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2010 ISSUE NO. 10
Racecar Enthusiast Stays Ahead of the Pack with Roland‘s VS-640 BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, USA
Who would know more about how to make a
racecar look its best than someone who actu- ally drove one professionally? Competing in NASCAR is what got David Mayhew into the vehicle restyling business and spending every weekend at the tracks is what keeps him on top. His passion for racing and experience in the industry inspired him to open FinishLine Signs, a 1,200 square foot shop located in eld, CA that specializes in vehicle and trailer wraps, banners, decals, and other Mayhew was fi rst introduced to digital printing 6 years ago when a friend took him to look at Finish line Signs keeps us with their clients‘ racecar graphics with two
Roland printer/cutters, including his new VersaCAMM VS-640 with metallic ink.

printers and plotters at Ordway Sign Supply in Van Nuys, CA. He saw a VersaCAMM SP-540 in meet my deadlines and allows me to avoid so being able to print metallic right into the action and it was love at fi rst sight. "I walked out coming in so early and staying so late at night." graphics has been a big advantage." According spending so much money that I had to start a to Mayhew, the Metallic Silver capability is company," he said. Since then, FinishLine Signs All of the projects are done with Roland‘s growing in popularity among his customers as has used Roland inkjet printer/cutters exclu- VersaWorks Software and ECO-SOL MAX Inks more people are beginning to take notice of sively, recently adding a VersaCAMM VS-640 to to achieve striking, high caliber graphics wor- the stunning eff ects. "A customer I have done the line-up. "Once the VS-640 came out it was thy of NASCAR raceways. "I have had great many racecars for wanted to have his sand rail just about time to get another printer to keep luck and excellent colors with Roland ink and match his racecar to a point. He needed the sil- up with demand and the fi rst Roland worked so I‘ve never even thought about using another ver fl ames to match the silver powder coat and well that it was a no-brainer to get another one." brand. The ink costs with these machines are this would only be possible with the Metallic minimal and I wouldn‘t want to take a chance Originally drawn to the VersaCAMM‘s print/cut with anything else." capability, Mayhew continues to favor Roland Mayhew and his pair of Roland inkjets con- technology for its all-in-one convenience and Mayhew uses his VersaCAMM VS-640 with tinue to provide customers with high quality reliability. A superman of sorts, he runs the the new Metallic Silver Ink, named DPI prod- work, on time and although his heart lies with small shop single-handedly. With limited time uct of the year in 2009, to bolster his designs racecars, his favorite projects are the big ones. and fl oor space, his Roland inkjets have helped and add some fl air to his color gamut. "The "I love doing the large trailers and semi wraps. him keep up with a steady fl ow of orders, typi- Metallic Silver Ink is what drew me to the When you see something that big that you‘ve cally a couple racecars a week at a minimum. VS-640," he said. "When you‘re doing racecars, done, it‘s a good feeling." "Having these two printers really helps me a lot of people want it to be bright and fl ashy, "When you‘re doing racecars, a lot of ant it to be bright and flashy, so being able to print metallic right into the graphics has been a big advantage." – David Mayhew Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 Printer/Cutter
Reeling in Profi ts with The VersaUV Printer/Cutter MONTESPERTOLI, ITALY – Effevuemme
Effevuemme designs and manufactures all Effevuemme combined its expertise with the Srl was founded in 1988 in Monespertoli, near its marketable products internally. They also LEC‘s outstanding performance to create this Florence in Tuscany, Italy. From the beginning produce some of their own molds and equip- unconventional application. The evolution of the company specialized in injection molding of ment. But the company‘s real strength is in the UV printing delivers excellent results and new thermoplastics, working with companies in such production of its own line of top quality sports business opportunities for Roland owners.
varied industries as ophthalmology, motorbikes fishing accessories. Artificial bait
and cars, furnishings and fashion items.
printed with
Thanks to the purchase of a Roland VersaUV the VersaUV
Thanks to partnerships with companies like LEC-300 30" UV printer/cutter, Effevuemme has Swatch and other world-famous fashion acces- created a new business line in the field of spor sory brands, Effevuemme Srl has acquired a fishing, designing and manufacturing ar great deal of experience in working with differ- bait for spinning, deep-sea and trout fishing ent types of thermoplastic materials.
Their new business opportunity was made possible by the versatility of the Roland LEC- 300, which allows users to print on a variety of media, such as holographic, photo-luminescent, and fluores- cent films as well as polyester. The LEC-300 also creates relief prints and textures with gloss and matte chromatic contrasts. The accurately printed details and precise cutting yield extremely realistic reproduction VersaUV LEC-300 30" Printer/Cutter
of all parts of the artificial bait, includ- ing eyes and scales or skin.
Making Magic with a VersaCAMM SALERNO, ITALY – Near the Amalfi coast,
Magico Incanto has become prominent in Assembling the inflatable is the most delicate home to some of the most enchanting places the landscape of national and international part of the process. The spindle cuts must in Italy including Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi promotional inflatables due to the importance be accurately matched. Magico Incanto‘s and Capri, there is a company called Magico the firm places on design, production, quality inflatables are made safe by a system of internal Incanto. Its owner, Mr. Antonio Storace, is control and technical assistance. Today, Magico cavities for constant and consistent air circula- known worldwide as Antoine, a magician and Incanto counts among its customers the Italian tion inside the structures, as well as by secure quick-change artist who has represented Italy Motor-boat Association (FIM), De Longhi, and efficient anchoring systems. for years at international magic conventions. BMW, Piaggio, Aprilia, the Giffoni Film Festival, Pomilia, Centrale del latte in Salerno, Torrente, Magico Incanto has achieved this level of safety Storace‘s abilities drove and Euronics. Moreover, Magico Incanto and quality through advanced study of fluid A large
him to be among the displays its structures at conventions for orga- dynamics and safety systems. Together with first to test the limits nizations such as Dyslexia Italian Association outstanding creativity, Storace‘s professional printed with
the Roland
of artistic creativity, (A.I.D.) and AVIS. knowledge and high resolution printing equip- establishing the first ani- ment allow him to produce unique and magical mation and show agency Using their Roland VersaCAMM, the company inflatable designs. in Southern Italy. In 1986, produces set designs for major festivals in Italy Antonio Storace founded and Europe such as the inflatable pyramid Magico Incanto, one created for the show "Magic Flute" by Piero of the world‘s premier Fantastichini in Monte Carlo. companies in the field of inflatable advertising Magico Incanto also creates, sells and structure production. His rents inflatable games for children, along creativity and his geo- with games and customized digitally printed graphic location have mascots for schools, game rooms, local organi- generated an exciting zations and municipal districts. Roland VersaCAMM SP-540V
SEPTEMBER 2010, ISSUE NO. 10 Combining Art, History And Customization Using Roland Digital Technology MADRID, SPAIN – Objetos de Arte
directly on the blade itself, transforming Toledano, established in 1960 by Ciriaco the swords into unique and exclusive gifts. Sánchez, specializes in the distribution of The MPX-90 engraves on materials as hard traditional Spanish art and craftwork. as steel and its new working format allows engraving on objects that are larger than Arte Toledano is located in the center of its printing area. The MPX-90 also enables Madrid, close to the Prado museum. The shop Arte Toledano to offer this service right in measures more than 1000 square meters the shop. "People do not have to wait a and is completely open to customers. In long time to get their customized sword. addition to medieval weapons, craftwork While they take a few minutes to look around gifts in ceramic, bronze and porcelain are our store, we can finish the engraving," said exhibited as well.
Carlos Sánchez, Arte Toledano Manager One of their most interesting specialities is Arte Toledano leaves an impression on all the making of medieval weapons, including who enter its doors. Mannequins dressed in Antique sword replica being personalized
swords, armor, helmets, bows, maces and on the Roland MPX-90
many other historic items. Each of the weap- and placed in bal- ons is a perfect replica and the collection covers a wide historic period, conies above the from ancient Greece and imperial Rome all the way through medieval main entrance alert armor, templar knight attire, and helmets from the Spanish tercios. There visitors that they are is also an amazing display of oriental weapons as well as a life-size model about to have a very of a Japanese Samurai.
special experience. Arte Toledano offers customized engraving on their swords using the Raul Romero, Sales Manager of M&R Tools, Roland DG
Roland Metaza MPX-90 impact printer. With the MPX-90, they can engrave Authorized Dealer and Pau Núñez of Roland DG Iberia
Roland DG Australia Provides Giclées for LO-FI Collective SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - In collaboration with Peer Group Media,
Textured Art Paper, we Roland DG Australia is producing fine art giclées for an art gallery named were able to achieve the LO-FI Collective, located above the new LO-FI Bar in the heart of Sydney‘s perfect results that we Darlinghurst district. Showcasing the best of Australia‘s burgeoning were looking for in our creative community, LO-FI Collective invites artists to work onsite to conceptualize, create and then exhibit their work for public viewing on a The organizers were weekly basis from August through December of 2010.
also amazed at the Exhibit artwork being produced
on the VersaCAMM VS-640
Lucky art enthusiasts have the opportunity to get up close and personal sample artwork in the with a host of artists and witness the creative process taking place as Creative Center, and were especially impressed with the metallic effects they prepare their shows. A selection of the exhibits will be printed by of the VS-640 and range of textures possible with the LEC-330. Previously Roland DG Australia and will be available for purchase during and after the unfamiliar with the benefits of Roland DG wide format printing, the artists showcases. The artists can choose from a range of media recommended are now being encouraged to take advantage of these specialized effects by Roland DG, including Textured or Smooth Art Paper, Premium Satin or when considering their designs.
Gloss Photo Paper, and Gloss or Satin Canvas. Roland DG Australia is work- "Roland DG Australia is excited to be involved in this exhibition," said John ing closely with the artists and gallery curator to produce approximately Wall, sales and marketing manager at Roland DG Australia. "We are look- 240 giclée prints during the exhibition.
ing forward to seeing the results and different designs that the artists can The first exhibition in August showcased a variety of A0-sized artwork printed achieve and hope that the show helps to showcase the specialized solu- on Textured Art Paper on the VersaCAMM VS-640, Roland‘s new metallic ink- tions possible with Roland printers." jet printer/cutter. Before the event, organizers joined gallery curator Marty To see the progress of the exhibition visit Routledge of Peer Group Media for a visit to the Roland DG Creative Center to view some of the test prints. "We were all very impressed with the print quality of the VS-640," said Damian Dlugolecki of Peer Group. "With the Packaging prototype for Lurpak being printed on the LEC-330.
Danapak Flexibles Creates High Profi le Packaging Prototypes Using The VersaUV LEC-330 SLAGELSE, DENMARK - Danapak Flexibles is a well-established
Using the LEC-330, Danapak was able to reproduce impressive and Scandinavian packaging company founded in 1955 and focused exclu- realistic mock-ups of the original 50-year-old design without incurring sively on flexible packaging. The company produces packaging for a large excessive costs. number of international food distributors and manufacturers, such as Arla "Today, it is not only important to find new clients. Maintaining and sat- Foods (LURPAK butter) and TOMS (Anton Berg chocolate). isfying your existing customers is the key to remaining successful. The In 2010, Danapak purchased its third Roland machine, a VersaUV LEC-330 LEC-330 enables us to provide that little extra service that makes us stand inkjet printer/cutter. The company had been looking for a UV printer/cut- out," said Ole Kokborg, Danapak Flexibles A/S. ter that could print on a wide variety of media with white ink. The LEC-330 Danapak is currently expanding its market reach and has entered the was the perfect device for both attracting new clients and delivering the pharmaceutical industry in both Denmark and the United States, using best possible service to existing customers. the LEC-330 to produce new prototypes. The LEC-330 really proved itself as a valu- "The pharmaceutical industry is relying able asset when Arla Foods approached more and more on flexible packaging. We Danapak with an unusual request. Arla have the advantage of producing both Foods was participating in an exhibition at the media and prototypes in house, which the Danish National Bank and wanted to means that we are able to assist with all stages of the display a 50-year-old vintage design. However, development of new packaging. Thanks to the LEC-330, they were hesitant to use one of the few originals we are able to provide optimal service to our customers," they had left and turned to Danapak for assistance. said Kokborg.
"The LEC-330 enables us to provide that little extra service." – Ole Kokborg, Danapak Flexibles A/S SEPTEMBER 2010, ISSUE NO. 10 Roland Workshops and Print/Cut Technology Help Drive Success of Mister Vinyl PETERBOROUGH, CAMBRIDGESHIRE,
– Investment in a
Roland print-and-cut solution and the deci- sion to take advantage of several relevant courses available at the Roland Academy both helped Mister Vinyl‘s Daral Brennan turn his business into a true success story. Established less than three years ago, Mister Vinyl, based in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, UK, has quickly gained a reputation for providing a broad range of digitally produced vinyl prod- ucts. Mister Vinyl‘s combination of design skills and technology make it far more than just another print shop.
(left) Mister Vinyl‘s Daral Brennan with his Roland SOLJET PRO III XC-540; (above) A novel
Brennan‘s eye for high standards of output three-dimensional approach by Mister Vinyl enhances vehicle decoration
comes from his photographic and college update brings another way of providing the vehicle for the first time! The courses are teaching background. He admits he is excited user with additional management information taught by Roland DG professionals who not by the opportunities available within the dis- and, of course, enhanced output quality." only understand the commercial marketplace; play industry. Having decided to start Mister they also know my equipment and offered Vinyl, his search for the right solution resulted Mister Vinyl runs many and varied applications, some very useful tips on all aspects of digital in the purchase of a new Roland SOLJET PRO including POP displays. One of the areas where printing production and lamination." III XC-540, which provides him with the best Brennan‘s skills stand out is vehicle graphics options available for wide-format inkjet print- and wraps. This niche market area requires Mister Vinyl was encouraged when local market ing as well as the ability to contour cut. specific application skills as well as the right research determined that vehicle wrapping was equipment to produce the job, so Brennan a service not actively promoted in the region. Working with specialist Roland reseller, decided to attend the tailor-made Roland "There are national franchise sign companies Shropshire-based Signmaster Systems, Academy vehicle wrapping course. The course here in Peterborough, but for some reason, Brennan also invested in complementary wide concentrates on all the idiosyncrasies associ- they seem not to promote vehicle wraps spe- format lamination equipment and a KeenCut ated with non-standard surfaces and shapes, cifically," Brennan continues. "That‘s why I got cutting machine. His investment has lived up along with the specialist techniques essential started in this sector, which now represents an to expectations as even the most difficult jobs when installing and, later, removing vehicle important aspect of my current business." have stood up to harsh and uncompromising environments from day one. Brennan believes Although he is a relative newcomer to the that using the highest quality materials will Based within Walsall College, the Roland industry, Brennan‘s comprehensive training pay dividends in the long run, and his combi- Academy blends practical experience with the and his attention to detail have both helped in nation of the best available printer, media and essential technical knowledge required by the his recognition. He also attributes his success finishing equipment has resulted in perfect sign makers and display producers who attend to his choice of wide-format printer. Brennan is production every time across all types of appli- its courses. Brennan‘s decision to add vehicle amazed at what his Roland XC-540 can do for cations for all types of environments. wrapping to his skills list followed naturally him, claiming that, when coupled with a good from his successful completion of most of the quality laminator, he is limited only by his own "After attending a Roland demonstration, I other modules offered at the Academy. These decided to purchase the Roland SOLJET PRO included courses on Adobe Illustrator and III XC-540," enthuses Brennan. Roland‘s print- Photoshop, complemented by Intermediate For vehicle graphics, Brennan‘s first choice for and-cut solution is enhanced by the versatile Digital Printing and Color Management.
sheer versatility is his Roland. "It meets every VersaWorks RIP software included with every requirement for quality, speed and consis- machine. Its powerful capabilities and ease of "I really wanted to try my hand at vehicle wrap- tency," he emphasizes. "Together with Roland use have played an important role in Brennan‘s ping," Brennan said. "I found the whole concept training, Roland ECO-SOL MAX inks and workflow. "It‘s a truly amazing software option," quite fascinating and a real challenge. I guess RolandCare support, it‘s a worry-free, profit- he comments. "In the three years I‘ve been pro- this is where my interest began in this side of able and winning combination." ducing digital printing, there have been several the display market. The two-day course was free upgrades and, to me, this confirms Roland‘s a great opportunity to get some real hands- commitment to stay ahead of the game. Every on experience and actually wrap a complete Roland DG Challenge 2010 Generates Creative Student Marketing Campaigns AALBORG, DENMARK – The Roland
fully lived up to expectations, mak- Winning team Marius Borodka,
DG Challenge, initiated in 2009, is a 24-hour ing Roland DG Challenge 2010 an Maria Daring Larsen and Maija Hejgaard
competition in which students from Danish incredible success! educational institutions are challenged to All of the campaigns were executed at a very dynamite accessories. The winning team from use their imagination and creative talents to high level and displayed overwhelming cre- Copenhagen Technical College, made up of develop a spectacular branding campaign ativity. The five judges, from Roland DG, Adobe students Marius Borodka, Maria Daring Larsen comprising a printed banner, poster, sticker, Denmark, Fedder+Okkel, Media College and Maija Hejgaard, presented a comprehen- T-shirt and logo. Aalborg and Grafisk Uddannelsesudvalg, were sive and carefully planned campaign centered Roland DG Challenge 2009 was a huge success faced with a tough challenge.
on an easily identified theme and produced and expectations were high this year when 60 entirely on Roland machines in the Roland DG One campaign, however, stood out. "Wanted Danish students from Copenhagen Technical Academy at Media College Aalborg.
- students on the loose" won first place College and Media College Aalborg kicked off with a creative western theme and artificial "Insanely high creative level!" said judge the first of the Challenge‘s 24 hours. The students Thomas Fedder of the distinguished advertising agency Fedder+Okkel, about the overall stan- dard of work at the Roland DG Challenge 2010. "The winning team was chosen unanimously. Their concept was bold, well executed and eas- ily recognizable. It is a campaign with endless possibilities and a notable ‘wow‘ effect. Their campaign has all of the features that character- ize successful advertising." The three winners of the Roland DG Challenge 2010 all agreed that it was fantastic to win such a prestigious challenge against so many wor- thy opponents. Their joy was apparent when they were presented with their prize from Adobe Denmark: three CS5 Master Collections worth approximately 6,000 €.
The Roland DG Challenge 2010 garnered plenty of attention from the local press and the Danish Ministry of Education as well as from Japanese visitors. The focus was on the future talents of the graphic industry and on the suc- cessful cooperation between two educational institutions and Roland DG North Europe A/S. "Insanely high creative level!" – judge Thomas Fedder, Fedder+Okkel Winning entry "Wanted -
Students on the Loose."

SEPTEMBER 2010, ISSUE NO. 10 A sample of their popular decals printed using metallic colors
Added Value with the World‘s First Metallic Silver Ink Printer Staff of Hayakawa Seni Kougyo with their XC-540MT
GIFU, JAPAN – Hayakawa Seni Kougyo is
but our sales increased strongly. Now, 50% of "The XC-540MT works very well. When we a manufacturing firm located in Gifu, Japan. our sales come from this new business." installed the XC-540MT, we also started adver- The city of Gifu is famous for traditional tising our decals on our website. Since then, we Most of their clients are businesses seeking Japanese paper products, including traditional have received many orders from all over Japan. to advertise, requesting decals to apply on umbrellas and paper lanterns, as well as for its Having the ability to print white and metallic taxis or motorcycle messengers. Orders from apparel industry, which originated with shops silver ink expands the range of our manufac- individuals, smaller enterprises and private selling old military clothes after World War II. turing products. It also contributes to the sales clubs have also increased. In addition to an Hayakawa Seni Kougyo manufactures fiber of additional high-value products, such as online store, the company has a storefront in products for apparel and has recently founded decals on transparent film for snowboards, downtown Gifu where many of the city‘s high a new business that responds to the needs of cars, and other vehicles," said Mr. Hayakawa.
schools are located. They receive a significant number of orders from these schools for items "It is a big advantage to be able to print "About 40 years ago, our founder established such as banners, T-shirts for school clubs, etc.
metallic colors on a single sheet of media on our manufacturing business, which produces demand. Actually, there are many ways to Mr. Hayakawa purchased a Roland XC-540MT liners, adhesive interlinings, collar stays and print with metallic colors, such as silk printing as soon as it was released in fall 2009 because other items for apparel companies," said Mr. or offset printing, but these methods gener- of an increase in his company‘s decal orders Masato Hayakawa, President of Hayakawa Seni ally require larger production runs and special and a need to replace their existing printer. Kougyo. "However, in recent years the business "We wanted to install a print and cut machine competition from China has increased and our to increase work efficiency," said Mr. Hayakawa. "If we exercise our ingenuity and create sales have slowed down. When I became the "I visited the showrooms of many printer designs that incorporate metallic colors and president of this company, I seriously consid- manufacturers to examine a variety of print- textures, we can deliver more value-added ered its future business strategy. I concluded ers, including UV printers. When I visited the items with metallic colors that CMYK inks alone that we should start a new business that would Roland DG Creative Center, I heard that the cannot match. We want to design attractive not compete with China: the manufactur- world‘s first inkjet printer with metallic silver new items such as T-shirts and decals using ing and sales of original goods. Over the past ink would be released soon. I was attracted to textured pattern printing, as well as gradations four years, through trial and error we have the idea of owning the first machine with this and other creative effects," said Mr. Hayakawa. established a robust business creating T-shirts, new inkjet technology because if we were the banners, key chains and various other goods." first ones to install it, we would have no com- Mr. Hayakawa noted that the company has had petitors at that time! So I decided to purchase great results over this period. "We started this venture with only two or three staff members, Stickers created by Mr. Taira displayed on the shop wall
Digital Printing with Roland‘s XC-540MT Allows T-Port to Transform Imagination into Reality FUKUYAMA, JAPAN – T-Port is a
wanted to differentiate my services and began smile when they receive their orders. I think digital printing and sticker shop located in creating original designs. Nowadays, our main devoting time to speak with clients directly is the historic city of Fukuyama, in the center business is designing decals and apparel. My valuable and very important in helping me cre- of the Seto inland sea area in the Hiroshima wife and I provide a full range of services to our ate exactly what they want." prefecture of Japan. Fukuyama City is well clients, from design to processing." "Some of our regular customers are young known for its cliff, Tomo-no-Ura, and tide On the wall of the shop, thousands of decals are people who like cars and metallic colors. I feel changes which inspired the famous Japanese displayed. "Each of our customers puts one of the SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT is the best tool animation director Hayao Miyazaki to create their custom decals on the wall as a memento," to create designs that appeal to these clients the film, "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea." "The said Taira. "This is our history as well. Now, it is because of its metallic silver ink. New clients shop name comes from the initial of my sur- difficult to find any space on our wall!" are referred to us by our regular customers. We name, Taira, and T-shirts, combined with the always need something new to attract them word ‘port‘ from ‘import,‘" explained shop Although in recent years many people order to our shop and to provide them with new owner Mr. Mitsunori Taira. "At first, our main custom-designed decals and apparel on the ideas. In the past, we were using our Roland business was sales of imported T-shirts, but I Internet, T-Port‘s customers generally come PC-600, a thermal printer, and the SC-540EXW into their shop. "Most of our clients are local to meet their requests for gold, silver and people who visit us to order and to receive white colors. The XC-540MT can print a variety their goods. We always enjoy a friendly of metallic colors, not just silver. Now, we can visit," said Taira. "My role is to trans- easily reproduce the images that our custom- form our clients‘ vision into real ers request." T-Port has at last retired its PC-600, objects. I take great pleasure the machine that served them for so long. in seeing our customers "Vehicle graphics and matching designs on apparel designs are popular with our customers." Original Sweatshirt Mr. Taira‘s
designs for his customer.
– Mr. Taira SEPTEMBER 2010, ISSUE NO. 10 Oporto Team Reaches the "F1 in Schools" Wo Final in Singapore with Roland‘s Support OPORTO, PORTUGAL - F1 in Schools is the only truly
global educational program designed to raise aw Formula 1 racing among students and school children in every region, in every country, on every continent. Desig for children aged 9 to 19, its main objective is to a fun and exciting learning environment for young people where they can develop an informed view about careers in engineering, Formula 1 racing science, marketing and technology. Participants enter in teams to design their own small-scale Formula 1 car, with the car‘s speed and design being judged, as well as the team‘s business plan. National heats and finals take place Small-scale Formula 1 car,
milled on Roland MDX-40A
in each country before finalists head to the World Finals, held this year in Singapore, where they compete for various awards including the Bernie Ecclestone World Champions Trophy and engineering Mr. Mitsunori Taira and his wife,
Mrs. Ikuko Taira with their XC-540MT
The F1 in Schools National Final event held at Alfândega do Porto, in Oporto, "We generally start by meeting with our Portugal, capped a year of work in more than 60 schools across the country. customer," Mr. Taira said. "We collaborate in cre- The challenge consisted of constructing an F1 miniature prototype powered ating a design by talking through their ideas. by a small bottle of CO2. The cars were tested on a 25-meter racetrack, cre- In one case, our initial client meeting took ating tremendous excitement at the almost six hours! We choose colors by showing our clients the metallic and CMYK color chart printed on the XC-540MT. We set our produc- The big winner of the 2010 National tion deadline within one week, because we Championship was the Oporto Team want to deliver our products to our customers which will represent Portugal in the World as fast as we can. We try to satisfy our custom- Final in Singapore. The Portuguese team ers‘ needs quickly so they will want to visit was supported and sponsored by Roland DG Iberia, which provided assistance with the design, engineering and prototyping The Oporto Team
Vehicle graphics and matching designs on of the small-scale Formula 1 car.
apparel are popular with their customers. "We have designed red and pink metallic stickers The Oporto Team car was milled entirely on a Roland MDX-40A and achieved printed on transparent media," said Mr. Taira. "Of the highest possible score on Engineering Judgment, earn- course, our customers were really excited by the ing 20 points out of 20. It was the only car to achiev colors. We also wrap cars with printed graphics." this score at the Portuguese Final held in June.
"Everyone has different taste. The definition of Teams were judged on car design, what‘s ‘cool‘ and ‘cute‘ vary from person to per- manufacturing and speed, as well as on sup- son. We want to carefully create the designs our porting evidence of their design, a verbal customers imagine and transform the designs presentation and a marketing display into real objects. We believe the best tool that stand in ‘ the pits." The Roland AJ-1000 was we can use to do this is the XC-540MT. We will used to produce all the signs and banners continue to research new solutions so that our for the booth, and all the sponsor logos customers will feel great happiness when they were printed on a VersaCAMM VS-640. visit our shop," said Mr. Taira.
Attendees who visited the booth had the sensation of being in a real racing pit, with plenty of scr eens, Roland MDX-40A
monitors and youth dressed in their official uniforms, and, of course, the miniature cars. Roland DG Australia Debuts New Metallic Silver Wraps Roland MDX-15 CNC Mill in classroom
Roland DG also released the revolutionary Australia recently unveiled a new look for new VersaCAMM VS-640 with the metallic ink its service vehicles. The new vehicle wraps option in 2010.
are among the first of their kind, printed According to David McDowell of Graphics with award-winning Metallic Silver ECO-SOL Adhesion, part of the team of installers for the project, "This was the first experience "Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink is an excit- we have had with the metallic ink and ing development and has opened up many overall we were very impressed with its HASSELT, BELGIUM - TIHH is the oldest
new opportunities for our customers," said performance. It stretched well and had no technical school in the Belgian province of Limburg John Wall, sales and marketing manager at problems with heating." with a current enrollment of about 850 students. Roland DG Australia. "We wanted to test and The recently expanded Roland DG service The school offers four branches of study including also demonstrate what can be done with the fleet is an integral part of the customer construction, wood, metal and electricity. Students new metallic ink and were very pleased with support program. Service engineers travel in their first two years of high school have the the results. We hope that our customers can hundreds of kilometers each week to visit opportunity to try all four branches before they find similar success in creating new opportu- customers, provide technical advice, and make their final choice. In order to fully prepare nities with Roland metallic solutions." perform regular maintenance as part of students for their future careers, TIHH employs Roland released the world‘s first metallic eco- Roland‘s extended warranty program.
technical advisors to stay connected with the busi- solvent ink in late 2009 for the SOLJET PRO III ness community. These advisors visit trade shows You may see the fleet‘s new look at your XC-540MT printer/cutter. After winning the and maintain close contact with companies in next service call or out on the streets of prestigious DPI award for Best Ink in 2009, order to keep informed on new technologies and Sydney and Melbourne. You can also visit other changes across the industry. Roland DG Australia in Sydney to view the vehicles and a vast range of other unique Tony Pollaris, technical advisor at TIHH, coordinates the part-time education program, TOBO, and made the decision to invest in a Roland MDX-15 scan- ning and milling machine. "At the time, we had to replace an old machine," Pollaris said. "Our goal was for students to learn how to work with a coordi- "Metallic Silver nates system and that is why we bought the Roland machine. While we have not yet integrated it fully ECO-SOL MAX ink is an into our curriculum, we have given our students an introduction to the machine. At the moment, we exciting development." use the MDX-15 in technical lessons. Students learn to engrave text on a small plate. Older students from the plastics department use the machine – John Wall, Roland DG AUS to scan objects and mill them in wood. Then they learn how to create a vacuum." Sales and Marketing TIHH also sets up projects for primary schools to introduce the technology to younger students. According to Pollaris, "We encounter adults that have so little experience with new technologies that they don‘t even know how to replace a light bulb. That‘s unacceptable for us and we believe it is our responsibility to make sure students develop important technical skills. We set up the TOBO project to introduce technical education in primary schools. Teachers are invited to attend our workshops which help them set up lessons. Our objective is to give kids hands-on experience with Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 Printer/Cutter
technologies so they can select the right branch of study faster and begin working toward their SEPTEMBER 2010, ISSUE NO. 10 Three New Models of the VersaCAMM VS - Grand Format Vinyl Cutter Now Available in 30," 42" and 54" Sizes The 64" CAMM-1 PRO GX-640 is Roland‘s largest and most powerful vinyl cutter to date, setting a new standard for performance and precision The VersaCAMM VS family has expanded and now includes the 54-inch across a wide range of media. It outperforms other cutters on the mar- VS-540, the 42-inch VS-420 and the 30-inch VS-300. The new VS models ket today with a new generation of hardware, CutStudio software and a join Roland‘s best-selling 64-inch VS-640, which was introduced earlier this design built on 23 years of advanced CAMM-1 technology. year as the company‘s largest and most advanced VersaCAMM to date.
VersaCAMM VS printer/cutters come in a choice of three ink configurations The GX-640 is ideally suited for restyling applications. Full integration with featuring CMYKLcLm + White + DPI award-winning Metallic Silver ECO-SOL Roland VersaWorks RIP software allows it to contour cut pre-printed graph- MAX ink. The machine creates premium metallic graphics on demand with ics for signage and decorated apparel. The GX-640 features the industry‘s a metallic color palette previously available only through screen printing, most advanced DC servo motor technology for increased mechanical offset printing or hot stamping. VS users can choose from two new metallic resolution to 3.5 microns. A total of ten pinch roll slots accommodate up print modes, blended or layered.
to six added pinch roll assemblies to support the heaviest materials. Other features include the HEAVY MODE setting for large, heavy media such as Equipped with Roland print/cut technology, the VersaCAMM VS prints sand blast mask, the OVERLAP function for multiple cuts on thick materials, images and then automatically contour cuts them on one device through and EXTEND mode for increased cutting width to aid in tracking long cuts.
one seamless workflow. The VS also features the Roland OnSupport sys- tem for remote print management. When a job is completed or ink runs low, notifications are sent to an e-mail address which can be accessed by a The VersaUV LEC is Now Bigger and Better smart phone or computer.
The new VersaUV LED inkjet printer/cutter is now available in a 54" format. Based on award-winning VersaUV technology, the LEC-540 prints CMYK + White + Clear and contour cuts virtually any substrate up to 1 mm (0.04") thick for luxurious, custom graphics with unique special effects and finishes. The LEC-540 is the third model in Roland‘s VersaUV series. It is faster than previous VersaUV models and offers greater versatility for applications ranging from packaging prototypes, short-run labels and membrane panels to interior décor items, point of purchase (POP) displays and large-format win- dow graphics. It prints on a wide variety of flexible and rigid media, including synthetic paper, polyester film, paper and vinyl banner media, PET, leather, plastic, polycarbonates and paper boards.
Versa Art Sublimation Printers for Soft Signage, Apparel, and Interior Décor The VersaArt series is now available with a new sublimation solution that delivers rich, saturated colors, exceptional print quality and high-speed performance, all at an affordable price. VersaArt printers are available in two models, the 64" RS-640 and 54" RS-540 and can be configured for sublimated graphics with the addition of Roland‘s BU-2 high capacity ink system and SBL2 sublimation inks.
In high quality mode, VersaArt sublimation printers produce vivid colors and image well at the LEC-540 prints 25 print speeds up to 342.6 sqft/hr. Designed for unattended production, percent faster than VersaArt printers can be upgraded with an optional take-up system han- the 30" LEC-330 due to new larger UV-LED lamps that expedite production dling media rolls up to 66 lbs. Automated maintenance minimizes ink, and automatically reposition themselves for high-speed performance and labor and downtime. VersaArt sublimation printers are Energy Star certi- the highest image quality in all print modes. The LEC is offered in three ink fied and carry Roland‘s Eco-Label for environmental compliance. Roland configurations and features the Roland OnSupport system which allows VersaWorks RIP software is included.
remote monitoring of production activities.
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