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The next generation Baxi Bermuda
Back Boiler Unit
Gas Industry Innovation Award 2010 Baxi's commitment to innovation, technology and excellence has defined the company since 1866. Baxi Bermuda BBU HE Creating efficient heating and hot water solutions is all we think about. It's the reason we're always one Dimension™ BBU range of Fire Fronts step ahead and able to create products that meet Flue kits & installation The original Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler Unit (BBU), launched in 1966, was so practical and reliable that Marble back panels and hearths Baxi installations accounted for 80% of the back boilers installed in the UK. Times changed and so did Surround sets/surrounds boilers, but with the introduction of our innovative new Boiler accessories Bermuda BBU HE we continue our tradition of back boiler expertise. As the only high efficiency BBU in the UK, it's the easiest way to replace an existing back Spacers and rebated surrounds The BBU HE was recognised for it's ground-breaking technology at the 2010 Gas Industry Awards, because it offers a low cost, low carbon solution for the estimated two million UK households that rely on back boilers for their heating and hot water.
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Features and Benefits
Key features and benefits
Trusted, reliable Baxi back boiler technology, for complete peace of mind (10m and 12.5m options High efficiency back boiler, meeting all current legislation Energy Saving Trust Recommended 15kW heat output; modulating boiler adapts to heat demand ensuring optimum performance at all times Room sealed appliance; eliminating the need for air vents in the room Built in condensate pump and no pump overrun (various surround required, to ease installation Factory set to enable easy boiler commissioning Simple to use external boiler controls located on the dedicated BBU electric Dimension™ fire front Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler Dimension™ BBU Fire front Single piece flexible concentric flue; eliminates the (various options need to provide flue inspection access available in the range) Quiet in operation Two year parts and labour warranty * *Subject to registration and an annual service Benefits of replacing an old BBU
with a Baxi Bermuda BBU HE
The simplest, most convenient way to replace a BBU: - No need to re-site the boiler and modify the pipe work - No loss of valuable kitchen cupboard space - No major disruption or redecoration to the property - The only like-for-like replacement in the UK • It's the only high efficiency BBU in the UK: - Fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L - Saves energy – replacing an old boiler can save up to £225 on your annual fuel bill * * Compared with a SEDBUK 2005 >90% rated high efficiency boiler. Source: Energy Savings Trust, www.est.org.uk DimensionTM BBU HE Range
DimensionTM Regalia with Olympia Surround
Featured on Front Cover Nano fire with Teviot Surround Set
Give your fireplace a new
Key features and benefits
dimension with the
Revolutionary, patented fuel bed, with 'real fire effect' Dimension™ range of fires
Traditional and contemporary fire front designs The Baxi Bermuda BBU HE has been specifically Running costs for the fire using the 'effect', are less designed to work with the Dimension™ range of BBU fire fronts. The new DimensionTM range uses cutting Heat outputs of 1kW and 2kW edge technology to create the world's most authentic ‘real fire effect'. Redefining the market for fuel effect No servicing required electric fires, the DimensionTM range offers both The BBU fire front range is a unique range dedicated traditional and contemporary styles, backed by the to the Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler Unit package quality, reliability and peace of mind you would expect from the leading name in home heating. It's a totally new way of enjoying the atmosphere that only a real fire can create – all at the press of a button.
For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] A 'real fire effect' that makes a real statement
Nano's sleek stylish appeal and clean lines allow the Designed with total attention to detail the Regalia has innovative DimensionTM effect to take centre stage. been created to reflect an original style Victorian arch The generous profile of the inset inlays perfectly frame fireplace. Its elegant contours make a statement that the full depth 'real fire effect' to create a modern and is neither fussy nor flamboyant and will form a natural centrepiece to any room.
Whether it's switched on or off the Innova fire makes The Lyrica design is inspired by traditional firedogs and a style statement. The elegant glass and silver design, incorporates them into a free-standing fret design. It combined with ‘real fire effect' technology, creates an creates an imposing feature that establishes a sense of extraordinary focal point for any room. Innova can be tradition without intricate detailing.
wall mounted or hearth mounted. Can be remote controlled
Discover the beauty of electric fires From its solid cast iron fascia with plating, to the faithful The Classica combines a traditional solid cast iron finishing and hand craftsmanship, Dream's high quality fascia with authentic hand finishing and honest showcases timeless beauty along with cutting edge materials, to create a design that is both modern Solo-Pro Back Panel and Hearth Match your choice of fire and suround with a back panel and hearth. The back panel fills the space between the fire and surround while the hearth is positioned on the floor to support the fire surround.
The revolutionary new Solo-Pro marble or granite solution on a lightweight frame provides a hearth and back panel that is 70% lighter and 80% stronger than bonded marble. It looks stunning and can be fitted simply and quickly without the need for expert help. It can expand for use with 405mm (16") or 450mm (18") fireplace openings and is available in black granite, cream or white micro marble.
Can be remote controlled
For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] Stylish surroundings for any home Choose the perfect design to complement your choice of fire. Select a surround and match it to a back panel and hearth or find a surround that comes with back panel and hearth included. Rebated surrounds are available for properties where the chimney space cannot accommodate the BBU HE and the DimensionTM fire engine. Please see page 13 for details.
Surrounds & Hearths
Medway Surround Set
Teviot Surround Set
The Medway provides the quality of The Calista comes in four easy to The Teviot provides the quality of a a real wood veneer surround and assemble pieces and the 150mm real wood veneer surround and hearth, while the fully assembled (6") rebated Oak version ensures hearth, while the fully assembled surround sets, which come complete additional space is available for the surround sets, which come complete with hearth and backpanel, save time fire rear where required. The Calista with hearth and backpanel, save time on installation. A 75mm (3") rebate is also supplied with fixing strips for on installation. A 75mm (3") rebate ensures additional space is available Solo-Pro back panels and hearths.
ensures additional space is available for the fire rear where required.
for the fire rear where required.
Finishes also available in
Finishes also available in
Finishes also available in
Understated elegance in an Oak Olympia's classic design can be used A revolutionary lightweight granite solution finish, the Clarissa comes in four in both period and modern interiors. that provides the height of contemporary pieces for ease of installation, and is It's a revolutionary lightweight marble style, the Barcelona comes in a natural supplied with fixing strips for Solo- solution that comes in cream micro granite veneer and three easy to assemble Pro back panels and hearths.
marble veneer and three easy to pieces. A 150mm (6") rebated version is assemble pieces.
available to provide additional space for the fire rear where required.
Please note that fire surrounds and hearths can be ordered direct from Valor on 0845 601 5111
BBU HE Technical Specification
The 3D diagram below displays the key components of the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE.
1 Automatic Air Vent 2 Flue Connection 3 Spark Generator (located behind PCB) 13 Return Connection 4 Spark & Sensing Electrodes (located behind PCB) 14 Air Sampling Point 5 Heat Exchanger (located behind PCB) 15 Flue Sampling Point 6 User Interface Connector 16 Flow Connection 7 Control Wiring Connector 17 Condensate Outlet 8 Condensate Sump 18 PCB Control Box 19 Boiler Control (cover open) 10 Condensate Pump For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] Baxi Bermuda BBU HE
Concealed User Controls User Adjustable CH Temperature LED Status/Fault Diagnosis Display Flue Sampling Point Gas Supply Pipe Size LPG (Butane/Propane) Nominal Inlet Supply Pressure Maximum Gas Rate Heat Input Central Heating Heat Output CH Non Condensing Heat Output CH Condensing SEDBUK 2005 Seasonal Efficiency SEDBUK 2009 Seasonal Efficiency W (Width) = 430mm D (Depth) = 330mm H (Height) = 550mm including connections including flue samplin including air vent Electrical Supply Permanent Live Required (Regalia firefront Electrical Cable Required Power Consumption External Fuse Rating Internal Fuse Rating Ingress Protection Rating (Regalia firefront MECHANICAL & HYDRAULICCompartment Ventilation Required Flow & Return Pipe Size Condensate Discharge Pipe Connection Yes (pressure operated) Vertical Pipe Route No inverted pipework permitted SURROUND OR FINISHED CH System Inhibitor Required CONCENTRIC FLUE SYSTEMOutside Diameter Max Equivalent Length Vertical WEIGHTSMax Installer Lift Weight SURROUND OR FINISHED inside builder's opening Gross Packaged Boiler Weight Solid, non combustiblehearth to support the boiler, as specified in BS 5871.
Right Hand Plumb Kit 400mm min (with spacer)486mm min (Regalia ONLY) Solid, non combustible inside builder's opening hearth to support the boiler, 1. To accommodate the fire front without the need for additional spacers, there must be a gap of at least 94mm from the surround or as specified in BS 5871.
finished face to the front of the boiler.
2. If necessary this gap can be increased by the use of spacer kits. Each spacer increases the effective depth of the opening by up to 450mm min 50mm. Alternatively, a range of rebated fire surrounds are available (please see page 13 for details).
400mm min (with spacer)486mm min (Regalia ONLY) 3. Where surveys highlight that space is restricted versus minimum site requirements the use of rebated surrounds is recommended.
Fitting the flue
The Baxi Bermuda BBU HE is only suitable for use with the following flue kits: 10m Concentric Flexible Flue Complete with terminal 12.5m Concentric Flexible Flue Complete with terminal Flue Pull Cone * * The flue pull cone must be used for pulling the concentric flexible flue down the chimney. The flue pull cone can then be retained for future installations.
The Baxi Bermuda BBU HE Flue Kit
2. 2. Flue Duct Adaptor Flue Duct Adaptor 4. Air Duct Collar 5. Air Duct Clamp 7. Boiler Adaptor Collar Securing Screws x 4 Collar Securing Screws x 4 11.10. 60mm Ø Flue Duct 12.11. 100mm Ø Air Duct 60mm O Flue Duct For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] Flue Installation Guide
1. Points 2-6 cover general guidelines for flue installation. 4. The flue must have a minimum vertical height of 3m For more detailed recommendations, please refer to and have no bends greater than 45°. No horizontal BS 5440 Part 1 (GB) or I.S. 813 'Domestic Gas runs are permitted.
5. The terminal must be sited so that free passage of air 2. Only one of the two available concentric vertical flue across it can occur at all times.
kits approved for use with the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE 6. The terminal must be a minimum of 150mm from any can be used. Proprietary flue systems, terminals or other terminals or obstructions (A). When adjacent to adaptors etc, should NOT be used.
windows or openings on pitched or flat roofs it must be 3. The available flue kits are intended for installation at least 600mm away (B). A minimum dimension of within an existing chimney. This should be clean and 2000mm must be maintained when below windows or sound. Previous flue installations (liners, dampeners) openings in pitched roofs (C).
should be removed.
Fire, Surround, Back Panel and Hearth Technical Specification All measurements given in mm Fire only Boiler & Fire Fascia Height Fascia Width Fascia Depth Engine Depth Spacer Depth DimensionTM Regalia BBU Fire front † 05847A1 720331401 DimensionTM Innova BBU Fire front s 0584711 720331301 DimensionTM Classica Brass BBU Fire front † 0584721 720330701 DimensionTM Classica Pewter BBU Fire front † 0584701 720330801 DimensionTM Classica Black BBU Fire front † 05847B1 720330901 DimensionTM Dream Gold BBU Fire front † 05847C1 720331001 DimensionTM Dream Chrome BBU Fire front † 05847D1 720331101 DimensionTM Dream Black BBU Fire front † 05847E1 720331201 DimensionTM Lyrica BBU Fire front † 0584511 720331601 DimensionTM Nano Chrome BBU Fire front † 0584521 720331501 ACCESSORIES
All measurements given in mm Classica, Lyrica, Nano & Innova Spacer Kit Regalia Spacer Kit Dream Spacer Kit Right Hand Plumb Kit 10m Concentric Flexible flue OD Dimension 100mm (complete with terminal) 12.5m Concentric Flexible flue OD Dimension 100mm (complete with terminal) Flue Pull Cone # OD Dimension 100mm (complete with terminal) Please note that a fire surround (new or existing) is required to complete the installation in order to conceal the builder's opening.
† This fire is floor standing only.
s This fire can be wall mounted or floor standing.
For use with the Innova fire surround.
# The flue pull cone must be used for pulling the concentric flexible flue down the chimney. The flue pull cone can then be retained for future installations.
Please note that fire surrounds and hearths can be ordered direct from Valor on 0845 601 5111
DimensionTM Lyrica Brass with Medway Surround
For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] Spacers and Rebated Surrounds When fitting a BBU HE unit with a DimensionTM fire engine, both the unit and the back of the fire need to be contained within the chimney space. For installations where this space is not sufficient there are two options available: 1. Using a rebated surround: This is the simplest and most discrete solution. Rebated surrounds have a smaller inside return on
both the legs and top panel. This allows the back panel to sit further forward, away from the wall, creating a larger space for the BBU HE and DimensionTM fire engine.
2. Using spacer kits: If a rebated surround is not an option, either because the customer wishes to keep their existing surround,
or has selected a surround that is not available with a rebate, an additional spacer kit can be used. In these instances, the back
panel is fitted as normal, and the DimensionTM fire engine which is visible beyond the back panel is covered with an additional
spacer kit. The BBU HE spacer kits are 50mm deep, and can be joined together to achieve the required depth.
Standard BBU HE
BBU HE with
BBU HE with
1. Standard Surround. 3. Spacer Frame. 5. Rebated Surround. 2. DimensionTM Fire Front. 4. DimensionTM Fire Engine. Controls
A remote control is supplied with the Regalia, Innova, Classica and Dream fires. The Lyrica and Nano models have built in manual controls. Both the remote control and the manual control allow settings for 'On/Off', ‘Effect Only', ‘Low 1kW heating' and ‘High 2kW heating'.
To ensure all heating and hot water demands are satisfied and the new BBU installation runs smoothly, it is important that you assess the minimum site requirements. To help you with the assessment, please refer to the site survey on page 18. It will help you determine whether a replacement BBU is the most appropriate application and which components you need. If the BBU HE does not meet your requirements, BDR Thermea has the solution for you.
BDR Thermea
BDR Thermea is one of Europe's biggest manufacturers and distributors of domestic and commercial water and space heating systems. The group includes some of the best known and most respected brands in the heating industry: Baxi, Potterton, Main, Elson, Heatrae Sadia, Andrews Water Heaters, Santon and Potterton Commercial.
Baxi Boilers
If the property doesn't meet the minimum site requirements for the installation of a Baxi Bermuda BBU HE, you can still take advantage of our range of high efficiency boilers to update your system. They are all built to the same high standard and incorporate the cutting edge THINK combustion management system.
The system includes Gas Adaptive Control, an innovation that continuously monitors and optimises combustion by adjusting the gas and air mix. This allows our new Baxi boilers to self-commission, deliver lifetime maximum combustion efficiency and lower fuel bills. It also significantly lowers carbon emissions and reduces wear and tear on components, making servicing quicker and easier.
Baxi Duo-tec
Baxi Neta-tec
Baxi Megaflo
System Compact GA
Baxi's Duo-tec Combi GA Baxi's Neta-tec Combi GA Baxi's system boiler range is is available in 24, 28, 33 is available in 24, 28 and available in 12, 15, 18, 24, 28 and 40kW outputs.
33kW outputs.
and 32kW outputs.
* Standard cupboard dimensions of 900mm x 500mm x 300mm, with control panel flap removed, excluding 32kW output on
Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA
For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] Heatrae Sadia Cylinders
For your hot water storage needs, put your trust in a stainless steel cylinder from Heatrae Sadia, the UK's leading manufacturer of hot water systems and home of the Megaflo unvented cylinder. Heatrae Sadia offers the best in innovation, quality and reliability – backed up by a lifetime cylinder leak warranty.
ve Solutions
Megaflo HE
The Megaflo HE unvented cylinder, The Megalife HE is a vented cylinder The Megaflo Systemfit is a pre-plumbed delivers mains pressure available in 100-210 litre capacities version of the Megaflo HE and is hot water and is available in in both direct and indirect versions.
designed to reduce on-site installation 70-300 litre capacities in both time. It is available in 125-300 litre direct and indirect versions.
For further information visit www.heatraesadia.com
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Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday/Sunday 8.30am - 2pm Our aftersales support is on hand whenever you need it, even if you haven't finished the installation yet If you need additional information to complete an installation heateam, our award-winning customer service
while on site, our technical support team made up of division, is our team of 270 Gas Safe registered experienced heateam gas engineers are always available
engineers working across the UK to ensure your on the end of the phone with direct access to our boilers to customers are happy with their investment in their provide all the backup you need to get the job finished quickly Baxi boiler. In fact, it's like having your very own aftersales team. Any problems encountered with a Baxi product within two years of installation will be resolved quickly and efficiently by one of our engineers.
Once you've installed your customer's new Baxi boiler they will If you're a member of our business support scheme works we be covered by our two years parts and labour warranty*. They will guarantee to be with your customer the very next day**.
can register their warranty either online or by post, giving them complete peace of mind. Once this initial warranty has expired, they have the option of extending it.
Baxi offers a range of boiler training courses for installers to help keep you informed of the latest industry developments *Subject to registration and an annual service by any Gas Safe registered installer**Calls booked before 3pm and provide you with the relevant product knowledge and skills to ensure best practice. Visit www.bdrthermeatraining.co.uk to find out more.
For technical enquiries e-mail [email protected] Baxi Bermuda BBU HE Site Survey Form
To help with installation of a BBU complete the site survey overleaf.
(To be completed by a Gas Safe Registered installer).
Baxi Bermuda BBU HE Site Survey Form
NB: If the answer is NO to any of the points below then read the adjacent comments for further guidance.
Yes No Comments
Is the gas supply natural gas? No LPG model currently available.
Is the boiler fitted to a fully pumped system? If the heating system is a gravity hot water pumped heating system it must be converted to a fully pumped system Y or S Plan.
Is the flow and return connection on the If the existing pipe work is connected from the right left hand side of the boiler? (looking at the boiler) hand side then the optional extra pipe work kit may be required to facilitate installation.
Does the system incorporate a bypass? A pressure operated bypass will be required if the minimum flow rate is lower than 8.3 litre/minute.
Is the boiler installed to a Class 1 Flue? 225mm x 225mm (9" x 9") brick or 175mm (7") salt glazed lined flue is required.
Check builder's opening (see comments). 630mm height, 560mm width, 450mm depth is the minimum size of the builder's opening. If only the minimum depth is available a range of spacer kits or rebated surrounds are available for the fire front (see page 13 of the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE brochure).
Is an existing fire surround installed? (see comments). The minimum fireplace opening size is 595mm (Regalia 575mm) height x 490mm width. If installing with minimum fireplace dimensions provision will need to be made for access to the gas service cock and inlet test point. The surround will need to be removed to allow access for installation of the BBU.
Does the existing fire have an electric light effect? The boiler will require a 3 amp permanent live as well as a switched live feed from the same source to operate satisfactorily.
Is there a 13 amp socket in close proximity to the The fire will require a separate 13 amp supply. existing fire and boiler location? (see comments).
Will there be a clearance of 150mm from the 150mm clearance is required from the BBU BBU flue terminal to an adjacent terminal? flue terminal to an adjacent terminal.
Measure and check the flue length and its path There are 2 concentric flue system kits available, 10m and 12.5m both with a minimum flue length of 3m. These lengths may be cut shorter but cannot be extended beyond their specified length.
Is there a waste drain point close to the boiler The boiler incorporates a sump pump for the location? (see comments). removal of condensate. The pump can lift condensate vertically 2.5m (as measured from the case outlet of the boiler). Any horizontal run should be kept as short as possible with a miniumum of 3 degrees on all gravity falls. For guidance on maximum horizontal runs and number of elbows please refer to Baxi's Installation Instructions at www.baxi.co.uk.
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controlled sources. This Brochure is printed using vegetable based
inks. Please recycle this Brochure when you have finished with it.
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right to change specification and appearance without prior notice is
reserved. The reproduction of colours is as accurate as photographic
and printing processes allow. The consumer's statutory rights are not

Source: http://www.abacusflame.co.uk/boilers/manuals/pdf/baxi/Baxi%20Bermuda%20BBU%20HE%20Brochure.pdf

managing lyme disease

ADVANCED TOPICS IN DIAGNOSTIC HINTS AND TREATMENT GUIDELINES FOR LYME AND OTHER TICK BORNE JOSEPH J. BURRASCANO JR., M.D. Fifteenth Edition Copyright, July, 2005 Welcome to the fifteenth edition of the "Guidelines". Since the last edition, enough new information has become available to justify this revision. New insights regarding co-infections, test refinements, and new treatment regimens are included. I once again extend my best wishes to the many patients and caregivers who deal with Lyme, and a sincere thank you to my colleagues whose endless contributions have helped me shape my approach to tick borne illnesses. I hope that my new edition proves to be useful. Happy reading! BACKGROUND INFORMATION In general, you can think of Lyme as having three categories: acute, early disseminated, and chronic. The sooner treatment is begun after the start of the infection, the higher the success rate. However, since it is easiest to cure early disease, this category of Lyme must be taken seriously. Undertreated infections will inevitably resurface, usually as chronic Lyme, with its tremendous problems of morbidity and difficulty with diagnosis and treatment. So, while the bulk of this document focuses of the more problematic chronic patient, strong emphasis is also placed on earlier stages of this illness. A very important issue is the definition of "Chronic Lyme Disease". Based on my clinical data and the latest published information, I offer the following definition. To be said to have chronic Lyme, these three criteria must be present: 1. Illness present for at least one year 2. Have persistent major neurologic involvement (such as encephalitis/encephalopathy, meningitis, etc.)


Diseases and ConditionsUlcerative colitis By Mayo Clinic Staff Ulcerative colitis (UL-sur-uh-tiv koe-LIE-tis) is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) thatcauses long-lasting inflammation and ulcers (sores) in your digestive tract. Ulcerativecolitis affects the innermost lining of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. Symptomsusually develop over time, rather than suddenly.