Unit five puberty [compatibility mode]

 This unit addresses the physical changes that occur for boys and girls during puberty, the reproductive anatomy of males and females, and the ins and outs  PUBERTY PRE-TESTS of what happens during menstruation and spermatogenesis.  PUBERTY WITH SAM AND SALLY HiTOPS, Inc./Princeton Center for  Activities help students to learn that there is a wide range of "normal" in each change of puberty.
Leadership Training  MENSTRUATION: HOW DOES IT WORK?  This unit lays the foundation for future units (e.g.,  SPERMATOGENESIS: HOW DOES IT birth control methods, HIV prevention, STI prevention, etc.) and will prepare students to conduct the "Puberty Education: When It's Time to Change" workshop with younger audiences.
 A pre-test helps students focus on the subject and appreciate what they need to learn  Directions:
 Students fill out pre-tests and put aside to correct and discuss at the end of puberty instruction. Young women should Exercise helps to reduce avoid heat and swimming unpleasant symptoms of and reduce the amount affects a woman's menstruation for some that they exercise during ability to think.
Exercise is especially helpful in Menstruating women may exercise or swim or heat up as much as they choose. Dysmenorrhea (cramping A girl can get pregnant during one's period) is related to if she has sex during A girl can figure out an prostaglandin release and can absolutely safe time be relieved by medication.
between periods when she can not get pregnant.
Suppose a girl's period lasts 7 days and she has sex at the end of her Advil or Motrin are anti-prostaglandin medication period. The sperm can live for 7 days, and are very useful in relieving cramps. which means sperm could be present A girl should never assume she is "safe." at ovulation on day 14. Ovulation can be unpredictable and some women bleed lightly with ovulation. The average menstrual 3-5 eggs are released The endometrium or lining cycle lasts 28 days with each month in ovulation.
of the uterus is reabsorbed ovulation occurring on if a woman does not become pregnant.
One egg is usually released each month. Occasionally, more than one egg may be Ovulation occurs on day 14 of a 28 day average cycle. released, resulting in twins or triplets. The endometrium or lining of the uterus is shed as (Day one is the first day of menstruation, so ovulation menstrual fluid if the woman does not become is in the middle.) If a teenage girl has A girl cannot use a Girls can wash their hair, irregular periods, she tampon if she is a but shouldn't get a perm, when they have their With practice, anyone can use a tampon. It Irregular periods can be normal for will not affect virginity. The male hormone Boys can tell when a which causes puberty girl is having her changes in males is The male hormone is called testosterone. Masturbating several Sperm are made in The epididymis is times a day will cause Sperm are made in the testicles. Masturbation does not cause physical or psychological damage. However, anything that interferes with daily living can become a problem. The tubule inside the Fresh sperm is made The maturation of sperm testes, if stretched end- every 24 hours in the in the epididymis takes to-end, would be the male testicles.
about 4-6 weeks.
length of a yard stick.
It would be the length of a football field.

If you masturbate before The testicles are The amount of semen having sex with a positioned outside the female, then she won't body because sperm ejaculation is about 1/8 of get pregnant.
will not be produced at body temperature.
Masturbation before sex will decrease sperm The amount of semen in one ejaculate is count but does not ensure that a female will about one teaspoon.
not get pregnant. The sperm are mixed with Having sex in a hot tub There are about 100 fluids from the seminal will decrease the risk million sperm in each vesicles, prostate and the of pregnancy due to bladder before passing out heating of the testicles.
of the penis.
There are about 300-500 million sperm Keeping the testicles too warm will decrease in one ejaculate. current sperm production, not sperm that is ready Semen is not mixed with urine. for ejaculation. Look at The Female Reproductive System diagram and identify each body part in the drawing and read the name How Does it Work?
and function from the definitions.
 It is important to know proper names for anatomical parts so that peer educators can talk about puberty in a professional manner.  It is necessary to understand menstruation in order to understand how contraceptive methods work.
 Typically only one egg will come to full maturity and be released  Average menstrual cycle is 28 days long. out of the ovary on day 14.  It can be shorter than 28 days, some longer and  The egg then travels down the fallopian tube, where tiny hairs called cilia move the egg along the tube into the uterus. some are irregular, meaning they vary from month to month.  By this time the uterus has built up a nice spongy lining, called the endometrium, that is ready for a fertilized egg which will turn into a  In an average 28 day cycle… baby in 9 months.  If the egg is not fertilized, it disintegrates and is shed with the  1st day of the menstrual period is considered day 1, endometrium – the menstrual period. with ovulation halfway through on day 14.  This whole process repeats…  Then the period begins after another 14 days, making a 28 day cycle.  This happens over and over again every month from puberty until menopause, when the ovaries stop functioning between the ages  During the first half of the cycle from days 1-14 the of 45 and 55.
eggs are ripening in the ovary. Pregnancy & Conception… Conception continued…  If a woman has sexual intercourse and does not use a reliable  Usually, only one will penetrate the outer shell of the form of birth control, pregnancy can occur. egg and fertilization occurs.  The Sperm's journey  The fertilized egg travels though the tube and  Semen containing sperm is deposited in the vagina. implants in the endometrium, where the fetus grows.  The sperm travel through the cervix, into the uterus and out the fallopian tubes.  Twins --- occur in two ways.  Many do not survive this long hazardous journey.  Fraternal twins -Two eggs get fertilized by two different sperm  Some go up the wrong tube, since a woman usually alternates which tube she ovulates from each month.  Identical - One egg is fertilized by  Even though there are 300-500 million sperm in one sperm and the fertilized egg one ejaculate, only about 50 get to the egg. splits in two Spermatogenesis:
How Does it Work?

Look at the Male  It is important to know proper names for Reproductive System anatomical parts, so that peer educators can diagram and identify talk about puberty in a professional manner. each body part on the diagram and read  It is also necessary to understand spermatogenesis to be knowledgeable about how contraceptive methods work.
The Male Reproductive Ejaculation & Ejaculate  Just prior to ejaculation, the sperm mix with semen or
 The testicles are located within the scrotum.
seminal fluid made in the seminal vesicle and
 The scrotum's function is to keep the testicles at the correct temperature for sperm production.  Seminal fluid provides energy for the sperm to travel.  Sperm production starts during puberty and continue for the rest of their lives.  At the point of ejaculation, a valve shuts off the urethra, so that urine cannot be discharged with the
 Sperm collect in the epididymis where they are
matured for 4-6 weeks.  Semen is released and travels down the urethra and  When mature they travel out of the scrotal sac and up out of the head of the penis. the vas deferens - two 14-inch long tubes - and are
stored in the ampula until ejaculation.

 Ejaculate is about 1 teaspoon of fluid, 9/10 of which is semen and the other tenth is sperm. How many does it in one ejaculate? How much fluid is in somebody pregnant?  300-500 million  One teaspoon How long can sperm If you stretched the live in the female tubules in the testicle end reproductive tract? to end, how long would it be?  The length of a football field

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