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BENZON SYMPOSIUM No. 47 MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY OF ION CHANNELS AUGUST 13-17, 2000, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Organizing committee: Jan Egebjerg, Søren-P. Olesen and Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen Abstracts - MONDAY, August 14, 2000 Kainate Receptor-Deficient Mice Stephen Heinemann, Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, Salk Institute, La Jolla, Ca, U.S.A Abstract not received Importance of AMPA Receptors in synaptic plasticity Sprengel R., Borchardt T., Mack V., Jensen V., Ovind H. 1, Feldmeyer D., Burnashev N.2& P.H. Seeburg Depts. of Molecular Neuroscience and 2Cell Physiology of the Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany 1Dept. of Physiology, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway. We have adopted genetic strategies to determine the function of AMPA receptors in the formation of synaptic plasticity i.e long term potentiation (LTP) at CA3/CA1 synapses in the hippocampus of adult and juvenile mice. Using a variety of different mouse lines with perturbations in AMPA receptor expression, the involvement of the AMPA receptor subunits GluR-A and GluR-B in long term LTP was dissected. The GluR-B subunit was found to have its major function during development of a mouse brain. Up to postnatal day 15 to 25 the GluR-B subunit has to maintain distinct AMPA receptor channel properties, such as Ca2+-impermeability and linear current/voltage relationship. Mice with disturbed AMPA receptor mediated Ca2+-flux in principal neurones develop neurological phenotypes which can result in epileptic attacks and premature death of the carriers. At all ages examined LTP was present at CA3/CA1 connections indicating that GluR-B is not essential for synaptic plasticity. In contrast, abolished GluR-A subunit expression had minor effects on mouse development but on LTP formation, which was diminished completely in adult mice. In the absence of the GluR-A subunit the total amount of functional AMPA receptors was strongly reduced in CA1 pyramidal cells, and most of the remaining receptors were localised in synapses. In wild-type mice the majority of AMPA receptors are in extra-synaptic sites, which might indicate that the presence of extra-synaptic receptors is important for the formation of LTP. This is supported by the presence of CA3-CA1 LTP in young GluR-A-/- mice. At this age the ratio of extra-synaptic versus synaptic receptor is more in favour of extra-synaptic receptors. In summary, our mouse models might indicate that the AMPA-receptor level in the postsynaptic neuron is more important for LTP than the presence of individual AMPA receptor subunits. Regulation of Glutamate Receptor Function and Synaptic Plasticity Hey-Kyoung Lee, HHMI, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA. Neurotransmitter receptors mediate signal transduction at the postsynaptic membrane of synaptic connections between neurons in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. We have been studying the molecular mechanisms in the regulation of neurotransmitter receptor function. Recently we have focused on glutamate receptors, the major excitatory receptors in the brain. Glutamate receptors can be divided into two major classes: non- NMDA and NMDA receptors. Non-NMDA receptors mediate rapid excitatory synaptic transmission while NMDA receptors play important roles in neuronal plasticity and development. Studies in our laboratory have found that both non-NMDA and NMDA receptors are multiply phosphorylated by a variety of protein kinases. Phosphorylation regulates several functional properties of these receptors including conductance and membrane targeting. For example, phosphorylation of the GluR1 subunit of non-NMDA receptors by multiple kinases including PKA, PKC and CaM kinase II regulates its ion channel function. Recent studies have demonstrated that the phosphorylation of AMPA receptors is regulated during cellular models of learning and memory such as long term potentiation (LTP) and long term depression (LTD). We have also been examining the mechanisms of the subcellular targeting and clustering of glutamate receptors at synapses. We have recently identified a variety of proteins that directly or indirectly interact with non-NMDA and NMDA receptors. We have found a novel family of proteins that we call GRIPs (Glutamate Receptor Interacting Proteins) that directly bind to the C-termini of the GluR2/3 subunits of non-NMDA receptors. GRIPs contain seven PDZ domains, protein-protein interaction motifs, which appear to crosslink non-NMDA receptors or link them to other proteins. In addition, we have recently found that the C-termini of GluR2 also interacts with the PDZ domain of

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COMMUNITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS IN BANGLADESH Impact Evaluation Surveys in Dhaka Urban Slums 2007, 2009 and 2011 Scientific Report No: 118 December 2011 COMMUNITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS IN BANGLADESH Impact Evaluation Surveys in Dhaka Urban Slums 2007, 2009 and 2011


Open Your "I's": Inquire, Inspire, and Innovate By Charles Rashall In today's ultra-competitive business environment, companies have trimmed every ounce of fat and now must find ways to improve the top-line. To that end, innovation provides one of the most important tools to generate new revenue producing opportunities. Innovation requires the proper work environment and set of practices that promote inquiry, discovery, insight, and inspiration. Surprisingly, some of the greatest innovations


UNIVERSIDAD RAFAEL LANDÍVAR FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS DE LA SALUD LICENCIATURA EN NUTRICIÓN Manual de educación en alimentacion y nutrición para padres de niños de tres a seis años diagnosticados con Sindrome del Espectro Autista de la Ciudad de Guatemala. Junio - agosto 2013. MARÍA DEL ROSARIO LÓPEZ GARCÍA GUATEMALA DE LA ASUNCIÓN, OCTUBRE DE 2013


SPINE Volume 38, Number 9, pp 762–769 ©2013, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins LITERATURE REVIEW Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials of Clinical Prediction Rules for Physical Therapy in Low Back Pain Shilpa Patel , C. Psychol , * Tim Friede , PhD , † Robert Froud , PhD , ‡ § David W. Evans , PhD , * and Martin Underwood , MD * Study Design. Systematic review.


Universität Hamburg Lehrstuhl für Health Care Management Gesundheitsökonomische Evaluation, Pharmamärkte und Access to Care Masterseminar SoSe 2016 Universität Hamburg, Lehrstuhl für Health Care Management Prof. Dr. Tom Stargardt, Victoria Lauenroth, M.Sc., Florian Hofer, M.Sc. Organisatorischer Ablauf


mals for use as tools, without extensive prior experience, is almost unknown. In experiments Shaping of Hooks in New by Povinelli [experiments 24 to 26 in (2)], chim-panzees (Pan troglodytes) repeatedly failed to unbend piping and insert it through a hole toobtain an apple, unless they received explicitcoaching. Further experiments [exp. 27 in (2)]

Jnm082743 257.262

11C-(R)-PK11195 PET Imaging of Microglial Activation andResponse to Minocycline in Zymosan-Treated Rats Alexander K. Converse1, Eric C. Larsen2, Jonathan W. Engle3, Todd E. Barnhart3, Robert J. Nickles3, and Ian D. Duncan2 1Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, Wisconsin; 2School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, Wisconsin; and 3Department of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, Wisconsin


Revista Alergia México 2014;61(Supl. 2):S117-S193. Guía Mexicana para el Diagnóstico Avalado por Colegio Mexicano de Inmunología Clínica y y el Tratamiento de la Urticaria Presidente: Dr. Miguel Medina Ávalos Colegio Mexicano de Pediatras Especialistas en Inmunología Clínica y Alergia (COMPEDIA) Presidente: José Lozano Saenz

Bb feb 2010 -

The population biologyof Common Sandpipersin Britain T. W. Dougall, P. K. Holland and D. W. Yalden Abstract The population biology of Common Sandpipers Actitis hypoleucos hasbeen studied, especially by colour-ringing breeding adults, at two sites, in the PeakDistrict and in the Scottish Borders. Adults are usually site-faithful, males more sothan females, contributing to a good apparent survival rate (72% and 67%,respectively). Some, at least, return to breed at one year old, but usually not to thesite where they hatched. The population in Britain seems to be in slow decline,most obviously indicated by a contraction along the edges of its range, whichresults especially from poor recruitment of young birds. This does not seem to bedue to poorer breeding success, but it is uncertain whether it is caused by a subtleeffect of climate change, change in quality of stopover sites on migration, orchanges in wintering habitat. Since we don't know precisely where British birdsspend the winter, the last possibility is especially hard to evaluate.


LABORATOIRE DE BIOLOGIE MÉDICALE BIOMEDYS 509 avenue du 8 Mai 1945 69300 CALUIRE ET CUIRE Le MANUEL DE PRELEVEMENT regroupe les indications, consignes et informations nécessaires à la prise en charge des patients lors de l'acte de prélèvement. Il est destiné aux préleveurs du laboratoire, aux préleveurs externes et aux laboratoires transmetteurs.

Effectiveness of topical corticosteroids in addition to antiviral therapy in the management of recurrent herpes labialis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Arain et al. BMC Infectious Diseases (2015) 15:82 DOI 10.1186/s12879-015-0824-0 Effectiveness of topical corticosteroids inaddition to antiviral therapy in the managementof recurrent herpes labialis: a systematic reviewand meta-analysis Nasira Arain1, Sharath CV Paravastu1 and Mubashir A Arain2* Background: Recurrent herpes labialis (RHL) is one of the most common viral infections worldwide. The availabletreatments have limited efficacy in preventing the recurrence of ulcerative lesions and reducing the duration ofillness. The objective of this review was to identify the effectiveness of topical corticosteroids in addition to antiviraltherapy in the treatment of RHL infection.


interior apa num_Layout 1 8/22/13 11:13 PM Page 397 Psicoanálisis - Psiquiatría, hoy. (a propósito de la aparición del DSM-5)1 Abel Fainstein, Rafael Groisman, Martín Nemirovsky, Armando Policella y Juan TenconiCoordinadores: Máximo Kogan y Claudia Selener2 Máximo Kogan: En el Comité Editor de la Revista pensamos, que era un momentooportuno para abordar este tema de la relación entre psiquiatría y psicoanálisis coin-cidente con la aparición del DSM-5, dado el valor paradigmático que han tomado úl-timamente los DSM. Esta guía de la Asociación Psiquiátrica Americana, que ha tenidogran resonancia no sólo en los países occidentales, sino también en Rusia, China yotros, a pesar de que paralelamente se han desarrollo otras guías como CIE-10 de laOMS, cuya decimoprimera edición estará disponible en el 2015 y en cuya confecciónpor primera vez participará una institución argentina que es APSA. Me parece, porotro lado, que la evolución de cada una de las disciplinas, requiere periódicamenteuna especie de "aggiornamiento" en este tema de la relación entre ambas disciplinas.

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InfectIons In sport… preventIon Is Key Many infections can be acquired during sporting activities either from person to person contact, exposure to blood, bodily fluids or from use of unsterilised equipment or sports activity areas. Some groups of athletes are at a higher risk of infection than others, such as participants in contact and collision sports and athletes who live in or travel to highly endemic regions for international sporting competitions.1


JURISPRUDENCIA EN LO RELATIVO A COMUNICACIONES TELEMÁTICAS CERTIFICADAS Auto Sala 1ª T. Supremo 855/2010 El Tribunal Supremo reconoce el valor probatorio del correo electrónico certificado. Un reciente auto del Tribunal Supremo ha aceptado como tal la notificación de un procurador a su cliente validada por un prestador de servicios de certificación, lo que ha venido a reconocer el valor probatorio del correo electrónico certificado frente al e-mail normal.


No. 121 June, 2015 The Ministry of Agricul- ture Livestock and Fisheries has brought together several research institutions includ- ing the former Kenya Agricul- tural Research Institute (KARI), Coffee Research Foundation (CRF), Tea Research Founda- tion of Kenya (TRFK) and Kenya Sugar Research Foundation (KESREF) under one Research umbrella, the Kenya Agricultural


BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK ALGORITHM WHICH IMPLEMENTS LOCAL LEARNING RULES Ausra Saudargiene1,2, Bernd Porr1 and Florentin W¨org¨otter1 1Department of Psychology, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland 2Department of Informatics, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania into the dendritic tree (3). In distal parts, where back- prop-agating spikes fail to invade, slow and wide local N a+- and


J. Adv. Vet. Anim. Res., 1(3): 114-118. OPEN ACCESS Available at- http://bdvets.org/JAVAR ORIGINAL ARTICLE Volume 1 Issue 3 (September 2014) DOI: 10.5455/javar.2014.a16 Efficacy of different therapeutic regimens for acute foot rot in adult sheep Mohammad Moin Ansari1,*, Khadim Hussain Dar2, Hilal Ahmad Tantray3, Mohammad Mansoor Bhat4, Shahid Hussain Dar1 and Mehraj ud-Din Naikoo1 1Department of Veterinary Clinical Service Complex, Faculty of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (FVSc & AH), Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science and Technology (SKUAST) - Kashmir, India; 2Division of Surgery and Radiology, FVSc & AH, Shuhama, Srinagar, Kashmir-190006, India; 3Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine Ethics & Jurisprudence, FVSc & AH, SKUAST-Kashmir, India; 4Division of LPT, FVSc & AH, SKUAST-Kashmir, India. *Corresponding author's e-mail: ABSTRACT

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EL CONGRESO NACIONAL En Nombre de la República CONSIDERANDO: Que en el sistema constitucional de división de poderes de República Dominicana el monopolio de la función jurisdiccional del Estado reside en los Tribunales que conforman el Poder Judicial; CONSIDERANDO: Que mediante la Ley 1494, del año 1947, se instituyó el Tribunal Superior Administrativo con el propósito de conocer la legalidad de las actuaciones de los órganos y entidades de la Administración Pública, ubicándose institucionalmente dicho órgano jurisdiccional en el ámbito del Poder Ejecutivo, ya que sus jueces serían designados por ese Poder del Estado, configurándose así lo que en el Derecho Administrativo se conoce como el sistema de justicia retenida, esto es, que la administración se juzga a si misma;


User manual v1.2EWK2 compatible with: • ESIM264 v7.14.00 and up + EWT1 v16.18 and up. • ESIM364 v02.04.10 and up. • EPIR2 v01.01.08 and up. • EPIR3 all versions EWK2A compatible with: • ESIM364 v02.10.03 and up. • EPIR2 v01.02.00 and up. • EPIR3 v01.03.00 and up. Main features:• Alarm system arming & disarming;


How do I know my drug treatment Is there a natural way of treating For osteoporosis information and support is working? osteoporosis and preventing fractures contact our Helpline: It is difficult to know if a treatment is rather than using drugs? 0845 450 0230 or 01761 472721


Reflections of Gendered Expectations Reflections of Gendered Expectations – Representation of Women in American Film This paper describes the evolving representations of women in American movies to discover how they are reflections of gendered expectations that exist in the lived culture of the United States. It elucidates definitions of sex and gender as well as the ways in which two sexes and two genders are differentiated in the public imagination, first. Fol owing that the sexes and genders are considered further, as represented on film, primarily, but also in other visual and aural media. The paper focuses on notions of participation and non-participation, access, the nature of gendered prescriptions, and normativity, as well as on the enforcement of gender conformity. It also takes up the origins of female representation in American motion picture production, as well as themes, tropes, film forms and formal elements of movies that inform these representations. It considers societal change, audience participation and academic approaches to understanding such representations ― including issues of narcissism, identification, projection, voyeurism, power and control and scopophilia. It also creates a broader context of the issues of identification as a background to the understanding of the particular issue of female representation. Finally, the paper presents feature film examples of gender resistance, while speculating on the possible future course of Hollywood's representation of women, based on the evidence presented here.


Biogeosciences, 13, 2016www.biogeosciences.net/13/2715/2016/doi:10.5194/bg-13-2715-2016© Author(s) 2016. CC Attribution 3.0 License. Effect of light on photosynthetic efficiency of sequesteredchloroplasts in intertidal benthic foraminifera(Haynesina germanica and Ammonia tepida) Thierry JBruno JEdouard Metzger, Jean-Luc Mouget, Frans Jorissen, andEmmanuelle Geslin


Report Korea Open 2014 in Seoul , 07. – 12.01.2014 (von Klaus Schlieben) Mein zweiter Besuch im „Land der Morgenstille", wie Korea auch genannt wird. Nach meinem ersten Besuch 2006 in Incheon, einer an der Westküste gelegenen Hafenstadt und Vorstadt Seouls, sind wir, Carol aus IRL und ich, auch dieses Mal ebenda nach fast elfstündigem Flug, von Frankfurt kommend, gelandet. Wir wurden, nach einem einstündigen Bustransfer vom Flughafen, im Zentrum von Seoul, in dessen Großraum mittlerweile 25 Millionen Menschen leben, bestens untergebracht. Ein Beispiel für die Größenverhältnisse: die Untergrundbahn mit ihren 13 Linien befördert täglich mehr als 6,9 Millionen Fahrgäste. Das Netz wird selbst für Einheimische erst über eine App am Mobiltelefon oder Computer überschaubar. Die Turnierstätte befand sich im 1988 eröffneten Olympiapark, mittlerweile mitten in der Stadt gelegen und 30 Minuten Fahrt im Transferbus vom Hotel entfernt. Die Winter sind kalt wie in unseren Breiten, die Kälte kommt aus dem fernen Ostsibirien.


Early combined immunosuppression or conventional management in patients with newly diagnosed Crohn's disease: an open randomised trial Geert D'Haens, Filip Baert, Gert van Assche, Philip Caenepeel, Philippe Vergauwe, Hans Tuynman, Martine De Vos, Sander van Deventer, Larry Stitt, Allan Donner, Severine Vermeire, Frank J Van De Mierop, Jean-Charles R Coche, Janneke van der Woude, Thomas Ochsenkühn, Ad A van Bodegraven, Philippe P Van Hootegem, Guy L Lambrecht, Fazia Mana, Paul Rutgeerts, Brian G Feagan, Daniel Hommes, for the Belgian Infl ammatory Bowel Disease Research Group and the North-Holland Gut Club


See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: DATASET in SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY · JULY 2011Impact Factor: 0.98 · DOI: 10.1016/j.sajb.2011.07.003 5 AUTHORS, INCLUDING: 43 PUBLICATIONS 245 CITATIONS 54 PUBLICATIONS 706 CITATIONS 232 PUBLICATIONS 2,405 CITATIONS

Data fusion of fourier transform infrared spectra and powder x-ray diffraction patterns for pharmaceutical mixtures

Contents lists available at Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Data fusion of Fourier transform infrared spectra and powder X-ray diffraction patterns for pharmaceutical mixtures Rahul V. Haware , Patrick R. Wright , Kenneth R. Morris , Mazen L. Hamad a University of Hawaii at Hilo, College of Pharmacy, 34 Rainbow Drive, Hilo, HI 96720, USA b Department of Chemistry, University of Hawaii at Hilo, 200 W Kawili St., Hilo, HI 96720, USA


04 THE BOOST STORY 08 MEET THE BIG WIGS 09 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 24 BOOST INTERNATIONAL 10 SOME OF OUR AMAZING 27 STORE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 29 LOVING THE ENVIRONMENT 11 IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE 32 QUICK QUESTIONS 14 BOOST GUARANTEE Thanks for your interest in Boost Juice! This kit is designed to help you get an A+. We believe in making being healthier and getting good grades as easy as possible… So whether you are


TABLE OF CONTENTS *Perspectives from Biogen leadership For the fourth consecutive year, our global colleagues participated in ON THE COVER Biogen's Care Deeply Volunteer Day, which shattered last year's record Inspired by the new Biogen turnout with a 54-percent increase in employee participation. This worldwide logo, the front cover graphic


A failed attempt at depopulation and One World Government Jane A failed attempt at depopulation and One World Government CHAPTER ONE He was 64 years old. He was born in Mexico City and considered one of the world's leading experts on Aztec civilization. He was a curator of the National Museum and he was selected to give newly-elected US President Barack Obama a tour on his first state visit to Mexico on Friday, 16th of April, 2009.


La disfunción eréctil (la mal llamada "impotencia") se define como la incapacidad para obtener una erección suficiente para completar una relación sexual satisfactoria. Esto incluye tanto la imposibilidad de conseguir una erección (disfunción eréctil total), como las dificultades para mantenerla durante un cierto tiempo o en determinadas posturas (disfunción eréctil parcial).

Isolation and characterisation of a novel angiotensin i-converting enzyme (ace) inhibitory peptide from the algae protein waste

Food Chemistry 115 (2009) 279–284 Contents lists available at Isolation and characterisation of a novel angiotensin I-converting enzyme(ACE) inhibitory peptide from the algae protein waste I.-Chuan Sheih a, Tony J. Fang a,1, Tung-Kung Wu b,* a Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University, 250 Kuokuang, Taichung 40227, Taiwan, ROCb Department of Biological Science and Technology, National Chiao Tung University,75 Po-Ai Street, Hsin-Chu 30068, Taiwan, ROC


Trustees of Agricultural Issue 1, First Quater January-March,2016 Livestock Value Chain TA P P Trustees of Agricultural Executive EditorProfessor Leonard Kamwanja Content DevelopmentCharles Mkoka PhotographyCharles Mkoka & Amos Gumulira Layout & Design Stephen Schade Mbalule




Manual on LaserEmitters andFlight Safety Approved by the Secretary Generaland published under his authority First Edition — 2003 International Civil Aviation Organization Manual on LaserEmitters andFlight Safety Approved by the Secretary Generaland published under his authority First Edition — 2003

Characterisation of salmonella

Characterisation of Salmonella (09 11406) MAF Technical Paper No: 2011/67 Prepared for MAF Biosecurity Operational Research By Senior Lecturer Daniel Petkov, IVABS, Massey University, Dr. Julie Collins-Emerson, mEpiLab, IVABS, Massey University and Prof. Nigel French, Food Safety &Veterinary Public Health, mEpiLab, IVABS, Massey University


British Journal of Anaesthesia 103 (5): 711–18 (2009) Advance Access publication August 22, 2009 Apoptosis induction by different local anaesthetics in a neuroblastoma cell line R. Werdehausen1, S. Fazeli1, S. Braun1, H. Hermanns1, F. Essmann3, M. W. Hollmann4, I. Bauer2 and M. F. Stevens5* 1Department of Anaesthesiology and 2Department of Experimental Anaesthesiology, University of Du¨sseldorf,Du¨sseldorf, Germany. 3Institute of Biochemistry, University of Tu¨bingen, Tu¨bingen, Germany. 4Department of

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Jahresabschluss der Beate Uhse Aktiengesel schaft Geschäftsjahr 2015 Lagebericht 2015 der Beate Uhse AG Geschäftstätigkeit Im Jahr 1946 startete Beate Uhse als Pionierin der Erotikbranche von Flensburg aus ihre Aufklärungskampagne und baute ihr Unternehmen in den folgenden Jahrzenten stetig aus. 1981 folgte die Gründung der Beate Uhse Aktiengesel schaft, die 1999 an die Börse ging. Als Holdinggesel schaft steuert sie die Vertriebswege E-Commerce, Einzelhandel, Entertainment und Großhandel in sieben Ländern Europas mit insgesamt 42 Gesellschaften. Im B2C-Vertrieb werden die regionalen Märkte über die Vertriebsmarken Beate Uhse (Deutschland, Österreich), Pabo (Niederlande, Belgien, England, Tschechien), Christine Le Duc (Niederlande) und Adam & Eve (Frankreich) bearbeitet. Im Großhandel beliefert die Scala-Gruppe Kunden in über 50 Länder weltweit. Damit zählt Beate Uhse als eine der bekanntesten Marken Deutschlands zu den führenden Anbietern der Erotikbranche und deckt als einer der wenigen Anbieter der Branche sämtliche Vertriebsbereiche ab. Beate Uhse steht vor al em für Lebensfreude, Souveränität und Sinnlichkeit und bietet Lingerie und Love-Toys, um das Liebesleben aufregender und sinnlicher zu gestalten. Neben dem von Flensburg nach Hamburg verlegten Firmensitz gehören insbesondere Almere (B2B) und Walsoorden (B2C) mit den dortigen Logistikzentren zu den wesentlichen Standorten des Konzerns. Im Interesse des Unternehmens arbeiten Vorstand und Aufsichtsrat eng zusammen. Neben einem regelmäßigen und offenen Dialog zwischen den Mitgliedern beider Gremien ist die gemeinsame Arbeit des Vorstandsvorsitzenden und des Vorsitzenden des Aufsichtsrats durch ein hohes Maß an Vertrauen gekennzeichnet. Während der Vorstand den Aufsichtsrat zeitnah über wichtige Entwicklungen informiert, nimmt der Aufsichtsrat seine Beratungs- und Überwachungsfunktion aktiv wahr. Im Fokus der Konzernführung durch den Vorstand steht die nachhaltige Entwicklung der Beate Uhse-Gruppe. Die Steuerung des Konzerns erfolgt über konzernübergreifend strukturierte Funktionsbereiche, wie zum Beispiel das Category Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finanzwesen, Investor Relations, Recht und IT. Zur Stärkung der Vertriebsbereiche wird das zentralisierte Marketing in den Kernmärkten durch das Länder-Management unterstützt, das gezielt auf die Bedürfnisse der Kundinnen und Kunden in den regionalen Märkten eingeht und konkret auf die dortigen Marktentwicklungen reagieren kann. In der Führung und Steuerung des Konzerns wird der Vorstand von den Leitern der Funktionsbereiche, den Geschäftsführern der Vertriebsbereiche und dem Ländermanagement unterstützt. Mit dieser Organisationsstruktur ist es möglich, das Unternehmen effizient und zielgerichtet zu führen, aktiv und zeitnah auf neue Gegebenheiten zu reagieren sowie die konzernübergreifende Cross-Channel-Strategie nachhaltig umzusetzen.

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SIDNEY (WALLY) WALDO WHITEHEART Business Address: Home Address: Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 3434 Fleetwood Drive University of Kentucky College of Medicine Lexington, KY 40502 741 South Limestone BBSRB Room B271 Lexington, KY 40536-0509 Cell: (859)-327-8384 Office: (859)-257-4882 Laboratory: (859) 323-1065


Dr Noori Moti-Joosub Laserderm, Dunkeld/ DGMC  Acne vulgaris is a self-limited disorder of the pilosebaceous unit that is seen primarily in adolescents. Most cases of acne present with a pleomorphic variety of lesions, consisting of comedones, papules, pustules and nodules. Although the course of acne may be self- limiting, the sequelae can be lifelong, with


The Roles of β-Tubulin Mutations and Isotype Expression in Acquired Drug Resistance J. Torin Huzil1, Ke Chen2, Lukasz Kurgan2 and Jack A. Tuszynski11Department of Oncology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. 2Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Abstract: The antitumor drug paclitaxel stabilizes microtubules and reduces their dynamicity, promoting mitotic arrest


Emulsion pour perfusionOLIMEL N7 E Emulsion pour perfusionOLIMEL N9 Emulsion pour perfusionOLIMEL N9 E Emulsion pour perfusion RCP : Résumé des caractéristiques du produit OLIMEL N7, émulsion pour perfusion RESUME DES CARACTERISTIQUES DU PRODUIT 1. DENOMINATION DU MEDICAMENTOLIMEL N7, émulsion pour perfusion 2. COMPOSITION QUALITATIVE ET QUANTITATIVEOLIMEL se présente sous la forme d'une poche à 3 compartiments. Chaque poche contient une solution


CHAPTER 3 POINTS TO REMEMBER Acrosome : A small, sheathy structure at the end of a sperm.Blastula : A stage of embryogendesis which comes after morula and has ahollow fluid filled space called blastocoel.Endometrium : Innermost glandular layer lining the uterine cavity.Foetus : An advanced stage of embryo within the uterus.Gestation Period : A period between fertilisation of ovum and the birth of ababy.Hymen : A thin membrane partially covering the vaginal aperture.Implantation : Fixing of embryo/fertilized egg in uterus. It leads to pregnancy.Menarche : The beginning of first menstruation in female on attaining puberty.Menopause : Permanent cessation of menstrual cycle in female. It occursbetween the age 45 to 50 years in human female.Oogenesis : Formation and development of ova in ovary.Ovulation : Process of release of mature ovum (Secondary oocyte) from theovary.Parturition : Process of delivery of the foetus (Child birth).Puberty : A stage at which immature reproductive system of boy or girl becomesmature.Scrotum : A muscular pouch which houses two testes.


Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats 117 Medications are typically selected on the basis of blood work and culture results from urine or tissue samples that have confirmed the presence of specific microorganisms. Blood samples are compared with baseline data obtained from healthy animals to determine additional information. Due to the small size of insectivorous bats, however, it is not possible to obtain sufficient quantities of tissue samples for culturing or comparison with base-line data. The author cautions against the indiscriminate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics when access to culture and sensitivity results would permit the use of a more specific antibiotic. However, when access to culture and sensitivity results are not available, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics has allowed bat care specialists to save animals with clinical signs formerly associated with high mortality. Note: Except when indicated, medications should always be administered with food. The use of medications for bats is extra-label drug use and no claims can be made for the efficacy or safety of the dosages. Recommended dosages for many of the medications used to treat conditions in bats as described in this book are significantly higher than those used to treat other mammals. Nonetheless, careful observation and trial and error by the author for a period of almost 20 years have led to treatments that have proven successful for ameliorating a variety of clinical signs of disease in insectivorous bats.

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Spatial Approach of Wildlife Diseases Fifth symposium of the Belgian Wildlife Disease 18 October 2013, CODA-CERVA, Tervuren Organizing and Scientific Committee: Paul Tavernier Stefan Roels Paul Heyman Alexandre Dobly Leen Claes Kristof Baert


cientes por sus familiares o quienes estén a cargo de sus cuida- tración de venlafaxina antes de iniciar el tratamiento con un asociada a venlafaxina fue infrecuente. dad bucal, disforia, fasciculaciones, fatiga, cefaleas, hipomania, trospectivos, no se observaron evidencias de incompatibilidades veces (con 75 mg de venlafaxina cada 12 horas). El significado


The Australian Chapter of Batten Disease Support and Research Association Inc. - Australia/ New Zealand Dear families, friends and members, Into the New Year we go. The BDSRA has had a change of face with a new logo. As most of our literature was newly printed last year, you may see the 'old' and the 'new' in 2014. Please get behind the National Batten Disease Awareness Day on 31st March with plenty of ideas in this issue of how you can help. Just one passionate deed will inspire a flow of others—like an old saying "if you have two pennies, give one away". Vanessa and the BDSRA, Australian Chapter.


The pathogenesis of tendinopathy: balancing the response to loadingS. Peter Magnusson, Henning Langberg and Michael Kjaer Abstract Tendons are designed to withstand considerable loads. Mechanical loading of tendon tissue results in upregulation of collagen expression and increased synthesis of collagen protein, the extent of which is probably regulated by the strain experienced by the resident fibroblasts (tenocytes). This increase in collagen formation peaks around 24 h after exercise and remains elevated for about 3 days. The degradation of collagen proteins also rises after exercise, but seems to peak earlier than the synthesis. Despite the ability of tendons to adapt to loading, repetitive use often results in injuries, such as tendinopathy, which is characterized by pain during activity, localized tenderness upon palpation, swelling and impaired performance. Tendon histological changes include reduced numbers and rounding of fibroblasts, increased content of proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans and water, hypervascularization and disorganized collagen fibrils. At the molecular level, the levels of messenger RNA for type I and III collagens, proteoglycans, angiogenic factors, stress and regenerative proteins and proteolytic enzymes are increased. Tendon microrupture and material fatigue have been suggested as possible injury mechanisms, thus implying that one or more ‘weak links' are present in the structure. Understanding how tendon tissue adapts to mechanical loading will help to unravel the pathogenesis of tendinopathy.

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Bio/Pharma Quarterly Journal Volume 10, Issue 4 December, 2004 Division of Bio/Pharmaceutical Sciences Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA) Princeton, NJ 08643 Chief Editor Lu-Hai Wang, Ph.D. Mount Sinai School of Medicine E-mail:[email protected] TEL: (212) 241-3795 FAX: (212) 534-1684 Editors Flora W. Feng, Esq.


Online Submissions: wjg.wjgnet.com World J Gastroenterol 2009 July 7; 15(25): 3073-3085 [email protected] World Journal of Gastroenterology ISSN 1007-9327 doi:10.3748/wjg.15.3073 © 2009 The WJG Press and Baishideng. All rights reserved. EDITORIAL A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of herbal medicines used in the treatment of obesity


Hindawi Publishing CorporationPPAR ResearchVolume 2010, Article ID 274376, 8 pagesdoi:10.1155/2010/274376 Research ArticlePioglitazone Attenuates Cystic Burden inthe PCK Rodent Model of Polycystic Kidney Disease Bonnie L. Blazer-Yost,1, 2 Julie Haydon,1 Tracy Eggleston-Gulyas,2 Jey-Hsin Chen,3Xiaofang Wang,4 Vincent Gattone,2 and Vicente E. Torres4

Aih-3-2 1.9

The Australian Immunisation Handbook 3.2 AUSTRALIAN BAT LYSSAVIRUS INFECTIONAND RABIES Australian bat lyssavirus (ABL) and rabies virus are members of the familyRhabdoviridae, genus Lyssavirus. There are 7 known genotypes within the genusLyssavirus; ABL (genotype 7) is more closely related to rabies virus (genotype 1)than any of the other 6 genotypes.


P BOONE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY S ON THE INSIDE:Page 3 November FeaturePage 5 Letter to the Editor What's Up Doc What's New in Medicine (1963) BOONE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY PVOLUME: 32 ISSUE: 11 Bridget Early, M.D. Hung Winn, M.D. Raghav Govindarajan, M.D. Immediate Past President