Thanks for your interest in Boost Juice! This kit is designed to help you get an A+. We believe in making being healthier and getting good grades as easy as possible… So whether you are studying Business, Marketing or want to know some trade secrets, we hope you will find what you need right here.

added nutritional benefits. Janine has experienced every facet of the company, from painting the floor in the first store in In 2000, Janine Allis saw a gap in Adelaide and working in the store, to negotiating the purchase the Australian market for a healthy of another juice bar chain in 2004 and taking the brand around fast food alternative. As a consumer the world. This has allowed her to fully understand and develop she had always struggled to find all aspects of a growing business. Boost would not be Boost anything healthy to eat and drink however, without her phenomenal team that has achieved whist she was out.
amazing results to help the brand grow to the amazing With no business experience, only international brand that it is today! a passion to do retailing differently, She developed a business plan and INNOVATIVE RETAIL CONCEPT
raised $250,000 through friends. While the juice bar concept was relatively new for Australia, Janine consulted with nutritionists the way in which Boost presented the concept was also new and naturopaths to create a menu for retail in general. Boost was never simply about the healthy of healthy juices and smoothies and great tasting juice or smoothie – the brand is based on that were free of preservatives, the entire Boost experience which takes place every time a artificial flavours and colours. customer enters a store. This experience is a combination of a She is passionate about creating great tasting product, served by positive and energetic people products that are as healthy as who greet you with a smile and are polite enough to call you possible, and continues to research by your first name; in a bright and colourful store environment new ways to make the products with fun music to match. This point of difference is further better and better. Her range of TD4 enforced through the brand's unique tactical campaigns, the low fat frozen yoghurts used in the customer relations strategy whereby every customer email is smoothies, contain live cultures responded to personally within 24 hours, and the VIBE Club like streptococcus thermophillis loyalty program which rewards loyal customers and has and lactobacillus delbruekil for helped our customers have fun.

With the success of Boost in Australia, Boost In an age where childhood obesity is said to be at decided to start spreading its wings internationally epidemic proportions, Boost found a niche market in 2004. Since then, Boost Juice Bars have been of offering a healthy alternative to other fast opened in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, food options, which is encompassed in a brand Indonesia, South Africa, India, Chile, Estonia, perceived to be ‘cool' by young consumers. This Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Macau, China, niche has been called the ‘wellness category' and Russia, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Kuwait is one of the fastest growing retail categories in United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Boost Juice the world, with companies in the category seeing is now operating in more countries than any other massive growth. Boost was no exception, with juice bar in the world. Boost Juice is an amazing a growth platform of an average of 30 stores a retail phenomenon with a growth platform on year for 4 years and group turnover exceeding average of, 2 countries and 30 stores a year for the AUD$158,000,000 last financial year and from last 4 years.
inception a turnover of approximately 1.2 billion dollars.
"WITH OVER 350 STORES OPERATING This attracted a buzz in Australian media because the brand was providing a new experience and THROUGHOUT AUSTRALIA AND opportunities on so many different levels. There AROUND THE WORLD, BOOST IS THE was a lot of focus on Janine, who was achieving LARGEST AND FASTEST GROWING this amazing success with the business while JUICE & SMOOTHIE FRANCHISE IN being a wife and mother to three young boys. And the more buzz that the business attracted the THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE." more growth and success the franchise stores attracted. Boost is considered a global brand which has been built on a strong marketing and operations foundation. This has enabled the Boost brand to achieve an extraordinary 94% awareness within the first five years and has set Boost apart from competitors and copycats time and time again. From our unique culture and marketing philosophy, our International Franchise Partners come from diverse backgrounds and industries. They all hold the passionate ‘love life' attitude that's helping us grow Boost Juice into one of the Worlds' most loved brands.

Every business has to grow and we knew in the Australian market that we needed more than one brand.
We looked for a business and category that was growing and fit with our values and quality. Salsas
Fresh Mex was a perfect fit. At Salsas, you may get your food quickly, but we take a lot of time behind
the scenes to prepare your food.
The team starts early every morning – chopping fresh vegetables and coriander, cooking rice & corn chips to perfection, mashing ripe avocados and taste testing the fresh guac. We're all about creating wholesome, fresh food; – without taking any short cuts. For that reason, your meal is only made when you order it; – even our irresistible Mexicrinkles. Our signature mouth-watering recipes delight the senses and are full of authentic Mexican flavours that will keep you coming back for more. For more information visit Salsas is high quality, great tasting Mexican food. In 2007 we purchased the business, which at the time had 9 stores. We now have over 50 stores in Australia.

Inspired by the much loved neighbourhood chicken shop, Hatch takes chicken shop classics, such as
spit roasted free range chicken, fresh gourmet salads and combines these with an impressive range of
chicken burgers, wraps and dishes. At Hatch we see chicken differently and want to share the love for
the humble bird with everyone. Modelled on an old barn with a relaxed and cool vibe, Hatch dishes up a
surprising dining experience.

CIBO Espresso began in 2000 but the desire to provide a ‘simply Italian' experience for customers was
born years earlier when the four founding partners, Roberto Cardone, Salvatore Pepe, Angelo Inglese
and Claudio Ferraro first combined their skills to open CIBO Ristorante in Adelaide in 1996.
The restaurant quickly became a dining landmark in Adelaide, renowned for its high quality, traditional Italian menu, including cakes, pastries, gelato, pizza, wood oven bread made on the premises and outstanding coffee. Espresso Bar culture was still in its infancy in Australia, but convinced that people were ready for a real Italian coffee bar, they opened their first CIBO Espresso in Rundle Street, in the heart of Adelaide. Here they offered artisan made, Italian products in a modern bar environment – an echo of the many coffee bars which line the winding streets and piazzas of Rome. Coffee lovers were quick to catch on to the premium Arabica CIBO Espresso blend that poured from the espresso machine day and night. Before long, more CIBO Espresso bars had opened in key locations all over the city and a pasticceria was working through the night to supply the panini, sfogliatelle, cannoli and other treats fresh each morning. Since our humble beginnings, CIBO Espresso has expanded to 27 outlets with 23 in Adelaide, two in Western Australia, one in Victoria and one in Brisbane. Everything is made exclusively for our CIBO Espresso bars and has been made in our CIBO Espresso kitchen where we make all our pastry, bread, food, gelati and coffee. Our kitchen, led by Salvatore and Claudio, is dedicated to continually innovating and developing products in preparation for CIBO Espresso's summer and winter menu.

If you want to know
more about Janine,
you can pick up a copy
of her book at any
ABOUt Boost store, or follow
her blog.
She has previously worked as a publicist in the arts place. Her vision was to do retailing differently, and entertainment industries, a cinema manager in delivering a unique customer experience based Australia and Singapore, an advertising executive on the "love life" philosophy of Boost. Janine's and as a head stewardess on David Bowie's yacht. leadership style is natural, warm, giving and Being a working mother of three sons and a inspiring, with people extremely motivated by daughter, she is an advocate for healthy eating and her to achieve amazing results. Janine describes living. With a hectic urban lifestyle in Melbourne, herself as having a very ‘hands on' approach Janine understands firsthand the demands life can towards the running of Boost Juice.
put on an individual.
One of her greatest strengths is her ability to see Janine's desire to own her own business led her her faults and ensure that the people around her to look at the retail market and review what the compliment each other to guarantee that the Boost market was lacking as a consumer. Janine, and leadership team is strong and built for success. "At her husband Jeff, trialled a number of businesses the end of the day we have to try to keep life and including publicising and touring comedians, but business simple", she says "…and enjoy the journey nothing truly got the business juices flowing. That as much as the results".
was until they noticed there was a lack of truly Never one to rest on her laurels, or kiwifruits, healthy fast food in the market place. Janine Janine Allis continues to make Boost a global did extensive research worldwide and started to phenomennon and grow Salsa's, CIBO espresso develop a business concept that was different to anything else that was in the Australian market

*THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE Janine Allis is the founder of Jeff enjoyed a long and Scott started on his Boost Boost Juice Bars and the brand successful career as Head of journey in June 2008 as the is a reflection of her enthusiasm Programming for Austereo Radio leader of Boost company and energetic personality, Network, hiring and working with stores and in just a few short crystallized in the love life talent like Hamish and Andy, months, landed himself in Denton, Eddie McGuire and Kyle the General Manger position. Sandilands. Jeff moved full time Scott is the gatekeeper to the into Boost 9 years ago and as Boost company culture and Janine focused on international was appointed the role of CEO growth, he took over as CEO and in 2012 and now looks after built the company into the multi 300+ of our Australian and brand platform that is today, International stores, with even more stores and countries on Jeff now sits as Executive the way! Prior to joining Boost, Chairman in the company.
Scott had a successful career in both hospitality and franchising leaving a CEO role behind him to come and lead the Boost brand. Scott has always had a passion for juice and smoothies, in the past he even owned his own juice bar in Melbourne! Ever wondered who comes up with our delicious We are always on the ‘health train' and looking for tasting smoothie combinations? Product new and exciting flavours to create new drinks for development is a very exciting part of Boost Juice. you to love us! We love to play around with our in-It is where our imagination flies. Putting together house blenders and all sorts of fruit, and although different types of fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, not all the combinations work we definitely have sorbet and many other things to make it taste not fun until we get an AMAZING smoothie that's just delicious but healthy, can be a challenge. nutritious and delicious! Every product is reviewed for its nutritional
qualities and we have a large variety
for all peoples needs and diet.
SOMe OF OUR AMAZInG OUR INGREDIENTS ARE SIMPLE AND NATURAL! Apples contain vitamin C as well as a host of other antioxidant Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts. It is compounds. It also contains fibre to keep things moving popular for its potassium, magnesium and sodium content downstairs. It has also been claimed that it can help with heart which makes this a low calorie but sweet refreshing drink. disease, weight loss. No wonder they say an apple a day keeps • A coconut is the largest know seed in the world. the doctor away.
• Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year which is 10 times • Apples are actually a member of the rose family. the number of people killed by sharks. Our point - no siestas • Smurfs are 3 apples high. under coconut trees! We all know banana for its high content of potassium. Our Apart from its delicious sweetness honey is a great source of bones need potassium because it helps to reduce calcium excretion, which is how bananas help to reduce the risk of • Honey is one of the oldest foods in existence. It was found in developing osteoporosis and help to keep bones strong the the tomb of King Tut and was still edible since honey never older we get.
• If monkeys eat too many un-ripe bananas their tongues and eyes will turn green. Kale is part of the cabbage family and this wonderful vegetable • In 2001, there were more than 300 banana-related is a good source of all three antioxidants: beta-carotene accidents in Britain, most involving people slipping and vitamins C and E. It is also rich in naturally occurring glucosinolates, which help in the fight against free radicals.
• Kale, sometimes spelt as Kayle or abbreviated from Kale, is a There are several powerful antioxidants that appear in berries, Gaelic unisex given name, although it is more commonly given including anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C. Anthocyanins to males. It is derived from Gaelic, Hebrew and Germanic give berries their vibrant colour. Anthocyanins work together languages and it is used largely in English and Hawaiian with quercetin to help slow age-related memory-loss. • The USA is so crazy about blueberries, July is national Blueberry Month! Mango contains large amount of pectin, a soluble dietary fibre • Strawberries are only fruit to have their seeds on the outside. that efficiently lowers the blood cholesterol levels and also • Speaking of seeds, on every strawberry there's an average of helps prevent some cancers.
200 seeds! • Its cousins are cashew, pistachio nut, poison oak and poison ivy. We wonder what their family reunion would be like! EVER WONDERED WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS
• More mangoes are sold on earth than any other BETWEEN COCONUT MILK AND COCONUT WATER?
fruit. Any other fruit. Think about it! COCONUT WATER IS THE CLEAR LIQUID INSIDE
Our muesli contains dried fruit which adds natural sweetness OLD. COCONUT MILK IS THE LIQUID THAT COMES
to the drink. It contains wholegrain cereal with a delicious blend of grains, fruit & seeds. Wholegrain means you are getting all 3 FROM THE GRATED WHITE MEAT OF A BROWN
parts of the grain in the same proportions as they are naturally COCONUT WHICH ARE ABOUT 8-9 MONTHS OLD.
found. Wholegrain retains the natural vitamins and minerals that are often removed from refined grains. It also adds great texture and taste to the drink.
Milk The major player in milk is calcium - essential for maintaining total body well being. Your body needs it every day, not just Pineapples are a very good source of vitamin C and also a to keep your bones and teeth strong, but to also assist your useful source of potassium. muscles and nerves in working properly! Milk also provides a • During the 16th and 17th centuries, the pineapple symbolised complete source of protein (both whey and casein) for growth ‘Welcome'. Women crocheted pineapples doilies, made and development, and a natural source of carbohydrate for pineapple bedspreads and pineapple door knockers. • Cows have an acute sense of smell - they can smell Protein supports, repairs and nourishes a healthy immune something up to 6 miles away! system helping you to regulate blood sugar. Protein is the • Milk is better than water for cooling your mouth after eating building block that support muscles, hair, skin and nails. spicy food. Milk products contain casein, a protein that cleanses burning taste buds. Boost's Protein Smoothies are great for both pre-workout and recovery with relevant levels of protein. it'S WHAt'S iNSidE Here at Boost, we are on a mission to make being At Boost we don't believe you should have to eat healthier easier. Look around us, we are a nation food that tastes like cardboard. We aim to make that is gaining weight, and yet there are more and nutritious – delicious! And like Dr John Tickell's more gyms, different diets and health concerns Theory of LOW HUMAN INTERVENTION….Boost than ever before. So you may have heard the offer ‘nutritious and delicious', ‘smoothies and theories lately that we are consuming too much juices' simply by getting fresh and frozen fruit sugar. And that sugar, which is a carbohydrate, is or vegetables into a juicer or blender with other to blame for growing obesity. If you cut out that great ingredients like chia seeds, coconut water sugar you will lose weight.
or yoghurt! No secret ingredients. … just simply What we believe is that it's not a fair comparison to compare sugar to sugar or calories to calories "EVERYBODY REQUIRES DIFFERENT NUTRITION and it's not even about calories eaten Vs. calories burnt. We believe we need to look at ‘empty DEPENDING ON WHAT THEY DO IN THEIR LIVES, THEIR calories' which are easily consumed in place of AGE AND THEIR EXERCISE OUTPUT. MY 16 YEAR OLD or in addition to ‘functional foods' which contain SON WHO WORKS OUT 5 TIMES A WEEK REQUIRES A nutrients and fuel that the body needs. HIGHER CALORIE AND HIGH CARBOHYDRATE DIET TO It's no surprise that there is sugar in Smoothies SIMPLY KEEP UP WITH HIS LIFESTYLE." JANINE
and Juices and therefore in all of our products because they contain fruit. But if we compare We also believe that health is about choice, and a smoothie to a bottle of soft drink, whilst the we aim to offer choice in our menu because difference in calories may be similar and even the not everyone is the same. Everybody requires grams of sugar similar, the difference is that the different nutrition depending on what they do in soft drink will have 0 nutritional benefits to your their lives, their age and their exercise output. body and your body will have consumed ‘empty My 16 year old son who works out 5 times a week calories'. Whereas the smoothie can provide you requires a higher calorie and high carbohydrate with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals diet to simply keep up with his lifestyle. A person and whilst it has sugars, these are natural sugars who does not exercise and drives to work and is which your body easily converts into energy. Great not that interested in moving that much, requires when you're on the go. less calories. We also have smoothies and juices for any time of the day and for everybody's 11 personal needs. So for example, if you want a But don't worry – we are not telling you that you lower calorie smoothie you can get a ‘lite' version shouldn't ever have your favourite chocolate bar or if you want more nutrients and antioxidants we or even soft drink. We love life and the best way to recommend trying our Green range. get the most out of it is to embrace it. We are all And unlike the fad diets that have come and gone perfectly imperfect and we all love that sneaky since 2000 when we opened the first Boost Juice piece of chocolate…so go for it! Enjoy it! Just store, this hasn't changed. The only thing that has know that moderation and balance is essential to changed is that we have opened more stores, so keeping you healthy and for making you feel good. that it's easier for customers to get refreshment So when choosing what to eat or drink, aim to on the run, and we have continued to expand on choose ‘Functional Foods' as opposed to ‘empty our range of products to suit customer needs and calories' and ensure balance in your diet and offer more choice. For example, we added the lifestyle. And remember at Boost, every product lean and green range in 2013 and we have just we make has natural nutrition, making delicious launched our Red Raw range. nutritious and healthy easier.
AS WELL AS OUR FABULOUS DRINKS, In selected stores: WE ALSO SELL A RANGE OF SNACKS • Nicked from Nannas • Sparkling Water• Pump Water • Choc Protein Balls • Fruit Salads • Peanut Butter Balls • Popcorn – Sea Salt and Slightly Salty, Supermarket Range Boost introduced a new range of bottled juices, • Boost Bites - Berry and Apricot frozen yoghurt and healthy snacks readily available at supermarkets. • Walkabout Mix - Nightcap Ranges As a health conscious brand we want to be able to offer a treat or drink that not only tastes great but • Mt Franklin Water is also good for you! • H2 Coco Water – Pure For further information on our supermarket range, • Boost Chew Bars – Chia and Nutty click on Retail Range under the ‘Products' section on our website.
• Make fresh and nutritious juices and smoothies that taste great • Only ever use the very best quality ingredients • Never use anything artificial or fake • Always deliver amazingly friendly service • Be on the lookout for new ways to make being • Give you reason to smile Don't love it?
We'll replace it!
"It takes 72 muscles
to frown but only
13 to smile! "
Janine Al is Founder Boost Juice Bars
"It's amazing
something so healthy
can taste so good!"
"Feedback is
the breakfast
of champions! "
"When life hands
"Be realistic ou a lemon,
Only surround
juice it!
yourself with pe
who are going to lif
you higher! "
BOOST'S MARKETING Since its inception Boost Juice has led the way with a unique marketing approach which includes above-the line and below-the-line campaigns. The Boost brand to achieve an extraordinary • Juxtaposed - In everything 94% awareness within just five years has set Boost apart from we do. We plan and execute competitors and copycats time and time again. From our unique campaigns differently to the culture and marketing philosophy, our International Franchise traditional retail way.
Partners come from diverse backgrounds and industries. They all • Assimilation - Of ideas with hold the passionate ‘love life' attitude that's helping us grow Boost frontline Boosties. Store Juice into one of the Worlds' most loved brands. feedback and customer feedback is constantly used as part of our creative process to continue to be Boost has been successful in building an extensive and well innovative and enable us to recognised brand profile over the past 15 years. Methods utilised always be improving.
include above the line (ATL) advertising such as radio, television • Make Our Mark - With total campaigns and social media platforms as well as below the line ownership of everything (BTL) methods which include electronic direct mail (EDM's) via our we do. We take ownership database, engaging website, a user friendly smart phone app as well of every promotion or as public relations customer service and media coverage. Marketing competition that we run. the Boost brand is made up of major campaigns, minor campaigns and local area marketing. BOOST CONDUCTS AT LEAST 12 MAJOR CAMPAIGNS THROUGHOUT
the year on a national level. Each year a national marketing calendar is developed which will include some campaigns that are tried and tested and done every year, such as our famous ‘What's your name game', as well as new and unique promotions. The campaigns are designed to achieve a particular goal, such as increasing brand noise, or increasing store sales. These campaigns are designed to be TTL (Through The Line) which means they aim to combine ATL and BTL platforms in order to engage with customers on a variety of levels. For example they may hear the ad on the radio, and then see it on the posters in store. Here are some of our fave's.
What's Your Name Game
Collectable Kids Cups
This is a campaign that has become a highly Two times a year we highlight our loveable and interactive promotion with our customers. We collectable kids cups tied into a major movie offer a "Free Boost" to people with a specific name release and/or offer the chance to win a major every week day over a four week period using prize such as a family holiday. For customers who attractive POS and fun social media posts. With purchase any kids cup during the promotional every Facebook post, Instagram upload or Tweet, period and swipe their VIBE Club card or scan their the Boost word spreads like wildfire to anyone who Boost app barcode are automatically entered into knows anyone with the names featured during the the draw to win a family trip for 4 (2 adults & 2 2 weeks of the campaign.
children) to destinations like Hawaii or Disneyland. It is advertised heavily via radio, social media, Not only do our younger customers get to collect YouTube custom-made videos and has proven all 4 of our limited edition kids cups, they are highly successful in driving new and existing able to enter colouring-in competitions attached customers into stores. This is run during the to the campaign for the chance to win their own school holidays to allow more of our customers to exclusive prizes in relation to the featured film. take part in the excitement and win themselves a Free Boost for just being themselves. Image - WYNG Facebook tile 2014 Boost Your Life
In March 2007, Boost gave away our fabulous Little Collins St store! With the help of Fox FM, we
selected 140 finalists from thousands of entries submitted to attend Boost Camp. Over the course of 2
days the teams were put through their paces to whittle the entrants down to the best of the best! Those
remaining towards the end of the competition had to impress in a final interview with Janine. At the
end of the third day, 3 finalists were given a key, and Natalie Brown opened the door to the store…and a
great new future!
Celebrity Smoothies
Celebrity Smoothies are something that is as the title suggest,
celebrated! Teaming up with some of our favourite Australians from
TV, radio, the music world and the famous kitchens, Boost have had
the opportunity to create their very own Boost recipes just for our
customers! Not only that… With any size Celebrity Smoothie purchased,
Boost donated 50c to each celebrity's nominated charity. It's a fun
and great way of supporting a worthy cause while spoiling your taste
For the first 2 weeks of June 2014 we blended up a brand new drink
named PRO-CHOC Smoothie across Australia! The PRO-CHOC Smoothie
is a balanced, high-protein meal in a cup. The protein combined with
antioxidants and healthy fats promised to fuel customers through the
heaviest workout and delivered! It was also a great breakfast option for
people on the go. In this smoothie was everyone's favourite flavour…
chocolate! A chocolate with benefits is always a win. Cacao is rich
in magnesium and antioxidants that assist with muscle repair and
recovery. It also provides sustained energy to support the endocrine
and immune systems.

Protein Supreme
During August 2014 the first smoothie in our Premier Range was
launched. The Protein Supreme was promoted for a period of 3 weeks
as a premium smoothie that was designed to be an abundance of
nutrition and contained a delicious blend of our healthiest ingredients.
We loaded this smoothie up with even more protein (32g)! That's not all,
the drink was very well balanced, blending carbohydrates, healthy fats,
fibre and micronutrients on top of the protein to make a delicious sweet
and satisfying smoothie. This drink is nothing short of a very healthy
feast with the best ingredients; so was therefore justifiably being sold
for $9 for the Original size and $8.50 for a Medium.
We have our fantastic vibe newsletter that we have competitions in each month, which also gives us
a database to share offers such as ‘buy one get one for $1'. We also have the new Boost app which
includes a mates rates section for us to include coupons for customers to redeem instantly. But every
touch point that we have with our valued customers is considered marketing, so always remember that
customer service is just as important in marketing as any offer or promotion.
The VIBE Club
Boost VIBE Newsletter
The Boost loyalty program, known as the VIBE Every month we send a newsletter out to all our (Very Important Boost Enthusiast) Club has well Australian VIBE Club members so they can keep over 1 million members Australia wide and is up with all the latest products, the latest trends increasing daily. VIBE members are entitled to in nutrition, the world of fruit and updates from special monthly offers and giveaways via the VIBE our fearless founder herself, Janine! The VIBE email newsletter. Especially important, members newsletter also encourages our readers to interact get a free Boost after buying 10 and also get a with us by entering competitions and seeing if free Boost on their Birthday! The VIBE database they made it to the coveted Boostagram page as has become a vital communication tool to legend Boosties of the month! It's all about being Boost's most loyal customers. This is also a great seen with a Boost in your hand! marketing tool for Boost to contact local VIBE members with exclusive offers and deals! The Boost App
Months of development produced a good-looking,
user friendly Boost app that customers can use
on the go to order their favourite smoothie, crush
or juice at the tap of a screen. We are always
looking to stay in line with and ahead of the game
at Boost. With the Boost app we are doing just Local Area Marketing
that. With the Boost App, our hope is to always At Boost we have so many fantastic Partners make our customer's experience in our stores that (or franchise owners) that we like to encourage little bit better. Along with easy ordering facilities, them to do their own marketing initiatives. We the app allows us to offer exclusive promotions work with them to make sure that they are doing through push notifications, snapshots of our exciting campaigns that engage their local loyal latest news, instant access to VIBE member customers and community. This can include information and points, store locator and much school fundraising, sponsorship of community events, association with sports clubs and gyms, and we love to get Barry Boost out and about. Barry is our lovable big green mascot! Taking Barry out and about is a great way to connect with our younger customers. From shopping centres to street parades, it's never a dull moment with Barry and his friendly Boosties to help hand out freebies and hugs. Customer Relations
One strategy which sets Boost apart from
competitors is its customer relations. The "Boost
Guarantee" asks customers to email Boost if
they are not happy with the service, product, or
experience they have encountered, and every
single email is followed up within 1 business
day. This has created amazing word of mouth
marketing for Boost. This ensures customers have
an opportunity for one-to-one communication
if they want to share their experiences and
feedback, whether positive or negative.
(or as we like to affectionately called them – Famous Suckers!)
o "The app received
s first 3 months"
DIT MAY HAVE OINLY BEGEN 15 YEARS AiGO, BtUT BACK AAnd Yes – we hLave people who spend
WHEN BOOST FIRST OPENED, PEOPLE CARRIED their whole day on Facebook for a living
Today, Boost has fully embraced the digital revolution and it has changed how Boost operates. BOOST APP!We now have electronic tills, Pay Wave, Facebook, The app received over 250,000 downloads in its Instagram, Digital posters in store and a first of its first 3 months and has continued to grow and grow. kind fully integrated Boost app, that allows you to The app was the first retail app in Australia to be order your Boost in advance.
fully integrated with the point of sale system in These new platforms have also changed the store, meaning that all orders placed went directly landscape for marketing. Not only can we talk through to the till while still updating your VIBE to our customers, but we can more easily hear database details.
from them. We can communicate more efficiently, Above all of this, the digital space continues to activate campaign ideas almost instantly, and at grow and we have so much more to look forward the same time we are more attentive to consumer to. The app will give us more and more ways to trends and needs. Marketing opportunities are communicate. We are working to be able to put more accessible, and also more quickly out of date offers directly onto your phone that are relevant to or old news. There is also more content clutter out where you are or what you like to drink. Who knows there across the platforms, so whilst there are what technology or social platform will be next.
more places to speak to our customers, it's harder than before to capture anyone's attention! So we are always challenging ourselves to come up with new, exciting and fun ways to interact.
"Juicy Bit. Boost is a
franchise business, which
means we find the most
Boostie partners possible
to buy and run our stores
"Whilst we will continue to grow in our domestic market, we are PERFECTING THE FRANCHISING MODEL BOOST WAS ALWAYS DESIGNED TO BE A FRANCHISE RUN ORGANISATION. JANINE AND also pursuing our goal to become HUSBAND JEFF ALLIS, WORKED DILIGENTLY FROM THE OUTSET, BY WORKING WITHIN ‘one of the world's most famous AND ON THE BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE, SO THAT ITS FRANCHISE SYSTEMS WERE and loved brands', by becoming SEAMLESS AND DESIGNED ONLY FOR SUCCESS. IT IS THIS SIGNATURE ‘TRIED AND TRUE' truly global – and with the TESTING THAT HAS GROWN BOOST JUICE INTO THE GLOBAL, AWARD-WINNING BRAND volume of international queries THAT EVERYONE KNOWS AND LOVES! we receive each day, we are Boost Juice commenced franchising in 2001 and we have now opened confident that we will find the perfect partners to make this a over 350 stores. With our systems, processes and our committed reality. It is critical for us that we team, we have an incredibly strong and sustainable base in which to have a good working relationship. spring-board in to the world market. This is a long term arrangement In 2005 Boost Juice was voted as one of the top three most admired and you need to have trust franchisors in Australia. Boost was also awarded the prestigious and respect both ways for it to succeed," Janine said.
award of American Express Franchisor of the Year in this same year. These awards were won based on a win-win attitude with both the One of our multi-site partners, Franchisee and the Franchisor. Boost have adopted this attitude in Stuart Slater states: "Just embarking on its major international expansion strategy and with being part of the brand that is Boost and all the positives that Master Franchisees already appointed in Indonesia, Chile, Singapore, come with it, it is just such an UK, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Estonia and Thailand, the search unbelievable opportunity for any is now well underway to secure the right Partners to continue the partner to be part of this highly brand's high growth and high profit success story in new markets, all professional franchise". "I looked at all the franchise Boost Juice has implemented an incredibly robust franchise systems out there and no one came close to Boost for my application process to ensure that we attract and retain the best franchising and long-term franchise partners to join our network. Each applicant must business needs. You have a hot successfully complete a number of interviews and assessments brand, sensational marketing, in order to be granted a Boost Juice franchise. In particular, we are the best looking retail stores looking for like-minded, passionate and business-focused people in Australia and a highly who are willing to work within the boundaries of our systems and professional support team. My processes and learn Boost Juice best practice. only regret is not becoming a Boost partner sooner!" In 2013, we were incredibly proud to report that over 40% of our existing franchise partner network have reinvested in our brand and Stuart Slater
now own more than one Boost Juice business. In our opinion, there FRANCHISEE, BOOST JUICE
is no better testament to the strength of our franchise network than BURWOOD, BONDI 1 & 2
having our valued partners reinvesting in our business.
For more information go to
OPERATIONS IS A KEY ELEMENT TO ENSURING THE SMOOTH RUNNING AND CONSISTENCY ACROSS ALL STORES AROUND THE WORLD. Boost operations team work closely with the stores and franchise owners, with marketing, suppliers, customer service, product development and even store design. Every detail is considered and managed with utmost attention to ensure that we offer a great product and customer experience. Quality assurance testing and mystery shoppers are a great initiative that our operations team run to ensure every element is covered. "Success is
5% strategy,
Our International Franchise Partners come from diverse backgrounds and industries and have varied personal interests and professional experiences.
It is our mission to align
With over 350 stores [and counting], operating throughout Australia with Franchise Partners
and around the world, Boost is the largest and fastest growing who are passionate, like-
juice & smoothie chain in the Southern Hemisphere and one of minded people who ‘love
Australia's fastest growing franchise networks (BRW Magazine).
life' and want to join us
Whilst we will continue to grow in our domestic market, we are on this incredible journey
also pursuing our goal to become one of the world's most famous to grow Boost Juice into a
and loved brands – and with the volume of international queries we receive each day, we are confident that we have substantial support in achieving this aim! We have appointed Master Franchisees who are currently juicing in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Chile, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia. We are very excited about the phenomenal opportunity to establish our high growth and high profit business all over the world. We believe that the rapid rate of growth experienced to date, will continue with new sites and regions scheduled to open soon.
Boost's international strategy and marketing recognises that consumers around the world have different values, tastes, customs, purchasing powers and media habits while also understanding the importance of global brand consistency. We ensure that our messages are just as persuasive in foreign markets as they are at home. At promotional activity will be wherever you buy them, it is Boost we work with our partners localised for language and wholly undifferentiated and not as the experts in their regions. cultural differences, whilst unique in any way. This leaves Their expertise combined with remaining true to our identity.
the obvious opportunity for our Boost knowledge allows someone to design a tailor-made us to decide how far to adapt, Boost is not just about the product that meets the needs of or localise our marketing mix health and great tasting juice or local segments. Local markets for each individual market. smoothie - the brand is based have local needs and tastes. This can be difficult, however on the entire Boost Experience we recognise this as a crucial which takes place every time a We have a core range of our element of our strategy when customer enters a store. This most famous drinks on offer all launching in foreign markets. experience is a combination of a around the world , then look to fantastic product, served by customise drinks to suit each It is imperative that the original positive and energetic people individual market. We have integrity of the brand values who greet you with a smile and easily adapted our range to and messages are maintained, are polite enough to call you by include Rooibos (South Africa), however we appreciate the your first name, in a bright and Dragon Fruit (China), Aloe Vera vehicle opportunities and colourful store environment with (Lithuania) & Chirmoya (Chile) limitations, must be identified fun music to match.
and many more fun flavours and addressed in the context of around the globe! each region.
International uniformity has its own advantages, as people Boost International held 115 The core of the Boost brand travel the world they can be stores at the end of September remains around health, fun and assured that wherever they go, 2014 and has projected another ‘love for life', needs to remain the product that they buy from 50 stores for the financial pure, focused and as simple as Boost, will be the same great year 2014-2015, the interest possible. However, the tagline product they know & love. continues from new territories or associated messages and and is not showing any signs of However if the only products we offered are the same AN EFFICIENTLY RUN HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT CAN PROVIDE
Retail jobs are a demanding and ever-changing AS A HR TEAM, WE LOOK AFTER A
environment. It is important for our customers NUMBER OF KEY TASKS:
to receive the best service and a great product • Recruitment – we assist our stores and support
each and every time, as such this fast paced centre, to identify and bring in the best people environment requires our HR team to be on their for our business.
toes and ready for anything. For HR, the retail environment can present a landscape akin to a • Payroll – is not just ensuring that our team are
minefield; knowing how to guide your employees paid on time, but its ensuring that we are paying safely through can dramatically enhance the in line with the correct award.
Organisational Development – is the practice of
changing people and the organisation for growth. • Performance Management – is a process of
improvement, learning and development in order to achieve the overall business strategy.
• Policies & Procedures – establish a framework
and set standards that guide how we should conduct ourselves as employees. • Industrial Relations/Employee Relations
concerned with strengthening the employer-employee relationship through measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving workplace conflict.
DESIGN EXPERIENCE We understand that the most important reason we get more and more customers every day is because we have a great product, We design with intention.
made each and every time with the freshest and highest quality Being aware of the needs
ingredients available. We also know that our future success and wishes of our valued
depends very much on our ability to continue to build a great brand and bond with our customers.
customers help determine
our store plans down to the

So everything about Boost is designed to make a strong and lasting last fixture. Our aim is to
brand impression. Stores are designed so they have more than help people feel good by
just a physical presence, they need to dominate the space they occupy and this is achieved through a high quality store fit-out, the giving them an amazing,
latest in lighting, new & innovative fixtures and fittings, bright, bold bright, funky shop. It is also
seductive menu boards and of course the famous Boost graphics.
imperative to us to create a
safe, modern and enjoyable

All stores are designed to maximise space to create a productive & comfortable work environment for our staff. Every fit-out is a challenge as no two stores are the same. We endeavour to make each design unique in appearance, yet the systems and flow within the store are carried through every single fit-out. Despite the difference physically, the Boost brand stands out above all making each store instantly recognisable to our customers.
Our incredible team members are passionate about giving our customers a great shopping experience and along with the row of busy blenders at the front of the shop, they are the focal point of a vibrant, theatrical celebration - the making and mixing of a great smoothie! So not only is Boost providing customers with an amazing product through the design, shop fit and the fantastic staff - Boost is creating an experience! LOViNG tHe ENVIROnMEnt.
Here at Boost we're not only committed to healthy people, we're also into a healthy environment! We researched the best possible product that has So we converted all of our stores to this new the minimum negative impact on the environment product. We are continuously looking for new ways and surprise, surprise, polystyrene came out the of putting the lightest foot print on the earth and best due to how it was produced and how it did not Janine has committed to plant over 10,000 trees breakdown and leak poison into the environment. per year. To date she has planted over 100,000 We review this annually and with new products always coming available using better techniques We know however that the best thing we can do is we found the paper cups. to keep rubbish to a minimum. That's why we have our Boost Enviro Cups available in every store, and THE BENEFITS OF THESE CUPS INCLUDE: to encourage you to purchase these we offer you • The cups are manufactured using a
$1 OFF your Boost every time you bring it in for a renewable and sustainable resource
• Printed using non-toxic, food-safe
Boost is committed to ongoing improvement and we will continue to review what we serve your inks, which are not harmful to the
Boost in to make sure that we are using the best product available for packaging. • More than 98% of the paper
component is biodegradable
A2013 Fraw
nchise Council Of Aus ARD
tralia's Multi Unit Franchisees of the Year
Finalist NRA Young Retailer of the Year
Winner Retailer of the Year- CEO Magazine- Scott Meneilly
Winner I Love Food Award
Finalist BRW Fast 100
Franchise Council of Australia International Franchise Award
National Retailers Association Awards
- Training/HR Initiative Award
- Westfield Best Food Retailer Finalist (Boost Franchise)
- Individual Achievement Award (Boost Franchise)

National Retailers Association Awards – Bank of Queensland Franchise Award
National Retailers Association Awards – Supreme Rewards for Best Retailer
Government of Victoria Export Awards – Commendation
Finalist National Retailers Association Best Franchise
Dolly Magazine Favourite Youth 5 Minute Feed
Price Waterhouse Coopers Franchisor of the Year Award – Victoria
Price Waterhouse Coopers Woman of the Year in Franchising – Victoria
(Janine Allis)

Price Waterhouse Coopers Franchisor of the Year – Finalist
Price Waterhouse Coopers Woman in Franchising – Finalist
AMEX Franchisor of the Year
Finalist International Woman's Verve Cliquot Award
BRW Fastest Growing Franchisee
Westpac Group Business Owner Award National Winner
Westpac Group Business Owner Award – Victorian Winner
Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year (Janine Allis)
Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year (Janine Allis)
My Business Readers Choice Award
Lend Lease Finalist of the Retailer of the Year Award
qUOtES "Boost Juice Bars
boast healthy product
and juicy profit "
"Boost is an appropriate name considering the aincl"The success of Boo
staggering growth this company has achieved.
o several oth
Boost Juice is doubling its revenue every three
months, and now Janine's company is opening
a new store every week "
ing from day one
"Janine Alis has
turned a taste for
smoothies and search
for a health fo
"Janine Alis is the leader
od retail
of the pack of entrepreneurs
concept into one of
eager to squeeze big profits
the surprise r
out of Australia's growing love
affair with juice on the go "
ss stories of
recent years"
10 " We don't a
"Boost Juice blend
"It's a huge growth sector worldwide. Anything to do
with improvements to one's health, whether it be through
exercise or eating or mind discipline, has enormous
awareness worldwide. Businesses in those areas are
experiencing a lot more customer demand " 31
WHICH INDUSTRY DO YOU SEE YOURSELF At Boost we refuse to use anything artificial in our The wellness category. Boost Juice is a healthy smoothies & juices. Our smoothies are all at least alternative to fast food. The wellness category 98% fat free. Even though we have minimised the is currently the fastest growing industry in the fat content we have not reduced the nutritional western world. Obesity has now reached the height value and the goodness in our smoothies! that millions of government dollars are going in to We have worked for years on the TD4 yoghurt combat this problem. We are also in the ‘love life' formula to make sure that the smoothies taste great industry, where you come to a Boost and leave with and contain good bacteria. The supplements are formulated specifically for Boost Juice. For more information on all of the Boost products please see WHO DO YOU SEE AS YOUR COMPETITORS? the menu section on our website at
Primarily other juice bars. There are very few juice bars that are our competitors, but everyday we need FEEDBACK to give our customers a reason to choose Boost! One of our competitive advantages is that we are absolutely about learning from our customers, HOW DO YOU DIFFERENTIATE YOUR PRODUCT listening to them and hearing about their TO THAT OF YOUR COMPETITORS? experiences, so we can continue to develop ways of improving. Our Boost Guarantee is on the wall of Boost Juice prides itself on a brand and culture that every single store, and we encourage customers has been built upon positive attitudes. Janine Allis, to contact us if they have any feedback. Their Boost founder and CEO, believes that, ‘Once you've feedback is then forwarded onto the relevant team put the right people in place, everything is easy'. member within the Boost Support network to Accordingly, Boost carefully screens employees ensure appropriate action or follow up is taken.
and potential franchisees for personalities that suit the Boost Juice culture. The Boost Juice vision has WHO WOULD YOU CONSIDER THE TARGET been built upon the customer experience, which is a great product served by friendly, efficient people in The target demographic is 15 to 35 years old, with a positive and energetic environment.
our core target market aimed at the 25 year old CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE female who loves life and is looking for a healthy alternative. Although our current customer base Our training and culture have really put us above the ranges in age from 4 years old to 80+ years pack in this area. People can copy our colours, but – health knows no barriers! not the experience! We've sampled a lot of smoothies to keep us sharp, so we could provide you with as much juicy information as we can about Boost in this study kit, and on our website. We can't actually answer your assignment questions for you, but we know that this kit will help you formulate your own fabulous responses! We hope you found what you wanted. All the best from the team at Boost! This information is the property of Boost Juice Pty Ltd 2015 We hope you get an A+


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