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Prozac™ - The Ultimate Deception
It's Risks "Far Outweigh" Any Potential Benefits!
By Dr. David W. Tanton, Ph.D.
Every effort has been made by the author to ensure that the information in this book is as complete and accurate as possible, although the author cannot, and does not render judgment or advice regarding a particular individual. As our bodies are each unique, we will not always experience the same results that another might from the very same therapy. The author believes in both prevention and the superiority of a natural non- invasive approach over drugs and surgery. The information herein is presented by an independent research scientist, whose sources of information include 45 years of his own personal experience, along with researching the world's medical and scientific literature, and other clinical and anecdotal reports for decades. The leading cause of death and disability today appears to be the lack of awareness of natural therapies, by both doctors and their patients, known to prevent and treat many common degenerative diseases. This ebook is dedicated to making as many as possible aware that they no longer need to suffer with depression, and that antidepressants are not the solution. Unfortunately, the general public is seldom aware of many valuable resources available for preventing or effectively eliminating any health condition, as they are often suppressed due to their lack of profitability. Those who read this ebook and make decisions regarding their health or medical care based on ideas contained in this book, do so as their constitutional right. Please do not use this book if you are unwilling to assume responsibility for results that arise from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations or procedures in the book. The author cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions or information contained within, but offers this material as information that the public has a right to hear and utilize at their own discretion. You are free to share, copy, distribute, and display this work, under the following conditions. You may not alter, transform, or sell this work. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of Any of the above conditions can be waived with permission from the author.

Copyright 2009

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Due to the critical nature of the information provided within, and the fact that Eli Lilly is known to aggressively defend their drugs (due to their "huge" profit potential), I have done my utmost to substantiate all my claims. I have also done my very best to keep it as simple as possible. Some of the bolding and underlining of text is mine, in order to accentuate what I consider some of the more important issues. Although I recently wrote and published a book titled Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Stimulants – Dangerous Drugs on Trial, focusing on the sixteen psychotropic drugs currently being aggressively marketed for our kids, I decided to write an exposé on one of the most popular antidepressants of all. Prozac™, which is being promoted for everything you could imagine, and for everyone possible, (including young kids). I also decided to just give it away for free, so absolutely everyone could afford it. All I ask is that, after reading it, and if you also feel as I do, that Prozac™ is far too dangerous to remain on the market, please pass it on to everyone you know, (including doctors prescribing it). Eli Lilly, (the makers of Prozac™), appears to have a special relationship with the FDA. Proof is, the painkiller Vioxx™ was recently pulled for "far less"! Yet Prozac™ has remained on the market for over two decades, in spite it's well known hundreds of potential side effects, and tens of thousands complains of serious reactions from Prozac™ use, filed with the FDA. And possibly worst of all, Prozac™ is now being aggressively marketed to our kids, (innocent victims)! The obvious question is, why? And, what can we do about it? Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Exposing The Prozac™ Nightmare!
And the FDA's Claim That It's Perfectly Safe For Our Kids
You are about to learn many of Prozac's dirty little secrets, which have been deliberately hidden from the public's view, for decades. Once Prozac's secrets have finally been exposed, the next step should be to put a stop to the obvious deception, before any more of our kids' lives are unnecessarily destroyed. Especially at such an early age! And it doesn't just stop there, as many adults have been exposed even longer, (especially the elderly). Both the young, and the elderly, are at the greatest risk of all for a drug overdose, often resulting in serious reactions, such as the increased risk for suicide. Once you learn the many little-known facts about Prozac's dark side, you will likely wonder if the FDA really knows what it's doing, (or if it truly cares). I believe you will be convinced that one or the other has to apply – beyond a doubt. Although most drugs on the market today actually provide far more risk than any real benefit, in my mind Prozac™ actually tops the list of "the worst of the worst", and that's saying something! As we progress in our discovery, I believe you will soon see why. So let's get started on our journey of discovery. First and foremost, every single molecule of Prozac™ (fluoxetine) actually contains 3 molecules of the "highly toxic" fluoride, (a major issue)! That's also what makes Prozac™ unique, regarding antidepressants in general. You will soon discover just how toxic the fluoride in Prozac™ (classified as an environmental toxin) can actually be once it's ingested in such a high concentration, (3 to 1 ratio). Secondly, according to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Prozac™ causes a 200% increase of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to contribute to multiple conditions, (another way Prozac™ is unique). Then, another obvious concern is the extensive list of 16 crucial nutrients Prozac™ depletes, which include vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and glutathione, (one way Prozac™ is not unique). Only by becoming aware of the important part that each nutrient depleted actually plays, could you fully appreciate that concern. Incidentally, they are all discussed in the back of my book A Drug-Free Approach To Healthcare. Then, although Prozac™ is classified as an SSRI antidepressant, (selective to serotonin only), according to Dr. Glenmullen, the author of Prozac Backlash, that's not really true. He claims that just one of Prozac's many dark sides is its suppression of the major neurotransmitter dopamine, Prozac - The Ultimate Deception which he refers to as the "Prozac™ backlash"! It's also important to keep in mind that Prozac™ doesn't actually produce serotonin, nor does it in any way stimulate the production of serotonin. That's just not what Prozac™ does. Its primary focus is to fool the brain into thinking that it has more serotonin than it really does, (similar to most illegal drugs). Rather than allowing the brain to regulate the amount of serotonin the receptors receive, (a critical process), Prozac™ instead overrides that normal process, and floods the receptors with serotonin. The problem is, that eventually results in serotonin resistance, as some receptors begin shutting down, (the brain's defense mechanism). Serotonin resistance is similar to insulin resistance in the body, when the cell receptors are exposed to an excessive amount of glucose, (basically, type II diabetes). Although in this case, it's instead excess serotonin. Although Prozac's intended target is the brain, it actually creates a lot of damage along the way. It's also interesting to note that at least 90% of serotonin is actually produced in the intestinal tract. Thus, an intestinal disorder can contribute to a serotonin deficiency. Serotonin also has other functions in both the body and brain, such as the storage of energy. Prozac™ prevents the efficient use of serotonin by unnecessarily wasting it, thus creating a deficiency. These are critical issues that drug companies chose to ignore, and assume that neither you, nor your doctor, will ever discover, (although now you know) – and believe me, we're just getting started! Unfortunately, most doctors don't have a clue as to the serious risks they are exposing their patients to. The problem is, most doctors don't have adequate time to fully research the many different drugs that they prescribe daily, although I do. Doctors often deal with dozens of patients on a daily basis, and they also have hundreds of drugs to choose from, not to mention dealing with insurance companies, and running a business. The doctors are often victims of the pharmaceutical industry, (as unfortunately are their patients). Just addressing the problems associated with a deficiency of each of the nutrients depleted by Prozac™, and tying them to the literally hundreds of potential side effects associated with Prozac™ alone, would likely be overwhelming for you. Especially as, according to Dr. Tracy, there are a total of 575 side effects associated with Prozac™, listed with the FDA! More than any other drug in history, yet knowing that, the FDA still concluded that it's perfectly OK for our kids, and pregnant mothers! Considering how many potential side effects are associated with Prozac™, it's easy to understand the "typical domino effect", which Prozac™ is so effective at initiating. It's basically a drug company's gold mine, and the beginning of millions of unsuspecting children's nightmare, Prozac - The Ultimate Deception (and they trust us to make decisions that are in their best interest)! But who really cares? The FDA obviously doesn't, nor does Eli Lilly, who created one of the best selling, yet most deceptive drugs on the market! They even disguise it in a pink and lavender pill, (with the exact same ingredients), and promote it for women with PMS, (which is a typical hormone imbalance that Prozac™ can't fix). They decided to name it Sarafem™. It looks and sounds feminine, and even rather innocent. Yet, few women are aware that they are actually taking Prozac™ – an obvious deception! Why don't they at least tell them the truth? Likely because it doesn't have the negative connotation that an antidepressant would. Not only that but, "Sarafem™" doesn't sound nearly as risky, although it obviously is. Not only does the fluoride in Prozac™ deplete one of the most critical minerals, magnesium, but it even "lowers serotonin"! So, Prozac™ doesn't
just deplete dopamine, but even serotonin, (quite amazing, I would say).
Any benefits that Prozac™ might "appear to have", would be relatively short-term, (which is also typical with all illegal drugs, as well). I believe that once you learn the dark side of Prozac™, you will likely wonder, as I, why Prozac™ still remains legal. Then the study that Eli Lilly used to seek FDA approval didn't allow adequate time for all the many troubling side effects to begin showing up. And they conveniently excluded the one study that discovered that Prozac™ had little more benefit than a placebo! As usual, with drugs in general, there are far more risks than any real benefit, (if there truly were any), and that is especially true regarding Prozac™. Yet they all somehow received FDA approval anyway. The obvious question is, why? It's basically double jeopardy – absolutely no benefit, yet worsening our health, (which all drugs are so well known for). Antidepressants are one class of drugs that doctors often prescribe as a placebo, or for killing pain. Although in my opinion, they are much better at killing people, than pain. They not only increase the risk of committing suicide, or incidences such as school shootings (and killing others), but they also contribute to diseases that greatly reduce the quality of life. Drug companies often conduct several studies concurrently, and do their utmost to influence the outcome of each – often deliberately hand-picking those who will be included in a particular study, and which study results to submit. Yet, once the FDA approves them, those at the greatest risk (such as the elderly or young children) are placed on them. Their primary objective is getting a drug approved, and generating income ASAP. A drug's safety is definitely secondary. That was without a doubt true, regarding the FDA approval of Prozac™. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Interestingly, according to an article published in the December 30, 2008, issue of the New York Times, "Experts say most drugs, whatever
the disease, work for only about half the people who take them.
only is much of America's approximately $300 billion annual drug spending
wasted, but countless patients are being exposed unnecessarily to side
The truth is, if all the known facts were finally exposed, regarding each of the hundreds of FDA-approved drugs on the market today, few would likely pass the utmost test (of providing more benefit than risk). That should become obvious, if you just listen closely to the commercials. And as usual, that's not quite the whole story either. Interestingly, during commercials, they invariably attempt to provide some sort of visual "diversion", while discussing the bad news. It's just a requirement that they would rather you ignored. It appears that most drugs attempt to resolve one problem (often some symptom) and create several others in the process – often far worse, as well. We will now begin unfolding the mystery of how Prozac™ somehow managed to receive FDA approval, (where it all started). According to an editorial, by Life Extension magazine's editor Saul Kent, "A meticulous dissection of FDA documents reveals that there is no
proof that Prozac works better than tricyclic antidepressants – or that it
works at all"
(Life Extension magazine, 1997, April). Kent continues,
regarding author Peter Breggin and his book Talking Back to Prozac,
stating that "One of the main studies the FDA used in approving Prozac
is based on data from only 11 patients! And it was conducted by a
doctor who has been accused of fraud in other trials.
Had this study
received the least bit of scrutiny by the FDA, and had their conclusion been
based on science, rather than obvious outside influence, we likely would
never heard of, nor would millions been needlessly exposed to, Prozac™!
In addition, "None of the studies lasted for more than 6 weeks,
and patients frequently rated Prozac as no better than placebo. There
are millions of people taking this drug, trusting that clinical trials proved its
safety, its efficacy, and long-term benefit, yet there is apparently no such

Another important issue that the Breggins points out is that: None of the patients who participated in the Prozac studies were
suffering from severe depression.
While some of this type of thing
might occur in a large study, what the Breggins show is that juggling
the data, and "cookin' the books" was the norm for the Prozac

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception One can only conclude that the real clinical trials for Prozac are
being done on the American public – without its knowledge.

And the trial continues, yet the FDA has totally ignored the results for years, even though they are fully aware of its hundreds of side effects, and that tens of thousands have notified them regarding serious reactions from taking Prozac™! What good are all the complaints filed over the years, if the FDA just chooses to ignore them? Then, once Eli Lilly was able to successfully expedite Prozac's approval by the FDA, without any valid scientific analysis, or "appropriate" clinical trials, they were on their way to placing a new class of antidepressants (the SSRIs – specifically Prozac™), on the market. The next step would be turning Prozac™ into a blockbuster, with tremendous income potential, (actually, nothing to do with any real benefit). Just a lot of hype they used the media to launch. And believe me, the media did a superb job of promoting a drug whose only real potential was creating havoc through both the body and brain. Yet without any real proof, Prozac™ was promoted as some miracle drug, as you will soon discover. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Creating Demand – The Deception Begins
Sounds A Lot Like Cocaine and LSD, When They Were First Released
In his book Prozac Backlash (2000), Dr. Glenmullen states that Prozac™ was on the cover of Newsweek (March 1990), boasting that the
"medical breakthrough" had already been prescribed for so many
conditions in addition to depression that now, "even healthy people have
started asking for it."
And, New York magazine called Prozac™ a "wonder
and the National Enquirer described it as a miracle diet pill. Another
cover of Newsweek announced, "Beyond Prozac: How Science Will Let You
Change Your Personality with a Pill"
– seemingly, the voice of the scientific
establishment (p. 13).
This is a typical example of how drug companies are able to use the media to launch a brand new "miracle drug"! The influence of such announcements made by the media, can be tremendous. The best possible way to stimulate the demand for a newly released drug! In this instance, it encourages millions to ask their doctor to prescribe Prozac™ for them, for "non-FDA approved" conditions, something doctors are free to do, and without any justification, (and absolutely no accountability) – one major flaw! Then, although drug companies are not allowed to promote drugs for non-FDA approved uses, (which would dramatically increase their sales), they instead find ways to circumvent that process. The above news releases, following the launch of Prozac™, are typical examples. It's also perfectly legal for a doctor, (who can often be purchased for a price), to encourage other doctors to prescribe drugs for non-FDA approved uses. It's obvious who is in control, and the source of the deception – those with the most money. Not only that but, the news media are not required to validate any claims made by such announcements, nor to warn the public of any potential side effects, as drug companies are at least supposed to do in their commercials. Although drug companies do mention "some side effects" during commercials – many are still not discussed. Two ways that drug companies are able to undermine any real drug regulation. Thus, FDA approval provides no real protection whatsoever for the public. The same also applies to the pharmaceutical reps' influence with doctors, as their objective is to sell drugs only, not discuss their risks. They are highly trained, well-paid salesmen and women, who receive bonuses based on drug sales, and not for informing doctors of any potential risks. Possibly even worse, in one study, 70% of doctors admitted to prescribing drugs (including antidepressants), as a placebo, when there appeared to be no identifiable condition. What other option do most doctors normally have? Especially when either they, or their clinic, normally allow Prozac - The Ultimate Deception about ten minutes or less for an office visit, and the patient expects to get something for their money. Although now they have another excuse, (prescribe Prozac™ to change their patient's personality)! It's basically similar to promotional claims that were made for the drugs cocaine and LSD, (now considered illegal), when they were first launched. And it all started with drugs for which we can thank the pharmaceutical industry for creating and promoting. Drugs that were once considered as legal, and aggressively promoted, as Prozac™ was, following its release. And now that they are no longer legal, we have an epidemic of "illicit drug" use, and are thus fighting a very expensive war on drugs, which incidentally we seem to be losing. Yet the drug companies who created the illegal drugs, are not about to assume any responsibility whatsoever for solving the problem. The question is: Could Prozac™ possibly pose as great a threat, just in a different way? I believe so, although I'll let you decide. The fact is, cocaine, LSD, (and Prozac™), were all approved by the FDA, which proves there is an obvious flaw in the FDA drug approval
process. It's often the result of short-term studies, very little oversight, and
allowing drug companies to conduct their own studies, along with the obvious
corruption within the FDA. It's normally the long-term use of drugs, (that might
initially make you feel better), that eventually come back to haunt you. That's
when their dark side begins to emerge. Just ask any drug addict hooked on
LSD or cocaine. They often resort to crime to support their very addictive
habit. The question is: Could some people possibly become addicted to
Prozac™? Apparently some can, as one of Dr. Tracy's patients discovered,
and stressed, "I wanted to stop using Prozac, but I was addicted. How
could I be addicted to a drug that my family practitioner gave me?"
I would
guess there were many others as well. Incidentally, Dr. Tracy didn't prescribe
Prozac™ for her patient. Her objective was to warn of their dangers, and
assist them in safely withdrawing. In my opinion, something all doctors
(armed with the facts) should also do.
We will soon discover how Prozac™ can totally change your personality, although it's definitely not a new personality that anyone would ever want to trade for! That "changed personality" is often responsible for unexplainable anger, contributing to increased crime, road rage, and even the recent rash of school shootings. Most importantly, their behavior is often totally out of character, (often validated by friends or family), and all too common, (when on Prozac™). And, in the long term especially, Prozac™ is definitely not a diet pill, as implied by the National Enquirer. Although just implying something, (no matter how ridiculous), by the media, is often all it takes to stimulate sales, even though one side effect of Prozac™ just happens to be "weight gain"! Not Prozac - The Ultimate Deception only that but, the real problem actually begins when one of Prozac's side effects (the bipolar disorder) soon begins showing up, creating the need for another drug for the bipolar disorder, (the typical domino effect). Eli Lilly was fully aware of the bipolar disorder that eventually emerges while on Prozac™, (basically creating an imbalance in the brain). Thus, they in turn, created the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa™, which soon became a popular drug for the bipolar disorder. Eli Lilly appears to have an excellent marketing staff, as well as an exceptionally close relationship with the FDA, (obviously a distinct advantage). Zyprexa™ is well known for causing highly elevated blood sugar, not
only contributing to diabetes even more rapidly than Prozac™, but also "rapid weight gain"! One contributing factor could be that both Prozac™ and Zyprexa™ deplete the extremely important mineral magnesium. And according to Dr. Mark Sircus, "Obese children had much lower magnesium levels in their blood than lean children. Children with lower magnesium levels had a higher insulin resistance." Not only that but, he goes on to point out that "extra body fat can prevent the body's cells from using magnesium to break down carbohydrates" (Magnesium For Life, 2006). So if anyone started taking Prozac™ for weight loss, they might eventually join the thousands of victims, who have already sued Eli Lilly for their rapid weight gain and diabetes, caused by Zyprexa™, (and won)! Not to worry – Eli Lilly just happens to produce diabetes medications as well, (once again, they have you covered)! Then, diabetes and obesity greatly increase the risk for developing cardiovascular disease, as well as many diabetes-related conditions, such as amputations, in the future. And it can all start with Prozac™. And that's not all, as you will soon discover there is "much more" damage related to Prozac™ that we have yet to consider. Even if you were one of the thousands who sued Eli Lilly, (and won), the question is, would it really be worth it, if you became obese and diabetic? Both are major contributors to nearly every disease, as well as greatly reducing your quality of life – for the remainder of your life! Then, according to Dr. David G. Williams, we find "the long list of
conditions made worse by excess weight includes arthritis; diabetes; gall
bladder disease; heart disease and stroke; breathing difficulties, including
asthma and sleep apnea; and a variety of cancers, including those of
endometrium, breast, and colon"
(Alternatives newsletter, February 2009, Vol.
12, No. 20, p. 157).
For example, it was also found that "rising obesity rates have been
linked to a four-fold increase in strokes" (retrieved from And
according to the American Heart Association, "when people with diabetes
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception do have heart attacks, they are twice as likely to die as non-diabetics"
Even though Eli Lilly has spent "over 1.4 billion dollars" to date,
settling litigation filed by the many obese, diabetic victims after taking
they are still promoting it for our kids! There is currently an
epidemic of diabetic, obese children, yet the source of the problem continues
to be ignored. Just the fact that the combination of Prozac™ and Zyprexa™,
which is responsible for contributing to so many obese diabetic children, (with
lowered IQs), should make anyone question why the FDA could possibly
justify allowing Eli Lilly to continue promoting it to our kids, (or anyone, for that
The problem is, they continue making many more billions of dollars selling Zyprexa™, than they are spending on litigation, (their only criteria). It's just one more drug that should also have been pulled, as its dangers are "well known", as well as very serious. And don't forget, the bipolar disorder that many patients are placed on Zyprexa™ for, often starts with Prozac™. As a matter of fact, Prozac™ is one of the most prolific drugs on the market for stimulating the "typical domino effect" that I'm aware of. For example, in my book Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Stimulants – Dangerous Drugs on Trial (2007), I tell how Mary Lou was initially placed on Prozac™, (for an obvious low thyroid disorder). Then 16 years later, she was on 9 different medications (including Prozac™, and another antidepressant). Most importantly, with my help, she was able to safely and easily withdraw all nine of her drugs in only 60 days! As is typical, she felt much better off, than on all those medications, absolute proof they were totally inappropriate. It was such a relief for her, when all those troubling side effects she had been dealing with for years, began disappearing! The Many Dangerous Side Effects and Diseases Caused By Prozac™
In the April 1997 issue of Life Extension magazine, the editor, Saul Kent, wrote an editorial titled "What's Wrong with Prozac?" regarding the book titled Talking Back to Prozac by Peter R. Breggin and Ginger Ross Breggin. In that editorial, Kent noted the following: "Peter R. Breggin is a psychiatrist – formerly a consultant with the National Institute of Mental Health – who is a long-time critic of drug-based psychiatry. Ginger Ross Breggin is a writer and Director of Research and Education at the Center for the Study of Psychiatry." Prozac - The Ultimate Deception According to Kent: One of the most startling accusations the Breggins level is that Prozac
is a chemical cousin of amphetamine and cocaine-drugs which
also inhibit serotonin reuptake.
It is those properties, the Breggins
believe, that make Prozac dangerous. And dangerous it is. Ordinary
people have done things such as getting out of bed in the middle of the
night and hanging themselves after taking it. There are numerous
reports of ‘speed'-like behavior and aggression.
People have
reported having nightmares where people are coming at them with
knives, or they are going to kill others or themselves.

One woman, put on the drug for weight loss, ended up trying to
shoot herself in front of her children.
(Her husband got the gun away
from her). According to the Breggins, this type of behavior is
consistent with what people sometimes do on cocaine or "speed."
Is Prozac legalized "speed"

In her book, Prozac – Panacea or Pandora? (1991/1994), Dr. Ann Blake Tracy mentions that when a drug is used to stimulate the adrenals,
(resulting in elevated cortisol), there is an internal loss of glandular control.
The adrenals begin to rush at the slightest provocation. She also warns
that this can cause "mania, depression, akathasia type reactions
(inability to rest or relax, anger, irritability, violence, etc.),
electrical surges throughout the body, etc."
(p. 86). That should help explain
why the majority of kids involved in school shootings were taking SSRI
Dr. Tracy poses the question: Why raise serotonin when it in turn raises steroid levels and
produces a wide variety of mental and physical disorders?
studies demonstrate that in the initial administration Prozac actually
causes the brain to shut down its own production of serotonin,

thereby causing a paradoxical effect or opposite effect on the level of
(p. 87).

Dr. Tracy then goes on to describe the basic problem with all mind- altering drugs such as Prozac™, noting that any disruption, whether it be a raising or lowering of any neurotransmitter, can cause drastic changes in brain function, behavior, mood, memory, sleep patterns, cognitive reasoning Prozac - The Ultimate Deception abilities, etc. The neurobalance of the brain is very delicate and sensitive, and repercussions from any disruption of that balance are often very extensive. The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) states that Prozac™ binds to "human serum proteins, including albumin and glycoprotein." All the
serotonergic drugs, including Prozac™, are highly protein binding,
in theory blocking the reuptake of excess serotonin in the brain for
extended periods. However, they also bind to other proteins or toxins in the
blood, making them too large to be broken down and metabolized readily
by the liver.

One of the more frequent complaints of adverse reactions made to the FDA about Prozac™ is impaired liver function, and Dr. Tracy asks:

If a patient is taking a drug which impairs the organ essential in
controlling the amount of medication the body retains in the blood,
how safe is the drug? Once liver function is impaired, any chemical
can rapidly accumulate within the body to toxic levels, producing
adverse reactions and even death
(p. 92).
According to Dr. Tracy, "it has been shown that LSD, causing an
increase in serotonin, acts much the same as an SSRI." She then goes
on to explain that:

Cocaine blocks serotonin reuptake leading to an initial increase in
serotonin levels.
Alcohol increases levels of serotonin. The levels then
subsequently drop just as they do with LSD. Steroids (cortisone,
prednisone, etc.) directly affect serotonin and are known to create
psychotic behavior
(p. 114).
The obvious question is: Is Prozac™ just a slightly modified version of
LSD or cocaine? It seems as though it is, although unfortunately, it's still legal. It appears that all drugs that cause an initial increase in serotonin levels in the brain, (no matter what their mechanism might be), eventually produce an accompanying increase in serotonin resistance in the serotonin receptors., Thus, prolonged use of antidepressants tends to produce effects in opposite directions. Forcing an increase in the amount of any neurotransmitter results in decreased receptor sensitivity, (an issue that drug addicts on cocaine are fully aware of). Neuroscientists have learned that different neurotransmitters do not function independently of one another, and thus a dramatic change in one, like boosting serotonin, can trigger compensatory changes in the others. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception A drop in dopamine, to compensate for the artificially elevated serotonin levels caused by Prozac™, is an example of how the brain reacts in an
attempt to maintain a healthy balance. Dr. Glenmullen stresses that, "drugs
producing a dopamine drop are well known to cause the dangerous side
effects that are now appearing with Prozac and other drugs in its class."

This is what he refers to as the "Prozac Backlash". He goes on to say that "a
critical variable determining the degree of damage appears to be total
cumulative exposure to the drugs"
(Prozac Backlash, Glenmullen, 2000, p.
20). In other words, the longer you take Prozac™, the greater the damage
you can expect.
Interestingly, on her audiotape Help! I Can't Get Off My Antidepressants! (1999), Dr. Ann Blake Tracy notes that many people on
Prozac™ do not properly metabolize milk,
which then results in the
formation of an addictive substance known as casomorphine, in the brain.
Research preformed by Dr. Robert J. Cade, M.D. and his colleagues at the
University of Florida, discovered that "80% of those diagnosed with either
schizophrenia or autism found their condition totally resolved once milk
was eliminated from their diet!"
To me, it's amazing that something so
simple could potentially resolve a condition that serious! Incidentally, the
antipsychotic drug Zyprexa™ by Eli Lilly is often prescribed for schizophrenia,
noted above, as well as the bipolar disorder.
Dr. Cade's research has also identified casomorphine as the probable cause of attention deficit disorder (ADD), (Autism, 1999, p. 3). It has been documented that casein breaks down in the stomach to produce a peptide casomorphine, and eighty percent of cow's milk protein is casein! Dr. Peter D. D'Adamo, N.D. tells us, in his book Eat Right For Your Type (1996), that only those with blood type "B" properly metabolize milk. That might possibly explain why, according to Dr. Tracy, many schizophrenics on Prozac™ found they returned to normal after removing milk from their diet. By far, the majority do not have blood type B. How Would You Like To Change Your Brain?
You Might Consider The Following – Then Decide If Prozac's For You!
In her book Prozac – Panacea or Pandora? (1991/1994, pp. 157 – 270), Dr. Tracy shares some of her patients' experiences while on Prozac™, as follows: The rage and violent feelings are often referred to by the patients as: "indescribable", "an anger unlike I have ever felt before", "only
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception two weeks on Paxil [another SSRI antidepressant] I cannot believe
I did not kill myself or someone else."

"My wife told me that while she was on Prozac she could have
killed me once or twice. Yet she is the most gentle, kind and
sympathetic person I've ever known in my life!
Contrary to what Lily
would have to say about it, it was not a pre-existing condition.
Everybody has ups and downs and depression and so forth, but this is
different. This is a thousand times worse than the original problem
they took the Prozac for to begin with."

"I would wake up each morning thinking, ‘Oh God, I'm still alive! I
have to live another day of this hell of wanting to die!'
I thought of
running into trees at a high rate of speed."

"During the month I spent on Prozac I could think of nothing but
various ways of killing those closest to me
– my family, my mom,
my dad and my brothers and sisters." (A very sweet and sensitive 14-
year-old girl
who took herself off Prozac because of these thoughts it
was causing her)
"I felt I had to kill myself but I could not leave my family alone. I planned
how I would accomplish the deaths of my husband and children in
detail. How could I ever have had such thoughts?!"

"Throughout my life I have always been known as ‘Mr. Mellow,' but the
rage I felt on Prozac helped me to understand how someone could
murder another."

"I became obsessed with dying. I thought dying was the only way
out, and I never contemplated suicide before that time."

"Nothing mattered to me, especially my life or anyone else's. I
didn't care bout anyone or anything!"

"After being on Prozac for one week I had an argument with another motorist and attempted to run over him with my car!"
"I thought I had someone else's brain in my body!"

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception "After using LSD in my past, I can tell you that taking Prozac is like
taking half a hit of LSD, except that it also made me angry and

"I felt as though I was on a combination of speed and cocaine."
"Wicked! That's exactly how you feel on Prozac, wicked, just plain

What you just read was just a small sampling, and many more can be
found on Dr. Tracy's website by visiting Unfortunately, it's all about the money, and as far as Eli Lilly and the FDA are concerned, you're basically on your own. The FDA continues ignoring the many serious threats posed by Prozac™, as does Prozac's creator – Eli Lilly. But what about all those innocent kids who trust in their parents, (and their doctors)? Someone absolutely must come to their rescue. The question is: Could you possibly be one? What Do We Know About the Elevated Cortisol Caused by Prozac™?
Another concern is, according to Dr. Tracy, just one 30 mg dose of Prozac™ actually increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol by an amazing 200%! And keep in mind, that's a concern every single day you're on Prozac™. Just one problem is, stress (or cortisol) depletes both vitamin B6 and zinc (as does Prozac™). The body, in turn, reacts to the elevated cortisol, by breaking down muscle tissue. According to the well-known and highly respected psychiatrist, the late Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D., the breakdown of muscle results in the abnormal production of pyroles, which depletes both vitamin B6 and zinc. Incidentally, muscle wasting is one well- known side effect associated with Prozac™. In his book Nutrition and Mental
(1987), Dr. Pfeiffer helps identify the problem. He discovered that "B6
and zinc are the missing link," and he states, "Perhaps the most
significant discovery in the nutritional treatment of mental illness is that

many depressed and mentally ill people are deficient in vitamin B6 and

zinc" (p. 33).
Incidentally, although Dr. Pfeiffer was a psychiatrist, he eventually discovered that years of psychoanalysis were often ineffective. He found that the true source of the problem was normally just a nutritional deficiency, (and not an analysis or drug deficiency). All our brains need are the proper nutrients – not drugs known to deplete critical nutrients, which should be obvious. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Vitamin B6, depleted by Prozac™, is necessary for removing the acid from the amino acid L-tryptophan, converting it to serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Thus, anything that contributes to the production of stress hormones, such as cortisol produced by Prozac™, would deplete vitamin B6, thus reducing the amount of L-tryptophan that would normally be converted to serotonin. That is just one way Prozac™ could eventually contribute to depression, as could reducing the sensitivity of serotonin receptors in the brain, which Prozac™ is also responsible for. Then, as another function of serotonin is the storage of energy, any reduction in serotonin should also contribute to fatigue. An article in the February 2003 issue of the Life Extension magazine (pp. 87-88) quotes the well-known brain specialist Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D.,
one of the speakers at the American College for the Advancement of
Medicine (ACAM) on May 17-19, 2002 in Fort Lauderdale. At this conference,
he presented a lecture on the effects of chronically elevated cortisol on the
hippocampus, an area of the brain important in the formation of memory as
well as in the regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. One
slide demonstrated the neuroprotective effects of cortisol reduction.
Remember, Prozac™ elevates cortisol, and not just a little bit – a lot!
The damage can even begin before a child is born, if the mother is placed on Prozac™ during her pregnancy, (which is far too common). Every single drug the mother is taking, the fetus is also exposed to. And worst of all, its blood-brain barrier is not yet fully developed, increasing the risk of greater exposure of the fetus's developing brain to toxins, (including Prozac™). Both Prozac™ and Paxil™ are known to contribute to premature birth, with its many complications. Dr. Perlmutter discusses the important issue that "Stress in childhood
may set the HPA axis at an over-reactive level, so that the individual reacts
to even minor stressors with an exaggerated cortisol response"
Extension Magazine
, February 2003, pp. 87-88). Considering the serious
issues just discussed, along with the 575 potential side effects listed by the
FDA associated with Prozac™ use, the question remains: How could the FDA
possibly approve, and so many doctors prescribe Prozac™ for anyone, but
especially for children
Dr. Perlmutter also points out that "Humans with pathologically elevated cortisol, such as the victims of Cushing's syndrome, have overactive adrenals, and show much more cognitive decline than individuals with lower cortisol levels" (Life Extension Magazine, February 2003, pp. 87-88). And Dr. Tracy has stated that the Cushing syndrome is one of the more serious conditions that result from excessive levels of cortisol stimulated by Prozac™. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception This results in a wasting of muscle tissue, similar to a serious muscle wasting condition that many AIDS patients also experience. In the Life Extension article, Dr. Perlmutter also notes "Alzheimer's
disease patients show elevated levels of cortisol in their cerebrospinal
in these patients, the degree of hippocampal atrophy accurately reflects
cognitive decline."
He then poses the question:

How does cortisol damage the hippocampus? It increases levels of
glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter. Excess glutamate causes
neural mitochondria to produce defective ATP (ATP, adenosine
triphosphate, is our energy molecule). This defective ATP eliminates the
"magnesium block" guarding the neuron against excess influx of calcium
ions, followed by generation of free radicals and cell damage or cell
death. Elevated evening cortisol indicates damage to the HPA axis.
Evening cortisol elevation is related to sleep fragmentation
(frequent awakenings) and less REM sleep. Even modest elevation
in cortisol has been found to correlate with memory deficit
(pp. 87-
I might add that difficulty sleeping just happens to be one side effect of Aspartame Makes Matters Even Worse!
According to Dr. Tracy, on her tape Help! I Can't Get Off My Antidepressants!, you will seldom see someone on Prozac™ who is not drinking a diet cola, (a bad combination). Prozac™ not only contributes to cravings for alcohol, but also for aspartame (i.e. NutraSweet™), found in diet beverages. Aspartame actually contains two highly stimulating amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine, which also increases the levels of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, responsible for producing defective ATP, (the energy molecule for all cells), actually adding to the problem caused by elevated cortisol. And that's not all, as NutraSweet™ also contains methanol (wood alcohol), the most dangerous form of alcohol, which in turn converts in the liver to the neurotoxin formaldehyde (embalming fluid), and formic acid (ant venom) – all very damaging to the brain! Even worse, according to Dr. Tracy, Prozac™ potentiates (increases) the level of alcohol by "ten times"! And the methanol (wood alcohol)) in NutraSweet™ is even more difficult for the liver to metabolize than the ethanol (grain alcohol) in alcoholic beverages. And once again, it all starts with Prozac™, which no one really needs to begin with. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception I would guess that one reason Aspartame remains in diet beverages is, in spite of its risks, to many it's highly addictive, resulting in continued sales. The problem is, many diabetics drink beverages containing NutraSweet™, not knowing it causes cravings for carbohydrates, and contributes to insulin resistance, (and thus type II diabetes). Another problem is, all drugs (especially in combination) are totally unpredictable, due to the many drug-to-drug interactions. Although all drugs pose multiple risks, certain combinations can be especially dangerous, (an issue many doctors ignore). Actually, Prozac™ combined with beverages containing the artificial sweetener NutraSweet™, pose an even greater risk for drug interactions, than Prozac™ alone would. Then, if someone is also taking Zyprexa™, (which commonly occurs), the situation worsens, as explained by Dr. Mark Sircus, (Magnesium For Life, 2006), as follows:
Zyprexa, Risperdal, and others can cause hyperglycemia [elevated
blood sugar], which in turn causes increased excretion of
magnesium taken orally.

Two cans of soda per day (all of which contain phosphates) also bind up a lot of magnesium by preventing absorption of magnesium ions in
the GI tract. Magnesium also binds with aspartame so drinking diet
sodas is not a good idea for any reason.

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean if you have a magnesium deficiency

and regularly use aspartame, the toxicity is magnified.
Dr. Sircus stresses the fact that a magnesium deficiency is a serious concern, and you are about to learn just how serious it can be. What Happens When A Child Is Born With A Magnesium Deficiency?
When a mother is placed on Prozac™ during her pregnancy, the child would obviously be born with a magnesium deficiency, along with its many potential side effects! Just one of many conditions a child could be born with is a magnesium deficiency, when the mother was taking Prozac™ during her pregnancy. One common symptom associated with a magnesium deficiency is muscle spasms. Rather than assuring the mother (and thus the newborn) would not be deficient in magnesium, one drug company came up with a better solution (for them, anyway). It's a drug designed to treat spasms, which Prozac - The Ultimate Deception incidentally won't prevent all the other conditions the child will be faced with in the future, due to a magnesium deficiency. A good example of just how greedy some drug companies can be, is regarding the drug called Acthar™, used to treat spasms in babies. According to an article by William Faloon, published in the March 2009 issue of Life Extension magazine, "Acthar™ was increased from about $1,650 to more than $23,000 in one year"! If that sounds a lot like extortion, it is! Most importantly, there is a perfectly safe liquid magnesium, produced by WaterOz™, which will stop a muscle spasms almost immediately, and it would only cost pennies! Not only that but, it will also help reduce a magnesium deficiency. It's a super-small molecule (one millionth of a micron in size), and thus absorbs rapidly and directly into the bloodstream. It is perfectly safe, and can be taken internally, or applied topically. It's colorless, and looks a lot like water, yet you can easily tell – it's definitely not water! It will often stop a migraine as well, and just as rapidly. It's available by calling (800) 547-2294, or by visiting The Importance of Magnesium (Depleted By Prozac™ and Zyprexa™)
In Prescription for Nutritional Healing (2000/2002), Dr. James Balch, M.D. states "a low magnesium level makes nearly every disease worse."
I might add to that, Dr. Sircus identifies at least 45 different conditions,
which a magnesium deficiency is responsible for creating, including
ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety disorders, autism, chronic
fatigue syndrome, congestive heart failure, depression, diabetes (type I
and II), high blood pressure, insomnia, Parkinson's disease, stroke, and
thyroid disorders.

The following extracts are from Dr. Sircus's free ebook, Magnesium For Life, (retrieved from, and we would like to thank him for sharing his extensive research on the many benefits of magnesium, as follows: The latest government study shows a staggering 68% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily intake of magnesium.
[MY NOTE: Possibly even worse is, millions in the nation
(including young kids), are taking drugs such as Prozac™ and
Zyprexa™, which can create a "serious" magnesium deficiency!]

Hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of lives would be

saved if magnesium was supplemented and used widely as a
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception medicine [rather than depleting it by drugs, such as Prozac™ and

Magnesium is essential in regulating central nervous system excitability thus magnesium-deficiency may cause aggressive behavior,
depression, or suicide.
Magnesium calms the brain and people do not
need to become severely deficient in magnesium for the brain to
become hyperactive.

Magnesium is shaping up to become the number one preventative

agent for the major plagues of modern man. In two huge long term
studies it was also recently concluded that those who consumed the
most magnesium in their diet were least likely to develop type 2
according to a report in the January 2006 issue of the journal
Diabetes Care.

"Magnesium is necessary for the normal function of over 300
enzyme systems, for muscle relaxation, immune function, cardiac
function, clotting, nerve conduction etc. Indeed I cannot think of a
bodily department in which magnesium is not essential.
It prevents
heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, kidney stones and improves
energy, sleep etc." reports Dr. Mayhill.

The toxic effect of fluoride ions [found in Prozac™] plays a key role in acute Mg [magnesium] deficiency. Fluoride ion clearly interferes with the biological activity of magnesium ions. In general, fluoride-magnesium interactions decrease enzymatic activity.
The widespread shortage of magnesium, not calcium, in the
western diet is attributed to the high rates of sudden-death heart

Magnesium is the mineral of rejuvenation and prevents the calcification of our organs and tissues that is characteristic of the old-age related degeneration of our body. [Thus, a magnesium deficiency contributes to premature aging.] Magnesium is a crucial factor in the natural self-cleansing and detoxification responses of the body. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Magnesium protects cells from aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium and nickel, which explains why re-mineralization is so essential for heavy metal detoxification and chelation.
Magnesium especially is needed to protect the brain from toxic

effects of chemicals.
Without sufficient magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues thus it degenerates more rapidly and ages prematurely.
Magnesium works best in combination with vitamin B6 and zinc

[both depleted by Prozac™].

Magnesium deficiency is related to a variety of psychological

symptoms especially depression. There are many reports indicating
significant changes in blood levels of magnesium or copper during a
depressive episode.

Dr. Carolyn Dean indicates that magnesium deficiency may be an independent predictor or diabetes and that diabetics both need more
magnesium and lose more magnesium than most people. Magnesium
is necessary for the production, function & transport of insulin.
Magnesium deficiency is associated with insulin resistance and
increased platelet reactivity. According to Dr. Jerry L. Nadler, "The link
between diabetes mellitus and magnesium deficiency is well

Magnesium is crucial in both the production of energy and

neurotransmitters, not to mention the integrity of the blood brain
barrier. It is bedrock science that connects magnesium to
neurological disorders.

The Department of Family Medicine, Pomeranian Medical Academy,

states that dietetic factors can play a significant role in the origin of
ADHD and that magnesium deficiency can result in disruptive
Even a mild deficiency of magnesium can cause
sensitiveness to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression,
confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, and insomnia
[for which
Zyprexa™ is often prescribed].
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception In 2000, the National Institute of Health (NIH) listed depression as a
sign of magnesium deficiency.
Long-term stress-induced depression often results when magnesium falls to dangerously low levels in the body. One of the reasons it does this is because the stress itself depletes already meager cellular magnesium stores. So as you can easily see, a magnesium deficiency can be extremely serious, and Prozac™ depletes magnesium in at least 3 different ways! First, Prozac™ creates the stress hormone cortisol that depletes magnesium. Second, the fluoride in Prozac™ also depletes magnesium. And third, Prozac™ causes the sleep disorder, which in turn lowers growth hormone, and depletes magnesium. Dr. Sircus also goes on to point out that "Magnesium deficiency
causes serotonin-deficiency with possible resultant aberrant behaviors,
including depression suicide or irrational violence."
This should be
obvious by the number of school shootings that have been committed by
children taking SSRI antidepressants (and other antipsychotics), which are
known to cause a serious magnesium deficiency – especially when taken in
The following recent story is just one example, as reported by Andrew Levy, February 6, 2009 in the United Kingdom's Daily Mail Online (retrieved from A teenager bludgeoned his father to death with a hammer and crowbar weeks after a GP prescribed him the controversial anti-depressant Prozac. Edward Belben, 15 battered his father Gary at least 30 times with the weapons before plunging a knife into his head. He then attacked his mother, Tanya, 43, with the bloody crowbar and stabbed her in the face with some scissors before she managed to escape Describing his mental state in the lead up to the attack, he later told a psychiatrist: ‘I didn't feel real.' Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Consultant clinical pharmacologist Dr Andrew Herxheimer (CORR), who examined Belben, said: ‘The most striking thing he told me was… "a sudden thing came up in my head and I had to do it". Dr Herxheimer said the adverse side-effects of SSRIs were vastly under-reported. Due to its many complexities, and broad influence, throughout the human body and brain, when researching Prozac™, it seems as though there is no end to new discoveries you might encounter just around the corner, (although none in Prozac's favor). Prozac™ And The Dangerous Fluoride Connection
We will first take a look at what Prozac™ is chemically composed of. The generic name of Prozac™ is Fluoxetine hydrochloride, which gives us a
clue as to its true identity, or chemical make up. Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.,
author of the book Detoxify or Die (2002), focuses on the many toxins we are
all exposed to, and the concerns regarding each one, and points out that
every molecule of Prozac™ (fluoxetine) actually contains "three
molecules of the toxin fluoride"
Once you discover just how toxic fluoride truly is, to both the body and brain, you will better understand why it's considered as hazardous waste, and in the body as a cumulative poison. Fluoride just continues accumulating over the years, to increasingly toxic levels. What's unbelievable yet true is, Eli Lilly decided it was somehow perfectly OK to put 3 molecules of fluoride in every single molecule of their SSRI antidepressant Prozac™. Most troubling of all is, the FDA somehow concluded that Prozac™ (with the designated toxin, fluoride) should be "perfectly safe" to expose millions to. Even though any potential benefit was marginal at least, (proven no more effective than a placebo in one study). Possibly worst of all, Prozac™ has been allowed to remain on the market for over two decades, basically poisoning millions with a well-known toxin! Not only that but, Prozac™ was not only approved by the FDA for our kids, but even "aggressively promoted" for their use under the federally mandated TeenScreen program. Basically a program designed to promote the sales of psychotropic drugs, to even preschoolers, via psychiatric exams, (that are totally unscientific)! Would you believe that a group of psychiatrists with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) came up with a total of 374 mental conditions, included in their current DSM manual, which would basically qualify nearly everyone, for one or more psychotropic drugs. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Incidentally, that is "more than 3 times" the number of mental conditions listed in the first DSM, published in 1952. The obvious question is: Have we suddenly become a mentally disturbed nation? Maybe psychiatrists just need justification for putting more people on drugs that would be capable of creating mental disorders. Possibly all the "new mental conditions" actually came from the mind-altering drugs responsible for contributing to abnormal behavior. One Major Contributor To A Child's Lower IQ:
Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) – Caused By The Fluoride In Prozac™
Some developing countries especially, appear to be very concerned about a serious health problem that is associated with a deficiency of iodine
in the diet. One of the greatest contributors to an iodine deficiency
disorder (referred to as IDD) in the United States is fluoride!
If you
consider that Prozac™ contains high levels of fluoride, and that fluoride is
a toxic thyroid suppressant, as well as a known iodine agonist, and that a low
level of iodine retards brain development and contributes to mental
retardation, you can easily see why Prozac™ is such a serious threat. Then,
as fluoride also reduces the action of enzymes, and damages hormone
receptors in the brain, you can now understand how broad its influence truly
can be.
The International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders has a website, (, which is devoted to research on the iodine deficiencies in several countries, and stresses that the problem is very serious, as follows: IDD [Iodine Deficiency Disorder] is the single most widespread
cause of mental retardation in children.
In the early stages of life,
it retards brain development by preventing the fetal brain from
establishing sufficiently dense cell networks. Later it can manifest
itself as low academic test scores or mental retardation.

This is a serious issue that would have a tremendous influence on our kids' future potential, just so Eli Lily could continue getting wealthier, and at our kids' expense. Both Eli Lilly, and the FDA, should be held accountable. My question is: Why after all these years, has that still not happened? In a recent issue of the ICSPP (International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology) newsletter, was discussed a TV special on the
dangers of giving our children psychiatric drugs, by FOX News, and
conducted by Kathy Fountain. Her question to Peter Breggin, founder of
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception ICSPP, was: "What percentage of kids in America are on medications
that should not be?"
Peter's answer was no surprise: "All of them."

What I like the most about Peter Breggin is, he's one psychiatrist that can't be bought by the pharmaceutical industry, and he's also very outspoken when it comes to serious issues, such as "unnecessarily" drugging our innocent kids. Later in the interview, Peter warned that "As a psychiatrist I can tell
you, the most dangerous thing you can do is take your child to a
And fortunately, Peter is not by himself in that regard. I
recently attended an ICSPP conference in Washington, D.C., and there were
several hundred attendees, (mostly psychiatrists and psychologists) who also
shared Peter's opinion, (and mine, I might add). The pharmaceutical
companies, with the cooperation of a group of "highly paid" psychiatrists,
have successfully infiltrated, and totally corrupted, the industry – where
prescribing mind-altering drugs is often the one and only solution, (a whole
new approach).
Then, as the late psychiatrist Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D. eventually discovered, psychoanalysis is often ineffective as well. He found the problem is, be it depression, behavioral disorders, or even schizophrenia, the source of the problem is more often than not a nutritional deficiency, or possibly a food allergy, (not a drug deficiency). Thus, in order to be truly effective, it appears that psychiatrists should become knowledgeable in nutrition, and the many dangers that psychiatric drugs pose to the brain. At least that would qualify them for truly helping their patients, rather than damaging them with mind-altering drugs. Worst of all, every single day, doctors are allowed to continue placing more of our innocent kids, (and even pregnant mothers), on Prozac™! Both
Prozac™, and Paxil™ (another SSRI antidepressant), are known to greatly
increase the risk for premature birth, and birth defects. One common birth
defect is underdeveloped lungs, for which the infant is placed on a respirator,
and given steroid injections, which are known to cause psychomotor
delays and behavioral problems!
A terrible way for a kid to start out in life! It
should be criminal, as scientists with both Eli Lilly, and the FDA, have to be
aware of the many dangers Prozac™ continues exposing millions to. There is
more than enough science available to prove that's true. Science that I
deliberately provide for your benefit, as drug companies deny their risks, and
aggressively defend their toxic drugs, as does the FDA.
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Just How Dangerous Is Fluoride?
And as noted by Dr. Michael Schlachter, M.D., "Prior to 1945, fluoride
was properly regarded as an environmental pollutant. This fluoride
destroyed crops and animals,
leading to lawsuits."
Dr. Schlachter explains,
as follows:
Power tactics including threats, ridicule and frank censorship aimed at scientists and clinicians knowledgeable about fluoridation have
prevented the truth about fluoride from being disseminated to the
science world as well as to the public.
Epidemiology research in the mid-1970s by the late Dr. Dean Bur, head
of the cytochemistry division of the National Cancer Institute, indicated
that 10,000 or more fluoridation-linked cancer deaths occur yearly
in the United States.
In 1989, the ability of fluoride to transfer
normal cells into cancer cells was confirmed by Argonne National

Fluoride even at dosages of 1 part per million, found in artificially
fluoridated water, can inhibit enzyme systems, damage the
immune system, contribute to calcification of soft tissues, worsen
arthritis and, of course, cause dental fluorosis in children
In her book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? (1991/1994), Dr. Ann Blake Tracy refers to Dr. Craig N. Karson, a professor of psychiatry and pathology
at the University of Arkansas and Chief of Psychiatry at John McClellan
Memorial Veterans Hospital, who discovered that Prozac™ accumulates at
high levels in the brain,
which he learned was actually one hundred
times the level normally found in the bloodstream!

Dr. Karson indicates that one woman had been on Prozac™ for one
year, and off for two years, yet upon autopsy, it was discovered that the
level of Prozac™ in her brain was much higher than he had anticipated.
This was confirmed by another study reported in Neurotoxicology and
, ("Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride", Muellenix, Denbesten,
Schunior, Kernan, 1995, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 176), stating "Fluorides
accumulate in the brain over time to reach neurologically harmful

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Dr. Tracy also points out that "patients have reported consistently that other drugs cause a variety of adverse reactions for them long after their use of Prozac" (p. 123). The fluoride in Prozac™ is very efficient at undermining the liver's attempt to detoxify and remove it, (basically its self defense). Unfortunately, fluoride contributes to some serious conditions in both the body and brain, in the process. Due to its characteristics, fluoride is able to basically bypass a great deal of the detoxification process in the liver, allowing it to accumulate at higher levels, (especially in the bones and brain). Then we find that whenever there is a deficiency of calcium,
magnesium, and/or vitamin C, fluoride accumulates at higher levels,
making us more susceptible to its toxic effects. The problem is that Prozac™
actually depletes all three nutrients! Aren't drugs fascinating?

Prozac™ (Fluoride) – Increasing the Cancer Risk
According to an article published April 2002 in the Journal of the American Society of Hematology, "Antidepressants in the class called
SSRIs (Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa) could potentially increase
the risk for brain cancer,
according to some researchers"
(retrieved from
Overriding the body's natural process with drugs can have unseen consequences. We can often find a logical explanation for all their seemingly unexplainable side effects, if we just do a little detective work, (my specialty). Drugs tend to create "far more" problems than they resolve, although they are not actually created to "truly resolve" anything, (that's not their intent, nor where the money is). Once you learn of all the chaos they create, in both the body and brain, I believe you'll agree as well. Then keep in mind that there might very well be some additional risks that even I am still unaware of as well! Although just from what we do know, their potential for damage to both the body and brain are unbelievably extensive, (especially regarding Prozac™). Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. also notes that fluoride is "known to cause
excessive calcification, not only in arteries but joints and ligaments, and
contributes to many forms of cancer and osteoporosis."
The arteries of
greatest concern regarding the brain are, the carotid arteries, which supply the
brain with oxygen and nutrients, (as well as removing toxins). So, this is just
one of several ways that Prozac™ can have a negative influence on brain
function, contributing to dementia or Alzheimer's disease. And then the fact
that fluoride (found in Prozac™) was also found to cause normal cells to
convert into cancer cells, that is likely an explanation for the dramatic
increase in the rate of cancer in children as well.

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Professor Martin L. Pall, from the School of Molecular Biosciences, Washington State University, poses the question: "What do humans die of,
He then goes on to explain:
The top killer is Coronary Artery Disease [CAD], and the next is
cancer. It turns out that CAD and cancer are also driven in part by
peroxynitrite formation. Neurodegenerative diseases like
Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are also suspected of being driven by
free radical formation. Even suicide is increasingly thought to be
generated by oxidative stress in the central nervous system
It's when the two toxic substances, fluoride and aluminum, combine forces and suppress the action of two extremely critical antioxidants, (the SOD and glutathione), which normally prevent the formation of peroxynitrite, that serious free radical damage begins. Many things contain aluminum, such as antiperspirants and antacids, and even common table salt! And, of course, Prozac™ contains plenty of fluoride! Fluoride's Damage To The Liver
It appears that Eli Lilly discovered an inexpensive, yet effective way to prevent the liver from destroying much of Prozac's "valuable cargo" via an environmental toxin – fluoride. It has all the resources necessary for doing just that. The problem is that the dramatic influence that fluoride also has on both the body, and brain – it doesn't just stop with the liver, (although that alone is a major concern). Fluoride's damage to the liver becomes obvious in the following statement by Professor Dzulkifi Abdul Razak, from the National Poison Centre at University Sains Malaysia, issued September 2, 2001: Poison Control: Fluorides, the deadly toxin within
According to a recently released commentary by a Canadian group,
Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children
[PFPC], a series of fluoride-
containing drugs or so-called fluorinated drugs have been
withdrawn from the market in the last 10 years due to their toxic
effects on human beings.

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception [MY NOTE: Incidentally, that was in Canada – not the U.S. Our FDA
could basically care less! Unless we fix that problem, nothing much is
likely to change.]

In the liver especially,
organic fluoride compounds undergo
extensive transformation,
mainly via oxidative demethylation,
involving the thyroid hormone (T3) mediated P-450 enzyme system.
And the resulting metabolites may have higher activity and/or
greater toxicity than the original compound.
The activity of organic fluoride compounds on the P-450 enzyme
system is critical as it relates to the elimination of many other
drugs. Inhibition of these enzymes can cause other drugs to
accumulate to dangerous levels in the body, leading to hazardous
drug-drug interactions.
In many cases fluorinated drugs are being
implicated as documented in hundreds of well-established studies
Prozac™ and The Surprising HIV Virus (AIDS) Connection
In case you're not aware, the HIV virus attacks the immune system, although fluoride, combined with aluminum, does as well. Due to their polarity, fluoride is highly attracted to aluminum. Then, although aluminum has difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier, and gaining access to the brain, fluoride can assist it in that regard. A perfect way to set the stage for Alzheimer's disease, and lower your children's IQ, which fluoride was proven to do in many epidemiological studies on its own, by creating IDD (an iodine deficiency disorder). Just another concern associated with Prozac™, although we are now focusing on immune suppression, and how it could increase the risk for acquiring the HIV virus. It's thought that fluoride tends to accumulate over a lifetime, and that the total amount of the accumulation in the body depends on the amount you are exposed to daily, (from fluoridated water or Prozac™), multiplied by your length of exposure. Just remember you can avoid fluoride exposure now that you know where it often comes from. According to "The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Report", (2005), by Jim E. Phelps, "The rise of fluorides in the body is the principle trigger for HIV
Due to the fluoride in the bone mass upsetting the beneficial trace
[mineral] concentrations for cellular enzymes" (retrieved from It's in the bone mass that the immune
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception system cells are formed from. Fluoride also leads to the shrinkage of the
thymus gland, greatly increasing the immune suppression.

Phelps discovered that: "Regions in Africa with the highest fluoride in
well water and food have the largest problem with HIV transmission,"
and that "Many of the high fluoride regions follow the east African Rift Valley
Zone that is line with volcano and seismic zones. In many of these areas the
persons have frosty white teeth from dental fluorosis and many are disabled
by age 40."
Phelps also notes "Fluoride's affinity toward beneficial trace
[minerals] damages literally hundreds of enzyme processes that
lead eventually toward poor health, illness, and death."

The following study was announced by Selwyn Johnston and the Queensland Independent Senate Team (retrieved from Fluoride is, in fact, highly poisonous, and the following outlines the
long list of health problems associated with it, with copious scientific

Fluoride is described by its manufacturers' safety data as a "hazardous waste." It is illegal to dump it at sea. [Yet, it's
perfectly legal to put in our drinking water, and even at high
levels in Prozac™!]

Fluoride consumption by human beings increases the
general cancer death rate.
Fluoride confuses the immune system and causes it to attack
the body's own tissues, and increases the tumour growth
rate in cancer prone individuals.

Fluoride kills red blood cells and damages gastric mucosa,
resulting in the symptoms of "Irritable Bowel Syndrome." Fluorides are medically categorized as protoplasmic poisons,
which is why they are used to kill rodents.
Fluoride is a cumulative poison…we excrete about half what
we ingest. The rest is stored, mainly in the bones, where it
increases the density but changes the internal architecture of
the bone. This makes bones more brittle and prone to
(Eight papers published in reputable medical journals

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception have described the increased risk of hip fracture in elderly
people living in fluoridated areas).

Scientific studies have shown:
Fluoride is implicated in genetic disorders, cancer and low IQ
levels in children.
People who ingest fluoride risk problems as the muscles,
connective tissues and bone tissue undergo degenerative

"Fluoride exposure, at levels that are experienced by a significant
proportion of the population whose drinking water is fluoridated,
may have adverse impacts on the developing brain."
Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, May 2000
"The plain fact that fluoride is an insidious poison harmful, toxic
and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal
will remain unchanged no matter how many times it will be
repeated in print that fluoridation of the water supply is ‘safe.'"
Ludgwig Grosse, Chief of Cancer Research, U.S. Veterans
"Fluoride has been shown to adversely effect the central nervous
system, causing behavioral changes,
increased hip fractures and
reproduction problems."
-Natick Report Research Team (Research
Microbiologist, U.S. Army, Dr. B. J. Gallo; Environmental Chemist, J.
Kupperschmidt; Apollo Program Project Scientist, Dr. N. R. Mancuso;
U.S. Army, Natick Research Labs, A. Murray; Molecular Biologist, Dr.
One specific website devoted to the dangers of fluoride, ( wwithin/fluoride.htm), also notes the following:
Avoid fluoride-containing drugs: If you are taking the following,
contact your doctor for a fluoride-free alternative: Prozac (fluoxetine),
Rohypnol (flunitrazepam), Diflucan (fluconazole, Flixonase or Flixotide
(fluticasone), Stelazine (trifluoperazine, Fluanxol or Depixol
(flupenthixol) or Floxapen (flucloxacillin), and asthma drugs that use
propellants containing fluoride: Ventolin and Becotide.

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Removing Fluoride Is Relatively Easy,
But First, and Foremost, Get Off Prozac™, and Stop Ingesting It!
One way of accomplishing the removal of fluoride involves using the supplement Iodoral™, which contains both iodine and potassium iodide. It
will help kick start the thyroid gland by removing accumulated fluoride and
replacing it with the proper form of iodine necessary for producing the thyroid
hormone. In his book Iodine: Why You Need It – Why You Can't Live Without
(2004), Dr. David Brownstein discovered that "after one day of
[referring to the Iodoral™], fluoride excretion increased
(p. 88). However, he also goes on to note that "My experience has
shown that in an iodine deficient state, it takes from three to six months
of iodine supplementation before iodine saturation is reached"
(p. 88).
Dr. Brownstein states that many different conditions such as thyroid
disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and cancer of the breast and
prostate are often the result of an iodine deficiency,
and he goes on to
note that "The most important facet of iodine supplementation is that it
helps patients improve their health and helps them feel better"
(p. 88).
One source of Iodoral™ is the Women's International Pharmacy. They can be
contacted at (800) 699-8143.
I couldn't help but wonder why in the world Eli Lilly would possibly choose to include such a high level of the known toxin, fluoride, in Prozac™. There are at least three reasons that I can think of: 1. Fluoride suppresses the metabolism (important for the removal of 2. Fluoride suppresses the action of enzymes. 3. Prozac™ is highly protein binding, making it difficult for the liver to metabolize toxins, (such as Prozac™ itself). Although all three can contribute to serious problems throughout both the body and brain, they would actually help Prozac™ get around the P450 enzyme in the liver. The critical P450 enzyme attempts to metabolize, and remove not only Prozac™, but also alcohol, (both toxins). As both the metabolism, and the action of enzymes, are involved in metabolizing all drugs, (considered by the liver as toxins), fluoride should be a cheap, yet effective way to get around the liver's attempt to metabolize and remove as much of the other ingredients in Prozac™ as possible. Basically, efficient delivery of toxins, by another known toxin! Proof is, according to Dr. Tracy, "Prozac™ actually potentiates alcohol by ten times"! It helps more alcohol (and other toxins) get around the liver. That's why Prozac™ Prozac - The Ultimate Deception especially is known to increase the risk for an overdose of other drugs. It's rather like creating a diversion tunnel around a dam, (the liver), which allows more toxins to bypass the liver and enter the blood stream, and gain access to the brain, (the greatest risk of all). Even worse, that would also include environmental toxins! The problem is, fluoride itself can create havoc in the brain, in more than one way, and fluoride is one toxin that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, and accumulate in the brain. Not only that but, fluoride can even drag aluminum through, (one more way Prozac™ can increase the Alzheimer's risk). Then, alcohol is known to temporarily compromise the blood-brain barrier, allowing more toxins to gain access to the brain. Possibly worst of all is the fact that Prozac™ actually potentiates alcohol by "ten times", according to Dr. Tracy! The brain would thus be at a far greater risk for the invasion of toxins, (including alcohol). It's important to note that many, often unknowingly, have the candida yeast infection, normally caused by antibiotics, which far too many are prescribed by their doctor, (at times even as a placebo). That's something many doctors have admitted to. Yet, it's especially a concern for anyone on Prozac™. The problem is, the candida yeast in the intestine basically functions as a very efficient brewery, fermenting carbohydrates into alcohol, which Prozac™ in turn potentiates by ten times! So you don't necessarily need to drink alcohol in order to be exposed to "high levels". Yet Prozac™ has never been proven to have any real benefit, (before, or following its FDA approval). None – except to make Eli Lilly "very wealthy" over the many years. The question is: Are you possibly one of the millions of victims funding Eli Lilly? If so, I would like to assure you that they have ample financial resources, and will "unfortunately" survive without your donations. So, you might possibly consider saving your money, and instead invest it in nutrients that you could at least realize some real benefit from. Just To Summarize What We've Learned About The Fluoride In Prozac™
In the previously mentioned study, it was stated that "fluoride kills red blood cells," which would reduce the oxygen delivery throughout the body and the brain, increasing the risk of acquiring cancer, (cancer hates oxygen). This is just one way that Prozac™ helps promote cancer. Another is the damage to the DNA by fluoride. Reduced oxygen to the brain also contributes to Alzheimer's disease. The study also stated that fluoride "damages gastric mucosa, resulting in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome." The problem is, 90% of
serotonin is actually produced in the intestinal tract!
Thus, anything (such
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception as the fluoride in Prozac™) that damages the intestinal mucosa, would also impair the body's efficient production of serotonin, (the very hormone targeted by all SSRI antidepressants, including Prozac™). Although, as I noted, Prozac™ does not contain, nor can in any way produce, serotonin. Yet fluoride actually lowers serotonin, and creates serotonin resistance, (basically counter-productive)! We obviously have a potentially dangerous drug, which absolutely no one, (especially pregnant mothers or children), should be placed on by their
doctor, yet they continue doing so, and in increasing numbers. Although
Vioxx™ was discovered to pose a cardiovascular risk, and was rightfully
pulled from the market, in my opinion, Prozac™ and the other SSRI
antidepressants pose a "far greater risk" for creating both physical and
mental damage, than Vioxx™ possibly could.
To the best of my
knowledge, there are far more potential side effects associated with SSRI
antidepressants such as Prozac™ and Paxil™, than any other class of drugs
on the market. Not only that but, Prozac™ also contributes to diabetes,
which greatly increases the risk for cardiovascular disease! Vioxx™ actually
pales in comparison to Prozac™, yet it's gone, and Prozac™ is still a big
money maker for Eli Lilly. One can't help but wonder why.
Some Final Thoughts You Might Consider:
1. According to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, regarding Prozac™: "As of October, 1993, 28,623 complaints of adverse side effects had been filed with the FDA, including 1,885 suicide attempts and 1,349 deaths" (Prozac – Panacea or Pandora?, 1991/1994, p. 55). 2. Then, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the FDA commissioner, David Kessler indicated, "only about 1 percent of serious events are reported to the FDA" (Prozac – Panacea or Pandora?, Tracy, 1991/1994, p. 55). If you notice, he said "serious events". And that statement was made by the FDA commissioner himself. If Dr. Kessler's statement is true, that would translate to 2,862,300 adverse reactions, 188,500 suicide attempts, and 134,900 deaths associated with Prozac™! These figures are unheard of in the history of the FDA – never have they seen anything that compares. 3. We need to keep in mind that although these figures are unbelievably serious, they were actually taken from statistics that are more than 15 years old, and as the prescribing of Prozac™ by doctors is continuing to escalate at a rapid pace, they could easily have doubled, or even tripled since then. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception 4. According to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, in her 1999 audiotape titled Help! I Can't Get Off My Antidepressants!, one person in seven in our nation was currently on antidepressants. Although she didn't state how many were on antidepressants six years prior, as of October 1993, which she noted in her book Prozac – Panacea or Pandora? (1991/1994). I am sure the percentage she quoted would now reflect a much larger percentage of the population. 5. Then on November 16, 2002, during a lecture by Dr. Tracy at the Symposium for Health Freedom in Anaheim, California that I attended, she stated that since the 9/11 incident, the figure had actually doubled from "one in seven" to "one in 3½", showing the potential rate of acceleration. Especially if we consider that the rate of prescriptions actually doubled in approximately three years, and was likely precipitated by just one incident. We all have adversities in life, but drugs are not the solution! 6. Another concern Dr. Tracy stated in her Anaheim lecture was that in the four years from 1995 to 1999, regarding children younger than 6 years of age, Prozac™ usage increased by an astounding 580%! This was before Prozac™ was actually approved by the FDA for use by children. Apparently, FDA approval is not really that important. 7. And finally, the decision by the FDA in February 2003 to approve Prozac™ for use by children. That would certainly indicate an obviously disproportionate appropriation of staff by the FDA to evaluate the 3,000 drugs they had already approved, as Dr. Glenmullen noted. 8. I just happened to encounter two "very telling studies", conducted by the major pharmaceutical provider Scripts, Inc., as follows: April 2, 2004—
Antidepressant drug use is up, especially among kids age 5 and
younger. The new numbers come from the databases of Express
Scripts inc., the third largest U.S. pharmacy benefit manager. The
sample includes nearly 2 million kids aged 18 and younger
covered by medical insurance from 1998 to 2002.

For these children antidepressant use is up 100%.

Serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitors – SSRIs such as Celexa,
Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft – are more commonly prescribed
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception for child patients than other antidepressants (retrieved from
Then the following was reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune, April
The number of prescriptions for the treatment or prevention of
Type 2 diabetes in children doubled in the four years ended in
2005, according to a new study released by Express Scripts Inc., a
pharmacy benefit manager.

The rapid rise in prescriptions for the Type 2 diabetes has significance
for the U.S. health system, experts said, because diabetics often
suffer serious and expensive medical complications such as
blindness, limb amputations and kidney failure.

If patients develop diabetes earlier, their complications may also
begin earlier.
Pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts studied prescription
claims for at least 3.7 million children aged 5 to 19 in its
membership over four years.
Emily Cox, Express Scripts' senior director of research,
said "You
don't usually see a doubling of use in prescriptions in this short of
a time"
It's quite amazing that the exact same statistics applied, and in the
same time frame as well, (only four years' time)!
Incidentally, the statistics from both studies came from the same database. Twice as many children were taking antidepressants, and later, twice as many were also placed on diabetes medications. There is unquestionably a direct relationship: The prescribing of antidepressants, followed in a few years by diabetes medication. I might add that antipsychotics such as Zyprexa™, by Eli Lilly, greatly increase the diabetes risk as well. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to obtain the rest of the story, because Scripts refused to provide it. They were not attempting to make the connection I was, and the primary problem is that they are in the business of selling drugs – lots of drugs. Then as usual, profit potential takes top priority. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception What I really wanted to know was, how many of the children placed on diabetes medications, had been taking antidepressants or antipsychotics (or both), prior to being placed on diabetes medication? Kids didn't begin acquiring type II diabetes, (previously referred to as "Adult Onset" diabetes), until they started placing millions on drugs known to cause diabetes – (especially the combination of Prozac™ and Zyprexa™). There are many troubling side effects associated with Prozac™. Just a few of the more troubling are: anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, agitation, confusion, emotional instability, high blood pressure, loss of memory, sleep disorders, weight gain, fast or irregular heartbeat, difficulty in concentration, shakiness or unsteady walk, mood or behavior changes, and trouble breathing. Then with children and adolescents, some listed are as follows:
hyperactivity, mania or hypomania, agitation, personality changes
(sometimes extreme), rage, and suicidal thoughts – the very symptoms
that doctors often prescribe Zyprexa™ for!

The following warning also accompanies Prozac™: While you are taking fluoxetine [Prozac™] you may need to be monitored for worsening symptoms of depression and/or suicidal thoughts especially at the start of therapy or when doses are changed. Your doctor may want you to monitor for the following symptoms: anxiety, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, severe restlessness, and mania (mental and/or physical hyperactivity). These symptoms may be associated with development of worsening symptoms of depression and/or suicidal thoughts or actions (retrieved from
Rather scary, I would say!
9. Dr. Tracy stresses the fact that Prozac™ is known to cause
cravings for alcohol. Proof was reflected in the experiences of a couple of
Dr. Tracy's patients, quoted below:

"I've been a reformed alcoholic for twelve years, but while on
Prozac I started craving alcohol again!"
"Although it was completely out of character for me, the
compulsion to drink was so strong after starting on Prozac that it
became impossible for me to drive past a bar."

Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Yet as Dr. Glenmullen noted, antidepressants are often prescribed
for drug and alcohol abuse, although they actually contribute to alcohol
cravings! In his book Prozac Backlash (2000), Dr. Glenmullen says that in his
As many as 75% of patients are needlessly on these drugs [SSRI
antidepressants] for mild, even trivial, conditions…[such as]
anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, eating disorders, headaches,
back pain, impulsivity, drug and alcohol abuse, hair pulling, nail
biting, upset stomach, irritability, sexual addictions, attention
deficit disorder, and premenstrual syndrome
(pp. 11, 14).
What in the world are they thinking? Obviously, they aren't! Even worse, both Prozac™ and Paxil™ greatly potentiate the level of alcohol that the brain would thus be exposed to. It's basically as though you are drinking far more alcohol. The exact same enzyme in the liver that metabolizes alcohol, also attempts to metabolize Prozac™, (both toxins). Prozac™ actually sets off the stress response, elevating the stress hormone cortisol. Then, according to Danny Winder, Ph.D., associated
professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics and an investigator in the
Center for Molecular Neuroscience and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, "It is
widely accepted that stress is a key signal in prompting alcohol and
drug abuse relapse."
And he goes on to note that "Even after long
periods of abstinence, an individual is at risk for relapse, and stress is
what's most frequently cited as initiating that relapse,"
(retrieved from
According to studies published in the August 1995 issue of the European Journal of Pharmacology, "Prozac produced a 57% drop in
Then, Dr. Winder thinks, "when an individual takes a drug of
abuse or alcohol, it causes a rise in dopamine levels in the extended
MY NOTE: Apparently attempting to compensate for the
dopamine deficiency created by Prozac™.
Thus it appears that Prozac™ actually contributes to drug and alcohol abuse or relapse, in at least 2 different ways. One, by elevating the stress hormone cortisol, and the other, by lowering dopamine. 10. And finally, Dr. Candice Pert, M.D. was one of two developers to discover the serotonin binding processes, which made all of the serotonergic
medicines (SSRIs such as Prozac™) possible. In TIME magazine, October
20, 1997 issue (p. 8), she talks about the widespread use of these drugs, and
declares: "I am alarmed at the monsters I have created."
Prozac - The Ultimate Deception According to Dr. Tracy, never in the history of medicine has the developer of any medication come out with such a strong negative statement about the drug in question, especially while the medications are still on the market. Yet over eleven years later, the very "monsters" that Dr. Pert warned of, are now being aggressively marketed to our kids, (even preschoolers)! It's totally insane for any doctor to continue placing his or her patients on a drug as dangerous as Prozac™, especially when there is more than one simple drug-free solution, which is "far more effective"! Considering the preponderance of damning evidence that surfaced over all the years, how can anyone possibly justify continuing to expose millions to such a dangerous drug? The primary problems are: • Most doctors were not trained in nutrition. • Doctors are often not that familiar with the many risks associated with the drugs they prescribe daily. • I discovered that doctors often totally ignore the potential risks (contraindications) associated with the combination of drugs they place their patients on. • Traditionally trained doctors (most M.D.s) are not aware that all drugs deplete nutrients, and how critical the depletion of those nutrients can be to our health. • Most doctors are still unaware that only nutrients, (not drugs), are capable of resolving any underlying conditions, which normally results in the symptoms their patient might be experiencing. Then What Do We Know About Zyprexa™, (Prozac's Companion)
Although our primary focus has been on Prozac™, I would be remise if I didn't at least touch on Zyprexa™, as it is often prescribed for the bipolar disorder, caused by Prozac™, (the terrible two)! You might be aware of the warning below that you should use caution if you have any of the conditions listed, when taking Zyprexa™. Few doctors actually read the cautions, or discuss them with their patients, (it takes too much time), especially as most patients are on several different medications, each with their own risks. And that's definitely not something that pharmaceutical reps would normally bring to your doctor's attention. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception The following warning is basically telling us that, if you have any of the following conditions listed, Zyprexa™ is likely to worsen them. Another concern is, if you don't have any of the conditions listed, Zyprexa™ could actually help create them in the future. Any drug that can worsen a condition, can also create the condition. Then, the longer you take Zyprexa™, the greater that risk will be.
Use Zyprexa with caution if you have any of the following conditions:
Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, trouble swallowing, narrow
angle glaucoma (high pressure in the eye), an enlarged prostate, heart
irregularities, heart disease, heart failure, liver disease, or a history of
heart attack, seizures, or intestinal blockage
(retrieved from

Potential Conditions Resulting From Zyprexa's Nutrient Depletion
As you might have noticed, Alzheimer's disease was the first entry on the list above, and I can easily see why. Just Zyprexa™ alone depletes the following nutrients: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, carnitine, inositol, vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin K, calcium and magnesium. It's a well-known fact that, a common deficiency related to those with Alzheimer's is vitamin B12 and folic acid, and both just happen to be depleted Possibly most interesting of all is, Zyprexa™ also depletes inositol. Yet we find that, high doses of inositol assists in the treatment of both
depression and anxiety, and even helps regulate mood swings, (the
bipolar disorder).
The very condition for which Zyprexa™ is often
Then why not just give patients the B vitamin inositol, instead of
Zyprexa's Vitamin Depletion and The Blood Sugar Connection
A very bad combination is highly elevated blood sugar, along with a vitamin C deficiency, (both caused by Zyprexa™)! The problem stems from an enzyme called Aldose Reductase, which converts "excess sugar" into Sorbitol. Then Sorbitol, in turn, causes damage to the peripheral nerves that can cause a loss of sensation in the hands, arms, feet, or legs, (a major contributor to amputations)! Yet, that's where vitamin C would normally come into play. Vitamin C, (depleted by both Prozac™ and Zyprexa™), is basically an Aldose Reductase Inhibitor that stops the conversion of excess sugar into Prozac - The Ultimate Deception sorbitol. As usual, with drugs in general, the more in-depth you analyze, the worse it gets. Yet, only by doing so can you truly appreciate how potentially dangerous they can be. That's especially true regarding any drug that targets the brain. Yet as you can see, the damage doesn't just stop with the brain. The extensive list of potential side effects should be a clue. Not only is Prozac™ well known for creating "a major magnesium deficiency", but according to his ebook Magnesium For Life, Dr. Mark Sircus
states that "Zyprexa, Risperdal, and others [other antipsychotics], can cause
[high blood sugar], which in turn causes increased excretion
[removal] of magnesium taken orally." So, Zyprexa™ can actually worsen
the magnesium deficiency caused by Prozac™.
A major issue, as
magnesium plays such a "critical" role in disease prevention in general, and is
also involved in the action of over 300 enzymes!
It's unbelievably scary when you consider all the damage that drugs such as Prozac™ and Zyprexa™ can create, in both the body, and brain, (especially in combination). And every single brain disorder actually originates in the body, although psychiatrists blame mental disorders on chemical imbalances in the brain. Other than environmental toxins, the primary source of chemicals that the brain is exposed to, comes from inorganic chemicals, such as Prozac™ and Zyprexa™, (basically toxins). That's where the "serious mental disorders" both originate, and continue to worsen! The following excerpt was found in a recent article by Donna Caruso, regarding the findings of Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., titled "Healing the Broken Brain Syndrome", and published in the March 2009 issue of Life Extension magazine, which basically reinforces what I have been stressing for years. In his latest book [The UltraMind Solution], Dr. Hyman offers a new and revolutionary way of seeing brain disorders in a positive, encouraging format that is readily accessible to anyone willing to try it. He constantly reminds us that we need to forget the old idea that the cause of a "broken brain" is totally within the brain and can only be helped through psychotherapy and drugs. He tells us that we need to think in a new way and realize that most of these difficulties are caused by biological imbalances that can be corrected. "What you do to your body you do to your brain," Dr. Hyman says. "Heal your body and you heal your brain." (p. 78). Incidentally, Dr. Hyman was one of the lecturers at the Anti-Aging conference, which I attended in December 2008 in Las Vegas. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception How Nutrient Depletion Contributes to Alzheimer's Disease
And then we might consider that a vitamin B1 deficiency (caused by both Prozac™ and Zyprexa™), can produce several other conditions,
including fatigue, poor coordination, forgetfulness, and even irritability or
nervousness. Incidentally, just the one symptom of "forgetfulness" listed
above, caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency, could also contribute to Alzheimer's
Many are currently in nursing homes, due to either Alzheimer's disease, or hip fractures, (or both). Conditions that not only get them there, but also keep them there until they die, (a terrible place to retire). Then the rate of osteoporosis, which many of the elderly especially are plagued with, is another concern. It can be "greatly worsened" due to the depletion of zinc and magnesium by Prozac™, as well as vitamins C and D by both Prozac™ and Zyprexa™, along with vitamin K depleted by Zyprexa™, (all critical for building healthy bone tissue). The problem is, the condition can be insidious, and not always that obvious, but responsible for the very debilitating hip fractures, which far too many of the elderly experience. And it often starts with Prozac™, and then progresses to Zyprexa™, and then diabetes medications, and finally blood pressure medications, and at times even others, (depending on their doctor) – the typical domino effect, a process that Prozac™ is so effective at initiating. Although dementia and Alzheimer's were once considered as a risk for the elderly, you can rest assured, that as many young children are being placed on, and often remain on, drugs such as Prozac™ and Zyprexa™ for years, that will soon change. Children's brains are even more vulnerable than adults' to the damage caused by such drugs. Especially scary is the fact that, according to Dr. Mark Sircus, "chronic [long-term] magnesium deficiency can produce irreversible lesions [damaged tissue with impaired function] in the brain" (Magnesium For Life, 2006, p. 55). As so many children are being placed on drugs such as Prozac™ and Zyprexa™ at such an early age, in a few years Alzheimer's will no longer be limited to the elderly. Possibly even worse is, when the child's mother is placed on the very same drugs, during her pregnancy, before the child is born, resulting in brain damage before birth! One More Concern – Cardiovascular Disease
We'll just take this one step further and then stop, as I could easily overwhelm you, if I haven't already, (just as drugs such as Prozac™ and Zyprexa™ could easily overwhelm both the body and brain, if they aren't Prozac - The Ultimate Deception stopped). We'll now finally look at damage to the arteries, and calcification of
the arteries, which is all too common today. For example, the condition known
as atherosclerosis restricts the blood flow, not only reducing the delivery of
oxygen and nutrients to the brain, but also the efficient removal of toxins. Not
only one more potential contributor to Alzheimer's disease, but also
poor health in general!

First, elevated homocysteine is known to damage the artery wall, which often starts the process. The problem is, the folic acid, along with the vitamins B6 and B12, necessary for controlling homocysteine, (and also the vitamins that Alzheimer's victims are always deficient in), are all depleted by Prozac™. Then, the vitamin C necessary for healing the damage caused by homocysteine, just happens to be depleted by both Prozac™ and Zyprexa™! Then, regarding the vitamin K (depleted by Zyprexa™), one of its critical functions just happens to be escorting calcium to the bones, so it doesn't instead form in the arteries, (the other alternative). Thus, Zyprexa™ actually contributes to calcification of the arteries, and thus reduced circulation. The brain depends not only on an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, but also on their efficient delivery, which is the responsibility of the arteries. With All The Antidepressants On The Market, Why Did I Pick On Prozac?
First I should stress that, other SSRI antidepressants, or any mind- altering drugs in general, also pose serious risks. The obvious question is: Why would you possibly want to subject yourself, (or even worse, your kids), to such dangerous drugs, when perfectly safe and effective alternatives are readily available? Although you do have other options, unfortunately, far too many doctors are unfamiliar with them. Fortunately, there are doctors who are. If necessary, I would suggest you find a nutritionally oriented doctor that can assist you with your withdrawal. Dr. Tracy stresses that you should come down slowly. In other words, give your brain time to adjust. How long it might take depends upon which drug (or combination of drugs) you are taking, as well as how long you have been taking them. It also helps to start taking supplements before your withdrawal, to make up for any deficiency the drugs might have created. Many (women especially) are often placed on an antidepressant for a hypothyroid (low thyroid) condition, as depression is a common symptom, although there are at least 46 others! Hypothyroidism is a condition most doctors were not trained to "properly" diagnose or treat. Thus, patients are often placed on drugs (such as Prozac™) to treat the symptoms, rather than resolving the condition. Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Worst of all, due to its fluoride content, Prozac™ can either contribute to, or worsen, a hypothyroid condition, as fluoride interacts with iodine in the thyroid hormone. There is an easy self-test you can perform to determine if you are hypothyroid, as well as information on getting the right form of thyroid hormone, in both of my books, A Drug-Free Approach To Healthcare, and Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Stimulants – Dangerous Drugs on Trial, which are available on my website Although in my opinion no child should be placed on any mind-altering drug, there are a few things that definitely set Prozac™ apart from the others. Following are just a few: 1. Prozac™ was the very first SSRI antidepressant produced. 2. The study Eli Lilly used, to acquire FDA approval for Prozac™, was not only totally unscientific, but also outright ridiculous! 3. Prozac™ has a "high concentration" of fluoride, (classified as an environmental toxin). So toxic, in fact, that it's illegal to dump it in the ocean, yet Eli Lilly somehow considered it perfectly OK for our kids! I could easily write a sizeable book just on the damage fluoride can inflict throughout the body and brain. 4. Prozac™ was also the first SSRI antidepressant approved by the FDA for our kids, in spite of all the damning evidence the FDA had on file! 5. Prozac™ has the unique ability to greatly increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which is especially damaging to the brain, and known to contribute to many conditions. 6. Prozac™ has more potential side effects than any other drug on the market. That, alone, should be telling the FDA something. It should tell us something, as well. 7. Years ago, tens of thousands of complaints of serious reactions associated with Prozac™ were filed with the FDA, (to no avail). In conclusion, two things should become obvious:
The FDA is definitely not protecting the public. Prozac™ should have been pulled "long ago"! Prozac - The Ultimate Deception Now That We Know What Drugs Can Do –
Let's Take A Look At What Supplements Can Do (In A Safe Way)
Something you need to remember: Don't forget Dr. Tracy's warning that you "come down slowly", and don't stop any antidepressant immediately. Gradually reduce your dosage, while also taking supplements. Drugs can overstimulate and upset the normal hormonal balance in the brain. The brain can thus respond to sudden change in a negative way, which is not what you want. Whatever you do, be patient, and be safe. If you believe in prayer, I would suggest you ask for guidance, regarding your decisions. I might add that we are all unique, as are our diets and lifestyles, thus we won't all respond to the exact same dosage of a particular nutrient, (or drug). Thus, I can just offer suggestions, regarding nutrients and dosages that you might consider. Incidentally, a few years ago my gown granddaughter indicated she had been feeling depressed recently. Fortunately, she hadn't been taking any drugs. I suggested that she first try a good vitamin B-complex, and fish oil, and see what happens. In her case, that was sufficient to resolve her depression, yet the same nutrients might not necessarily be sufficient for you. Again, we are all unique – it's called our bio-individuality. And again, keep in mind that nutrients provide many different benefits, so the money is still well spent, even if they still haven't resolved your depression entirely. But there is a far better chance that nutrients will, than drugs possibly could – plus, you are avoiding the many risks associated with drugs. Rather than resorting to Prozac™ (or any other antidepressant), I suggest you consider a natural alternative instead. First, make sure you don't have the hypothyroid condition (low thyroid). If you do, and taking thyroid hormone is necessary, make sure you get the "natural Armour™ thyroid", not Synthroid™ or Levothroid™, (there is a major difference). Some considerations are: A quality high-potency vitamin B complex, such as B-100 A multiple mineral, with 500 mg extra magnesium 2,000 mg buffered vitamin C with bioflavonoids, twice daily 2,000 IU vitamin D3 1 tablespoon cod liver oil, twice daily 400 mg SAMe, twice daily Prozac - The Ultimate Deception You might also consider: The goji berry juice is also helpful for elevating the mood. You will experience the most benefit if you drink two ounces of the "non-diluted" goji. When you are stressed, for any reason, consider taking 2 capsules of the herb Valerian Root. It really helps. If you are diabetic, I would recommend doubling your dose of vitamin C, and taking 1,000 mg of chromium picolinate, in divided doses daily. It normally comes in 200 mcg capsules. It would also be helpful to take 50 mcg of Vanadyl sulfate, and a couple capsules of cinnamon. The above nutrients are also beneficial for our overall health in general, (just the opposite of drugs such as Prozac™ that deplete nutrients). In case you are taking one or more antipsychotic drugs (other than Prozac™ or Zyprexa™), they will likely be discussed in my book Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and Stimulants – Dangerous Drugs on Trial (2007). Something you should be aware of is, vitamins such as One-A-Day™ or Centrum™ are, in my opinion, basically useless. In fact, Dr. Tracy refers to them as "junk". They are often found in sewers, still in tact. When you see one pill with a long list of nutrients, you can rest assured that you won't be getting near the dosage you need, to be of any noticeable benefit. You might be aware that during a cold or flu, or following surgery, you will need considerably more vitamin C. I would suggest 10,000 mg, in divided doses, throughout the day. Many factors determine what dosages of vitamins and minerals might be appropriate for you. The worst case scenario, for example, would be if you're 65 or older, eat a lot of processed or junk foods, cook quite often in a microwave, your favorite beverage is diet cola, you don't sleep that well, and you take several medications. If that sounds like you, then you obviously have a lot of catching up to do. Actually, age is less important than lifestyle. Other than age, none of the above applies to me. I'm 75 and never have, and never will, take any medications. And contrary to most people my age, I'm also in excellent health. One of my sayings is: "Our bodies were not designed with drugs in mind." Another is: "Optimum health and drug-dependence are mutually exclusive – they never go together." One more thing I discovered, and mentioned earlier is, people don't realize that the majority of medications they are taking are treating the side effects of their other medications. All you have to do is look at the first drug they were placed on, and follow the trail. With all its side effects, Prozac™ is in my opinion the best drug on the market for starting that process. Other than Prozac - The Ultimate Deception that, I can't think of anything Prozac™ is good at – except, of course, basically destroying your health in general! And keep in mind that drugs in general deplete nutrients, some more than others, and not always the same ones as well. Of the 200 most
prescribed drugs, more than half actually list "depression" as a potential side
effect. Not only that but, on that same list, there were 20 medications that had
not been evaluated to determine their nutrient depletion. However, of the 180
remaining prescribed medications, we found that every single prescription
depleted nutrients that, when deficient, can contribute to depression!

Drugs not only contribute to a nutritional deficiency, but also an imbalance of minerals, which is another concern. In nature, nutrients are always in the proper balance. Our Creator obviously knew what He was doing, and always has been, and always will be, light years ahead of man! He is also concerned about our welfare, which unfortunately, I can't say about the pharmaceutical industry. There is far more profit in sick care, than health care. And of course, drugs are not designed to heal, or prevent disease. Nor is any inorganic chemical, produced by man, capable of doing so. They are instead, one of the greatest contributors to disease that I'm aware of. They not only create a nutritional deficiency, but also suppress critical processes that have a purpose, and create a toxic environment, capable of damaging all organs, (including the brain).



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