemisch/toxische und andere Auslöser sowie meine erfahrungsbedingt zustande gekommenen Ansichten im Vergleich zu den "geltenden Meinungen", die im Normalfall bei der Beurteilung und Behandlung häufig auftretender Kopfschmerzanfälle maßgebend sind.


Guidelines for the of Blood and Issued by the National Blood Users Group Guidelines for the Administration of Blood and Blood Components Members of the National Blood Users Group Positive patient identification Day patients/Out patients Patients unable to identify themselves The request for blood

Imaging an adapted dento-alveolar complex

Imaging an adapted dento-alveolar complex Ralf-Peter Herber1 , Justine Fong2, Seth A. Lucas1, Sunita P. Ho2* 1 Division of Orthodontics, Department of Orofacial Sciences, University of California, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA 2 Division of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA