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Simplify Column Selection With New GCxGC Selectivity Kits
Our comprehensive kits contain six 2 m secondary columns with diff erent phase chemistries to ensure orthogonal separations. Available in 0.15, 0.18, and 0.25 mm ID formats, they are a must for method developers and heavy GCxGC users alike! See page 8 for details
and a limited-time offer
on GCxGC columns.
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Innovative Chromatography Products www.restek.com
Genuine Restek Replacement Parts for Waters ACQUITY UPLC® Systems Keep your instrument running its best with these rock-solid,
economical alternatives to high-cost vendor parts.
Similar to Waters
Needle Assembly, 0.010 mm ID Sample Loop, 10 μL ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Wash Station O-Ring ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Metering Syringe, 100 μL ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Tube Assembly, Inject Outlet Tube Assembly, System Outlet Tube Assembly, SSV to Inline Filter Tube Assembly, Transducer to Check Valve, BSM ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Tube Assembly, Transducer to Check Valve, QSM Tube Assembly, SSV to I2V Head Plunger Seal ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Sapphire Plungers ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY In-Line Filter Assembly, Stainless Steel Frit ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Filter Frit Cartridge, Stainless Steel Solvent Bott le Filters Primary Check Valve ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY Accumulator Check Valve (Double Ball & Seat) ACQUITY, nanoACQUITY I2 Check Valve Cartridge Protect your column and your UHPLC performance with UltraShield and UltraLine UHPLC Filters A cost-effective way to extend the lifetime of any
UHPLC column without sacrificing your UHPLC
performance on any LC system.
UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter
UltraLine UHPLC In-Line Filter
UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter UltraLine UHPLC In-Line Filter (In-Line Assembly with Filter) UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter UltraLine Replacement Filters UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter the LC accessories you need are at www.restek.com/LCacc
All the Right Tools—
All in One Toolbox

• USLC® method development toolbox contains all 4 Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography™ (USLC®) stationary phases in 1 convenient package.
• Available for UHPLC (1.9 μm) and HPLC (3 or 5 μm) in 50, 100, or 150 mm lengths.
• Included selection guide makes it even easier to pick the right column the fi rst time. The USLC® Column Set.
• Represents the widest range of reversed phase selectivity available with just 4 stationary phases: Aqueous C18, IBD, Biphenyl, and PFP Propyl.
• Simplifi es column choice for fast, eff ective method development.
• Off ers greater control to more easily resolve closely eluting peaks.
• Maximizes column screening effi ciency by ensuring orthogonality between analytical runs.
• Fits universally on any HPLC or UHPLC instrumentation.
Choose Columns Fast. Develop Methods Faster.
LC Accessory Kit For a limited time, when you order a USLC® method development toolbox, we'll include a free LC Accessory Kit for your lab.
Promo part #
Pinnacle DB USLC Method with Free UltraShield UHPLC PreColumn Filter 5-pk. (cat.# 24996) Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Ultra USLC Method with Free LC 10mm Guard Holder (cat.# 25084), 4mm 0.5μm Replacement Cap Frit 5-pk. (cat.# 25023), Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Ultra USLC Method with Free LC 10mm Guard Holder (cat.# 25084), 4mm 0.5μm Replacement Cap Frit 5-pk. (cat.# 25023), Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Ultra USLC Method with Free LC 10mm Guard Holder (cat.# 25084), 4mm 0.5μm Replacement Cap Frit 5-pk. (cat.# 25023), Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Ultra USLC Method with Free LC 10mm Guard Holder (cat.# 25084), 4mm 0.5μm Replacement Cap Frit 5-pk. (cat.# 25023), Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Ultra USLC Method with Free LC 10mm Guard Holder (cat.# 25084), 4mm 0.5μm Replacement Cap Frit 5-pk. (cat.# 25023), Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Ultra USLC Method with Free LC 10mm Guard Holder (cat.# 25084), 4mm 0.5μm Replacement Cap Frit 5-pk. (cat.# 25023), Development Toolbox and a ValvTool Wrench (cat.# 25321) Off er available for sales outside the US only. Simply contact your Restek representative and place your order referencing the catalog number from the table above. Off er valid through December 31, 2012, or while supplies last. Discount cannot be combined with any other off ers. Distributor participation may vary. learn more about USLC® phases at www.restek.com/uslc
True Blue Performance Exceptionally inert, Sky® inlet liners with
a new state-of-the-art deactivation
improve trace-level analysis.
Increase accuracy and precision by preventing loss
of sensitive analytes—even when using wool.
Achieve lower detection limits for a wide range of
active compounds.
Ensure liner-to-liner reproducibility through
consistent manufacturing and extensive testing.
Sky® inlet liners are available in
1-, 5-, and 25-packs for most common GCs:
Agilent • Bruker/Varian • PerkinElmer • Shimadzu • Thermo Scientific Choose from a wide variety of configurations and styles:
4 mm Cyclo Double Taper Low Pressure Drop Precision Liner w/Wool Auto SYS XL PSS Split/Splitless w/Wool 3.5 mm Precision Liner w/Wool 3.5 mm Single Taper 2 mm for Multimode Inlet (MMI) 4 mm Single Taper n mor .restek.com for all y
e and view the full Sk our chromat y® line at ww og
Gas Generators From Restek
Generators are cost-effective and quickly pay for themselves.
Dependably produce a continuous supply of high-purity carrier and fuel gas.
Eliminate hazardous cylinders and free up valuable lab space.
Visit www.restek.com/gas for more information.
These Vials Offer The Security of a Crimp-Top Vial With the Convenience of a Screw-Thread Vial • Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, crimp-top vial based autosamplers.
• Shorter screw cap allows the robotic autosampler to function properly.
• Wider opening prevents syringe problems. • Dimensions are effectively identical to the crimp-top vial. 2.0 mL, 9 mm Short-Cap, Screw-Thread Vials (vial only)
Short-Cap Vial w/White Graduated Marking Spot Short-Cap Vial w/White Graduated Marking Spot Short-Cap Vial without Graduated Marking Spot Agilent Compatible!
Ideal for Agilent 7673, 7683, and 7693 2.0 mL, 9 mm Short-Cap, Screw-Vial Closures (Polypropylene, preassembled)
& other autosamplers that process Cap Color
12 x 32 mm crimp-top vials. PTFE/Red Rubber PTFE/Red Rubber PTFE/Silicone/PTFE PTFE/Silicone/PTFE PTFE/Silicone/PTFE PTFE/Silicone/PTFE PTFE/Silicone/PTFE PTFE/Silicone/PTFE Don't Forget the Rack!
• Racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easier vial identification.
• Racks can be stacked for efficient storage.
• Fits most 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm vials (vials sold separately).
2.0 mL Sample Vial Racks
Polypropylene Storage Rack for 12 x 32 mm Vials Upgrade the FID Jets in your Agilent GCs Standard Version
• Engineered with a fl uted tip to guide the capillary column into the jet.
• Threads specially coated for easy installation and removal.
• Special processing ensures the highest degree of cleanliness.
Which FID Jet Should I Use?
There are two FID jet configurations for Agilent
• Meets or exceeds original manufacturer's performance.
GCs. The longer "adaptable" jet fits both 5890 and 6890 GCs, and can be used with capillary or packed columns. The shorter "dedicated" • Similar to the standard version, but Siltek® treated.
jet is for the FID in the 6890/7890 GC that is • Extremely inert, for use with active compounds.
designed only for use with capillary columns.
Capillary Adaptable FID Replacement Jet for Agilent 5890/6890/6850 GCs
Similar to
Agilent part #
Standard, 0.011-Inch ID Tip High-Performance Siltek Treated, 0.011-Inch ID Tip Capillary Dedicated FID Replacement Jet for Agilent 6890/6850/7890 GCs
Similar to
Agilent part #
cat.# qty.
Standard, 0.011-Inch ID Tip High-Performance Siltek Treated, 0.011-Inch ID Tip High-Temperature, 0.018-Inch ID Tip Easily Remove and Install FID Jets
FID Jet Removal Tool for Agilent 5890/6890/6850/7890 FIDs • Securely grips jet in socket. • Unique, ergonomic handle— easy to hold.
Slip tool over FID jet.
.loosen jet.
.and remove.
FID Jet Removal Tool for Agilent 5890/6890/6850/7890 FIDs Accurate Results Start With Reliable Equipment
ProFLOW 6000
fi nd more GC accessories at www.restek.com/GCacc
Switch to Silcosteel® Regulators for Exceptional Inertness and Corrosion Resistance Single and dual stage regulators are available with Silcosteel® surface treatment. This proprietary passivation process, developed • CEM Continuous Emission Monitoring by SilcoTek™, provides excellent inertness for sulfur and mercury • Environmental Stack and Gas Emission Standards calibration standards and improved corrosion resistance over bare • Off-shore platform systems • Low level sulfur and mercury analysis • Corrosive and salt 316L stainless steel or other more expensive alloys.
• Reactive or corrosive gases Silcosteel® treated sampling and transfer systems allow oil and gas Single-Stage Regulator
exploration companies, chemical and petrochemical plants, and CGA 330 (H2S and other reduced sulfurs) refineries to obtain accurate sulfur and mercury data every time with CGA 350 (H2, P5) no delay, sample errors, or false readings, down to part-per-billion CGA 660 (NO, NO2, SO2) (ppb) levels. Analysts charged with monitoring sulfur and mercury Dual-Stage Regulator
levels in process streams can save thousands of dollars in improved CGA 330 (H2S and other reduced sulfurs) yields, better test cycle times, and improved system reliability. CGA 350 (H2, P5) CGA 660 (NO, NO2, SO2) Outlet pressure: 0 to 100 psig 30" – 0 to 200 psig For other CGA fi tt ings, please contact your local Restek representative. Outlet assembly: diaphragm valve, 1/4" tube fi tt ing Our complete line of regulators can be found at www.restek.com/regulators
Get a Leak-Tight Seal Between Fused Silica Capillary Columns Use a Universal Press-Tight® Connector
• Deactivated Press-Tight® connectors maintain complete inertness for the
GC fl ow path.
• Siltek® deactivated connectors are ideal for organochlorine pesticides analysis.
• Fit column ODs from 0.33–0.74 mm (Restek 0.1–0.53 mm ID).
• Connect a guard
column to an analytical column.
Universal Press-Tight Connectors • Repair a broken column.
Universal Press-Tight Connectors , Deactivated Universal Press-Tight Connectors , Siltek Deactivated • Connect a column outlet to a
Visit www.restek.com/press-tight for more!
Never Use a Washer Again!
Our patented dual Vespel® ring inlet seal greatly improves injection port performance—it stays sealed, even after repeated temperature cycles, without retightening the reducing nut! This seal features two soft Vespel® rings that eliminate the need for a washer and need very little torque to make a leak-tight seal.
0.8 mm ID Dual Vespel Ring Inlet Seal
Stainless Steel 1.2 mm ID Dual Vespel Ring Inlet Seal
Stainless Steel Learn more at www.restek.com/dvr
innovative chromatography products Buy One Primary Column for GCxGC,
Get One Secondary Column Free!
• Wide range of stationary phases off ers orthogonal separations.
• High thermal stability maximizes system ruggedness and sensitivity.
• Unrivaled column inertness for accurate analysis of active compounds.
• Secondary columns come in convenient 2 m lengths for economical method development. • 0.15, 0.18, and 0.25 mm ID formats accommodate varying sample capacities, speeds, and detectors.
With this special off er, you Secondary Columns for GCxGC

temp. limits
can get a FREE secondary
-60 to 330/350 °C column for every primary -60 to 330/350 °C column you order! -60 to 330/350 °C -60 to 330/350 °C -60 to 330/350 °C -60 to 330/350 °C 30 to 340/360 °C Get One FREE
30 to 340/360 °C 30 to 340/360 °C 40 to 340/360 °C Primary Columns for GCxGC
40 to 340/360 °C temp. limits
40 to 340/360 °C -60 to 330/350 °C -20 to 320/340 °C -60 to 320/350 °C -20 to 320/340 °C 30 to 340/360 °C -20 to 320/340 °C 40 to 340/360 °C 40 to 250/260 °C -20 to 320/340 °C 40 to 250/260 °C 40 to 250/260 °C 40 to 250/260 °C Off er valid through December 31, 2012, or while supplies last. Simply use the catalog numbers from the following table to order both primary (-2DGC1 extension) and secondary columns (-2DGC2 extension). Discount cannot be combined with any other off ers. Distributor participation may vary. GCxGC Selectivity Kits Available
• Each kit includes one Rxi®-1ms, Rxi®-5Sil MS, Rxi®-17Sil MS, Rtx®-200, Rxi®-XLB, and Stabilwax® column.
• Simplifi es column selection for method developers and heavy GCxGC users alike.
• Press-Tight® connectors also included.
GCxGC (0.15 mm) Selectivity Kit
GCxGC (0.18 mm) Selectivity Kit
GCxGC (0.25 mm) Selectivity Kit
Learn more at www.restek.com/gcxgc
visit www.restek.com for all your chromatography needs
Sample Preparation Go Green!
Help Save the Environment and Save Time
in the Lab With Q-sep™ QuEChERS Products
Easy-pour packets create far Highly inert FEP centrifuge Packet boxes consist of at less waste than tubes tubes are reusable indefinitely least 33% recycled cardboard of extraction salts.
under normal use.
and are 100% recyclable.
Available for European EN 15662, AOAC 2007.01, and Original Unbuffered Methods. Visit www.restek.com/quechers for full product lists
innovative chromatography products Lower Detection Limits of 1,4-Dioxane in Drinking Water Using Large Volume Injection in an Unmodified • New solution from Restek off ers near 100% recovery Splitless GC Inlet of 1,4-dioxane in drinking water.
• Reliably detects 1,4-dioxane well below EPA By Chris Ratt ray, Jack Cochran, and Chris English suggested reporting levels.
Concurrent solvent recondensation–
• Requires no specialized equipment or changes large volume splitless injection (CSR- to standard laboratory instrumentation.
LVSI) for gas chromatography typically requires a special injection port such as a programmable temperature vaporizer Rxi®-624Sil MS Columns (fused silica) (midpolarity Crossbond®
silarylene phase; similar to 6% cyanopropylphenyl/94% dimethyl polysiloxane)
e technique described here for the analysis of 1,4-dioxane in drinking Description
temp. limits
-20 to 300/320 °C water uses an unmodifi ed split/splitless inlet with CSR-LVSI to lower reporting limits without concentrating the extract. Rxi® Guard/Retention Gap Columns (fused silica)
is CSR-LVSI technique improves de- Description
tectability with no specialized equip- ment or changes to standard laboratory instrumentation.
Sky® 4.0mm ID Single Taper Inlet Liner w/ Wool
For Agilent GCs equipped with split/splitless inlets
ID x OD x Length
Concurrent solvent recondensation–large volume splitless injection with an EZ Twist Top® Split/Splitless Injection Port for Agilent 7890 GCs
unmodifi ed Agilent split/splitless GC in- let has been shown to be a technically vi- Injection Port Assembly Kit , Siltek Treated
Includes: Siltek weldment, Siltek shell weldment, 2 weldment O-rings, Siltek Dual Vespel Ring inlet seal, septum
able approach with potential advantages nut, reducing nut, stainless steel capillary nut for use with 1/16" ferrules, and weldment removal tool for EPA Method 522 dioxane analysis. Th e solvent recondensation focuses the SPE Cartridges
solutes into a tight band on the column, Tube Volume, Bed Weight
which improves chromatography. At the EPA Methods 521 & 522
Activated charcoal packing. same time, this technique increases the All cartridges are manufactured using high density polypropylene and have polyethylene frits unless otherwise noted. Cartridges amount of analyte transferred to the col- may be processed by any one or all of these techniques: positive pressure, sidearm fl ask, centrifuge, or vacuum manifold. umn. Using CSR-LVSI with a standard inlet, as shown here, provides a cost-ef- Reference Standards: US EPA Methods
fective way to meet ever decreasing de- Standards
tection and quantitation limits.
Conc. In Solvent and Volume:
2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul Also, visit www.restek.com/press-tight
to read the complete for Universal Press-Tight® Connectors and application note! www.restek.com/fl ip for Flip Seal™ Inlet Seals
Our CSR-LVSI work builds on work by chemists at Thermo Scientifi c (P. Magni, T. Porzano, Concurrent Solvent Recondensation Large Sample Volume Splitless Injection, J. Sep. Sci. 26 (2003) 1491). Patent No: US 6,955,709 B2. go to www.restek.com/gc for more great applications
People Rely on You for Food Safety Rely on Restek for Fast, Accurate Data
We have everything you need to complete your food safety analyses quickly and with confidence. Whether you're testing for pesticide residues, melamine, PAHs, or other harmful contaminants, you'll find the sample prep products, certified reference materials (CRMs), GC columns, and GC accessories to meet method requirements at www.restek.com Sample Preparation:
For Quick–Easy–Cheap–Effective–Rugged–Safe sample
preparation, especially for multiresidue pesticide work, think
Q-sep™ QuEChERS products.
Restek also offers a full line of solid phase extraction (SPE)
cartridges for reliable cleanup of PAH samples and more.
Certified Reference Materials:
Our ISO-accredited manufacturing and QC testing laboratories
in Bellefonte, PA, produce a full line of derivatization reagents,
QC standards, internal standards, and single-component
mixes for food safety work.
GC Columns:
The Rxi®-5Sil MS column is ideal for pesticide residue analysis.
Engineered to be a low-bleed GC-MS column, it features excellent
inertness for lower detection limits.
If you need to separate PAHs that cannot be distinguished by mass
spectrometry, turn to the Rxi®-17Sil MS column. It offers increased
accuracy for PAHs of regulatory and health concern and ensures
reliable trace-level results.
GC Accessories:
Exceptionally inert Sky® inlet liners take advantage of a state-of-the-art
deactivation to improve trace-level analysis, increase accuracy and precision,
and ensure liner-to-liner reproducibility—even when using wool!
For food-specific applications and an extended products, visit www.restek.com/fff
innovative chromatography products Improve Your Basic Compound Analysis With New Rtx®-Volatile Amine Columns
• Unique selectivity for baseline resolution of all volatile amines. • Excellent inertness assures accuracy and sensitivity for volatile amines, including free ammonia. • Highly robust phase withstands repeated water injections, resulting in longer column lifetime. • High temperature stability (290 °C) ensures elution of amines up to C16 and allows contaminants to be removed by "baking out" the column.
Rtx®-Volatile Amine Columns (fused silica)
Please Note: We recommend using base-deactivated fused silica guard columns and base-deactivated liners with Rtx®-Volatile Amine columns.
Short Chain Amines in Water on Rtx®-Volatile Amine
Rtx®-Volatile Amines, 60 m, 2. Dimethylamine 0.32 mm ID (cat.# 18078) 3. Trimethylamine Short chain amines 4. Methylethylamine Diluent: WaterConc.: 200-1,000 5. Dimethylethylamine 7. Methyldiethylamine 1.0 μL split (split ratio 15:1) 8. Triethylamine IS = isopropylamine Oven
Oven Temp:
40 °C (hold 10 min) to 250 °C at 20 °C/min (hold 10 min) Carrier Gas
H2, constant fl ow Linear Velocity: 35 cm/sec @ 40 °C Detector
Instrument Agilent/HP6890
Acknowledgement Chromatogram
of Mr. Gilbert Baele of Taminco, Belgium visit www.restek.com for all your chromatography needs
Reference Standards Certified Reference Materials
(CRMs) for Water Analysis
EPA 524.3
In support of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), Restek offers the most complete set of
EPA 524.3 reference standards for the monitoring of purgeable organic compounds in drinking
water—using as few as three ampules! In addition, this collection also covers the seven volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) included in the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 3 (UCMR3).
• Full 82-component EPA 524.3 list in as few as three ampules—reduce prep time and chances for error or contamination.
• VOA MegaMix® ampul includes oxygenates—no need to order separately.
• Volatile gases prepared separately—replace without wasting money on full list.
• Two options for internal and surrogate standards—separate or combined mix.
• Also ideal for surface water and groundwater testing.
EPA 524.3 Reference Standards (5 separate mixes)*

Conc. in Solvent and Volume
524.3 VOA MegaMix 2,000 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 524.3 Gas Calibration Mix 2,000 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 524.3 Internal Standard Mix 2,000 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 524.3 Surrogate Standard 2,000 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 524.3 Internal Standard/Surrogate Mix 2,000 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul *Note: For full compound list visit www.restek.com/524.3-standards
PPCPs and EDCs
The Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 3 (UCMR3) requires Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) and public water systems (PWSs) serving more than 10,000 people, as endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) standards are well as 800 PWSs serving 10,000 or fewer people, to conduct assess- now available for labs monitoring both wastewater and ment monitoring of 28 chemicals. Restek has a wide selection of drinking water. Choose from three stable formulations single and mix CRMs to help you meet UCMR3 requirements.
containing the most common compounds of interest.
EPA 539 Calibration Standard for UCMR3 (7 components)
Steroids and Mixed Pharmaceuticals Mix
4-androstene-3,17-dione .100 μg/mL 17--estradiol .250 testosterone .100 diclofenac sodium salt Description
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
EPA 539 Calibration Stock Standard In acetonitrile, 1 mL/ampul Description
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
Steroids and Mixed 200 μg/mL each in acetonitrile, UCMR3 Method 524.3 Standard (9 components)
Pharmaceuticals Mix bromochloromethane.600 μg/mL chloromethane .2,000 bromomethane .2,000 1,1-dichloroethane .300 Pharmaceuticals Mix #1 (8 components)
1,3-butadiene .1,000 1,2,3-trichloropropane .300 ciprofl oxacin HCL chlorodifl uoromethane (CFC-22) .800 Description
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
UCMR3 Method 524.3 Standard In P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul Description
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
Pharmaceuticals Mix #1 200 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, Single Component Standards
2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul Pharmaceuticals Mix #2 (4 components)
2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 1,1-dichloroethane 2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul 2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul Description
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
bromochloromethane 2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul Pharmaceuticals Mix #2 200 μg/mL each in P&T methanol, 2,000 μg/mL in P&T methanol, 1 mL/ampul innovative chromatography products Solutions for Gas Sampling in the Field or the Refi neryCritical process decisions depend on accurate, representative data, and every Restek gas sampling product offers the robust performance required for reliable field and refinery applications. From innovative Sulfinert® passivation treatment to high-quality parts and technical service, you will find Restek is the best choice for gas sampling solutions.
Sample Cylinders and Valves
• Wide range of high durability stainless steel sample cylinders and valves.
• Restek exclusive: Sulfi nert® passivation, for more accurate recovery of mercury and sulfur compounds.
• DOT rated for high pressure and ultra-high pressure.
• Range of cylinder sizes from 75 cc to 2,250 cc.
• All cylinders have 1/4" female NPT threads on both ends.
• TPED-compliant cylinders available for EU community.
Sample Cylinder Valves
• Multiple valve confi gurations, including dip tube and rupture discs.
• Large, durable, Kel-F® seat ensures leak-free operation.
• Temperature range: –40 °C to 120 °C.
• ASTM D1265
• Hydrocarbon sampling in refi neries andpetrochemical plants Analyzing sulfur
or mercury?
• Our unique Sulfi nert® coating
provides stable storage of sulfur and mercury at ppb levels.
• Inert coating doesn't fl ake, and it's more durable than PTFE.
visit www.restek.com/petro for a full listing of gas sampling products
High-Capacity TO-Clean Air Canister Cleaning System Improves Lab Efficiency
• EPA Method TO-14A/15 compliant.
• Powerful pump can achieve 50 mTorr in 30 minutes for 12 6-liter canisters.
• Custom-built trays for diff erent canister sizes.
• 1 year limited warranty.
• Fully assembled and ready to use. TO-Clean from Wasson-ECE Instrumentation is a revolutionary canister cleaning system designed to take the guesswork out of canister cleaning. The system is fully automated, allowing the user to start a cleaning cycle and walk away. This is a high performance system that is easy to use and consistently produces excellent results. Large capacity—holds 12 6-liter cans or 24 1-liter cans.
Twice the capacity of other ovens for faster turnaround.
Embedded touch screen controller.
No separate computer needed.
Adjustable oven control up to 110 °C.
Cleans canisters AND valves faster and more completely than heating bands.
Specifi cations:
10 user defi ned methods.
Each cleaning cycle parameter can be confi gured separately to minimize overall cycle time.
Dimensions: 44"H x 48"W x 27"DWeight: 525 Edwards RV-8 vacuum pump.
Cheaper to run and maintain than 2 pump alternatives.
Dewar with stainless steel vacuum and pressure Keeps the system clean—prevents contamination from Dimensions: 29"H x 48"W x 30"D the pump, dirty canisters, pressure gas, or regulators.
TO-Clean Oven, 120 V, 60 Hz TO-Clean Oven, 220/230 V, 50/60 Hz Optional Accessories (not included with TO-Clean Oven)
Oven Cart, 29" H x 48" W x 30" D, 12 gauge steel, push handle and casters 1 L Option: includes tubing, fi tt ings, and inserts for 24 1 L canisters 3 L Option: includes tubing, fi tt ings, and inserts for 12 3 L canisters Mini-Can Option: includes tubing, fi tt ings, and inserts for either 48 400 cc or 48 1000 cc mini-canisters Humidifi cation Chamber Shipping: Costs vary depending on ship-to location. Note: Ovens are built on demand, therefore, a 10 week lead time is required on all orders. A limited cancellation and return policy applies to TO-Clean ovens; contact your local Restek representative for details. Visit www.restek.com/air for canisters, sampling kits,
and a wide range of other air monitoring products.
innovative chromatography products Restek Has Added
ISO Guide 34 and
17025 Accreditations
We Now Offer a Full Line of Certified Reference Materials!

Restek is proud to announce that our reference standard manufacturing and QA testing labs in Bellefonte, PA, have earned ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations through A2LA. More than ever, you can rely on Restek for all of your reference standards, and now, you can also experience the advantages of our ISO accreditations: • Satisfy regulatory requirements by sourcing CRMs from an accredited supplier.
Benefit from the exceptional product quality and customer service needed
to meet strict ISO 9001, Guide 34, and 17025 guidelines.
Get the same reliability and documentation with custom-formulated
solutions as you do with stock standards—both fall under Restek's accreditation.
Eliminate POs by ordering primary- and secondary-source reference standards, GC
and LC columns, sample prep supplies, and accessories from one vendor.
We invite you to visit www.restek.com/iso to learn more about our ISO quality
credentials and view our certificates (including scopes of accreditation).
If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact
customer service at 814-353-1300, ext. 3, or [email protected]
te:: Iff yyoouu i ls ((CRMs), ) pleeassee be s teellll yyourr R uur r r eg ments aas PATENTS & TRADEMARKS
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EurAsian Journal of BioSciences EurAsia J BioSci 3, 122-129 (2009) Effect of leaf extracts of Dendrosicyos socotrana and Jatropha unicostata on the viability of Echinococcus granulosus protoscolecesAbdul Kadir Raoof Barzinji1, Ramzi Ahmed Mothana2, Abdul Karim Nasher1* 1Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Sana'a University, Sana'a, Yemen2Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Sana'a University, Sana'a,

Universidade federal de pelotas