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[ TEO ] Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology
"Everything we have built will only maintain its value if,
and as long as, it is committed to the construction of the future - a future we must visualize by capably identifying the trends with which we must interact proactively. In other words, we must anticipate their impact and change them when necessary to suit our objectives and follow the path set by our Shareholders." Dear reader,
The year 2008 began in an atmosphere of uncertainty, with signs of trouble ahead. And it came, resulting in a global economic meltdown in the second half of the year. But there was good news as well. Braving that climate of fear and uncertainty, Braskem successfully concluded two deals to extend the USD 1.2-billion loan obtained the previous year to acquire the Ipiranga Group's petrochemicals assets. The company achieved this feat because it had won the trust of Brazilian and international investors and major banks that were familiar with Braskem's track record. Both operations have received a major accolade – Latin Finance magazine's Deal of the Year award.
The Braskem financial team's efforts were rewarded and recognized because, from the very start, they were confident that difficult times could be overcome with audacity, competence and credibility. This mindset is not only prevalent at Braskem but throughout the Odebrecht Group. And this is how the organization will continue growing in the situations that are currently arising in several different countries and impacting the entire world in increasingly unpredictable ways. The Group's overarching aim remains the same: providing more and better service to its clients, wherever they may be, and whatever they may require. Clients like Petrobras, which is carrying out an extensive project to retrofit and expand the production capacity of its Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery in the state of Paraná, building eight new industrial units at once. Petrobras is doing what needs to be done for Brazil, and Odebrecht takes great pride in being part of that effort.
When placing their expertise, experience and spirit of service at their clients' disposal, engineering and construction contractors also have the crucial mission of collaborating with national development initiatives. In Venezuela, Odebrecht's teams are doing just that by participating in the construction of the Los Teques Metro system in the populous Altos Mirandinos area. Line 1 officially opened in November, symbolizing the Venezuelan people's determination to improve their mass transit infrastructure. Line 2 is currently under construction, reaffirming that resolve.
As 2009 begins, the global economy is still going through a period of uncertainty and doubt. But nations must keep growing, because the people who live in and build those countries have dreams to fulfill and lives to live. As long as there are people who are dedicated to making those dreams come true, life on this planet will continue to prevail, with all its power and fascination. Odebrecht Informa wishes all its readers a happy 2009.
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[ thoughts ]
"My father taught me and my siblings that work is man's mission on earth, and that knowledge is the only treasure you can share with others without being the poorer for it." responsible for corporate communication at odebrecht s.a.
José Henrique Steckelberg (OI-139) – 2008
Márcio Polidoro responsible for editorial programs at odebrecht S.A.
Karolina Gutiez "Working with clients, joint-venture "We believe it is perfectly possible to business area coodinators partners and vast numbers of contractors, combine productivity and environmental Marco Antônio Antunes Pereira users and the community in general preservation without increasing the costs engineering & construction and provides an opportunity to put the of a business venture, as long as the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology environmental issues are included in the Nelson Letaif chemicals & petrochemicals into practice, and ensure the client's project planning and form part of the Miucha Andrade satisfaction in the broadest sense." Action Programs of everyone involved." sugar, ethanol and bioenergy Carlos Fernando Anastácio (OI-38) – 1986 Wolney Longhini (OI-78) – 1996 editorial coordination Versal Editores "A country – a living organism – is as "We export intelligence, and at the strong as its small, medium-sized and same time, we take Brazil's culture to José Enrique Barreiro large businesses. Companies and groups the countries in which we operate. of companies are only as productive as the Because we work on long-term projects, Cláudio Lovato Filho knowledge, expertise and skills of the we eventually become an integral part english translation by people who comprise them." of our local communities. This capacity H. Sabrina Gledhill Norberto Odebrecht (OI-87) –1998 for interaction is what sets Brazilians apart – it is a competence that results "Every project must be consistently from the fact that Brazil is a art graphic production Rogério Nunes managed, and that is only achieved when multicultural country." the company that manages that project Roberto Dias (OI-112) – 2004 Adilson Secco has assimilated the client's idea and electronic publishing ensures that it is carried out. That way, Maria Celia Olivieri work will flow more productively, with Juliana Olivieri pre-press/printing by Antonio Pires (OI-103) – 2002 Originally published in The reflecTions of odebrechT members, former members, parTners and clienTs, Also available in Spanish. published in previous issues of Odebrecht InfOrma magazine.
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4 Real-estate ventures
Clients take delivery of two new developments – Vale do Loire and Quintas de Sauípe 8 Sanitation
Highlights of Salvador's second marine outfall include technological innovations and environmental safeguards 12 Sports
Braskem reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix 16 Finance
Braving the turbulent global economy, Braskem successfully completes a complex fundraising operation 20 Industry
Petrobras's Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery is retrofitted and expanded to increase its production capacity 30 Venezuela
The completion of Line 1 of the Los Teques Metro makes life easier for residents of the populous Altos Mirandinos area 38 Culture
The Porto Alegre Book Fair, Latin America's largest outdoor literary event, marks its 54th anniversary 40 A newly published book presents the definitive edition of Brazil's first colonial history
42 Sustainable development
The Participatory Governance and Community Development Studies and Practices Center opens in northeastern Brazil cover photo
Founded in 1944, the Odebrecht Group is active
in Engineering & Construction, Chemicals &
Petrochemicals, and Sugar & Ethanol.
Its 78,000 members and sub-contractors are present in
South, Central and North America, the Caribbean, Africa,
Europe and the Middle East, and carry out social and
cultural projects in the communities where the Group
operates. The touchstone for each individual Group

Los teQUes Metro
member's work is Odebrecht's entrepreneurial philosophy,
which was engendered and improved through practice.

The core principles of this philosophy are having
confi dence in people, ensuring the Client's satisfaction,

practicing decentralization and partnership among
our members, guaranteeing shareholder returns and
reinvesting the results achieved.

Building the tunnel for Line 2 of the n
. 140 vol

rePar: BUILDING 8 reFINery
Los Teques Metro in Venezuela.
UNIts at oNCe
BrasKeM raIses FUNDs
wIth MeGa DeaL
CIty oF saLvaDor Gets
seCoND MarINe oUtFaLL
Photo by Eduardo Barcellos odebrecht informa [ 3 ]

[ real-estate ventures ]
A place to live the dream
built in harmony (108 apartments) and Quintas de Sauípe written by Fabiana Cabral photos by Adriano Ribeiro [ Vale do Loire,
in Salvador, Bahia:
two towers recreating the
French Neoclassical style ]

[ 4 ] odebrecht informa

"When I first saw Vale do Loire, I was delighted by all the infrastructure it has to offer. There's nothing else like it in Salvador!" Married to Lúcia Helena, who has a business degree, and the father of Vitor, 6, and Vitória, 3, esthetic dermatologist Osmilton Souto Brandão is clearly pleased as he shows off his family's new home. He observes that loca-tion, infrastructure and quality of life were the key factors behind his decision to leave his apartment in the northeast- [ Osmilton Brandão:
ern Brazilian city of Salvador's tony Corredor da Vitória area spending more time
with his family ]

for the new Odebrecht Empreendimentos Imobiliários (OEI) apartment complex in the Horto Florestal district. "I know it will be a terrific place for my kids to grow up in. I'll be able magazine during a break in a meeting. "Based on that sug- to spend more time at home on weekends, so I can enjoy my gestion, we surveyed the clients we wanted to focus on, and family more," says the doctor.
found that many of them already gone there for some sort OEI delivered the Vale do Loire complex to its clients at of celebration. In other words, they associated the Loire 8 pm on October 2, 2008. Inspired by castles in the Loire Valley with joy and pleasure." Valley, France, the two apartment towers – Château Amboise Eduardo Pedreira observes: "The process of conceptual- and Château Cheverny – reflect the French Neoclassical style izing a project involves two components – creating expecta- in a design created by architect Antônio Caramelo.
tions and meeting the challenge of surpassing them. We used The two 27-storey towers contain a total of 108 apart- a great deal of intuition to sense our clients' needs. It was cru- ments, each with four en-suite bedrooms, and Top House- cial to fulfill a dream that goes far beyond market standards." style penthouses. "The Top House concept is simply an inver- For two and a half years, 800 company members sion of the traditional penthouse, which has bedrooms on worked on the project at an accelerated pace. The details of the lower floor and the pool area on the upper floor. It's like the architectural design required special attention. According having a house on top of an apartment building," explains to André Basto, the officer Responsible for Construction, one Eduardo Pedreira, the OEI officer Responsible for Real-Estate of the biggest challenges was using porcelain mini-tiles to Developments in the state of Bahia.
face the buildings. These rigid materials are frequently used "OEI wants to makes its client's wishes come true for finishing work in the city of Salvador. "Unlike São Paulo, while optimizing the design. We are selling a shared dream. where the finishing is done with textures and paint, they use Living in Vale do Loire is like having your first home at a re- facing tiles in Salvador because of the high salinity and hu- sort," says OEI Bahia Djean Cruz proudly.
midity levels in that city." The complex has a 54,470-sq.m built-up area, includ- The decision to use PVC for balcony doors and windows ing covered courtyards, four social areas, two pools (one also took the humidity and salinity of Salvador's tropical cli- with 25-meter lanes), a "chateau" for events, with a recep- mate into account. "That's the hallmark of a luxury construc- tion room, a game room with pool and card tables, a cyber tion project," underscores André. He explains that using PVC café and video room and 18-seat movie theater, dry and instead of aluminum is a widespread practice in high-end steam saunas, massage rooms, a gym, a relaxation room, homes in other Brazilian states, but the thermoplastic mate- two tennis courts, a soccer pitch, a squash court, a Gourmet rial is not generally used in luxury apartment buildings.
space, a yoga area and a walking and running track.
Personalizing the apartments was another challenge for the team that built Vale do Loire. Because 80% of designs Leafing through a magazine
were modified, a special team of engineers and architects Djean Cruz recalls that the idea of recreating the worked directly with the owners to meet the demand with- Loire Valley came up when the team was leafing through a out putting the project behind schedule.
odebrecht informa [ 5 ]
Boulevard Side:
Launched in July 2008, the Boulevard Side apartment complex in Salvador, Bahia, will include the Mercure brand and the concept of service apartments. On November 14, Odebrecht Empreendimentos Imobiliários (OEI) announced its partnership with Accor Brazil to manage the complex on Tancredo Neves Ave. [ Mylena and Humberto: attracted to
The owners of the 324 units, Quintas de Sauípe by its facilities and services ]
including one- and two-bedroom apartments and lofts, will be The precautions being taken to protect the environment while the construc- offered optional services such as a tion work was going on include dealing with pests and planting trees. "We didn't 24-hour reception desk, janitorial cut into the soil to avoid killing specific types of vegetation. The infrastructure has services and housekeeping, security been adapted to the original local plant life," explains Djean Cruz. Solar power is and valet parking. "Thanks to this used to heat water. The OEI team adapted the building roofs so they could be partnership, the owners can use equipped with solar panels, and Coelba (the power company in the State of Bahia) the service apartment system according to their needs and pay Vale do Loire's success reflects the increasing quality the company has per use," explains Franklin Mira, achieved, particularly by ensuring client loyalty. "There are several factors behind the officer Responsible for successful real-estate developments, including meeting consumers' needs and en- Marketing and Sales at OEI Bahia. suring our brand's credibility, which makes all the difference," says Djean Cruz.
Accor will also manage long-stay services – an option available to Second homes
owners who prefer to use the The OEI team's sensitivity and market know-how are also clearly evident in service apartment system for more the Quintas de Sauípe project, a development delivered on October 25, 2008. than six months at a time. Located in the Sauípe Destination, also in the state of Bahia, this 466,000-sq.m gat- After the partnership was ed community is right next to Grande Laguna, a lagoon that gives access to the announced, investor demand rose beach and is surrounded by nature on all sides.
strongly and sales increased. "The Named in honor of the large number of Portuguese clients who own homes service apartment system sets this in Casas de Sauípe (OEI's first residential development in that area), Quintas de venture apart, offering more value Sauípe is located in an Environmental Protection Area (APA). According to Eduardo added," observes Franklin. The Pedreira, the allowed occupation rate for an APA is 30%, but the venture takes up Boulevard Side apartment complex just 15% of the preserve.
will be delivered by April 2012. It is Swathes of green with golf cart trails form the backdrop for the 163 homes, part of a development that also each of which has four en-suite bedrooms and a swimming pool. There are no walls includes an office building. between the houses. Each lot is set off by a hedgerow, encouraging homeowners to become good neighbors. "Right now, second homes (vacation and weekend retreats) 6 ] odebrecht
have a special appeal. In addition to being spacious, they must come with services attached," says Djean Cruz. "Who wouldn't want to live in Sauípe, with its village, club, la-goon and ocean?" Facilities and services like the club and restaurant, game room and delicatessen, tennis, squash and multipur-pose playing courts, soccer pitch, children's playgrounds, spa, gym and weight room, miniature golf course and piers for water sports weighed heavily in Humberto Teixeira's and Mylena Araújo's decision to make Quintas de Sauípe their first summer home after 15 years of marriage. "We were amazed by the club. We thought it would have lots of options, but it was even better than we had imagined," says Humberto. "We wanted a place where we could have family her gated community. Now, she is working on the pay-per- gatherings and enjoy recreational and leisure activities, use services that will be offered there. "We will organize a while staying close to Salvador," says Mylena.
calendar of social events for 2009 so the residents can get The administrator of her apartment building, she to know each other," says Mylena, clearly excited at the used her experience to help find and hire the manager for odebrecht informa [ 7 ]
[ sanitation ]
Meeting a growing city's needs
Salvador's second marine outfall will benefit 1.9 million people written by Leonardo Maia
photos by Holanda Cavalcanti
Thirty-three years have gone by since Odebrecht built Salvador, Bahia's first marine outfall in the Rio Vermelho district. Today, thanks to the city's rapid expansion, that pipeline is operating at maximum capacity. A new out-fall situated further up the Atlantic coast in the Boca do Rio district, closer to the state capital of Bahia's highest-growth area, has become an urgent necessity. Now that Empresa Baiana de Águas e Saneamento (Embasa), the state water com-pany, and Concessionária Jaguaribe S.A. (a concession com-pany formed by Odebrecht Infrastructure Investments and Construtora Norberto Odebrecht) have signed the contract for the Jaguaribe Ocean Disposal System (Jaguaribe ODS) proj-ect, about 1.9 million people will stand to benefit. The amount of treated sewage will rise from the current 76% to 88% by 2010, and the goal is to reach the 96% mark by 2012, which is a high percentage for most major Brazilian cities.
Urban Development Master Plan, the city will grow in the di- Begun in late May 2008, the project includes the con- rection of the Paralela area, where a large number of projects struction of the on-land portion of the outfall – a 1,300-m con- are already underway. This is a very important project for crete-lined tunnel – and the 3,600-m marine portion comprised Salvador, and because Odebrecht is creating a specific area for of a tunnel and 3,200 m of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Sanitation Works, this contract fits in perfectly with that ini- pipe. The contract also calls for expanding the Saboeiro sewage tiative," observes Concessionária Jaguaribe Director Raul pumping plant, building a pre-treatment plant and installing Ribeiro. He also notes that, once it is up and running, the the pressurized system connecting the two, which will make it Jaguaribe ODS will be operated by Odebrecht Environmental possible to divert some of the sewage now disposed of through Engineering (OEA), a recently created Group subsidiary. the Rio Vermelho outfall to the new system in Jaguaribe. Embasa President Abelardo de Oliveira underscores the Designed to handle up to 5.9 cu.m per second of sewage, the importance of this new project: "We are working hard to pro- pre-treatment plant will initially process roughly 3 cu.m per vide universal sanitation services, thereby improving public second because Embasa plans to issue a new tender in 2009 for health and the quality of life of our citizens and helping re- the Paralela sewage interceptor works and a sewer system for store the environment, particularly by cleaning up our rivers. the town of Lauro de Freitas in the Salvador metropolitan area Furthermore, this new outfall is key to ensuring the safe op- that will connect it with the Jaguaribe ODS. The pre-treatment eration of the entire sewer system, because it will absorb part plant will only come close to reaching its maximum processing of the sewage currently discharged through the Rio Vermelho capacity after those projects have been completed.
outfall," he explains.
"The Rio Vermelho outfall can no longer handle all the When the tender was first issued in June 2006, this proj- sewage produced in the city of Salvador. In keeping with its ect was the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for sanitation [ 8 ] odebrecht informa
[ Modern times: 3,200 m of the 3,600-m
outfall will consist of high-density
polyethylene pipe ]

works in Brazil. However, the concession agreement was only struction project's impact on the local community. To that inked on December 27 of that year, after the PPP contract for end, the concession company's teams developed a special tun- the Rio Claro sanitation system in São Paulo – another nel construction method that is virtually invisible to the gen- Odebrecht project – had been signed. The private sector has eral public. It involves the use of pipe-jacking equipment that invested heavily in sanitation works ever since, which led to is similar to the massive tunnel-boring machine (TBM) the decision to create Odebrecht Environmental Engineering Odebrecht is using to build tunnels for the São Paulo Metro, in 2007. Thanks to the PPP model, Brazil is steadily reducing but on a smaller scale. The only above-ground construction its water and sewer deficit. works required for the on-land portion of the outfall will be "The philosophy behind this partnership is interesting, four manholes that will be used as entrances for the pipe-jack- as an additional way of financing the construction of sanita- ing equipment and allow for occasional inspections and main- tion works and providing related services, particularly for fi- tenance. Made in Germany, the equipment will only be re- nal sewage disposal," says Abelardo de Oliveira. Through this moved from the tunnel 400 m from the beach after crossing partnership, OEA will run the Jaguaribe ODS for 15 years, the surf zone, when the concrete pipe will be coupled to the while receiving monthly payments of BRL 3.385 million from HDPE pipeline with a "spool." Embasa, part of which will be used to repay the loan from the The construction works have been planned to ensure Caixa Econômica Federal bank.
the convenience of motorists and pedestrians on Jorge Amado Avenue (the on-land portion passes underneath that roadway). The tunnel also eliminates the need to set up Concessionária Jaguaribe's main concern when design- an industrial jobsite on the shore and install a metal pier ing Salvador's latest marine outfall was to minimize the con- and a 400-m temporary bridge, which would have had an odebrecht informa [ 9 ]
environmental impact on Artists' Beach, which is also on obstacle. Removing the pipe-jacking equipment from the wa- the outfall's route. ter is another delicate operation. This will be one of the first In addition to introducing technological innovations, times it has ever been carried out in Brazil. We are counting the concessionaire has always focused on the complete safe- on the know-how and efficiency of our team and have brought ty of everyone involved in the project. "Safety has always in experts from Germany to operate the equipment," says come first in the Action Program for this contract manage- Roberto Santos, who has worked on two other Odebrecht out- ment team, along with safeguards to ensure quality, protect fall projects, one in the city of Maceió, Alagoas, and the other the environment and maintain good relations with the com- in Camaçari, Bahia, which is owned by Cetrel. The process of munity. We must never underestimate the risks on a con- sinking the pipe will be carried out between December 2008 struction project, especially one that involves several under- and February 2009, when typical ocean conditions are ideal, sea tasks. We are maximizing quality by using cutting-edge and will represent the peak of the project, when about 500 construction methods to ensure that this project is a bench- company members will be mobilized.
mark for this market," explains Délio Galvão, the first Project Once the outfall is fully operational, which is expect- Director for the Jaguaribe ODS, who was replaced by Roberto ed to happen by March 30, 2010 – two months ahead of Santos in November 2008.
schedule – treated sewage will be disposed of in the sea af- "The pipe-jacking method is used all over the world for ter being processed at the pre-treatment facility to remove this kind of project. Here in Brazil, it's also being used to all solid matter. About 3,500 m from the coast at a water build the Praia Grande outfall (another Odebrecht project). depth of 45 m, the organic liquid will be diluted in the But our equipment is the only one of its kind in Brazil, be- briny deeps. The discharge site was chosen after extensive cause it's designed to drill through mixed soils, like rock and studies that took into account the behavior of ocean tides sand," explains Jorge Ocke, the officer Responsible for and currents in that region. Construction. At the point where the pipe-jacking The successful effort to find the best construction equipment will be removed, 400 m from the coast, method for this project has helped develop a harmonious the four 800-m sections of pipe welded at the Mapele relationship with the client. "Odebrecht builds its projects Shipyard in Aratu Bay will be coupled to the tunnel. with the most advanced technologies available. Its manage- These sections will be transported 42 km by sea to ment model and the experience it has acquired in Brazil and the spot where the ocean outfall begins.
other countries are also important factors. Our relationship "The ocean must be as calm as possible has met our expectations. We are keeping a close eye on the when the pipeline is sunk onto the seabed. Our construction works and related environmental and social biggest challenge is getting through the surf projects, which are entirely satisfactory," stresses Embasa zones, and the cross currents will be the biggest President Abelardo de Oliveira.
[ One of the manholes used to introduce
pipe-jacking equipment: the only direct
intervention in the on-land section of the marine outfall ]
[ 10 ] odebrecht informa
[ Children from
the Bate Facho
and civic spirit ]

Programs protect the water, soil and air
The terms of the Environmental Permit issued by the Tilley hats (caps with neck covers) from seamstresses in Bate Facho Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural to protect workers from the hot sun while building the outfall. Resources (Ibama) for the Jaguaribe ODS include the development "This project has been terrific for us because it brings the of a Basic Environmental Plan made up of 15 programs. information right to our door and is making our community Concessionária Jaguaribe is carrying out the required programs, better known. I have a godson who is working on the outfall and issues six-monthly follow-up reports on all of them. They project. It's his first job, and he's very happy because he gets a include monitoring local wildlife, and the quality of the air, water regular paycheck every month. Young people need a chance in life and sediments, as well as environmental compensation and so they won't get involved in drugs and prostitution," argues management programs and the restoration of degraded areas. Cremilda Anunciação, President of the Bate Facho Residents' Concessionária Jaguaribe has hired Sonia de Faria to carry out its community-related projects, such as environmental education and Another highlight of the project's community outreach public relations programs. Sonia has a degree in social work, and programs is the Environmental Education Course in Sanitation, is responsible for keeping the community up to date and handling offered through a partnership with the University of the State of suggestions, complaints and requests. Bahia (UNEB). Divided into 10 modules, this 120-hour course is The Bate Facho community is one of the jobsite's closest intended for local public school teachers and community leaders. neighbors. "This is an impoverished area with a high "The main aim of this environmental education program unemployment rate. We have sought out residents' associations, is grooming multipliers to act in formal settings, like schools, as local leaders, state schools and religious institutions in this and well as informal ones, like the community itself. We discuss other communities, in addition to merchants on Jorge Amado subjects like the basics of ecology, water resources and sanitation, Avenue. They have all been very receptive. We are also in direct water and diseases, environmental impacts and new contact with fisherman, stall owners and visitors to Artists' technologies," explains Sonia. Maria de Jesus, the Community Beach, in order to deal with any impacts or inconveniences the Health Agent in Bate Facho, is one of the people taking the course: project might cause," says Sonia. "I have great expectations of learning more and more and Examples of the programs that Concessionária Jaguaribe is sharing what I've learned with the community. I've visited carrying out include offering talks on the progress of the project; Odebrecht's headquarters building twice and heard all about the distributing informative leaflets; forming a partnership with the work being done by Norberto Odebrecht. I can see that Odebrecht Ecostations Environmental Education Program at Odebrecht's is a company that is going to help us. It has a very strong Salvador headquarters; and outsourcing services such as ordering humanitarian side." o odebrecht informa [ 11 ]
[ sports ]
Green commitment goes full throttle
A Brazilian Grand Prix sponsor, Braskem presents the winners with trophies made from green plastic
written by Eliana Simonetti photos by Fernando Maia/ Agência O Globo
Technology at the service of speed. Formula 1 race Braskem developed the green polymer in Triunfo, Rio cars can reach up to 350 km per hour, and there are 500 Grande do Sul, and is planning to produce it on an indus- sensors and control buttons on the steering wheels alone. trial scale by 2011. But its pilot plant was immediately put There is no shortage of expertise and adrenaline. The into action to supply two slabs of the material – enough to teams' pit crews change tires in a flash and perform split- make the 15 trophies required for the Brazilian Grand Prix. second repairs. The drivers need to perceive the risks While the team at the plant was gearing up for the task, they're exposed to immediately, and take decisions and another group visited Niemeyer at his office in Rio de react without hesitation.
Janeiro. Their conversation was brief. The architect cheer- During the three Grand Prix Brazil championship rac- fully produced the design for the trophy in just 15 seconds es held prior to 2008, the winners took home silver-plated – a circle, like the steering wheel of a Grand Prix race car, trophies that stand 57 cm high and weigh 3.6 kilos. Each with an internal component reminiscent of the pillars at prize took a month to manufacture. In the most recent race Alvorada Palace – the Brazilian President's official resi- held in November 2008, the spectacle on the race track was dence, which he designed along with the rest of the city of breathtaking – a beautiful race run with tremendous skill in Brasilia. "The Alvorada columns are very Brazilian and are the cockpits, and adrenaline flowing freely in the racecars, copied around the world," explained Niemeyer.
boxes and stands. As a crowning touch, when rewarding the The next step was to obtain the authorization of the best combinations of speed and technology, a different kind International Automobile Federation (FIA). Once that was of trophy was presented this time around – a symbol of a done, and the right specifications had been established, the new era, not just for Formula 1 but for modern life in gener- green plastic blocks for each trophy were shaped. However, al. It is a story that merits telling.
sculpting them was another challenge. To overcome it, Braskem called in partners whose factories already had the A casual conversation
equipment needed to produce the necessary molds quickly It all started during a meeting of Braskem leaders and and precisely (this was the case with the Federal Technical partners a month before the race. During a break, "green Education Center – Cefet in Sapucaia, Greater Porto Alegre), plastic" and the "Brazilian Grand Prix" came up casually in as well as special saws and plastic milling units and experi- conversation, mentioned in the same breath. That is how the enced professionals. Fifteen machines would have to go off- idea was born for Braskem to sponsor the race and make tro- line for 13 hours straight to do the job and bring Niemeyer's phies for race-car drivers and constructors out of green plas- design to life – producing trophies weighing about 4 kilos tic. This material is being developed in the company's labs at apiece and standing 50 cm high. the Triunfo Petrochemical Complex in southern Brazil, and because it is made from sugarcane ethanol, is environmen- Moving and astonishing
tally sustainable and used instead of petroleum-based plas- The trophies were ready less than a week before the tic, it has been officially recognized and is receiving a warm race. Some of them were put on public display as soon as the welcome. But there was more – the trophies would also be a trials began to determine the starting grid. "As a Brazilian tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, on the eve of company, it makes us very proud to present the results of his 101st birthday. persistent investments in technology committed to sustain- [ 12 ] odebrecht informa
[ Felipe Massa holding the trophy
made by Braskem: the Brazilian
driver won the race ]

ability at an international event in a pioneering fashion," Massa kept that distance for most of the race, especial- said Braskem's Entrepreneurial Leader (CEO), Bernardo ly after the twelfth lap, and it looked like the Brazilian would Gradin, when presenting the resulting products to the me- win the world title. Hamilton was not in the top five. But dia in São Paulo. "With these trophies, Braskem is creatively then a heavy shower drenched the autodrome and the driv- reaffirming its commitment to sustainable development ers all made a pit stop to change tires. The stands went quiet. while using cutting-edge technology." In the final lap, Hamilton was still in sixth place. But then, at As a result, before the starting flag came down, the last corner, he put his foot down and came in fifth. After Braskem's 140 guests, the 140,000 people who watched the a 5,480-km race, the world title was decided in the last 700 race at the Interlagos F1 track, and the millions who watched meters. Massa strode to the top of the podium for the the race on TV knew Brazil was a champ. This was due to the Brazilian GP, and was vice champion in 2008.
innovation that came with the trophies – which did not con- Made from Braskem's green plastic, the Niemeyer tro- tain the sponsor's logo, like they usually do. In an email to phies were presented to Felipe Massa, Spanish driver Odebrecht Informa, Oscar Niemeyer wrote: "Architecture and Fernando Alonso (second place), and Kimi Raikkonen of works of art should be moving and astonishing. I think this Finland (third place), as well as to Ferrari, which won the trophy has all the hallmarks of astonishment." constructors' title. "This is the best and it was the toughest race of my life," said Hamilton at a press conference after the The Massa-Hamilton duel
trophies were handed out.
Held on the afternoon of November 2, the race was full Wilson Cataldi, one of Braskem's biggest clients, of thrills and surprises. Brazilian F1 star Felipe Massa led the joined the company's guests at the autodrome. He rides pack from beginning to end. But he needed to do more than motorbikes, and is crazy about cars. In 26 years, he has that to become the world champion: there had to be five cars never missed a Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos. His between him and the British champ, Lewis Hamilton, to beat nerves were more or less under control for the first two the total number of points the Englishman had scored dur- hours. He even went out for a snack. But during the last ing the 2008 F1 season. few laps, he kept looking back and forth from the track to odebrecht informa [ 13 ]
[ Dead heat: Brazilian GP had
one of the most thrilling
finales in the history of
Formula 1 racing ]
the TV screen in front of him. Cataldi broke into a Brazilian GP in numbers
sweat, and yelled till he was red in the face. "I've never suffered that much during a race!" • 140,000 people filled the stands at Interlagos to watch the The business leader and racing fan recalled that 2008 race, including 85,000 tourists – 12,000 of them, 2007 was also a thrilling season. All that was missing was the pleasure of seeing a Brazilian get close to win- • 90% of São Paulo hotel rooms were occupied during the ning the championship. A newcomer to F1, by the weekend of the race. The hotel, restaurant, transport and time Hamilton had reached the Brazilian Grand Prix food sectors earned BRL 230 million – 9.52% more than the that year, he was just four points ahead of his fellow previous year.
McLaren teammate, Fernando Alonso, who is a two- • 7,000 people (80% women) worked at the Interlagos time world champion. But Hamilton spun out and Autodrome on the day of the race, taking care of fell back to last place at the beginning of the race. In organization, security and cleaning. The event is estimated to the end, Kimi Raikkonen, who had been seven places have indirectly created an additional 3,000 temporary jobs.
behind Hamilton, had won the first title in his career • Every Brazilian real invested in the Brazilian GP brought in that year. "It was very exciting, but nothing compared BRL 3.20 for the city of São Paulo to 2008," says Cataldi.
• 12 trips between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – that is the All around him, clients and partners in the busi- equivalent distance the competitors in the Brazilian Grand ness world who share his love of sports agreed. They Prix traveled in 71 laps at Interlagos left Interlagos feeling satisfied and victorious, because • 9 of the 35 GPs held in Brazil were won by Brazilians: Emerson of the titles Felipe Massa had won and the trophy – a Fittipaldi (1973 and 1974), Nelson Piquet (1983 and 1986), green work of art. On the way back to their hotel, they Ayrton Senna (1991 and 1993), Carlos Pace (1975) and Felipe were already planning to have copies made and put Massa (2006 and 2008).
them on display at their company headquarters. o [ 14 ] odebrecht informa
[ profile ]
A career's passionate
Music is one of Marcelo Cerqueira's greatest
inspirations in life and work
written by Danielle Espósito photo by Élvio Luis

Born in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, Marcelo Cerqueira has been a chemical engineer for 20 years. The Industrial Director of Braskem's Vinyls Unit since working at one of the companies at the Chlor-Chemical September 2008, he divides his time between his family, his Complex then being established in Alagoas. "That massive work in the states of Alagoas, Bahia and São Paulo – where project fascinated me, just like music. They are very the Vinyls Unit's factories are located – and music.
different things, music and the petrochemical industry, but When asked what he loves most in life, he says: "I've oddly enough, they complete me." He got a degree in been married for 18 years and have three lovely daughters. I chemical engineering, and when he had the chance to work also have a beautiful relationship with music. It's been part in the ethanol-chemical industry, he didn't think twice. "I of my life and a source of inspiration ever since I can made a decision that determined what my professional life would be like from that time forward." Marcelo still finds time for the loves of his life, despite Although he chose not to follow a musical career, all a busy schedule of business meetings and travel, and the these years later his passion and fascination for music are action program he recently took on at the company he undiminished. "I feel a thrill whenever I hear an orchestra joined in 1989. He also seeks out new things to do that will playing. I think music can help us tremendously. Without a result in good experiences. One of his most notable doubt, it has inspired me to take the decisions I've made so activities is his contact with the communities in the vicinity far and will continue to influence my future decisions." of Braskem factories and his involvement in the copmany's And he adds: "I also believe in social inclusion through music. I am rooting for the young flautists in the Lagoa Viva His interest in these activities intensified when he program, while supporting them and following their met the group of young flautists from Lagoa Viva (Living progress. I think music can help build a better world for Lagoon), a Braskem program that has been working with these boys and girls from low-income communities and the community in the Pontal da Barra region of Alagoas turn them into entrepreneurs, as the Odebrecht since 2003. He was charmed. "It took me way back to when I Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) teaches us." was a kid, a very young boy, watching a TV commercial Marcelo sticks to his favorite subject and presents a where a group of boys played the flute," he recalls. theory: "If I had to suggest a piece of music that is a true Life takes curious turns. For those who believe in masterwork, I'd say it was Bach's ‘Air on a G String.' It is coincidence, Marcelo played the flute as a child. His beautiful and simple at the same time. It was meant to be interest in music grew and he went on to play the violin. It played on just one string of the violin. It is the affirmation didn't take long for him to join an orchestra. "At the time, I that beauty can arise from simple things." was living in Espírito Santo and traveling at least once a Marcelo says he feels fulfilled, but he still wants more. month to perform in concerts in rural towns in that state. "My family, music and profession are all dreams I've Then I continued performing when I returned to Alagoas. It managed to realize," he says. "But I've always wanted to visit every continent in the world. I've even set up an action plan While playing in the orchestra and being intensely to make that happen," he observes. Marcelo Cerqueira has involved with music, Marcelo also nurtured the ambition of what it takes to dream and make his dreams come true. o odebrecht informa [ 15 ]
[ finance ]
[ Marcela Drehmer:
"In economics and finance,
the unpredictability factor should
never be overlooked" ]

Credibility trumps turbulence
The company's track record and the trust of banks and investors enabled Braskem successfully
to carry out a major fundraising operation on the international market
written by Thereza Martins photos by Eduardo Beleske

As 2008 started out, there was a sense of uncer- more than enough to refinance the loan taken out to ac- tainty. Investors were already hedging their bets. Then, by quire Ipiranga and Copesul, the ethylene plant at the the third quarter, signs of turbulence appeared in the world's Triunfo Petrochemical Complex in southern Brazil. These leading economies. But despite those challenging circum- deals have also received two awards from Latin Finance mag- stances, Braskem negotiated two loan operations to extend azine in the Best Corporate Bond and Best Syndicated Loan the period of a USD 1.2-billion loan obtained in 2007 to ac- quire the Ipiranga Group's petrochemical assets. In other "In addition to obtaining the desired resources, we times, these deals would have been a cakewalk. But all the got excellent interest rates and terms," observes Braskem indicators and analyses showed that a credit crunch was in Financial Director Marcela Drehmer. "Our best arguments the offing – and in mid-October, those dire forecasts came and biggest trump cards during our negotiations with the true. However, the sense of opportunity of major internation- banks and investors were our company's good name and al and Brazilian banks prevailed, along with their confidence consistent track record." in Braskem's fundamentals and the perception that the ac- The Finance Team began planning the Eurobond is- quisition of Ipiranga's petrochemical assets had catapulted sue and export pre-payment (EPP) operations in the second the company to new heights of competitiveness. half of 2007. That year, Braskem had obtained a USD 1.2-bil- The hard work and dedication of Braskem's financial lion loan from three banks – Calyon, Citibank and team paid off. On October 10, the company announced it Santander – to acquire Ipiranga's petrochemical assets in had raised USD 75 million through 19 banks in 10 differ- partnership with Petrobras. Those assets included Ipiranga ent countries. That amount, added to the USD 500 million Petroquímica, Ipiranga Química and Copesul (Companhia in long-term Eurobonds sold in the first half of 2008, was Petroquímica do Sul). [ 16 ] odebrecht informa
The USD 1.2-billion loan was payable in two years and In December, she went on maternity leave. After came due in October 2009. In the financial world, the fi- enjoying some quality time with her first child, Matheus, nancing negotiated by Braskem and the three banks is she went back to work on April 30, 2008. Then, after an- known as a bridge loan because of its main features: it is other month of waiting and watching, the long-expect- short-term financing that makes it possible to carry out a ed moment arrived. The group of experts involved in business transaction – in this case, the acquisition – imme- the operation split up into two teams and set off for the diately, while providing enough breathing room to negoti- US and Europe to take part in numerous meetings with ate long-term loans. Once those operations are concluded, banks, investment funds and private banking represen- the bridge loan is paid with the funds eventually raised.
tatives specialized in managing major fortunes.
"When Braskem obtained the bridge loan, there During meetings with prospective investors, was a great deal of liquidity in the market and the terms Braskem offered them its Eurobonds. The initial aim negotiated by our colleague Michael Machado (then a was to raise USD 400 million, but the demand was four member of the Braskem Finance Team and now working times greater and reached USD 1.8 billion. Braskem in- at ETH Bioenergy) were very good," recalls Marcela creased the bond issue to USD 500 million and finally, Drehmer. "The loan cost less than what CVRD had paid on May 31, the operation was successfully concluded. for a previous transaction, and the two-year period was a Fifty-one percent of the investors are American, 38% are significant improvement on the bridge loan for the pur- European and 11% are Asian. chase of Copene in 2001, which was payable in six This was the company's biggest bond operation to months. This strategy was essential in view of the severe date, at the lowest interest rate. In May, the base rate was downturn that began in the second half of 2007." And 7.5% per year. Braskem was able to close the deal at Marcela adds: "In economics and finance, the unpredict- 7.375% for a 10-year period. But a great deal happened in ability factor should never be overlooked, so as soon as the world economy between May and November 2008, we took out the bridge loan we started devising a strate- and by then those bonds were being traded at 12% on gy to extend the period of the initial loan. At the time average in the secondary market, where investors buy (the second half of 2007), the banking crisis in the United and sell bonds from each other.
States was beginning to show signs of worsening and be-coming more extensive than originally supposed." An excellent track record
Once they had concluded the Eurobond operation,
Waiting for the right moment
the Braskem Finance team could concentrate on the With the help of the company's Comptroller and Export Prepayment (EPP) challenge, which they had Legal department, Braskem's Finance team prepared the been tackling simultaneously. The aim of that transac- documents required to issue Eurobonds and began mon- tion was to raise USD 725 million based on projected itoring the market, awaiting the best opportunity to sell future exports.
them. The prospects were good. The company could pres- Under normal circumstances, the global econom- ent solid arguments to its potential investors. They in- ic scene would have had the same impact on these two cluded Braskem's history of rapid growth, the excellent operations, since they were part of a step-by-step trans- performance of its businesses and the acquisition of as- action. But 2008 was an atypical year. From one day to sets in southern Brazil scored points. Even so, the right the next, the sky would seem to fall, immediately fol- time didn't appear. There was fear and reluctance in the lowed by signs that all was not lost. By June, the mar- air. "We were hoping that a big company would issue ket was in a shambles and the cost of money had start- bonds on the international market and that there would be signs of interest on the part of investors, but nothing To carry out the EPP transaction, Braskem sought concrete materialized," says Marcela.
out the three partner banks (Calyon, Citibank and odebrecht informa [ 17 ]
[ Carlos Fadigas:
"When we sit down at
the negotiating table,
we have an excellent
track record to present" ]

Santander) that in 2007 had spearheaded the bridge loan for the acquisition of the Ipiranga Group and later helped structure the Eurobond operation. With their help, the company be-gan prospecting for business opportunities with other financial institutions. "We have a very strong partnership with these banks, which has been very helpful throughout the entire EPP operation," says Carlos Fadigas, Braskem's Vice President for Finance and Investor Relations.
This sense of confidence is generated by the transparency with which Braskem does business and publishes its results, as well as its cash gen- Weathering the storm
erating capacity and the preferential treatment it offers When the EPP operation went on the market, the its partners in regard to loans, exchange operations and consulted banks were even more demanding and uncer- other financial transactions. "The interesting thing tain about global conditions. It was essential to strike a about this relationship is that, although we are partners, balance for the transaction to attract the banks' interest there are times when we are on opposite sides," says by offering acceptable terms for them that were also con- Fadigas. "While we are defending Braskem's interests, venient for Braskem.
the banks want to structure an operation that will be By August 27, Braskem had obtained the backing of easy to sell on the market with favorable terms, attrac- eight banks, in addition to the initial three, which be- tive interest rates and not too long periods." came the lead banks for the operation. The deal, which Any conflicts of interest that arise are overcome at had been worth USD 500 million at the outset, had ob- the negotiating table with flexibility, respect, good sense tained the banks' commitment to underwrite USD 550 and convincing arguments. Here are some examples of million, thereby ensuring the commercial terms negoti- those arguments: in 2002, Braskem made USD 3.3 bil- ated – Libor interest plus 175 basis points for five years. lion, and by 2007, after five years of existence, it was In September the transaction's syndication stage be- earning USD 11 billion (exports grew roughly 35% per gan, and two more meetings were held with about 100 year during that period); its production capacity is 2.5 people representing the 50 banks invited to hear Braskem's million tonnes/year of ethylene and 3.6 million t/yr of proposal. The first was held in São Paulo on September 3, thermoplastic resins; and its market share is at 54% for followed by another in New York City two days later. As a PVC, 49% for polypropylene and 52% for polyethylene.
result of these meetings, proposals to take part in the EPP Other factors include the company's responsibility were still arriving by the end of September. Finally, the during the acquisition of the Ipiranga Group, seeking to contract was signed with another eight banks, reaching a create value for the company by seeking out synergies, total of 19 financial institutions from 10 countries.
its ability to deliver on its promises, and efforts to reduce September had ended and October began. The crisis costs. Today, thanks to its industrial units in the Brazilian hit hard. Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest investment states of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia and Alagoas, bank in the United States, had filed for bankruptcy the Braskem is one of top three listed private-sector indus- previous month. The US Government proposed a major trial companies in the country. "When we sit down at bailout for financial institutions to prevent more bank- the negotiating table, we have an excellent track record ruptcies, and the interbank lending market was frozen. to present," says Carlos Fadigas.
But Braskem's Finance team kept on with the negotia- [ 18 ] odebrecht informa
cost competitiveness, medium- and long-term strategies and financial health. It is crucial to know if they have enough cash flow to cover their level of indebtedness." This is precisely how Calyon and the other banks analyzed Braskem before closing the deal. They also looked at general aspects such as the situation of the credit market and the segment in which the company op-erates. According to David Jana, the process for Braskem was conducted in the most appropriate way possible, at the right time. "It was a success, both due to the magni-tude of the operation and the circumstances at the time. Under current market conditions, it would have been im-possible." tions, weathering the storm. As the meltdown began, the João Teixeira, Executive Vice President of Santander banks were having trouble pricing Libor futures options. shares this opinion. In his view, Braskem's high standards The company had to avoid individual debates with the of corporate governance, chairmanship and board, mar- banks or risk going back to square one in the negotia- ket leadership, operational quality and tradition of hon- tions and indefinitely delaying the final objective of oring its commitments justified the success of that opera- bringing in funds. "So we proposed an outstanding Libor tion. "It is very much to the credit of the company and rate, which was low at the time, that would be offered for the professionals who work there that, despite a turbu- the first six months, to make the EPP transaction more lent period, Braskem whetted the appetite of investors competitive and attractive to everyone concerned," re- calls Marcela Drehmer. The USD 725-million EPP operation was concluded on October 10, at Libor plus 1.75% per annum for five years and a ten-year grace period. An adjusted Libor rate EPP – Participating banks
of 5.016% per annum was approved for the first six months of the transaction. According to Marcela Drehmer, • Lead banks (USD 50m each): Calyon, Citibank and the final stretch was one of the most intense phases of the negotiations, because a new risk arose with every • Co-leaders (also USD 50m each): Banco do Brasil, passing day due to the turbulence on the global markets. BBVA, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mizuho, Natixis, "We had to be very precise. We couldn't slip up and run Sumitomo and Standard Chartered the risk of losing the banks' support. We only had one • Other banks (USD 40m to USD 10m): DZ Bank, shot at the bull's-eye." Bradesco, HSBC, KfW, Tokyo-Mitsubishi, EDC, JPMorgan and RBS/ABN Backing from the banks
In high-dollar transactions like the EPP, bankers need solid guarantees to protect their investment. David 2007 – USD-1.2bn bridge loan to acquire the Ipiranga Jana, President of Calyon of Brazil, one of the three lead banks that had supported Braskem since the beginning of May 2008 – USD-500m Eurobond issue the operation, says that companies raising funds this way October 2008 – USD 725m raised from export pre- are carefully analyzed. "First, the bankers scrutinize the payment (EPP) operation o governance of these companies, their market position, odebrecht informa [ 19 ]
[ industry ]
REPAR grows and retrofits
Petrobras is building eight industrial units simultaneously at its
Presidente Getúlio Vargas oil refinery (REPAR) to expand production capacity
written by Eliana Simonetti photos by Kraw Penas

This is the story of an innovative, productive and fortu-nate operation. That's right, fortunate. It contains all the in-gredients found in the modern business and management lit-erature. It is taking place simultaneously in the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro and Paraná. The story in question is about a contract that Conpar, a joint venture of Odebrecht, OAS and UTC, is carrying out to upgrade and expand the production capacity of southern Brazil's largest industrial complex: Petrobras's Presidente Getúlio Vargas Oil Refinery (REPAR), in Paraná. Conpar is responsible for building eight industrial units: five gasoline plants and three that produce coke (fuel derived from lignite, or oil-bearing coal), while simultaneously developing and carrying out the master plan, the civil con-struction and industrial installation works. These projects will be delivered by the second half of 2010. When they reach their peak, the joint-venture contractor will have 3,500 members working at REPAR. So far, this contract sounds like many oth-ers, but some aspects make it particularly interesting – and unique.
The first has to do with the engineering. The challenge of building eight industrial plants in a short space of time with high quality led Conpar to bring together three engineering firms and propose that they form another joint venture to de-sign the plants to ensure conceptual consistency, accuracy and speed. "Just one miscalculation involving a six-inch stainless steel line, for example, could put paid to everything that has been achieved in a year of work, and even a month's delay on a single project can result in major losses. Knowledgeable, expe-rienced professionals working as a team are an invaluable as-set, and we've decided to invest in them," explains Conpar Engineering Manager João Rochedo.
The initiative was a resounding success. PMP, a joint ven- ture of Planave, Mana and Projectus, installed itself on four 700-sq.m floors of a building in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Conpar refurbished their offices and equipped them with state-of-the-art computers and software. A total of 266 people, including 19 trainees, are now working there. Because it isn't easy to find that many experienced engineers and architects in the job market, more mature people were hired – including retired designers. Each of them works with three or four [ REPAR: adding five new gasoline
younger people who are learning their trade through experi- plants and three coke units to the
ence from day to day, as well as weekly training sessions held industrial complex by 2010 ]
in an office used as a classroom.
odebrecht informa [ 21 ]
Here is a quick description of PMP's facilities: the floors are carpeted so noise will not disturb the engineers' and ar-chitects' concentration; the office dividers are low, so the working environment will be bright and airy; and everyone has their own computer equipped with two screens, one of which is used to produce designs that are automatically in-serted into a virtual mock-up that can be seen on the other screen. It is accessible to all, so there is no chance, for exam-ple, that someone will design a pipe that runs through a point where a pillar should be.
The flow of information is also facilitated by the organization of each department: people working with mechanics and metalwork are located near the team de-signing instrumentation and electrical installations; the people designing quality systems are right next door to the team producing the civil engineering designs, and so on. Everyone does workplace workouts on a daily basis, and the engineers and architects have a shiatsu massage therapist at their disposal once a week. The work schedule is flexible: there is a 90-minute lunch break, but everyone can decide when they want to take it. The people working there are building up knowledge and friendships. The year-end party, held in a country [ Working at the refinery: simultaneously carrying out the
estate in the West End of the city, reflected the joint ven- master plan, civil construction and industrial installation ]
ture's atmosphere of team spirit and camaraderie.
New Petrobras headquarters building
Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, the lead company in a created by architects Sidonio Marcio Alves Porto, Marcio joint venture with Hochtief and Camargo Corrêa, is building Porto and Lucia Porto. The features that set it apart include Petrobras's new headquarters in the eastern Brazilian city of energy efficiency and the adoption of construction systems Vitória, Espírito Santo. Located in the Praia do Canto district, that minimize wasted materials. the complex will be made up of two towers connected by a By the time the headquarters building has been central building, a utilities center, a restaurant and two completed – by February 2010 – it will be surrounded by wings for virtual reality and data processing centers. The oil landscaped plazas with gardens and decorative ponds, giant's new HQ will have a total built area of 110,000 square equipped with recreational areas and an events center. The Virtual Reality Center will have solar panels on the roof to Made of steel and concrete prefabricated and precast convert sunlight into electricity that will either be stored in on-site, the two towers will have six stories for offices and four batteries or used immediately. Rainwater will be stored in for parking. They will be protected with a glass roof with a tanks and used for irrigation, and there will also be solar "sunscreen": protective tiles with micro-perforations. Chosen energy collectors to heat the water for the restaurant – a through a nationwide public competition, the design was circular building with a panoramic view of the gardens. [ 22 ] odebrecht informa
Learning on the job
accepted the invitation on the spot. The engineer had The oldest member of the group is Jaime Leal a heart attack a few months later and required surgery, Maneiros, who was born in Spain in 1938, and has an but he went back to work two weeks later, doing the engineering degree from the Pontifical Catholic calculations for the project's metal structure. "Work is University in Rio de Janeiro. Married with two children stimulating. The desire to get back to work helped me and two grandchildren, he was more or less retired, do- recuperate faster. And it is wonderful to be here, work- ing occasional freelance consulting work, when he was ing with state-of-the-art technology," says Jaime.
invited to join the team that would produce the engi- The youngest member is Ingrid Schwab, a neering designs for the REPAR contract. He was already 25-year-old architect from Paraná. Among other tasks, familiar with Odebrecht, having worked on two of the she has been charged with designing the media cen- company's projects for CVRD in Carajás and Pará. He ter installed at the entrance to Conpar's jobsite at the REPAR IN NUMBERS
What Conpar will install
at the refinery
10 sq. km in total area.
workers in three shifts. industrial plants (see list below).
32 million
3,600 tonnes of pipe.
liters of oil refined daily, equivalent to 200,000 bbl per day, representing 12% of Brazil's output.
640 medium-sized and large pieces of equipment.
7,600 instruments to show and monitor pressure,
of the State of Paraná's GDP is from temperature and flow, among others.
the refinery's production. 850 km of electric and instrumentation cable.
22% of taxes col ected in Paraná come from REPAR.
Industrial units under Conpar's responsibility
Cracked Naphtha Hydrodesulfurization Unit:
Hydrogen Generation Unit:
uses hydrogen to reduce sulfur content 5 fueled with exhaust gas and/or directly
in cracked naphtha. distil ed naphtha, producing 99.90%-pure hydrogen and meeting the needs Coke Naphtha Hydrotreatment Unit:
of the hydrotreatment units.
uses hydrogen to reduce sulfur content in coke naphtha. 6 Hydrotreatment Unit for Unstable Flows:
uses hydrogen to reduce the sulfur content in Naphtha Fractioning Unit:
cracked naphtha. adjusts the distil ation range of hydrotreated naphtha for three purposes: light fractioning 7 H2S – Acid Gas Removal Unit:
for petrochemical naphtha; heavy fractioning removes acid gas resulting from for diesel production; and intermediate the hydrodesulfurization of cracked naphtha fractioning for the Catalytic Reform Unit.
and hydrotreatment of coke naphtha Catalytic Reform Unit: produces a reformed
high-octane product that wil be used in gasoline 8 H2S – Coke: removes acid gas produced by the
and has a byproduct – high-purity hydrogen for process of hydrotreatment for unstable flows.
the Coke Naphtha and Cracked Naphtha units.
odebrecht informa [ 23 ]
Petrobras oil refinery. "I produced nine designs before The difference is in the details
arriving at the final version. I'm so happy here that I This is a place where the smallest detail merits at- never want to leave," she says. Now, Ingrid is working tention and has been carefully planned. For example, on the virtual mock-up – a skill she didn't learn in there are spigots and hoses installed next to the two fire hydrants on the sidewalk outside Conpar's administra- Meanwhile, in Paraná, there are other details that tion building so workers can remove the mud from their make this project stand out from the rest. For example, boots before walking through the Village. Rainwater is there is a preserved forest in the 10-sq.km perimeter collected on rooftops and used to water gardens and surrounding REPAR's facilities in the town of Araucária, flush toilets. Posters on the bathroom walls provide in the Curitiba Metropolitan Region, right next to 120- guidelines on the best way to floss and the right amount m flares and brick-and-mortar buildings replete with of toothpaste to use, as well as how to save water.
piping. The entire complex is impressive, but the most Painted red, the two-story administration building eye-catching feature for visitors to Conpar's jobsite is has a translucent roof, an internal garden that is inte- the modern, colorful facility called "Conpar Village" – grated with the desks, a ramp that provides easy access the name is engraved on the media center designed by to the upper floor, and a water cooler with a system that Ingrid Schwab.
economizes plastic cups.
[ 24 ] odebrecht informa
The tile floors and furnishings are light-colored and easy to clean and maintain. The ongoing trash collection program not only includes sites for disposing of glass, paper, metal and organic waste, but goes a step further by includ-ing wood, non-recyclable trash and contaminated waste.
In addition to Conpar's building, there is another office building for the Petrobras team responsible for su-pervising the project. Its outer wall is painted blue. The auditorium and training and educational classroom are light yellow. The huge restaurant, which can seat up to 3,500 people, is bright and airy, separated from the kitchen by a garden, and its outer wall has been painted a shade of orange. The office for the support and trans-port team is green, and the workers' changing rooms are multi-colored. There is a recreation center in the heart of Conpar Village equipped with tables and chairs, a TV set, and foosball, ping-pong and button soccer tables, where workers can relax after lunch.
"Everything has been planned with a view to pro- viding the best service to our client, and this project has cost less than it would have if we'd outsourced the con-struction of a conventional jobsite," says Renato [ The jobsite's restaurant:
Rodrigues, the CEO for Odebrecht Contracts with equipped to serve up to 3,500
Petrobras in Southern and Southeastern Brazil. He intro- people, the number of
duced this innovation during his term as Project Director, workers involved at the peak
of the project ]
which ended in early October.
"High-quality facilities like these make all the dif- ference. People's mood and productivity improve when Making internal changes to give
they are satisfied with their jobs and working in a com- special attention to Petrobras
fortable setting," says Mário Márcio Castrillon Aquino, Petrobras's Sectoral Manager for Contracts and Odebrecht's biggest client in the industrial plants and oil Installation, who has supervised the Conpar project from and gas segments, Petrobras is making massive the outset. With a workforce of 1,200, Conpar has chalked investments in those areas. To give special attention to up 1.5 million man-hours of risk exposure without a sin- that company – its client for 55 years (since the state- gle lost-time accident.
owned oil giant's inception), the Odebrecht Group By October, the installation of eight pipe racks (pre- recently made a change in its internal structure. It has assigned three CEOs specifical y to steward the Group's cast concrete support structures) was well underway. The contracts with Petrobras: Renato Rodrigues is responsible next stage involves installing the pipe. "Advanced tech- for projects in the South and Southeast of Brazil; Saulo nology and expert, satisfied pros working as a team in a Vinícius, for those in the North, Northeast and Mid-West, pleasant environment are the only way to build a project as well as petrochemical units; and Fernando Barbosa, of this size with the requisite precision and speed," ar- for offshore projects throughout the country.
gues Antonio Luiz Costa, who took over as Project Director in October. o odebrecht informa [ 25 ]
[ interview: benedicto júnior ]
Brazil is positioned to score big written by Leonardo Mourão photo by Dario de Freitas
When he gave this interview to Odebrecht played a decisive role in the construction of the Informa, Benedicto Barbosa da Silva Júnior, Vice João Havelange Olympic Stadium and the President for Infrastructure in Brazil, had just remodeling of Maracanã for the 2007 Pan moved into his office in Odebrecht's new São American Games in Rio de Janeiro. Now, he is Paulo headquarters in the Eldorado Business organizing Odebrecht's preparations to help Tower Building in the Pinheiros district two days Brazil realize its dream of hosting the FIFA World before. Some folders of documents were stil lying Cup Championship in 2014. on his desk, waiting to be filed away. But the Odebrecht Informa – The 2014 World Cup promises to turn
array of memorabilia gathered during his 25 Brazil into a gigantic construction site. Several stadiums will
years with the company was perfectly organized: have to be refurbished and new ones will be built. Has Ode-
brecht carried out a diagnostic study of what the nation

about a dozen miniature model tractors needs to prepare for that event?
representing his career as an engineer, including Benedicto Jr.The very day we envisaged the possibility of
hosting a World Cup championship in Brazil, we started
his first project, the Flores Dam in Brazil, his keeping an eye on the daily lives of the nation's stadiums. experiences in China and Malaysia, and light-rail We joined a committee at the Abdib (Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries) that is studying all projects in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. There is the 18 Brazilian cities that have applied to host some of the games. But on its own account, Odebrecht has focused also another miniature – a 1200-cylinder BMW on the cities that have the best chance of being chosen. motorbike. He rode a ful -size version of it two We've mobilized our people in those places, and those cities will have to be well charted to ensure that we are on years ago, on a 7,000-km trek through the a competitive footing when the government decides where Atacama Desert in northern Chile along with the games will take place.
eight friends. Photos of his two daughters, Maria OI – Articles have been written and studies published show-
Eduarda, 12, and Maria Fernanda, 10, stand beside ing that Brazilian stadiums are in very bad shape – almost
beyond repair.

one of him and his wife, Ronimar. In that picture, Benedicto Jr. We are aware of those studies. Many stadi-
ums really are in very poor condition. The only reason that
Benedicto Júnior proudly wears a Corinthians hosting a World Cup here is feasible is because this is Bra- jersey. Soccer and sports in general are becoming zil, and we always accomplish what we set out to do. Being Brazilians, we always overcome the challenges that are set an increasingly important part in his life. He [ 26 ] odebrecht informa
the private sector will be interested in financing a new stadium. That's what happened at Wembley Stadium in London, which was razed and rebuilt. But here in Brazil, the average fan can't pay more than 10 or 20 reais for a ticket. If we tear down the stadiums, most of them will have to be rebuilt with public funding instead of pri-vate-sector investments. A new stadi-um costs at least BRL 500 to 600 mil-lion to build. Just do the math: to retrofit or rebuild 10 stadiums, the government would have to shell out something like BRL 5 to 6 billion.
OI – Does that mean the private sector
will play a more important role in the
maintenance of football stadiums?
Benedicto Jr.
Absolutely. That's
because these stadiums will no longer
be used exclusively for football games.
They need to be facilities that are
used all year round, by teams that
play 50 or 55 matches a year, along
with concerts and other productions
for which our stadiums are not
equipped today. And stadiums are no
longer just concrete structures built
without previous thought or plan-
ning. There are technological issues
OI – In a PhD dissertation for USP (the logic behind that is indisputable, and nowadays. Stadiums are living enti-
University of São Paulo), an architect it is much easier to erect a new build-
ties that are no longer used for foot- even concluded that, instead of refur-
ing than remodel an old one. But ball alone. They are practically the- bishing the existing stadiums, it would here's the thing: in a developed nation aters, and to make them viable, they
make more sense to knock them down that has access to vast resources and must showcase concerts, cultural
and build new ones. What do you people earn high average incomes, events. A stadium is a place where you
you know that there will be people can take the family on Sundays, have Benedicto Jr. Even the CBF (Brazilian willing to pay 20 or 30 euros (60 to 90 lunch, go shopping right there in the
Football Confederation) has argued
Brazilian reais) to watch a football stadium mall and enjoy a football that the ideal thing would be to tear (soccer) game, as well as to go to con- match. It's become a business, and in down Maracanã and build a new sta- certs and other events. When the that context, private enterprise can dium on that site. The engineering return on investment is guaranteed, make a major contribution.
odebrecht informa [ 27 ]
OI – How did Odebrecht hone its capa-
authorities involved. The fact is, what "Having good stadiums bility to plan and improve on its con-
we demonstrated was that Brazilian struction technology for this type of
engineering is outstanding in the is fundamental but, project during the Pan American
world. But what must be said is that, above all, we need to although having good stadiums is Benedicto Jr.Working on the Mara-
fundamental to the success of the develop the canã and João Havelange Olympic World Cup, that is not what we need Stadium projects for the Pan Ameri- most. Above all, we need to develop infrastructure in the can Games in Rio de Janeiro was a the infrastructure in the cities that tremendous opportunity for us. The cities that will host the will host the national teams.
City Government called us in just six national teams" months before the deadline for com- OI – Wil the biggest investments be
pleting the Olympic stadium. Ode- made in urban infrastructure?
brecht built the infrastructure facili- Benedicto Jr. I believe that we can't
ties, and installed the air-conditioning American Games for a month because host a World Cup without involving and automation systems and the tiled the project won't be ready in time." the nation's wonderful tourist attrac- roof. The stadium included a complex Naturally, our engineers had visited tions. The minute foreign visitors metal roof structure, and after 12 the site and in their evaluation the arrive in Brazil, we must show them months the joint venture in charge of project was feasible, and the timeta- what this country is all about. So installing it had only completed 25% ble, achievable; but there was no choosing some spots that are still not of the project. The City Government room for error. If it rained, we'd be in totally prepared to host the games will canceled its contract with that joint trouble. The cranes they were using be inevitable. For example, we can't venture and asked us to take over the there were the biggest in Brazil. They hold the World Cup without schedul- entire project on an emergency basis. were the only kind that could lift that ing games in the Amazon region – in The challenges we faced there includ- structure into place. If any of them Manaus or Belém. Also, we shouldn't ed the tight deadline and the com- broke down, we'd have to wait two leave out the Pantanal wetlands, plexity of the metal structure which, weeks for new parts to arrive from including Campo Grande and Cuiabá. as I always say, is a living structure, Germany. We worked around the The lack of tourism infrastructure is because every time you put 40,000 clock for six months, with 24/7 stress. a major deficit in Brazil. Despite all fans inside and they start cheering, it But we decided to take on that project the hotel infrastructure available in literally joins in. because Brazil needed someone with Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, there is the courage to face and overcome that still a shortage of accommodations. OI – Why did Odebrecht take on that challenge.
And cities like Goiânia have just one challenge in such unfavorable circum-
hotel that's equipped to handle tour- stances?
OI – In the end, the project was deliv-
Benedicto Jr. If we had analyzed it ered on time. What, in your opinion,
coldly, like a business proposition, we
did that demonstrate?
OI – How can this deficit be overcome?
wouldn't have done it. We were put- Benedicto Jr.It was Brazil that passed Benedicto Jr.The private sector
ting our brand, a hallmark of quality the test with flying colors. We played should build hotels through a system built up over the course of 60 years, an important role, both at Maracanã whereby all three levels of government on the line for a business we knew and the Olympic stadium. Our work (federal, state and municipal) offer tax had a tight deadline. We couldn't turn was recognized by the COB (Brazilian and financing solutions to help entre- around later and say, "Put off the Pan Olympic Committee) and the other preneurs in that sector marshal funds. [ 28 ] odebrecht informa
But there is an even more important stadiums. The State of Bahia needs a "By 2014 we will have point – accessibility – that must be new stadium too. I've mentioned three addressed in perfect harmony with all stadiums so far. The remainder, like made tremendous three levels of government. It will Mineirão and Maracanã, will have to probably require a World Cup PAC progress in terms of be retrofitted. Nobody's going to build (Growth Acceleration Program) to pro- 10 new stadiums. access and transportation vide incentives for the construction and expansion of light-rail systems, OI – There is general consensus that
in the chosen host cities. the expansion of railways, and the international sporting events like the
construction of special bus lanes to That World Cup will Olympics and World Cups should leave
help fans get to the stadiums more eas- a legacy of social advancement in their
ily. When the World Cup was held in make a huge difference host countries. What happened in the
Germany, everything was easy. Ger- case of the Pan American Games?
for Brazil" many has efficient railway service and Benedicto Jr. During the Pan Ameri-
airports close to its stadiums. Journal- can Games, municipal, state and fed- ists could get about without any prob- eral interests were not fully consoli- lems. Now just imagine someone in Benedicto Jr.We have a strategy in dated, and Rio de Janeiro lost out. It
Brazil, wanting to see a game in Rio place and are structuring financial missed an excellent opportunity to today and go to Manaus tomorrow.
models so that we can work with local receive a legacy of infrastructure. The and international partners whose Metro should have been extended to OI – We are talking about vast and expertise complements ours to play an Barra da Tijuca and express bus lanes
complex infrastructure works. Is there active role in that field. In conjunction could have been built, but that didn't
enough time to build them all in 10 to with our partners, we have analyzed happen. So in the end, the legacy went
12 cities by 2014?
stadiums that have greater potential to sports. Only the sporting agenda Benedicto Jr.Yes, there's time. But for making private-sector participa-
was carried out; the Games didn't first we need to have a PAC in place, result in permanent assets that Rio de and the Government must play a Janeiro. But as a candidate for the strong role in refurbishing the road- OI – In addition to retrofitting existing 2016 Olympics, the city can still hope
ways. That is the main business where stadiums in Brazil, where do you think to retrieve part of the legacy that was
Odebrecht can make the difference: new stadiums should be built?
not realized by the Pan American taking part in projects in the vicinity Benedicto Jr. São Paulo will definitely Games in 2007. We are going to work
of World Cup venues and ensuring get a new stadium. Possibly for the Cor- hard and root for the organizers of that they are accessible, although we inthians team. Not just because I'm a Rio's Olympic candidacy to succeed.
are also well prepared and qualified Corinthians fan, but it is very likely to take part in a new movement that that the private sector will make an OI – Are there any signs that things will
is sure to emerge in this country – effort to create a stadium for that club, go differently for the 2014 World Cup?
where private enterprise takes respon- with the support of its fans. At Morum- Benedicto Jr. I have no doubt that by
sibility for building, retrofitting, bi stadium, the São Paulo club should 2014 we will have made tremendous adapting and managing some of the work in semi-partnership with an orga- progress in terms of access and trans- nization that wants to have its name portation in the chosen host cities. associated with the stadium and fur- That World Cup will make a huge dif- OI – How does Odebrecht intend to nish soft loans. The cities of Porto ference for Brazil. This country will
take part in this effort?
Alegre and Salvador will also get new be the better for it. o odebrecht informa [ 29 ]
[ venezuela ]
Saying good-bye to colas
Line 1 of the Los Teques Metro makes commuting between the Altos Mirandinos area and Caracas faster and safer. Local residents are starting to view chronic traffic jams, or colas, as a thing of the past written by Marco Antonio Antunes
photos by Eduardo Barcellos
[ 30 ] odebrecht informa
[ Traffic jam on the Pan American Highway:
Caracas traffic crawls at a pace that is usually found in the a common sight that residents of Altos
world's megacities, like Tokyo, Mexico City and São Paulo. Situated Mirandinos would rather forget ]
over 800 meters above sea level, the Venezuelan capital was built amid mountains, the highest of which is El Ávila (2,600 m). This is an important underlying factor for the constant traffic jams that beset the lives of over 5 million residents in the metropolitan area. But there are other causes – such as the fact that Venezuelans have al-ways loved their cars, and the road infrastructure cannot cope with the vast number of vehicles on the city's streets. During peak times and on rainy days, the 25-km drive from Caracas to Los Teques can take up to three hours on the Pan American Highway – the only route available.
However, for most of the over 600,000 Venezuelans who live in the Altos Mirandinos area, this is no longer a problem – particu-larly for residents of Los Teques, the capital of that area, which has had its own Metro line since November 2008. Built by Consorcio Metro Los Teques, a joint venture of Odebrecht, Vinccler, from Venezuela, and Astaldi, from Italy, Line 1 of the Los Teques Metro is part of the Venezuelan Government's general program to over-come the road infrastructure deficit, particularly by building mass transit systems such as subways and railways.
Roadworks are also underway to upgrade streets and turn- pikes such as the Pan American Highway. Odebrecht is working on several projects along its route, including the construction of six freeway sections and some stretches of auxiliary parallel roads to enable traffic to flow faster and safer. "We can make the same trip in 20 minutes on Line 1 of the Metro," says an overjoyed Jondri Estrada, a young student from Caracas who is visiting her parents in Los Teques. Line 2 is now under construction. When it is up and running, nearly all local residents will be able to enjoy this comfortable and convenient form of transport. This 12-km Metro line will be completed by December 2012, including most of the tunnels and 6 stations. Stage one of Line 2 will be delivered by the end of 2010, with two fully operational stations.
The loop connecting five lines will be completed by Line 3 (17 km), which Compañía Anónima Metro Los Teques plans to build in the near future. The third line will connect San Antonio de Los Altos, where the station at the end of Line 2 is about to be built, with La Rinconada Station in east Caracas. Line 1 is the only one that currently runs as far as Caracas, where it is linked to the fed-eral capital's subway system via Las Adjuntas Station in the eastern part of the city.
odebrecht informa [ 31 ]
Awakening talents
The towns and cities that make up the Altos Mirandinos
area – Guaicaipuro, Carrizal, Salias, San Antonio, San Pedro, San Diego and Los Teques – can no longer be considered bed-room suburbs, although most (about 75%) of their residents work or study in Caracas. Several of them, such as Los Teques, the state capital of Miranda, are beginning to discover their own economic potential, including commerce, which is rap-idly being consolidated, as well as tourism and industry.
"Many of our residents make their living right here in Los Teques," says Isabel Gimenez, who works at the National Voter Registration Agency. "As for me, I only go to Caracas on business, or to go shopping or sightseeing. The big difference is that getting there is faster, safer and more comfortable. And it will get even better when Odebrecht finishes building Line 2," she adds. The client for Lines 1 and 2 of the Los Teques Metro is Compañía Anónima Metro Los Teques, which is owned by the State of Miranda (40%), C. A. Metro de Caracas (40%) and the City of de Guaicaipuro (20%). The construction of Line 2 [ Jondri Estrada: a trip that once took up to three hours
is the responsibility of Consorcio Línea II, a joint venture of now takes 20 minutes ]
Odebrecht and Vinccler. It will supplement Line 1, running from the last stop on that line, Alí Primera Station, in Los Teques, past Carrizal to San Antonio, and adding six more "The colas (as Venezuelans call lengthy traffic jams) stations to the Metro.
don't worry me any more," says Daniela Zambrano, who "Line 2 will be key to ensuring the entire system works as a sales clerk at a fireworks shop in La Guaira, a doesn't collapse," explains Marcelo Colavolpe. The Project coastal town 25 km from Caracas. It took her a little over 20 Director for the construction works for Lines 1 and 2, he minutes to travel from Caracas to Alí Primera Station in the has been with Odebrecht for 20 years. Designed to trans- El Tambor district of Los Teques, carrying her son in her port 12,000 passengers per day until the end of 2008, Line 2 arms all the while. "It used take three hours by bus. Now I currently carries 50,000 per day. That situation led to C. A. have much more time to rest and take care of my kid at Metro Los Teques's decision to build Line 2 while studying the construction of Line 3. Meanwhile, Odebrecht is also On average, it once took two hours for Altos Mirandinos building Lines 3 and 5 of the Caracas Metro for Compañía residents to commute to work on the Pan American Highway, Autónoma Metro de Caracas.
which was designed to handle 30,000 cars per day and is The two systems now comprise 66.9 km of operation- currently obliged to cope with 80,000. Alexis León, who lives al lines and about 60 km of planned lines, most of which in Los Teques and works as the manager of a General Motors have been contracted out and are under construction. The unit in Caracas, says he is finally free of the stress caused by ones that are currently running include two built by massive traffic jams before the Metro line was inaugurated. Odebrecht – Lines 3 and 4 of the Caracas Metro. The "I leave my car at home, walk to the station and get to Guarenas-Guatire surface metro, which will carry cargo Caracas in a flash. I can't believe that same commute some- and passengers in the Venezuelan capital, is also under con- times took four hours!" [ 32 ] odebrecht informa
[ Tunnel for Line 2 and Daniela Zambrano
with her son: more free time ]
Benchmark in light-rail projects
"In the last 10 years, our company has become the
benchmark for excellence in light-rail construction works in Venezuela by constantly improving its engineering ex-pertise and grooming local professionals to work in that specialized field," says José Cláudio Daltro, the officer Responsible for Administration and Finance, who has been with Odebrecht for 31 years. The Line 2 project, which is currently providing work opportunities to 2,500 people and is expected to create 3,300 jobs indirectly, will include two parallel tunnels exca-vated with two earth-pressure balanced tunnel boring ma-chines (EPB TBMs) named Tequeña and Hypolita, following the tunnelers' tradition of giving female names to TBMs. Each has a diameter of 5.88 m and installs 10 concrete rings makes it essential to work with redoubled care, but we are per day, advancing 14 m daily.
overcoming these challenges with the help of cutting-edge "There are all sorts of challenges to overcome when equipment and a highly experienced and competent team, building this line. We've just started excavating the tun- which is mostly Venezuelan," says Abdanur.
nels," says the officer Responsible for Production and These obstacles also led to the decision to work with Equipment, Danilo Abdanur, who has been with Odebrecht EPB TBMs. "These machines are designed to excavate for 25 years. A typically urban project, the tunnel works are through hard rock and soft soil – the two types of terrain being carried out in an area where traffic is heavy and there that predominate in these parts," explains Wolfgang A. is little room to install jobsites and work fronts. It is hard for Omischi, an Austrian-born Canadian citizen who has been machinery and materials to get around, there are several with Odebrecht for 20 years and is responsible for assem- types of soils in the area, and numerous old buildings stand bling and operating the TBMs. "Tequeña is already operat- along the Metro line's route. "This combination of obstacles ing around the clock," says José Avelino Gonçalves Oliveira, odebrecht informa [ 33 ]
Línea II's programs include helping boost cooperativism
Consorcio de la Línea II, a joint the business on their own." Everyone involved However, there is another powerful venture of Odebrecht and Vinccler, a is taking classes to learn the basic concepts of group in Venezuela – the Communal Venezuelan contracting firm, is carrying out business, financial and administration Councils (Consejos Comunales), which, social outreach and community relations methods. In addition to setting up among other social programs, safeguard programs in the vicinity of the construction cooperatives, the participants will be their members' interests, particularly when works for Line 2 of the Los Teques Metro, encouraged to form micro-businesses, family new work opportunities arise. Although they which is 12 km long (running between Los firms and community enterprises whose were perfectly legitimate in the view of the Teques and San Antonio de Los Altos). At the members will receive training and assistance parties involved, conflicts of interest affected same time, the joint-venture contractor has to ensure their efficiency and sustainability. the progress of hiring workers for the project. created the concept for the future Solidarity Preference will be given to projects that are INFO However, the joint venture ably overcame Entrepreneurs Educational Center, which best suited to the region's main economic these obstacles. will focus on programs to expand activities: commerce, industry and After extensive dialogue, Consorcio cooperativism and other forms of handicrafts. de la Línea II got the union representatives associations encouraged by the Bolivarian The main work fronts for the project and communal boards to see eye to eye Government of Venezuela. are now active, and the team led by Zélio has because they share a common interest: "It will be an entirely self-supporting already solved a major challenge, thanks to making their workers available to work on program," explains Zélio Macedo, 43, a his communications skills: establishing a the project. "As a result, the project is being Brazilian Odebrecht member who has been relationship with the labor union – a very carried out in complete paz laboral (‘labor with the company for 23 years and is sensitive matter in Venezuela. Labor laws peace'), as the Vice Minister of Labor, currently Responsible for Administration give unions the right to appoint 75% of the Abraam Musa, likes to say," observes Zélio and People on the Line 2 project. "That way, workforce for a project, leaving the Macedo. "We have established a when our company has finished building remaining 25% to the joint-venture relationship of trust with the unions and this project, these people will be able to run contractor. gained a new partner," adds Zélio. 23, a Venezuelan of Portuguese descent who is responsible for supervising and monitoring the TBMs. Hypolita is LOS TEQUES
standing at the entrance to tunnel 2, awaiting the time when "she" will go into action.
According to Euzenando Azevedo, Construtora Norberto Odebrecht's Vice President for Venezuela, the construction of the Los Teques Metro is of tremendous public interest. "Through this project, the Venezuelan Government is realizing the dreams of Altos Mirandinos residents and offering them a better quality of life." However, he observes, it is just one of a number of projects included in the overall development program to improve Las Adjuntas
the nation's infrastructure. "Many other projects are also being built, including several by Odebrecht, which has been working in Venezuela for 16 years. During that peri- Caracas Metro Lines od, it has gained the trust of its clients by fulfilling its commitments with high quality, care for the environment Los Teques
Los Teques Metro Line 1 and social responsibility actions," says Euzenando.
[ 34 ] odebrecht informa
The excitement of joining a new family
A member of Odebrecht's team of young Venezuelan partners for the Line 2 project, Guarimar is the Budget Supervisor, which puts in her home country, Guarimar Ortiz Ária is a 28-year-old civil her in daily direct contact with the client to evaluate and approve the engineer who has been with the company for 18 months. She is clearly project's budgets. Her team includes four other young partners, all of moved when she recounts her experience of working on the them women – two engineers and two technicians. "We learn fast Commercial Program team for the Los Teques Metro Line 2 project. and consistently, and because of that, I believe we will be able to take "I already feel like I'm part of the family, although I haven't on even bigger responsibilities. That's my personal goal." been with Odebrecht for very long," she says. "My family is proud that James Marcano, 19, has a technical certificate in mechanics I'm working here, based on everything I've told them about what I'm and is studying to become a mechanical engineer. He has this to say learning, how people interrelate with each other, the respect and about the opportunity of working at Odebrecht: "Here they teach opportunities that are given to younger people, and the company's you, in detail, about the workings of the equipment we use on a philosophy, which is a philosophy of life when you put it into daily basis." He is taking the Equipment Operations and practice." She has already completed the Introduction to the Maintenance Course and has learned things in practice that he Odebrecht Culture course, taken part in the Exercising Leadership never sees in the classroom. "The most important thing is that, later program (carried out by CNO in Venezuela), is studying English and on, everything can be applied on the job." Another mechanic who is wants to learn Portuguese. taking the same course, Yoraco Aguilera, 18, observes: "The company Under the leadership of an Ecuadorian Odebrecht member, gives us the tools we need to do a better job and improve more and Diego Fernandes, the officer Responsible for the Commercial Program more every day." o [ Young partners at Los Teques: hands-on learning experience ]
Las Adjuntas
Caracas Metro Lines Los Teques
Los Teques Metro Line 1 odebrecht informa [ 35 ]
[ state of the art ]
Road to the future
BPC is building an urban roadway designed to improve the quality of life of Lisbon residents [ Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon: one of the works BPC has built in Portugal ]
Many iconic projects have been built in Portugal – Buraca and Portas de Benfica (1.5 km in length, with a among them the Vasco da Gama Bridge, shown in this 300-m open-air passage), is also the most complex part photo – since the Odebrecht Group acquired Bento of the project in technological terms, because it runs Pedroso Construções (BPC) in 1988. By the end of 2009, through a densely populated area and crosses an the company will deliver a 4-km route valued at 112 important railway (Lisbon-Cintra). It will also have to be million euros and fulfill a promise made to the sturdy enough to bear the weight of the two ancient Portuguese people 42 years ago: delivering the last aqueducts of historical and archeological value (Águas section of the Lisbon Beltway (Cril) between Buraca and Livres and Francesas) that stand right above the tunnel, Pontinha. To comply with environmental regulations and keep them intact. According to estimates from and reduce the traffic noise expected from over 100,000 Estradas de Portugal, the public-sector client vehicles per day, acoustic barriers will be installed responsible for supervising the works, once completed, along the entire route. Paving will include a final layer the CRIL will redistribute traffic on the most congested of modified bitumen with a high rubber content – streets of Lisbon and reduce it by 27%, significantly except the tunnel sections for safety reasons (it presents improving the lives of the 150,000 people who live in a fire hazard). The biggest tunnel, which will connect the vicinity of the beltway.
[ 36 ] odebrecht informa
[ 36 ] odebrecht informa
Initiative encourages engineering solutions for sustainable development "The Contributions of Engineering to Sustainable Development" was the theme of the 2008 Odebrecht Award for engineering students in Brazil. The objective of the prize, which was introduced in early 2008, is to encourage the next generation of engineers to think about ways of contributing to the planet's sustainable development through projects that combine economic development, environmental protection and social inclusion. The awards ceremony was held on November 4 at the Espaço Rosa Rosarum events center in São Paulo City. The authors (or group of authors) of each of the five winning projects and their academic advisors received BRL 20,000, and another BRL 20,000 went to their universities – a total of BRL 60,000 (gross) for each project.
During the ceremony, journalist Sidney Rezende [ Authors of the award-winning projects and their advisors,
hosted a "talk show" with a distinguished lineup of guests: along with university representatives, at the São Paulo Metro
Professor Oreste Marraccini Gonçalves, from the São Paulo Line 4 construction site ]
University (USP) Polytechnic's Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, Marcelo Takaoka, Chairman Environment. Five theses received honorable mention and of Construtora Y. Takaoka and the Brazilian Sustainable will be published in a commemorative book, along with Construction Board (CBCS) and Sérgio Leão, the Odebrecht the five winning projects (the full list is available in officer Responsible for Health, Workplace Safety and the Portuguese at <www.odebrecht.com/premioodebrecht>). Noteworthy INNovatIoNs
• Since October, Braskem members at the in Caçu, Goiás, and Santa Luzia, in Nova • The city of Luanda, capital of Angola,
company's units in the Brazilian states of Rio Alvorada do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, will won the International Prestige Award Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Alagoas and Bahia be equipped with rubber conveyor belts at the 11th Real-Estate Salon in Lisbon, have had al their meals and snacks catered using an innovative technology as of April Portugal. Odebrecht Angola established by Puras, the southern Brazilian company 2009. Instead of conventional rollers, the its presence at the event with a booth that has introduced its "More Health" reed- conveyor belts will run on a cushion of air. at the Portuguese exposition and ucation program to Braskem's cafeterias. A The equipment can be set up in half the attracted visitors interested in urban first in Brazil, the program aims to spread time of a conventional system, and reduc- planning, the environment, architecture basic concepts and information on nutrition es lost time due to maintenance by 58% and the purchase and sale of real- and foster a culture of healthy eating by while doubling the conveyor belts' useful estate. Present in Angola since 1984, informing people through the Internet, vid- life. They will also reduce energy consump- when it was contracted to build the eos, lectures and other educational events.
tion by 30% and cut down on dust. The Capanda hydroelectric plant, Odebrecht Aerobelt system was developed in South is widely active in that country – in • ETH Bioenergy's production units in Con- Africa and patented in the Americas by a nearly all provinces and in several sec- quista do Pontal, in the Paranapanema Brazilian manufacturer, Promac, which is tors including real-estate, agriculture, Valley, São Paulo; Rio Claro Agroindustrial, ETH's supplier. biofuels and mining.
odebrecht informa [ 37 ]
odebrecht informa [ 37 ]
[ culture ]
Grooming tomorrow's readers
The city of Porto Alegre's Book Fair is the biggest open-air [ Praça da Alfândega
literary event in Latin America and booths at the fair:
written by Cláudio Lovato Filho photos by Eneida Serrano
literature in the heart of the city ]
Until the early 20th century, it stood on the banks of the exhibitors also get equal treatment. Everyone has the same Guaíba River. It had a quay, with steps leading down to the amount of space, distributed by lottery. That's how it's been since water. The area where Praça da Alfândega (Customs House the book fair began." Plaza) still stands was once called Costa do Rio (literally "Coast Selling books is an important part of it, without a doubt, of the River"). The plaza got its name from the old Customs but the fair's main objectives are encouraging people to read and House, which once stood nearby but was torn down in 1924. grooming new readers. "This is the place," says João Carneiro, Located in downtown Porto Alegre, and bounded by Rua da "where many people come into contact with books for the first Praia – the southern Brazilian city's best-known street – Praça time. They are what I call the ‘not-yet' generation of readers. We da Alfândega, with its numerous trees and monuments, is one need to groom the readers of the future." of those places that is not just part of the city. It is the city. It With this aim in mind, the organizers of the 2005 Porto contains its very essence.
Alegre Book Fair created an area specifically focused on books for Therefore, few places could be as appropriate as this par- children and adolescents. Ever since, Praça da Alfândega has had ticular venue for a cultural event that is one of the chief sourc- an annex at the city docks, which are just two blocks away. There, es of pride for Porto Alegre's residents: the Book Fair. Held in Warehouse no. 5, at the mouth of the Guaíba River, kids and since 1955, it is the most important open-air literary event in teens visiting the fair with their parents or in field trips orga- Latin America. In 2008, the 54th edition of the fair lasted 17 nized by their schools have a space reserved just for them. They days, from October 31 to November 16. It paid tribute to a are the guests of honor.
country – Colombia – and a Brazilian state – Pernambuco – Yasmin Fagundes, age 4, fits in perfectly with the "not- and its individual honoree was Rio Grande do Sul author yet-readers" generation described by João Carneiro. Charles Kiefer. As always, the fair brought together authors, Accompanied by her parents, Fábio and Elisângela, she wan- publishers, booksellers and distributors in a grand celebration dered among the booths pinwheel in hand on the last day of of love for literature and an homage to die-hard booklovers. It the fair, laughing at the clowns and dazzled by the stacks of also broke a new record: 167 booths – 11 more than in 2007. All colorful books. "We are booklovers and we want to encourage told, 424,046 books were sold.
our daughter to make reading a habit too," says Fábio, who "This is the social event of the year," says João Carneiro, works as a bank security guard. He and Elisângela take Yasmin President of the Rio-Grandense Book Council, which organizes to visit bookshops all year round, but the Book Fair is a special the fair. "It bears the hallmarks of hallmarks and democracy. It is time for that family activity. "It's important that she get start- a people's event, open to the public and free of charge, and the ed early," observes Elisângela. [ 38 ] odebrecht informa
Authors and readers get together
If her parents' hopes come true, Yasmin will become a regular visitor to the Book Fair and, later on in life, she will have a chance to exchange ideas with the authors of some of the Cláudio L
books she's read. This is another hallmark of the fair: it puts au-thors and their readers in direct contact. In 2008, the authors who visited Praça da Alfândega included Eduardo Galeano, from Uruguay, Pepetela, from Angola, and Brazilian writers Ariano Suassuna, Zuenir Ventura, Flávio Moreira da Costa, Sérgio Faraco and Luís Augusto Fischer.
The daily book-signing sessions are a tradition at the fair. The authors whose books were launched during the 54th Porto [ Young Yasmin with her parents,
Alegre Book Fair included journalists Elmar Bones and José Fábio and Elisângela: starting early ]
Antônio Severo, and geographer Gervásio Rodrigo Neves. Their works were published with Braskem's sponsorship. Bones and his co-author, Sérgio Lagranha, who is also a journalist, wrote A oral histories enabled me to reconstruct the period described in Petroquímica faz História (Petrochemicals Making History, pub- lished by Já Editores), a reference book that provides a broad over- Retrieving history is also the aim of authors Gervásio view of the industry in Brazil, from 1958 to the present. Severo Neves, Heirich Hasenack, Carmen Machado Franco and Liana penned General Osório e seu Tempo (General Osório and His Time, Bach Martins. "This book is our best project yet," says Gervásio, published by Editora Expressão), in which he gives a detailed de- the President of the IHGRGS. "It has made it possible to restore scription of the man considered by many to be Brazil's greatest old maps of the state and opens up infinite possibilities for soldier, and covers 100 years of conflicts, leading up to the future research. This work represents the preservation of a so- Paraguay War in 1870. Gervásio Neves and his colleagues Heirich phisticated history." The 222-page book includes fragments of Hasenack and Carmen Machado Franco teamed up with histo- maps and their sources, for anyone who wishes to consult the rian Liana Bach Martins to produce Natureza na Cartografia Histórica do Rio Grande do Sul – Mapas Histórico-Ambientais do Rio Grande do Sul (Nature in the Cartographic History of Rio Grande Proud to make a contribution
do Sul – Historic-Environmental Maps of Rio Grande do Sul (pub- Braskem's participation in the 54th Porto Alegre Book Fair lished by the Historic and Geographic Institute of Rio Grande do went beyond sponsoring these three books launched during the Sul – IHGRGS). event. The company also co-sponsored the fair itself. The former Copesul's contribution in that capacity dates back 14 years. In Oral history and maps
2008, Braskem kept that long-standing relationship going.
In addition to General Osório e seu Tempo, José Antônio Severo "It makes us proud to contribute to Rio Grande do Sul's is the author of five other books (including three novels). He cultural life," says João Freire, the Braskem officer Responsible for based his current work on the numerous tales he heard as a Institutional Relations in Rio Grande do Sul. "We are making that child from older residents of his rural hometown, Caçapava, Rio contribution through a range of initiatives including music, the Grande do Sul. This beautifully illustrated 848-page epic novel theater arts, the Frontiers of Thinking program, and literature, was written in 11 months. (On the title page we find a reproduc- through the Book Fair. Contributions to the arts and culture are tion of the oil painting titled "The Battle of Avaí" by Pedro an essential aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility. This is our Américo – the original hangs in Brazil's National Museum of company's way of demonstrating that its values and society's val- Fine Arts.) "Caçapava has a grand oral tradition," says Severo, ues converge. And that is what we are seeking to communicate "and Osório was one of the main characters in those tales. These through initiatives like our presence at the Book Fair." o odebrecht informa [ 39 ]
[ culture ]
[ Maria Lêda Oliveira Alves da Silva giving a talk about her work: shedding light on the concepts that shaped Brazil ]
Between the lines of history
The winner of the Clarival do Prado Valladares Award, a new book presents a definitive edition of the first history of Brazil
written by Karolina Gutiez photos by Beg Figueiredo
On November 27, 2008, at the Palacete das Artes Rodin, in Friar Vicente do Salvador's Historia do Brazil – History and the city of Salvador, Bahia, a long-held dream that took 11 Politics in the 17th-Century Portuguese Empire. years of work and dedication finally came true: the publica- This 592-page work consists of two illustrated vol- tion of the definitive edition of the Historia do Brazil, the first umes – one of which is a faithful rendering of Friar Vicente's historic record of Brazil when it was still a Portuguese colo- work, which is considered a major milestone in the writing ny, written between 1626 and 1630 by Friar Vicente do of Brazilian history and an obligatory reference work for Salvador. The scholar responsible for this feat is a young scholars of 16th- and 17th-century Brazil and Portugal. The Brazilian historian, Maria Lêda Oliveira Alves da Silva, born other volume contains the author's analysis of the political in Batateira, Pernambuco, who holds a PhD in History from meaning of Historia do Brazil and its impact on contempo- the New Lisbon University. In 2007, she was the winner of rary scholars from both countries – accompanied by a DVD the fourth edition of the Clarival do Prado Valladares containing digital images of the manuscript codices.
Award, bestowed annually by the Odebrecht Group. Thanks "Publishing a text involves much more than tran- to the award, Maria Lêda was able to go into greater depth scribing ancient manuscripts. It involves attempting to on the research she had done for her doctorate and publish understand what is hidden behind the words and phrases [ 40 ] odebrecht informa
in the text – and all it takes is to be open to that. I hope I've achieved it," says the author, who hopes that her interpreta-tion of Friar Vicente's work will be combined with many others with a view to building up a fresh understanding of the past and the founding concepts of Brazil.
About 800 people attended the book launch, including Márcio Meirelles, Secretary of Culture of Bahia; Hans Leusen, the Dutch Consul in Bahia; José Carlos Augusto da Silva, Consul of Uruguay; João Sabido da Costa, Consul of Portugal; Edvaldo Boaventura, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper A Tarde and President of the Bahia Academy of Letters; Sylvia Athayde, Director of the Bahia Museum of Art, and Dom Emanoel D'Able do Amaral, Abbott of the Benedictine Monastery of Bahia. Representing the Odebrecht Group were Board Members Pedro Novis, Gilberto Sá, Sergio Foguel, Victor Gradin and Luis Villar; Renato Martins, the Senior Officer [ 1. Maria Lêda autographing a copy of her book
Responsible for Opportunity Development and Representation 2. Cover of Friar Vicente do Salvador's Historia do Brazil
Support; Guilherme Abreu, Secretary of the Board of Directors 3. Renato Martins congratulates Maria Lêda; center, Consuelo
Committee; Marcos Wilson, the Officer Responsible for Novais Sampaio, the winner of the first edition of the Clarival
Institutional Relations; and Márcio Polidoro, Responsible for do Prado Valladares Award 4. Maria Lêda with Pedro Novis
Corporate Communication at Odebrecht S.A. o (right) and Márcio Polidoro ]
odebrecht informa [ 41 ]
[ sustainable development ]
A center for change
The United Nations and the Odebrecht Foundation establish the first study and training center
in the rural zone of the Brazilian Northeast to focus on development management
written by Juliana Lopes e Vivian Barbosa photos by Almir Bindilatti
[ Partial view of the Center's
headquarters: its location is a
major differentiating factor ]
The cool evening breeze has reached this spot unob- Division (PADMD) of the UN, and Maurício Medeiros, the structed. When the sun sets, the heat disappears and Executive President of the Odebrecht Foundation, signed a currents of air flow in freely from the Atlantic Ocean memorandum of understanding aimed at fulfilling the until they hit the mountaintop. Standing 680 meters UN's recommendation to join forces to reduce poverty and high in the Serra do Papuã, no mountain overshadows it. protect the environment. "We came up with the idea for This is the highest point in the Southern Bahia Lowlands, the center, and making this dream come true has been a and it is located in the Pratigi Environmental Protection tremendous satisfaction. Brazil is a country that offers Area (APA) in northeastern Brazil. On the horizon, the many opportunities, but there are challenges as well. contrast of light and shadow sets off multifarious shades Teaming up to establish the Center here means getting an of green. A closer look reveals a diverse variety of forest overall portrait in one spot," says Bertucci. In regard to the Odebrecht Foundation-run Program This is the setting the United Nations and the for the Integrated and Sustainable Regional Development Odebrecht Foundation have chosen for the first study and of the Southern Bahia Lowlands (DIS Southern Lowlands), training center established in a rural area of the Brazilian PADMD representative Jose Manuel Sucre stresses that northeast with a focus on development management – the this is the first time the United Nations has found all the Participatory Governance and Community Development Millennium Development Goals harmoniously combined Studies and Practices Center. Inaugurated on October 28, in a single initiative. "We will work to make this experi- this BRL 1.4-million facility's mission is to identify, support ence known internationally, offering the world a model and disseminate successful experience in these two areas for organized and sustainable human development." in Brazil and other Latin American countries. "Its location Oscar Motomura, founder and President of Amana- is a major factor that sets it apart because it helps bring the Key, a company that specializes in executive education debate to the heart of the social, economic and environ- programs, stresses an essential aspect of the DIS Southern mental problem being discussed, where the models are put Lowlands initiatives that fosters the experience of partici- into practice," explains Rogério Arns, the Odebrecht patory governance: bolstering family spirit. "As the small- Foundation member responsible for the center.
est cell of a community, the family is an excellent place to In September 2007, Guido Bertucci, then the Director practice participatory governance. Furthermore, it pro- of the Public Administration and Development Management vides psychological support and counseling for its mem- [ 42 ] odebrecht informa
bers," observes Motomura, who was present at the open- Data to learn from
ing ceremony for the Center.
Rogério Arns reiterates that there have been many experiences of participatory governance and communi- Biodiversity and tourism potential
ty development, but they are scattered around the globe. The site where the Studies and Practices Center now Because of this, the Center's initial aim is to bring stands had been deforested since the 1980s to extract together methods, tools, data and experts in this field in wood, gravel and sand. Those activities were facilitated by the 6-km road built in 1973 that links federal highway "Although there are some extremely rich case stud- BR-101 to the crest of the Serra do Papuã mountains. The ies in Brazil, we are living these experiences without keep- terrain in the area now owned by the Odebrecht ing adequate records. That makes it hard to understand, Foundation is rocky, which makes it harder for deep- improve on and replicate these projects. Therefore, dur- rooted trees to grow and fosters the growth of grassy veg- ing the first stage, we want to recognize existing initia- etation called papuã, which gave the region its name.
tives, gather information on those projects and make it The Pratigi APA Portal was established in those available to the largest possible number of people," he mountains, marking the beginning of the 161,000-hect- explains. "When observing these community develop- are environmental preservation unit. It is the starting ment and participatory governance experiences, we have point for a journey through the biodiversity of Brazil's noted the importance of people who help a given com- Atlantic Forest in all its essence and burgeoning life. munity find its ‘natural aptitudes.' We also intend to Researchers have already found roughly 250 types of but- groom facilitators for these processes at the Center." terflies and 70 kinds of ants in a single hectare. "The fer- According to Arns, resilience is one of the most tility of the Pratigi APA is such that we now recognize it important aspects of the community development agen- as an incubator for solutions for the new millennium," argues Rogério Arns. STUDIES AND PRACTICES CENTER
Making the best use of the Pratigi APA's tourism potential is one of the main long-term objectives, with a view to firmly consolidating the area's integrated and sustainable development. The APA contains one of the last remnants of Atlantic Forest in Brazil, encompassing five counties that are home to about 83,000 people. Between 1970 and 2008, the area lost 30,000 hectares of forest, which were devastated by logging and fire to clear land for small farms.
Represented by civil society organizations of public COMMUNITY
interest (Oscips) like the Pratigi APA Guardian Association GOVERNANCE
(Agir), the community is also responsible for finding This concept comes to life when Bolstering the capacity of opportunities to create income sources based on the sus- several different institutions and individuals and their communities tainable exploitation of natural resources. "We must individuals start working to play a leading role in their change the landowners' relationship with the ecosystem, together in a common cause. own development and network to bring about improvements showing them that there are other ways to make a living It is realized through integrated for all parties.
from conserved forests. This is the first step towards turn- efforts and partnership between ing the APA into an agro-eco tourism destination," says the first, second and third sectors Focused on the community with a – the government, the market view to building a vision of the Luís Simas, the Agir officer Responsible for the and civil society. future along with that community.
odebrecht informa [ 43 ]
da. "Individuals, communities and organizations must be [ Mayara: "I grabbed
prepared to control all the factors that influence their this opportunity
capacity for development and renewal over the course of with both hands" ]
time to achieve sustainability," he says.
Arns also points out the necessity and challenge of developing wide-ranging social programs that are com-patible with Brazil's continental size. "Why do they have gargantuan community projects in Bangladesh and India but in Latin America you can count the number of high-impact initiatives on your fingers? What is hindering the growth of these projects? This is one of the discoveries we intend to make," he says. Another front of action involves organizing international events to bring to Brazil confer-ences and seminars that are usually held abroad. The first was held in December 2008, involving Canadian experts Joanne Linzey and Dal Brodhead. Hotel complex
Immersion. That word sums up the experience that
Studies and Practices Center. "We get visitors from far a stay at the Participatory Governance and Community away, and I do my best to ensure that they leave our area Development Studies and Practices Center will offer its with good memories – including my smile." visitors. The venue has been organized to receive experts Moisés dos Santos, 19, is also enjoying the benefits and researchers from the world over who are interested in of the training course. Previously, his dream of going to conducting their scientific studies in a safe, comfortable college had been thwarted by a lack of money, but now it seems to be within reach. A senior in high school, he was The Center's facilities include a hotel complex working as a waiter at a roadside eatery before he took the made up of three bungalows with 18 en-suite bedrooms Senac course. "If a customer came along, I'd make BRL that can house up to 34 guests, and a restaurant equipped 10.00. If nobody showed up, I didn't get paid." to serve up to 90 people in three shifts. All told, 16 staff Moisés shares a house with his brother and his wid- members – all local residents – will take care of the owed mother, who is retired. His former boss lent him the Center's operations. They were recruited through a free money to pay for transportation and enroll in the course. training program carried out in partnership with the "I told myself, ‘This has got to work out,'" Moisés recalls, National Commercial Apprenticeship Service (Senac). his eyes brimming with tears. When Construtora Norberto Mayara de Jesus, 21, was one of the 125 people who signed Odebrecht held its Program for Developing Entrepreneurs up for courses in the areas of Tourism and Hospitality; (PDE) at Serra da Papuã, Moisés underwent a major test. Conservation and Stewardship; and Food Safety. "I picked "People from several parts of the world and varied cul- the receptionist training course, which lasted a month. I tural backgrounds came here speaking different languag- was unemployed and I grabbed this opportunity with es. I did my best to serve them attentively, without any fuss, and I got the job." When asked what he plans to do Mayara lives with her family in Itamarati, a village next, the young man immediately makes it clear that his in Ibirapitanga county. Her outstanding work during the studies and family are his top priorities. "I'm going to find training course guaranteed her a job at the hotel com- a carer to look after my mother. She struggled hard to plex. Today, she welcomes everyone who arrives at the help me get ahead. Now it's my turn to help her." o [ 44 ] odebrecht informa
TBM reaches
Marco cruz
República Station
honored in
doMinican republic

The EPB TBM (earth-pressure bal- pleted a successful run beneath the anced tunnel boring machine) used to Copan and Itália buildings – two of the The First Lady of the Dominican excavate most of the tunnel for Line 4 city's historic sites. Special precautions Republic, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, (Yellow Line) of the São Paulo Metro were taken during that phase of the presented Marco Cruz, Odebrecht's CEO arrived at República Station in the city project, which was concluded without for that country, with a medal to recognize center on November 24. The officials damaging those buildings in any way. the social and economic advances brought present for that event included São The first phase of the Yellow Line about in the DR as a result of the Paulo State Governor José Serra and project includes six stations and will construction of the Samaná Aqueduct and other authorities. be delivered by the beginning of 2010. the company's social development Dubbed the "Megatatuzão" (Mega- The other four stations, which will be Giant Armadillo) by the excavation built in the second and final phase, The ceremony was held at the National teams, the 9.5-m-diameter, 75-m-long are scheduled for delivery by 2012. Palace in the capital, Santo Domingo, in TBM has already excavated 6 km and The 12.8-km Metro line is being built the presence of the President of the will complete its mission when it reach- by Consórcio Via Amarela, a joint ven- Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernández, es Luz Station – also in downtown São ture of Odebrecht, OAS, Queiroz and the Vice President, Rafael Paulo City – after digging a total of 7.5 Galvão, Camargo Corrêa and Andrade km of tunnels. Recently, the TBM com- When presenting the award, the First Lady stressed that over 5,000 families are benefiting from Odebrecht's projects in Abu Dhabi International Airport
Twenty-five individuals and public and inaugurates second runway
private institutions were also honored for their contributions to educational and health campaigns for impoverished Begun in May 2006 by the Odebrecht-Al Jaber joint venture, the second runway communities on that occasion.
for Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates officially opened on October 12. The 4,100-m runway has been certified by the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority). The first plane to land there was an Etihad Airlines Airbus A320, but the new runway can also handle Airbus A380s – the largest commercial aircraft in the world. The client for this project is Scadia (Supervision Committee for the Expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport), the government agency responsible for the works. The project also included the construction of two intermediate taxiways, two cross-field taxiways and airport infrastructure facilities.
José bonifácio: honorary
Port Infrastructure Community citizen of porto Velho
The Porto Velho City Council on December 1st The Odebrecht team in Lima, Peru, hosted the second meeting of the Trans- paid tribute to the Director for the Installation of port Knowledge Community – Port Infrastructure, which was held in October to the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant, José encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge of this subject.
Bonifácio Pinto Junior, by giving him the title of Forty-five Odebrecht members based in several countries took part in the Honorary Citizen of the state capital of Rondônia, seminar, where they not only shared their experiences of building harbor works Brazil. According to the author of the bill, but also discussed offshore projects, marine outfalls, bridges and other construc- Councilman Assis Raupp, this award recognizes tions involving waterways and oceans.
the work done to develop the skills of local Following opening addresses by Jorge Barata, Odebrecht's CEO for Peru, workers through the professional education and Alexander Christiani, the Transport Community Leader, the event included courses that Odebrecht is offering through its 13 presentations as well as talks by clients and external consultants, including Acreditar (Believe) Program.
Juan Carlos Sahdala, the Director of DP World (a United Arab Emirates com- Rondônia's political and business leaders were pany), and Mario Arbulu, Chairman of ENAPU, Peru's national port authority. present at the ceremony, which was held at the Working in groups, the participants concluded the seminar by discussing City Council House. Introduced in April 2008, the issues raised during the event, business opportunities and strategic partner- Odebrecht's Acreditar Program has already ships, and decided on the next steps that should be taken to consolidate best received 12,000 applications and will make it practices in this community's fields of interest. The meeting ended with a visit possible for local residents to comprise as much as to the company's jobsite at the Port of La Pampa Melchorita, south of Lima. 70% of the work force mobilized to build the Santo Antônio Plant.
New Federal Tax control system goes into operation in January The new Public Digital Bookkeeping System the necessary changes, they will not even be statements), REs (export records) and the date (SPED) went into operation in January 2009. able to issue an invoice. Furthermore, business- of consignment registration are also obliga- This is a new system that the Brazilian Internal es that aren't in compliance could be fined." tory on each separate document.
Revenue Service has introduced to monitor tax Tomazela spent months working with a In general, the companies' teams reviewed and tariff controls by cross-referencing data and team of professionals from Odebrecht's tax and processes, and accounting and tax routines. At statements from corporate taxpayers. The SPED accounting areas, with the help of Pricewater- Braskem, it was necessary to review and update includes electronic invoices, digital tax book- houseCoopers consultants, to determine and all records of clients and suppliers. "CNPJs (cor- keeping and digital accounting records. assess the differences between the company's porate tax numbers), addresses and districts had About 30,000 businesses throughout Brazil existing processes and those required by the to be in accordance with Federal tax records and will have to adapt their accounting procedures SPED. Braskem and ETH followed a similar pro- the state treasury departments," says Systems to this new system, depending on the sector in cedure. "There are many details involved, and Analyst André de Araújo, a member of the group which they operate. At Construtora Norberto we had to be aware of all of them, because as that worked on the SPED project. Odebrecht (CNO), 24 projects have begun reg- of January, any incorrect data used to fil in At CNO, the data will be initially input on istering and sending tax and accounting data in information will result in an infraction notice," MyWebDay, the company's intranet, before accordance with the new regulations. At says Dílson Zanatta, the Leader of the CSC Tax being sent online to the Brazilian IRS. The team Braskem, 32 units, including factories and distri- developing the O2 Project (CNO's integrated bution centers, are now in compliance. The rou- Here is one example of how the new sys- information system, which will go online in the tine at ETH Bioenergy has also changed.
tem works: details on transportation (the second quarter of 2009) has already incorpo- "Businesses that are not in compliance with county of origin and destination, in addition rated the changes required by the SPED. SPED will have problems," says Alessandro to the license plate of the truck, showing the These new processes directly impact the Tomazela, the Leader of the Shared Services Federative Unit, or State) must be given on routines of the Tax, Accounting and Procure- Center (CSC), the area responsible for the com- each individual document. All records of ment areas of Odebrecht, involving nearly 150 pliance project at CNO. "If they haven't made imports and exports, such as DIs (import IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine honors Marcelo Odebrecht accolade in the
united states

Marcelo Odebrecht, President and CEO one of the hal marks of the administration The Miami division of the American of Odebrecht S.A., won the 2008 Entrepre- of Marcelo Odebrecht at the head of the Institute of Architects (AIA) presented neur of the Year Award from IstoÉ Dinheiro country's largest – and currently the most Odebrecht Construction, Inc, Odebrecht's magazine in the Infrastructure category, for globalized – engineering and construction subsidiary in the United States, with the his participation in the process of growing company, with nearly 100,000 employees 2008 Contractor of the Year Award at a the Odebrecht Group's companies in Brazil working around the world." ceremony held in that city on November 22. The winners – outstanding companies and worldwide. The awards ceremony was Marcelo Odebrecht observed that this and people in the fields of architecture held on December 8 in São Paulo City.
honor belonged to all Group members and and engineering – are chosen annually by According to the special issue of IstoÉ expressed his optimism about Brazil's the AIA Board of Directors. Dinheiro on leading Brazilian entrepreneurs: capacity to overcome the global economic "This award is our way of recognizing "Brazil has never had so many companies those who support us and demonstrate active in every corner of the globe, making The IstoÉ Person of the Year was Hen- exceptional professionalism," says acquisitions and exporting knowledge in rique Meirelles, the Chairman of Brazil's Natividad Soto, Chair of the Miami their fields of expertise. For example, this is chapter of the AIA and the organizer of the awards. Alf Neumann, Gustavo Focusing on Health, Lázaro and Octavio Nuñez, all production engineers at the construction and Environment and Safety retrofitting projects for Miami Airport's The Macaé Base team's performance on bras's General Manager for the Campos North Terminal, represented Odebrecht at the awards ceremony. Petrobras's Southern Asset project gar- Basin exploration and Production Business nered Odebrecht Oil & Gas the 2008 SMS Unit, stresses the importance of this prize (Safety, Environment and Health) Gold Prize for his company and its partners: "This Most adMired
for the Campos Basin. Petrobras bestows award reflects the winning companies' the award each year on outstanding suppli- efforts and demonstrates how they share ers of products and services at its Campos our values and objective of contributing to The 11th edition of the CartaCapital/ Basin projects. The aim is to recognize these Brazil's development." Marcelo Penna, the TNS InterScience survey hailed companies for their efforts in the areas of Project Director for the Macaé Base, and Construtora Norberto Odebrecht as the occupational health, environment and work- Safety and Environment Engineer Edney number one company in the Heavy place safety and encourage them to keep Coutinho represented Odebrecht at the Construction segment in its listing of "The Most Admired Companies in Brazil – making ongoing improvements.
awards ceremony. This is the fourth time the 2008," published in a special issue of José Airton de Lacerda Martins, Petro- company has won the SMS Gold Prize. CartaCapital magazine. This is the fifth time Odebrecht has been awarded first Diversity in the world of work place in this ranking. Manpower, an Argentine human resources consulting firm, has honored Odebrecht with the title of "Socios en la Inclusión" (Partners in Inclusion), which is bestowed on companies that invest in Social Responsibility. Odebrecht received this award for its involvement in the "Opportunities for All" project, which fosters diversity in the world of work and provides opportunities for differently abled people. Over 40 companies, including multinationals like Wal Mart, Johnson & Johnson and Hewlett Packard, received the award at a ceremony held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 27. Present in that country for 20 years, Odebrecht is currently working on expansion projects for the Cammesa and Albanesi gas pipelines. The aim is to increase Argentina's natural gas supply from 120 million to 145 million cubic meters per day.
Quality ManageMent
Army chief visits Southern
Bahia Lowlands projects
The Cinta Costera project – a beltway A partnership between the Brazilian Army and the Odebrecht Foundation has been Odebrecht has been building in Panama City since December 2007 – has had its Quality helping improve the quality of life in Southern Bahia Lowlands of northeastern Brazil since Management Program certified by Bureau 2007. Initiatives like the Rondon Project and Civic-Social Action (Aciso) are boosting civic Veritas Certification (BVC), and recognized education, health and well-being in 11 counties.
by the United Kingdom Accreditation System On November 15, the Commander of the Brazilian Army, General Enzo Peri, visited some of the projects run by the Program for the Integrated and Sustainable Regional Development This is a first for Odebrecht: previously, of the Southern Bahia Lowlands (DIS Southern Lowlands). "The idea behind this program is the company did not have certification for simple: keeping young people in the countryside. However, we feel that this is a highly com- EPC (Engineering, Procurement and plex process and are interested in finding new ways to support this cause," he said.
Construction) projects involving urban General Peri was accompanied by General Marius Luiz Carvalho Teixeira Neto, Military development, reclaimed land, roadways, Commander for the Northeast/Recife; General João Francisco Ferreira, Commander of the bridges and overpasses, basic sanitation, 6th Military Region; General Lúcio Mario de Barros Goes, Secretary General of the Army; landscaping and breakwaters, which are all and Aluizio Araujo, the Odebrecht S.A. officer Responsible for Opportunities Development part of the works underway in Panama. and Representation. The Odebrecht Foundation's representatives during the army delega- Under construction on Balboa Avenue, the Panamanian capital's most important artery, tion's visit included Norberto Odebrecht, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; the Foundation's the beltway will improve traffic conditions in Executive President, Maurício Medeiros; Pedro Paulo da Silva, Executive Leader of Coopa- the central part of the city.
tan; and consultant General Moura Barreto. "The motivation of the team led by Graduation at Odebrecht HQ Project Director Yuri Kertzman to complete this project within a challenging deadline of Bringing the generations together was the aim of an event held on November 25 at 18 months, and their determination to use the Odebrecht Building in Salvador, Bahia. Part of the celebrations marking the 20th quality management and control as a tool for anniversary of the Odebrecht Foundation's decision to make youth the focus of its pro- mitigating technical losses, were decisive grams, the graduation ceremony for the Reading Circles, Volunteer Communicators and factors for this achievement," says Antônio Program for Developing Talented Young Protagonists brought together over 60 young Carlos Pereira, the Odebrecht officer people from the Southern Bahia Lowlands. Responsible for Quality. The participants listened to a talk by Rubens Ricupero, a Member of the Board of Odebrecht began working in Panama four Odebrecht S.A. and Chairman of the Board of the Fernand Braudel Institute, titled "20 years ago and now ranks among the country's top engineering and construction Years of Transformation: The Biggest Changes and Deals that have Redrawn the World." Ricupero stressed the main challenges that humankind has overcome and still faces in order to achieve sustainable development. "We have made progress on Human Rights issues, but we must improve the quality of our education. Information allows us to be free and to grow," he said.
Teachers and technicians complete training santos WaterWay
Public school teachers and technicians from municipal departments of education terMinal: iso and ohsas
from 10 counties in the Southern Bahia Lowlands have completed the Labor Educa-tional Association Training Program. They received their diplomas at a graduation cer- On August 27, Petrobras hailed Construtora Norberto Odebrecht (CNO) for emony held at the Valença Cultural Center on November 27.
its recertification under the ISO 14001 The result of a partnership between the Association of Southern Lowlands Munici- (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and palities (AMUBS), the Institute for the Sustainable Development of the Southern Bahia Safety) standards. These certifications were Lowlands (IDES), Labor and the Odebrecht Group, this program has trained 212 teachers awarded following Bureau Veritas and 25 multipliers. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to the teaching/learning Certification audits of the projects CNO is process in order to ensure the social inclusion of students by achieving and improving carrying out for the Santos Waterway on academic knowledge, civic education and the basic skills required for success in mod- Terminal on the coast of São Paulo State.
ern life. This program will benefit an estimated 10,000 public school students.
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The core principles of this philosophy are having
confidence in people, ensuring the Client's satisfaction,
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