Can my dog be vaccinated to protect him against tracheobronchitis?
Yes! Vaccines against parainfluenza and adenovirus type 2 (in Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis (Canine Cough) is usual y a self- combination with other vaccines) are routinely used as part of an limiting condition just like the common cold in humans, and in many adult dog's yearly check up. Puppies are usually vaccinated for these cases will resolve with no treatment. Secondary infections can sometimes in combination with distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus in a series of develop in dogs with Canine Cough, and more severe complications such as immunisations. It is important to note that the vaccines that are used pneumonia, although possible, very rarely occur. to prevent this viral disease are made from one strain of more than There are a number of factors to consider in the treatment of Canine Cough, 100 different strains of the virus and therefore are not as effective which includes the age of your dog, severity and duration of the cough, against some strains as others. immune status and the presence of any other concurrent il ness or condition. Intra-nasal vaccines are also available for Bordetel a bronchioseptica Your Veterinarian may prescribe a course of antibiotics to prevent a (another cause of canine cough). Although some veterinary practices secondary bacterial infection, and sometimes an antitussive to ease the cough do not use this intra-nasal vaccination routinely, it should be considered and make your pet more comfortable. Antihistamines and bronchodilators for pets that board or for those whose veterinarian recommends it. are also sometimes used. Your vet is in the best position to recommend a program of preventive I am often asked about the use of human cough syrups in dogs. Although health care management depending on your pet's needs. not registered for use in animals, a suitable human cough syrup given at the Can't the kennel prevent my dog from catching tracheobronchitis?
correct dose is safe for most dogs with Canine Cough. As a guide, Benadryl Unfortunately, no… no amount of supervision, sanitation, or Dry Forte can be given three to four times daily at the fol owing dose rates personalised care can prevent a dog from "catching" an airborne according to your dog's size: virus. All that a good boarding kennel can do is to strongly recommend immunisation against tracheobronchitis, refuse to board Dog Size:
any obviously sick dog, listen and watch for any signs of sickness, and make sure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible. (Strangely, the dog with parainfluenza alone may not appear ill, yet is contagious). Professional boarding kennels would justifiably expect owners to accept the financial responsibility for such care. Your PIAA member is devoted to your pet's well being. Look for The easiest way to measure and administer the cough mixture is with a his membership certificate proudly displayed. syringe placed in the side of the mouth.
Finally, it is important to remember that if your dog has or may have
Canine Cough
a concurrent condition, is elderly, not improving, not responding to Dogs Country Club & Kennel Resort
cough syrup or you are concerned for any reason, contact or visit your 15 Sumner Rd Baxter VIC 3911 Customer Information Sheet
Phone: 03 5971 1127 Veterinarian for advice. If you have any questions regarding Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis Pet Industry Association Of Australia
and its treatment, please feel free to call me on 5975 3811. PO Box 7108, Baulkham Hills Business Centre NSW 2153 Dr Adam J Stefani BVSc
Veterinary Surgeon Your Dogs, Our Family E-Mail [email protected] Address: 339 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 Phone: (03) 5975 3811 Ph: 03 5971 1127
PIAA acknowledges and thanks The American Boarding Kennel Association for their valued support. At Dogs Country Club your dog's health & safety is our number 1 priority. The fol owing information has been provided to help you to better understand about Canine Cough.
What are the signs?
How can you treat it?
What does the vaccine mean in all of this?

As per the Victorian Boarding Code NO dog can be admitted for What is Canine Cough?
is more likely to occur when the concentration of dogs is greater boarding without a current C5 vaccination. Infectious tracheobronchitis is a highly contagious, upper-respiratory such as dog shows, kennels, veterinarian clinics and hospitals disease that is spread by an airborne virus. The incubation period as well as pet shops, dog play parks and leash free areas. Dogs We have strict daily cleaning processes and an isolation area of the disease is roughly 3–7 days. The main symptom is a gagging can also be exposed while running loose or while being walked should we have to quarantine any dogs from the general boarding cough, sometimes accompanied by sneezing and nasal discharge, near other dogs. population. Even with all these strategies and the constant which can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Although supervision we provide to all of our guests we are unable to But aren't the chances of catching it greater when a dog is in a kennel?
this coughing is very annoying, it does not usually develop into control airbourne viruses. Yes… because, in a kennel, a dog encounters two conditions which anything more serious. However, just as with the common cold, do not exist at home… proximity to a number of potentially Should we ever have Canine Cough on our premises or hear it can lower the dog's resistance to other disease thus increasing contagious dogs, and the stress and excitement of a less familiar of it in the area we will advise you when picking up your dog susceptibility to secondary infections, and so the dog must be environment, which can result in lowered resistance to disease (these and let you know what to look for. Just like humans, some dogs observed closely to avoid complications. same factors explain why children are more likely to catch the flu in are more susceptible to illness and some recover more quickly. How is it Cured?
school rather than at home). But the more frequently a dog boards at Being alert, understanding the signs and how to help your Just as in the case of the common cold, tracheobronchitis is not "cured" a kennel, the greater are the chances that he will acquire immunity dog get through canine cough is the best course of action but must run its course. Many times antibiotics will be prescribed to to the disease. Even during a widespread outbreak, only a fairly small you can take to help your dog – just like your two legged prevent secondary infection. Sometimes cough suppressants will be percentage of exposed dogs are affected. prescribed to reduce excessive coughing, but these medications do not Are these viruses a constant problem?
One of the public relations problems for boarding kennels today attack the disease itself. No. Tracheobronchitis, like the flu, is often seasonal. It also tends to is caused by a much misunderstood dog disease called "canine Does tracheobronchitis occur only in kennels?
be epidemic. When veterinarians begin to see cases, they normally cough", tracheobronchitis, often improperly referred to as No. Since these viruses can be present anywhere, and can travel for come from every kennel in the area, as well as from individual dog "kennel cough". As a dog owner you should be aware of some considerable distances through the air, they can affect any dog… owners whose dogs are not kennelled at all. When the outbreak is of the facts about this disease. even one which never leaves its own back yard. But tracheobronchitis over, they might not see another case for months.


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