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Miracle discovery is stronger than the best-selling
HSI Advisory Panel
Medical Adviser, Martin Milner, N.D.
cancer drug and safe as bread
Professor, National College of Natural Medicine; by Melissa Hickle
President, Center for Natural Medicine, Port-land, OR; www.cnm-inc.com If you've been told you have cancer, within three weeks, they subsided.
Jon Barron
or if someone in your family has, you're Nancy's doctor determined that International lecturer, researcher, and author,Los Angeles, CA familiar with the rush of information her body was too sensitive for chemo- Eric Berg, D.C., C.R.A.
and the emotional roller coaster you're therapy. So he prescribed Aromasin Founder, Health and Wellness Center, suddenly thrown onto. The long (a drug that blocks the aromatase Hyla Cass, M.D.
medical terms turning into a string of enzyme to lower estrogen). After Orthomolecular physician and psychiatrist, gibberish. The fear of sounding stupid weeks of horrible side effects, Nancy www.cassmd.com, Los Angeles, CA if clarification is needed. The push to had had enough.
Richard Cohan, D.D.S., M.A., M.B.A.
Professor, University of the Pacific School of
cross your fingers and place your trust She decided she would not be tak- Dentistry, San Francisco, CA in the experts.
ing any more drugs to fight her cancer.
Isaac Eliaz, M.D., M.S., L.Ac.
Nancy Henry did her fair share Though she was told her life wouldn't Doctor and researcher specializing in inte-grative medicine and cancer. Sebastopol, CA of finger-crossing after she was diag- be long if she declined conventional M.M. Sree Ganesh, M.D.
nosed with breast cancer in May of treatment, Nancy decided instead to Family practitioner, holistic and natural 2004. Two years and two mastectomies focus on her quality of life. Because, medicine, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia later, the worst was confirmed—the after all, what use is a prolonged life Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.
Award-winning author, columnist, and media per-
cancer that had been in the first breast if it's one of pain and suffering? sonality, www.annlouise.com, Hayden Lake, ID had blossomed, with tumors spread And then something amazing Elson Haas, M.D.
throughout her lungs.
happened. Once Nancy changed her Director, Preventive Medical Center of Marin,www.elsonhaas.com, San Rafael, CA Her doctor was amazed that she focus, turning to a self-designed pro- Kohhei (Tadahiro) Makise, M.D.
had so much cancer in her body with- gram including exercise, visualization, Medical director, Kyoto Imadegawa Makise out having any obvious symptoms.
detoxification, supplements, and a Clinic, Kyoto, Japan The prognosis was not good. He stricter approach to her diet, she started Claus D. Martin, M.D.
Founder, Four Seasons Medical Center and
immediately enrolled her in a clinical getting better. Today, she feels she can Clinic, Rottach-Egern, Germany trial, saying they needed to "bring relax, saying she's doing the very best Stephen Morrissey, O.M.D.
out the big guns." she can for herself. The "best" includes Founder, Center for Energetic Medicine andBotanica Bioscience, Ojai, CA And, oh, those guns were power- Avemar, an incredible cancer fighter Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.
ful. One dose nearly killed Nancy, that Nancy was introduced to several Allergy, immunology, and clinical nutrition, her body covered in blisters, her legs years ago at a breast cancer conference.
Al Sears, M.D.
tremulous. The study nurse told her When Nancy made a donation to Adjunct professor, Barry University, everyone has to deal with side effects, the advocacy group Breast Cancer West Palm Beach, FL so Nancy assumed that was her lot.
Options, she was given a four-month Robert Sinnott, Ph.D.
Biochemical technologies and research,
Until things eventually got so bad supply of Avemar. She started taking that she called her doctor on Christmas it in the hopes of preventing her breast Allan Spreen, M.D.
Eve. He was on vacation, but the cancer from spreading, and believes it Advisor on alternative medicine, DiscoveryChannel, Phoenix, AZ doctor on call said she could indeed helped suppress the cancer enough to die if she didn't take action. Nancy's rid her of her symptoms. Once, how- Founder and president, Raintree Nutrition, Car- partner found himself in a pharmacy ever, it was confirmed that the cancer an hour before closing, desperately had been in her lungs all along, she Randall Wilkinson, M.D.
Board member, American Academy of Envi-
seeking the drug that could reverse started taking Avemar religiously as ronmental Medicine, Coeur d'Alene, ID the debilitating side effects. Luckily, part of her cancer program.
The opinions expressed here do not neces- (continued on page 2) sarily reflect the views of every panelisteach month. The Health Sciences Institute acknowledges occasional differences of Finally, help for the "incurable".6
Banish Brain Fog for good .7
opinion among panelists and welcomes the exchange of differing points of view. HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 2 Mary (think "Ave Maria"), to (continued from page 1) whom Hungarian biochemist Dr.
Maté Hidvégi gives credit for While Avemar is just one part Our Mission
answering his prayers for the of Nancy's, as she calls it, "dance The Health Sciences Institute is dedicated to funding he desperately needed for with cancer," she does say it could uncovering and researching the most urgent his research on this amazing can- be the most important part. She advances in modern underground medicine.
Whether they come from a laboratory in describes her energy level as good— Who knew that something so Malaysia, a clinic in South America, or a uni- she does a bit of work in her versity in Germany, our goal is to bring the simple as wheat germ could hold organic garden, occasionally gets treatments that work directly to the people who the key to fighting so many dif- need them. We alert our members to exciting out in her canoe, and volunteers ferent cancers, without the toxic breakthroughs in medicine, show them exactly as a resource and an advocate for side effects usually associated with where to go to learn more, and help them other patients.
understand how they and their families can cancer treatment? Surprisingly Her last PET/CAT scan, taken benefit from these powerful discoveries.
enough, someone knew as early as about six months ago, showed World War I.
that her cancer is classified as "sta- Copy Editor
Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, who ble metastatic disease." Nancy later went on to win the Nobel told me this is really the best you Prize for his discovery of vitamin can hope for when you have can- C, was determined to find an cer like hers, where numerous alternative to the dangerous mus- tumors are spread throughout the tard gas used to fight cancer. When lungs. Most of the tumors, while his early research was finally pub- To contact the Health Sciences Institute they hadn't gone away, were static.
lished in the 1960s, it showed that a members services hotline, please call Only six of those many tumors (915)849-4614, fax to (410)230-1273, or compound in wheat germ prohib- were actually growing, and at a write to Health Sciences Institute, 702 ited cancer cells from growing rate far lower than expected from Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201. All while allowing healthy cells to live cancellations should be mailed to P.O. Box even the least aggressive Grade 1 normally. So, a great deal of money 206, Baltimore, MD 21203. You may also cancer, which is astounding.
was poured into his research of contact a member services specialist via Nancy says Avemar has given e-mail at [email protected].
this potentially world-shaking dis- her a sense of empowerment, and Your private Members Alert is a monthly that she hopes its availability will publication of the Health Sciences Institute.
You'd think that would be the Copyright 2008 Institute for Health Sci- encourage others to participate as case. Instead, the scientific com- ences L.L.C., 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, equal partners in their cancer munity decided it wasn't strong MD 21201. Published monthly for $74 per care. She worries that too many year ($6.16 an issue). POSTMASTER: Send enough. That they'd rather blow people are frightened into follow- address changes to Health Sciences Institute, cancer away, killing it at any cost.
ing whatever conventional medi- 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201. All You know where that went. Chemo- rights reserved. No part of this report may be cine prescribes, and that she is therapy and radiation treatments reproduced by any means or for any reason watching friends die because they that leave the body ravaged, killing without the consent of the publisher.
don't know other viable options This information is provided as informa- cancer cells and healthy cells alike, are available.
tion only and may not be construed as med- And as far as those options go, ical advice or instruction. No action should Fortunately, in 1989, Dr.
be taken based solely on the contents of this Avemar could be the most Hidvégi picked up where Dr.
publication. Readers should consult appro- promising tool available in the Szent-Györgyi left off, eventually priate health professionals on any matter fight against cancer.
relating to their health and well-being. The patenting a technique of ferment- information and opinions provided in this A cancer killer that actually
ing wheat germ with baker's yeast.
publication are believed to be accurate and powers up your immune system
This marked the creation of sound, based on the best judgment available Avemar, which is produced by It was the invention of a life- to the authors, but readers who fail to con- time. So miraculous that it could sult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. The publisher is not only be given one name: Avemar.
We first told you about this responsible for errors or omissions.
This was in tribute to the Virgin miraculous cancer fighter back in Visit us online at www.HSIBaltimore.com
HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 3 December 2005. Backed up by Anastrozole (Arimidex) inhibited best-selling cancer drug, but it is 100 reports and 20 peer-reviewed cancer cell growth by only 25%, used at great cost. Women who take publications, Avemar has become a and examestane (Aromasin) fared it are two to three times more likely standard therapy for cancer patients only slightly better with a rate of to develop endometrial cancer than women who are not on the drug.2 Safe as a slice of whole wheat Against a kind of breast cancer Serious side effects listed by the bread, Avemar cuts off cancer cells' that is not estrogen-sensitive, Avemar National Cancer Institute include energy supply by interacting with inhibited growth by 52%. The blood clots, strokes, uterine can- glucose, which normally fuels the other drugs in the study don't even cer, and cataracts.3 spread of tumors. By doing this, work against cancers that aren't And how's this for a kicker? Avemar allows healthy cells to estrogen-sensitive. The authors of Tamoxifen appears on California's carry on as usual while targeting the study emphasized that the list of chemicals known to cause cancer cells. It also keeps cancer other treatments did not exceed cancer or reproductive toxicity. That's cells from repairing themselves by the effect of Avemar on its own, right—a drug meant to fight cancer reducing the production of RNA against all three kinds of breast is actually a known carcinogen.4 and DNA associated with the cancer studied.
Though the combination of rapid reproduction of those cells.
Though Avemar beat these Aromasin and Avemar came out Not only does Avemar kill three popular cancer drugs, it on top, taking Aromasin isn't a cancer cells, but it also enhances should be said that the best effects walk in the park. Common side the immune system by increasing were achieved in combination.
effects include hair loss, pain (in the number and activity of func- The best combination was that of the joints, muscles, and limbs), tioning immune-system cells. This Aromasin and Avemar, which constipation, hot flashes, and makes it particularly effective for inhibited growth of the breast vomiting. More serious side effects fighting cancer in children, whose cancer cells by 60.4%.1 include chest pain, confusion, immune systems are ravaged by About 75% of breast cancers depression, vision or speech changes, conventional cancer therapies.
are estrogen receptor-positive. This and a host of other frightening Back in 2005, we knew the means there are a significant num- effects. Some side effects, such as news about Avemar was good.
ber of receptors for the hormone nervous system disorders, occur Recently, however, the news got estrogen on the surface of the with more frequency than similar even better. New research was pre- breast cancer cells. When estrogen ones associated with tamoxifen.5 sented at the 2007 annual meet- in the bloodstream attaches to In seeking out side effects, I ing of the American Society of these receptors, signals are sent to visited a message board for cancer Clinical Oncology. And the results the cell nucleus, telling the cancer patients. Several people wrote about are, in a word, stunning.
cell to grow and divide. When it hand and foot pain so severe that comes to fighting estrogen-sensi- they need strong prescription pain More power than tamoxifen,
tive breast cancer, conventionally medication to control it. Others without any of the dangerous
trained doctors use tamoxifen or wrote about developing carpal tunnel side effects
other anti-hormone drugs.
syndrome since starting treatment In a study on mice injected Unfortunately, those drugs with Aromasin, and one woman with breast cancer tissue, Avemar only work for about 30% of commented that she now feels inhibited the growth of one kind women whose tumors have estro- "like a 100 year old." Comments of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer gen receptors. (They work for like this make me think of Nancy by 50%, as compared with tamox- about 70% of women whose Henry's decision to turn her back ifen's 34%. For another kind of tumors have receptors for both on conventional cancer treatment estrogen-sensitive breast cancer, estrogen and progesterone.) On and focus on living a good life.
Avemar had an inhibition rate of top of that, they chemically cause 49%. Tamoxifen had a rate of 42%.
Not just a breast cancer fighter,
menopause unless it has already Avemar works better than two occurred. And that's not even the Avemar beats all kinds of cancer
other commonly used anti-hor- worst of the side effects.
Nancy is living life to the fullest thanks to a regimen that mone breast cancer drugs as well.
Tamoxifen may be the world's (continued on page 4) Visit us online at www.HSIBaltimore.com
HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 4 leukemia. (A count of 450,000 is About a year later, Robert was Avemar
(continued from page 3)
normal.) Two months after he considering having a stent put in started using Avemar, his count to make swallowing possible. It was includes Avemar. But she's not the had risen to 150,000. And Patty then that he discovered Avemar.
only one who has gained a new P. wrote to American BioSciences Within six weeks, his ability to lease on life thanks to this incredi- to report that her most recent CT swallow had improved noticeably, ble supplement.
scans showed that the cancer that and he can now eat the foods he was Many people have been so was ravaging her lymph nodes is missing most. His energy returned to impressed with the effects of Avemar completely gone. Not only that, normal and he gained 15 pounds.
on their cancer that they've written but it's been wiped out of her bones At 71, a much healthier Robert had to American BioSciences to sing and is nearly gone from her liver.
his hope restored, and he is now its praises. Vincent C. was handed Finally, there's the story of convinced that Avemar is shrinking a colon cancer diagnosis in 1997.
Robert C., who at the age of 69 By 2000 the cancer had moved to was diagnosed with advanced can- American BioSciences does offer his liver, and he started chemothera- cer of the esophagus. He declined one caution. Because Avemar is a py in 2003. In 2005, his CEA conventional medical treatment, wheat product, there is a possibility blood test (which acts as a marker as he was given only a 20% of an allergic reaction. People who for tumor activity) came in at chance of living 30 months after are sensitive to gluten or wheat germ 140. The "normal" level is under chemotherapy, radiation, and should not use Avemar. If you want 2.5 for nonsmokers and under 5 surgery. Not great chances for to read more about Avemar, the for smokers. Clearly, Vincent had going through all the dangerous, December 2005 article in which it a very long way to go. So imagine painful treatments modern medi- first appeared is available in the his surprise when after he took cine has to offer. Robert's oncolo- archive at www.hsibaltimore.com.
Avemar for about four months his gist said he had about 18 months Ordering information for Avemar CEA level was down to 8.1.
if he did nothing. He turned to is in the Member Source Another Avemar user, David alternative medicine, using elec- Directory on page 8. HSI
S., had a platelet count of 22,000 trodermal treatments and supple- due to his 2½-year battle with Citations available upon request and on HSI website ments to battle the cancer.
At last! A life-changing solution for an "incurable" disease
that attacks your entire body

by Melissa Hickle
When Maryland resident Marie When he revealed that he often ing sure the bills were paid and C. started having eye problems, would take his hands off the wheel, the freezer was full.
she chalked them up to irritation hoping the truck would roll over That's when two years of from a new soap. Then her prob- into a bank, Marie knew something research started shedding some light lems got worse, exploding into had to be done.
on the trials she and her husband extreme light-sensitivity and Frederick was put on five dif- were going through. She made a few headaches. An MRI showed brain ferent medications. Like his wife, calls, and was put on a two-month lesions. Fourteen different special- Frederick received no answers as waiting list for an appointment with ists and other doctors couldn't tell to the cause of his mysterious illness.
a specialist for some very expensive her why. Nobody could tell her He became reclusive, sleeping over testing for both of them.
what was wrong with her.
22 hours a day, and was nearly The verdict in both cases? Meanwhile, her husband, Lyme disease.
Frederick, came to her and con- Two years later, stricken with The scary thing? Marie firmly fessed that he'd been feeling meningitis and encephalitis, Marie believes she caught Lyme disease depressed. This was out of charac- had all but given up. She started from her husband, just as one might ter for the energetic truckdriver.
preparing for her own death, mak- catch a cold or the flu. Frederick, Visit us online at www.HSIBaltimore.com
HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 5 ever the outdoorsy type, had found America. In exploring the jungles into remission, and rear their heads a tick on his calf right before Marie and interviewing natives, Leslie again when the body is under stress.
started having her eye problems.
has documented countless antimi- This brings the symptoms of Lyme He'd pulled it off and gone back crobial plants. But in lab testing, disease back in full force.
nothing worked on the insidious Baseline symptoms (100 of The memory of the incident spiral-shaped bacterium that causes them—Lyme attacks nearly every had faded as quickly as the red Lyme disease.
system of the body) were rated on bite mark. Marie, who works as a This got Leslie thinking. B. a scale of 1-5. This rating was repeat- secretary and only spends a small burgdorferi is different from most ed every month for three months, amount of time on her porch out- bacteria. It's not like Salmonella or during which time participants took side, thinks it's highly unlikely that E. coli. With its long, heavily coiled Spiro two times a day.
she was bitten by a tick herself.
cells, it is in fact part of the same As testing went on, more and She knows mainstream doctors family of bacteria as Treponema more people saw their symptoms would call her crazy, but in the years pallidum, which causes syphilis.
improve. Many patients called since her ordeal with the disease Natives of South America have Leslie, urging her to launch the she's spoken to scores of families been treating and curing syphilis product. "It's changed my life," in which the mother, the father, with plants for generations. Syphilis more than one exclaimed. Though and all the kids have Lyme disease.
becomes extremely difficult to stamp retesting was not required at the It's enough to make her think the out as the infection progresses, but end of the trial period (Lyme dis- Lyme disease epidemic is far more these plants do the job. Perhaps ease testing can be very expensive), serious than conventional medi- syphilis could provide a model for 10 of the participants chose to be cine would have us believe.
her research on Lyme disease, tested. All 10 tested negative.
Leslie thought.
Leslie has not finished compil- The rainforest formula that
Sure enough, when she turned ing all of the data from the study, finally eradicates Lyme disease
her attention to those plants that so we don't have any concrete HSI panelist Dr. Leslie Taylor had been used to kill syphilis, she numbers yet. But the preliminary shares Marie's sense of urgency hit the jackpot. In vitro testing response was so strong that she when it comes to Lyme disease.
revealed that the components of felt she had to get Spiro into peo- Concerned that the disease has Spiro attacked B. burgdorferi ple's hands as soon as possible.
mutated to spread via casual contact, directly. Lyme disease could finally her search for a cure had become Eliminate bacteria with
be addressed head-on, and with- desperate. And her work paid off.
out the side effects or contraindi- six previously unknown
This month, she's unveiling Spiro, cations that are risked with con- a formula of six rainforest botani- The six plants that make up cals that targets Lyme disease at Leslie knew it was time to put Spiro have been used to combat a the source, the Borrelia burgdorferi the formula to the test. A hundred variety of illnesses through the bacterium that causes it.
people, including quite a few HSI ages, and are particularly known This modern-day medicine members, enrolled in a three-month for their antibacterial properties.
woman, who spends her days study of Spiro. Participants had Before starting her research on trekking through the Amazon rain- been diagnosed with Lyme disease Lyme disease, Leslie Taylor had forest researching and document- never heard of these plants. Now within the five years leading up to ing medicinal plants, had been the study, with the diagnosis con- she has them grown and harvested searching for a cure for Lyme dis- firmed in each case by one of four especially for her.
ease for five years. In her private Matico (Piper aduncum, angus- available tests.
practice in Austin, Texas, she'd Most of the people in the tifolium), an evergreen shrubby seen "tons of patients" with Lyme study were suffering from chronic tree, is used by many Indian tribes disease and was desperate to find Lyme disease—despite treatment, of the Amazon as an antiseptic something that worked.
their disease had not gone away.
wound healer. Known as a "cure She thought she'd get lucky Leslie believes this is because the all" in Peru, it speeds healing and when she started her work in South bacteria become dormant, going (continued on page 6) Visit us online at www.HSIBaltimore.com
HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 6 uses as foundation house poles, antibacterial chemicals, and Spiro
(continued from page 5)
this is one of the most durable, researchers in Brazil determined heaviest, and hardest tropical woods.
that the latex showed pain relieving prevents infections. According to In a 1996 study, an extract of the ability in laboratory animals.
various laboratory studies, chemi- bark demonstrated antibacterial Rounding out the formula is cals found in the leaves are toxic activity against two antibiotic- chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri), to bacteria, including the one that resistant strains of Staphylococcus.
a small herb called "stone breaker" causes Lyme disease. Matico is Called "false garlic" for the flavor for its ability to eliminate kidney also used for digestive problems of its crushed leaves, ajos sacha stones. Leslie included this com- and venereal diseases.
(Mansoa alliacea) is a shrubby vine ponent because of its clinically The tamamuri (Brosimum acu- native to the Amazon rainforest.
proven liver protective properties.
tifolium) is a large canopy tree of The plant is considered spiritual In chronic Lyme disease, B. burgdor- the Amazon rainforest. The Wayãpi and is used for good luck. The feri can collect in the liver, lying Indians of Guyana attribute magi- leaves and flowers contain the dormant until the body is under cal properties to the tree, believing known antibacterial plant steroids enough stress to ensure a success- that the latex it produces will help beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, dau- ful attack. Chanca piedra helps to protect them from witchcraft. Both costerol, and fucosterol.
detoxify and strengthen the liver the bark and the latex are very The bark and latex of bellaco- as the rest of the formula goes to common remedies for syphilis, caspi (Himatanthus succuba) have war against the infection.
and the balm from this tree is also a long history of use among On their own and in combina- well-respected as a treatment for Amazonian Indians. The bark is tion as Spiro, these plants are free arthritis. In laboratory studies, it powdered and sprinkled onto of side-effects. Spiro should be has shown antibacterial action.
wounds and sores. The latex is taken twice a day on an empty A second canopy tree shows rubbed on bot-fly bites to kill the stomach. Ordering information is up in the blend—the huacapu larvae under the skin. Studies have in the Member Source Directory (Minquartia guianensis). Commonly shown that the plant contains two on page 8. HSI
Fight off "senior moments" and even Alzheimer's with the help
of Jenny Thompson's personal physician

by Melissa Hickle
It's a feeling that's all too com- as you used to. Your mood drops, approach to his profession was mon nowadays. A certain haziness and you feel like your head is sur- driven by his commitment to do settles into your brain and the next rounded by fog.
whatever was in the best interest thing you know, you forget why And that's exactly what it is.
of his patients. As such, he often you had walked into the room.
used complementary and alterna- You were looking for…some- Conventional medicine doesn't tive medicine in his practice.
thing. But you can't, for the life of recognize brain fog as a diagnosed And as we see so very often you, remember what it was. So you illness. Of course—if it can't be here at HSI––the establishment's shrug and chalk it up to another quantified by conventional medi- blind refusal to accept anything one of those "senior moments." cine, it must not exist, right? But other than mainstream medicine These moments come in waves.
the last thing you want to hear when cost us another great doctor. In Some days you feel as sharp as you you're suffering from reduced mental 2005, the Maryland Board of did in your younger years. Other function is that your illness doesn't Physicians revoked his license, times, you feel as if you'd forget despite the fact that it found no evi- your head if it weren't attached.
That's where Dr. Ben Rothstein dence of wrongdoing or harm in any Sometimes you feel scattered, of the 1,700 charts it examined.
unfocused, and confused. Maybe Formerly Jenny Thompson's In spite of being unfairly stripped you're not getting as much done own physician, Dr. Rothstein's of his license, Dr. Rothstein refused Visit us online at www.HSIBaltimore.com
HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 7 to give up on his passion for result of the sleep irregularities healing. This year, he started a many menopausal women experi- And another thing.
new website aimed at helping people like you combat brain fog.
Researchers are looking into .To test or not to test––
Brain Fog No More features the estrogen-brain link, but if that is the controversy. The articles, videos, and products to you're experiencing menopause- "superbug" bacterium known as help combat your brain fog. His related brain fog, all you need know MRSA is resistant to most goal is to teach you how to is that you're suffering. And you antibiotics, easily transmitted maximize your brain's potential need help dealing with your day by casual contact, and responsi- through the use of supplements to day struggle.
ble for as many as 20 percent of and mental exercise.
all infections picked up in hos- A potential Alzheimer's
I'll tell you more about the pitals and other health care website in a moment. But first, breakthrough that's just
facilities. So why not test all let me explain more about brain a mouseclick away
patients for MRSA before being fog and its causes.
Dr. Rothstein addresses students admitted to a hospital? One who use drugs to keep focused as study has found that the costs of For a ‘non-disease' it sure has
well as older people who are fear- implementing such a plan out- very real symptoms
ful of Alzheimer's. Though there weigh the benefits, while another You might feel forgetful, with is no cure for the disease, Dr.
study reports that MRSA infec- decreased short-term memory.
Rothstein firmly believes that it tions can be effectively contained Sometimes there will be a feeling can be prevented by dealing with with rigorous testing. Medicare of "spaciness." Your attention its many causes. A video recently and Medicaid health insurance span might be shorter, and you added to the site addresses the programs aren't making things could even feel anxiety or mild issue of Alzheimer's prevention.
easier for hospitals. In October, depression. A general lack of focus Overall, the website is easy to those programs will end coverage is also very common to brain fog.
use. There is a navigation bar at for treatments that address hos- There are several things that the top directing you to articles, can cause brain fog, including products, and a quiz to help you nutritional deficiencies, neuro- .Some reports are praising
determine how foggy your brain is.
toxicity, chronic infections, and the new FDA plan to use data When I took the quiz, I discovered chronic disease. Something as collected from Medicare claims that my brain is in pretty good simple as sleep deprivation (and to track and evaluate the dan- shape, and that I shouldn't worry who really gets enough sleep these gerous side effects of drugs. On but should concentrate on the days?) can cause it. You probably one hand, safety oversight of basics of brain fog prevention.
won't be surprised to learn that these drugs is much needed.
For those of you who aren't both prescription and over-the- But what's really going on here? on the Internet, ask a child or counter medications (such as Instead of raising the bar and grandchild to help you. The articles anxiety medications and antihist- requiring that pre-approval on the website are free and easy to amines) can cause brain fog, as drug trials demonstrate rigorous can overuse of artificial sweeten- new standards to reveal potential If you register for an account ers. Nutritional deficiencies that dangers, the FDA is effectively at Brain Fog No More, extra con- can cause brain fog include defi- making guinea pigs of America's tent is unlocked. This includes a ciencies of magnesium, vitamin elderly by putting greater empha- quiz on your body's toxicity and sis on drug monitoring after the a special report from Dr.
12, and amino acids.
Women who have reached drugs have been approved. So if Rothstein. This report helps to menopause can also experience you take prescription drugs that distinguish between Alzheimer's brain fog. Some doctors believe are paid for in part by Medicare and brain fog, alleviating the estrogen loss can lead to some ––congratulations! You've just worry that all those "senior memory loss and feelings of con- been enrolled in a drug safety trial! moments" are an indication of fusion. Others think it could be a (continued on page 8) (continued on page 8) Visit us online at www.HSIBaltimore.com
HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08:HSI_MembersAlert_SEPT08 7/14/08 3:57 PM Page 8 And another thing.
Brain Fog
to beating Alzheimer's is preven- (continued from page 7) (continued from page 7) tion. Dr. Rothstein's program foroptimum brain function is easy And, in case you didn't see to follow. By taking control of it in the e-Alert… As Dr. Rothstein says in his report, not everyone who has brain your brain power, you can keep fog will progress to Alzheimer's, your mind sharp and clear for gy has entered the digital age.
but everyone with Alzheimer's at years to come. You can start Unfortunately, this new technolo- one point had brain fog.
exploring Brain Fog No More at gy improves the images produced, That is the heart of it. The key but not the testing technique.
Women are still exposed to highlevels of radiation (although Update on Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans…
slightly less than with a film In our June 2008 issue, we told you about Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, mammogram), and their breasts an incredible cancer fighter available from the AIDS Research Assistance Insti- are still compressed between two tute (ARAI). So many HSI members were impressed with the healing potential of plates. This is known as the this product that the phones at ARAI started ringing off the hooks. As such, they weren't able to move orders as quickly as usual.
Medical students are taught to We are in contact with the folks at ARAI and they assure us they are doing examine breasts gently in order to their best to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.
keep possible cancer from spread-ing. Then breasts are painfully Here at HSI, you trust us to bring you the cures and cutting-edge products you flattened and x- rayed. You can won't hear about anywhere else. Many of the cures we tel you about come from very find more information about small companies and, while we do our best to ensure they have a supply available, mammogram risks and safe alter- sometimes they can't handle the demand from HSI's large membership. If you want natives to conventional mam- a product featured in your Members Alert, we encourage you to order quickly.
mography in the e-Alert "End of If you missed the article on Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans, you can find the Day" (2/22/07).
the June 2008 issue in the archive at www.hsibaltimore.com.
.Go fish. That's all you
need to do to help keep youreyes healthy and avoid age Avemar. The Harmony Company, www.theharmonyco.com. Ph
related macular degeneration (800)820-9693. One box of 30 packets is US$199.95. Mention HSI (AMD). When researchers at and get a 10% discount (phone orders only).
Australia's University of Spiro. Raintree Nutrition, Inc., www.rain-tree.com. Ph (800)780-
Melbourne collected data from 5902 or (775)841-4142. Concentrated liquid extract sold in 4 oz bot- nine studies, they found that tles for US$29.95.
subjects who ate fish two timeseach week significantly reduced Brain Fog No More. www.brainfognomore.com.
their risk of early AMD, as well HSI website log-on info (SEPTEMBER):
as the more advanced and dan- gerous late form of the disease.
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