SoMa Implementation Strategy
"For my husband Mark and me, it's both a long-term investment and a labor of love. We've always
been interested in historic buildings, so we're renovating these mixed-use properties with commercial
space on the first floor, residential on the second. People with vision, energy and tenacity start
the ball rolling
, then bring in others. Everybody has to be on board: private, community, local
government. And in downtown Elkhart, they are."
Deidre Quiring
Manager, Turnbuckle Development
Downtown Elkhart has recreated itself and is known Entertainment District is home to restaurants, boutiques, for quality of life. The Garden District, Downtown galleries, and a thriving entrepreneurial environment. Elkhart's north gateway, is anchored by Wellfi eld Botanic Gardens, Ruthmere and the Beardsley House Main Street properties and near downtown Museums. Walking across the Memorial Bridge, a neighborhoods have seen a revitalization and a monument to the veterans of the First World War, renewed pride of ownership due to incentives and a you enter the RiverWalk District, which begins at the successful marketing initiatives promoted by Downtown confl uence of the St. Joseph and Elkhart Rivers and Elkhart, Inc. operating as a real estate development is anchored by Island Park. Along the RiverWalk is and management organization. The voluntary SoMa Founder's Row, an outdoor sculpture gallery of Elkhart's property standards have increased property values famous citizens. This unique exhibit links the Garden and have established a recognized and respected and RiverWalk District with the dynamic Arts & symbol of quality. Downtown is the heart of the Entertainment District. Biking, walking, running, fi shing, city and attracts creative people to Live and Work. kayaking and canoeing are popular outdoor activities Everyone in downtown works together knowing their that thrive in this area due to the extensive greenway contribution is important, and their involvement ensures and waterway corridors. an increased return on their investment. The voluntary SoMa property standards have increased property The Arts & Entertainment District is anchored by the values and boosted investor confi dence. magnifi cent Lerner, East Bank restaurants, NIBCO Ice & Water Park, Central Park, IUSB Elkhart Center, Just as the Riverwalk Culture Trail links downtown's Midwest Museum of American Art, and the National cultural assets, the SoMa Management Organization New York Central Railroad Museum. The Arts & builds partnerships and collaborations with all of SoMa Implementation Strategy
downtown's businesses and stakeholders to coordinate signature downtown events like the Elkhart Jazz Festival and execute a well-coordinated downtown Through the SoMa planning process, we observed the marketing program that promotes this vibrant Arts & Entertainment district as a regional destination. All downtown cultural and recreational assets are well • A vibrant downtown will enhance the quality of life promoted by the SoMa Management Organization for Elkhart residents and create a positive image and comply with the SoMa hospitality standards for Elkhart and support the success of the Lerner.
program. As a result, both residents and visitors are attracted to downtown to take advantage of • There is uniqueness and strength in the existing the quality of place and community pride it offers, cluster of cultural, park and recreational assets Downtown is fi lled with people from early in the morning into the evening, and the downtown streets refl ect the soft glow of the beautiful street lights as • Riverwalk and streetscape investments are valuable everyone enjoys all the SoMa initiative has achieved.
in that they link downtown's cultural assets.
• Safe and stable near downtown residential SoMa is committed to a set of values that welcomes neighborhoods will contribute positively to the on- the community to be the leader in creating the place going revitalization and health of Main Street and they want to live. The people are the planners, and the SoMa Management Organization provides the coordination and management of marketing, • Signifi cant public investments have been made promotions, festivals and events. Downtown Elkhart Inc. along Main Street and in the near downtown (DEI) offers help to entrepreneurs interested in starting residential neighborhoods to improve aesthetics and a new business with a concentration on improving near downtown neighborhoods and the commercial business district. DEI also mentors residential and • Multiple organizations are present within downtown commercial property owners. The collaboration of the working towards improvement, such as DEI, Lerner two organizations has created a balanced, attractive, Governing Board, and Elkhart Redevelopment enjoyable downtown that has redefi ned the image of The SoMa Management Strategy responds to the need QUESTION
for improved coordination within the developing SoMa area. It provides guidance for the SoMa Management Team and other entities involved in the redevelopment The task of transforming Downtown Elkhart into a and management of SoMa regarding programming, regional destination of choice to will marketing, communications, and operations. The require a diverse range of resources, capacities and Strategy also recommends creating a central entity skill sets. How can all of downtown's existing talent, to manage and coordinate the necessary functions organizations and stakeholders be structured to of SoMa; in this Strategy the central entity will be effectively and effi ciently manage and coordinate referred to as the SoMa Management Team.
the events, marketing, and real estate development services recommended in the SoMa Implementation Plan? SoMa Implementation Strategy
1a. Establish SoMa Management Team Establish a SoMa Management

To successfully develop a thriving SoMa area requires the support of the City's residents and the cooperation of many entities. Key among these entities are the members of the SoMa Management Team: the Lerner Governing Board, City of Elkhart's Redevelopment 1a. Establish SoMa Management Team
Commission, the SoMa Management Organization, and Downtown Elkhart, Inc. Exhibit 3.1 illustrates the 1b. Expand the Role of the Lerner Governing
structure of the SoMa Management Team. The success of the District will be determined by the cooperative interactions of these instrumental groups and area 1c. Revise Lerner Governing Board Composition
1d. Defi ne the Goals, Measurements and
LERNER GOVERNING BOARD - The Lerner is presently
Resources Needed to Accomplish the SoMa managed by the City through the Lerner Governing Management Strategy Board. The Lerner Governing Board is made up of fi ve Elkhart residents with a passion for the Lerner 1e. Establish the SoMa Management
but also with skills that help them provide guidance and support to the Lerner staff. The Board and city 1f. Refocus DEI's Role in Downtown Elkhart
staff have demonstrated the success of the Lerner in attendance and programming over the past two years. 1g. Collaborate with Local Stakeholders
For this reason, the Lerner Governing Board should evolve to incorporate the oversight of many aspects 1h. Research Potential Collaborations with
of the SoMa Implementation Strategy. The Lerner is the catalyst project that has allowed for the SoMa Strategy to develop and will guide the success of its implementation not only in its individual management The people of Elkhart have led the SoMa process but also by providing technical staff and management since its inception several years ago and they have of the SoMa area. The Lerner Governing Board will invested heavily in the historic renovation of the still manage contracting for services at the Lerner Lerner. The group of stakeholders that developed and provide the public oversight needed to protect this document have spent many hours providing insight the many assets of SoMa while providing enthusiastic and expertise so that the SoMa Implementation support and guidance to the SoMa Management Strategy would have broad support. This support will ensure the implementation of the plan's vision and recommendations because they have been developed ELKHART REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION - While
by local stakeholders. Many of the recommendations the Commission has responsibility for many areas in the SoMa strategy require an additional level of of the City, they are a primary source of assistance management and coordination that currently does not to the Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. exist in Downtown Elkhart. To ensure the operational The Redevelopment Commission is made up of fi ve aspects of the SoMa Implementation Strategy are Elkhart residents that are committed to the successful managed in an effective and effi cient manner, a SoMa development and redevelopment of the City of Management Team will be established. It will consist Elkhart. The Commission administers various funds, of two public boards and two private, non-profi t including the City's Federal Housing and Urban organizations. This public-private partnership will Development awards and Tax Increment Financing(TIF) allow for general oversight by the public through its annual distributions. While these funds have management boards but allow for fundraising and a limitations and restrictions, they currently provide more nimble management style through the non-profi t a signifi cant resource base for redevelopment in SoMa Implementation Strategy
within Elkhart. Therefore, the SoMa Management SoMa Management Team
Organization will not only manage and coordinate the programming of events within SoMa, but it will market Downtown Elkhart and its attractions in a strategic manner that will not only help grow attendance for SoMa arts and cultural destinations, but also for the retail, restaurant, and residential redevelopment of OF ELKHART the area. To accomplish these activities the SoMa Management Organization will create a business plan that provides a structure for its operational needs SoMa MANAGEMENT TEAM in coordination with the real estate services and development roles of DEI.
DOWNTOWN ELKHART, INC. - Downtown Elkhart,
CITY OF ELKHART Inc., (DEI) has gone through several changes over the MANAGEMENT course of its existence. At times the organization has been more focused on organizing events rather than business recruitment and development efforts, but it has always been a positive force in downtown Elkhart. Currently, DEI is moving into real estate services LERNER GOVERNING and a development entity working closely with the Elkhart, Inc. Redevelopment Commission to redevelop downtown commercial buildings and neighborhoods. With the creation of the SoMa Management Organization, DEI's role can move to business and real estate Downtown Elkhart and surrounding neighborhoods. development knowing that the programming and Community Development and Redevelopment overall management of downtown is in good hands. Department staff will continue to play a key role in redevelopment projects within SoMa.
DEI would be able to hold and redevelop real estate and subsequently lease and/or sell properties to meet SoMa MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION - The SoMa
the needs of the market and SoMa neighborhoods. Management Organization will be a dynamic public- This is a critical role to play within the downtown and private entity. It will have the management fl exibility adjacent downtown residential neighborhoods. DEI will of a private organization, the public oversight of prepare a business plan for how to implement this new the Lerner Governing Board through its contractual real estate management function in coordination with relationship, and have representation from both the the SoMa Management Organizations marketing and private and public sectors on its Board of Directors. management duties.
The SoMa Management Organization is intended to bring the best of both the public and private sectors to assure successful long-term management of SoMa.
1b. Expand the Role of the Lerner The SoMa Management Organization would have broad operating responsibility for the programming There are critical functions that must be managed and the development of the arts and entertainment and coordinated on behalf of SoMa to assure long- realm of SoMa. The SoMa Management Organization term and sustainable success. Currently, there is no must focus on businesses and real estate development single organization responsible for managing and within the greater Downtown area to assure the long- coordinating across venues, programs, and events. This term viability and success of SoMa as the primary has generated ineffi ciencies and missed opportunities arts, entertainment, retail, and dining destination for joint promotion and economic benefi t within the

SoMa Implementation Strategy
Exhibit 3.2
Simonton St .
fi ld Botanic Gardens eld Botanic Gardens Cassopolis St .
NIBCO W ter and Ice ARTS & ENTERT INMENT Indiana Univ rsity South Bend (IUSB) South Bend (IUSB) Franklin St.
Division St.
National NY RR Museum Art/Design Studio ALL SoMa ART & ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTS

SoMa Implementation Strategy
Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bure The A&E Management Group would coordinate outdoor events that require pre-planning, like this Jinhua Performance at Civic Plaza. area. For SoMa to become more effective and 1d. Define the Goals, Measurements effi cient with scarce local resources, one entity should and Resources Needed to manage and coordinate venues, programs and events. Accomplish the SoMa A&E Management Strategy The SoMa A&E Committee reached consensus that the Lerner Governing Board could take on a broader The SoMa Management Organization will prepare role for the long-term success and sustainability of a fi ve year business plan that identifi es business the Lerner and the SoMa area. The Lerner Governing development goals, events, measurements, and Board is a group of Elkhart residents that provide resources with an accompanying budget.
oversight and recommendations for the management of the Lerner. This Board could provide the same 1e. Establish the SoMa Management service to a newly developed SoMa Management Organization.
Organization 1c. Revise Lerner Governing Board The need to establish a private non-profi t organization Composition with the express mission of managing and developing Downtown Elkhart became apparent during the SoMa process. With no one entity organizing and The City and SoMa have proposed placing coordinating efforts, no one is truly responsible a representative of the City's Redevelopment for making sure Downtown lives up to the high Commission on The Lerner Governing Board. This expectations and vision set forth in the SoMa Strategy. will assist the City's Redevelopment Commission and Members of the SoMa Study Group may become new the City as a whole in managing SoMa with the board members for the Management Organization, local Downtown TIF annual allocations supporting as they have been critical supporters and developers the discrete programming and year-to-year projects of this Strategy. The organization will have a mission that will strengthen SoMa and the Downtown TIF of promoting and bolstering Downtown and will seek District. The goal of the SoMa Management Team funds from the City and multiple private and public will be to leverage successful real estate and business services to accomplish the goals of the SoMa Strategy. development within the downtown and near-downtown As mentioned before the organization will be an neighborhoods within or adjacent to SoMa that would autonomous group, but the Lerner Governing Board strengthen the economic vitality and annual tax will have oversight of all aspects of the Lerner and increment growth of the Downtown TIF District. many aspects of the SoMa Strategy's implementation.

SoMa Implementation Strategy
Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau The Lerner welcomes many fi rst time visitors to the A&E District 1f. Refocus DEI's role in Downtown • National New York Central (NNYC) Railroad • City of Elkhart Departments It is also proposed that Downtown Elkhart Inc., • Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau (DEI) continue to transition into a real estate development organization for downtown and near- • SoMa A&E District Businesses downtown neighborhoods. This will expand DEI's • Elkhart Chamber of Commerce activities to purchase, rehabilitate, manage, lease, and sell properties for redevelopment purposes 1h. Research Potential Collaborations and in close support of the overall business and with Funding Partners residential development goals of the SoMa Strategy in coordination with the SoMa Management Funding partners are critical to the successful management of the SoMa Implementation Strategy. 1g. Collaborate with Local Stakeholders Local partners are critical to the development and success of SoMa and more relationships need to be cultivated. Some potential local partners include but are not limited to: • Premier Arts• Elkhart County Community Foundation• Elkhart Public Arts Advisory Council (PAAC)• Wellfi eld Botanic Gardens • Elkhart Art League• Ruthmere Museum Campus • Midwest Museum of American Art• Indiana University of South Bend (IUSB) Art Design

SoMa Implementation Strategy
The existing SoMa brand logo. 2a. Promote SoMa Brand While this Management Plan focuses predominantly on how best to manage and sustain the programming and functionality of SoMa, it is important to consider the Elkhar County Conve t County Conv ntion & Visitors ention & Visitor Bureau development of the brand. Events and activities within SoMa should refl ect the personality and character Streetlight banners reinforce branding and promote current activities. for which the area wants to be known. This will subsequently evolve into the SoMa brand. Branding may require assistance from outside specialists, or it Create Comprehensive Marketing
may also become self-evident by those involved in the area. The brand will inform visitors, residents, and sponsors of the opportunities and experiences found in Downtown Elkhart.
2b. Coordinate SoMa Promotional 2a. Promote SoMa Brand
2b. Coordinate SoMa Promotional Materials
Whatever the brand identity becomes for SoMa, it should be used in all marketing efforts for events 2c. Establish and Manage a Centralized Event
and festivals within the Downtown. The brand should represent and communicate the purpose of SoMa as an exciting cultural destination that supports small 2d. Capture Local and Regional Audiences
business success. Furthermore, businesses should use by Collaborating with the Elkhart County the branding image with their sales and promotional Convention and Visitors Bureau to Promote literature to communicate that the business is part of a total package of shopping, dining, recreation, and leisure experiences in Downtown Elkhart.
2e. Manage a Customer Database
2c. Establish and Manage a Centralized The SoMa Management Organization must develop a multi-tiered marketing program that will continue to Stakeholder interviews and focus group discussions attract and expand its local and regional audiences indicated there is no central hub to fi nd out about and event attendees. As the county attracts more than events happening within the downtown. There is 2.5 million visitors on an annual basis, the marketing certainly informal communication occurring among program must also synchronize its efforts with the businesses, The Lerner, Midwest Museum of American larger marketing program managed by the Elkhart Art, and other attractions, but there is no physical County Convention and Visitors Bureau (ECCVB). or digital location to browse for daily events within SoMa. It will be critical for the SoMa Management SoMa Implementation Strategy
Elkhar County Conve t County Conv ntion & Visitors ention & Visitor Bureau Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau The Quilt Gardens Tour extended tourist visits by one day. National bus tours to Amish Country are popular. Organization to regularly communicate the schedule TARGET BUS TOUR EVENTS - The Bus Tour Group
of events that includes all SoMa entities. Details on sub-set of Elkhart County tourism deserves special the methods and distribution of this information will attention. SoMa could develop as a bus tour stop be a part of the SoMa Management Organization's between Shipshewana to the east and the University business plan.
of Notre Dame to the west. As a further incentive, Exit 92 at the I-80/90 interchange in Elkhart has the 2d. Capture Local and Regional most hotels between Cleveland and Chicago. Specifi c Audiences by Collaborating with evening programs should cater to a large tourist sub- the Elkhart County Convention and set that may return on their own to enjoy another visit Visitors Bureau to Promote SoMa to Elkhart County and to Elkhart's Downtown. With visitor satisfaction in mind, it is critical that the ECCVB Events and programs in SoMa should be promoted to help the SoMa Organization develop a tailored local and regional audiences with a combination of marketing and event program for Elkhart County bus online and offl ine advertising. This can be an intensive effort with specially trained staff skilled in promotion and software that requires creative, business, and MAXIMIZE CURRENT EVENT TICKETING RESOURCE -
relationship-building skill sets to reach key outlet points Accessible and convenient event ticketing is vital. This is within the local and regional markets.
another element that is already in place via The Lerner Box Offi ce. Sales need to drive revenues for downtown PROMOTE ELKHART COUNTY NATIONWIDE - Aside
assets and the SoMa Management Organization and from the local and regional marketplace, it is very participating groups. Event ticketing is much more important that SoMa be marketed to tourists. Elkhart sophisticated than ever before, and it requires special County has more than 2.5 million visitors per year. ticketing systems and training to manage events for There are ways to extend tourist visits and attract various organizations. The ticketing system will serve new tourists. Data collected by the Elkhart County the needs of individual organizations and the area as Convention and Visitors Bureau (ECCVB) reveals that a whole. The Lerner ticket system is "user-friendly" many tourists stayed an additional day in Elkhart for customers and easily maintained by the SoMa County because of the Quilt Gardens Tour, which runs from May 30 to October 1. The possibilities for other long-term events need to be explored within SoMa in partnership with the ECCVB. SoMa Implementation Strategy
Fort Lauderdale, Florida's Art and Entertainment District advertises nationally to targeted users. 2e. Manage a Customer Database 3a. Collaborate with Public Engagement For the long-term success and sustainability of of Local Stakeholders Downtown Elkhart, it is paramount that the SoMa Management Organization collect and manage Similar to marketing, the SoMa Management customer information. This will allow the organization Organization should begin and maintain an on-going to more effectively market future programs and events community outreach program that is responsive to the to individual customers based on their past and future community's entertainment interests. Outreach efforts must also encourage constructive criticism regarding event programming and operations to better serve the needs of the community.
Develop a System for Improved

3b. Cross-Promote Local Businesses The long-term success and sustainability of downtown is dependent on small business stability, particularly 3a. Collaborate with Public Engagement of
retail and restaurants. Cross-promotional opportunities Local Stakeholders are vital to developing SoMa as a regular destination beyond events at The Lerner. All cross-promotional 3b. Cross-Promote Local Businesses
marketing and activities should be coordinated by the SoMa Management Organization. 3c. Develop a Method for Evaluating SoMa's
3c. Develop a Method for Evaluating The City, organizations, businesses and residents are invested in Downtown Elkhart and interested in As the SoMa Management Organization operates future projects and ongoing events. To this end, it is and develops events, it will be necessary to evaluate important to communicate with stakeholders in an easy the outcome of each effort. Key stakeholders, such and effective way to gather input on progress or new as City leadership, civic organizations, and business ideas as well as to share success and promote our leaders, need to be up-to-date on progress. Periodic SoMa Implementation Strategy
Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau Well-maintianed parks promote safety and community morale. measurements of the economic impacts of various 4a. Develop a Mechanism to Manage events and the SoMa Implementation Strategy as the Operations of SoMa Including a whole will be coordinated. Regular economic Public Safety, Maintenance, impact analysis will be performed by the ECCVB to Landscaping, Parking, and Traffic be consistent with standard industry measures of the tourism business.
IMPROVE PUBLIC SAFETY - The most important
operations issue is safety and the perception of safety.
These are important both during the day and at night. Create an Operational Plan for
Everyone visiting Downtown Elkhart must be and feel safe, most especially women must be assured of their safety. The primary decision-makers on entertainment spending and entertainment selections are women. If a woman does not feel safe, she will not return. During downtown events, it is important to have a high level 4a. Develop a Mechanism to Manage the
and presence of Police, Emergency Management Operations of SoMa Including Public Department personnel and other event security staff Safety, Maintenance, Landscaping, Parking, who are easily identifi ed. Even during non-major and Traffi c.
events, it is important that guests feel safe and cared for. It only takes one major offense to derail months 4b. Organize Volunteer Management
and years of hard work assuring safe venues and events. However, if efforts are made to consistently 4c. Establish RiverWalk Culture Trail Bike
present a secure and safe environment, then the fi rst and most important operational issue will have been overcome. 4d. Consider Managing Equipment Services
Executing the operational aspects of the SoMa area must also be kept free of trash and unkempt Implementation Strategy in a professional and precise spaces. Loose trash, overfl owing trash bins and manner is critical for the District's image and long-term odorous commercial trash containers have a negative and real impact on visitors. The SoMa Management SoMa Implementation Strategy
Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau The Wellfi eld Botanic Gardens is a premier location for outdoor events. Organization will monitor regularly "curb appeal" and with basic park and public space maintenance.
effectively communicate in a way that maintains clean comfortable public space.
A pleasant and comfortable environment can encourage repeat customers. The SoMa Management Besides trash, special area landscaping and overall Organization will work with businesses and property landscaping of the RiverWalk and City parks owners to coordinate building rehabilitation incentives should be maintained in a neat and presentable to maintain the attractiveness of Elkhart.
manner. Again, similar to "managed" trash, well maintained attractive landscaping has a positive PROMOTE BUILDING MAINTENANCE - Existing
impact on visitors to Elkhart. Therefore, the SoMa and temporary venues must be maintained in Management Organization needs to work closely good appearance and working order. The SoMa with the City regarding on-going park maintenance Management Organization also needs to work with and upkeep. Besides trash and landscaping, special businesses and property owners to coordinate building areas such as Central Park and Civic Plaza are kept rehabilitation incentives to maintain the attractiveness neat and presentable throughout the year. The SoMa Management Organization will work with all venues from the Wellfi eld Botanic Garden on the north to the COORDINATE PARKING OPERATIONS AND
National New York Central Railroad Museum on the MANAGEMENT - Downtown has ample parking options
south to keep the downtown experience presentable with convenient public and private lots that may be throughout the year.
used after business hours. As demand increases, a supportive revenue stream may become available COORDINATE LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT - As the
through managed parking (valet) and convenient fee Wellfi eld Botanic Gardens has demonstrated, people based lots. The most important issue regarding parking enjoy a well-landscaped and maintained venue besides its convenience is the safety of vehicles during that presents art and trails in a welcoming and safe environment. This standard should become the norm for other parks and public spaces throughout SoMa. ANTICIPATE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT - Larger events
To assure the highest maintenance standards, it may be will create some traffi c congestion in the immediate determined (especially throughout the growing season) downtown area. Through police, the Emergency for the SoMa Management Organization use a private Management Department, volunteer and off- contractor to supplement the City's on-going efforts duty offi cer coordination the SoMa Management SoMa Implementation Strategy
them accessible to the various organizations for their events.
Develop a Financing Plan for
the Effective and Sustained
Management of SoMa

5a. Establish a Funding Campaign
5b. Consider Member Fees and Dues
Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau Well organized events may encourage guests to volunteer in the future. The SoMa Implementation Strategy calls for a number of roles and responsibilities regarding fi nancial Organization will be prepared to move traffi c safely management including funding, member fees and dues, and timely through Downtown.
and accounting.
4b. Organize Volunteer Management 5a. Establish a Funding Campaign It is very important that the SoMa Management To sustain programming and fi nancial needs, the SoMa Organization build, maintain and recognize its Management Organization must create interest and volunteers as they play the most vital role in community excitement among potential funding organizations. engagement while supporting successful events and It is important that funds represent SoMa's broad downtown. The Lerner's base of service focused stakeholder groups - from artists to businesses. To volunteers serve as the perfect foundation.
be self-sustaining over the long-term, the SoMa Management Organization will require an on-going 4c. Establish RiverWalk Culture Trail funding campaign with full-time staff.
Bike Rentals & Tours 5b. Consider Member Fees and Dues The RiverWalk Culture Trail bike rentals and tours will promote the Elkhart park system and the diversity of While this is a sub-set of the broader funding effort, it attractions in downtown. The bike tour could be led is important that the SoMa Management Organization by a volunteer guide or be self-directed. It may be create and maintain a membership base for businesses appropriate to locate the bike rental program at and individuals as a portion of the underwriting of the Central Park/Civic Plaza since it is the main public overall operations of the area. This may become very space between the northern and southern edges of the important when applying for matching grants from federal, state, or private granting entities.
4d. Consider Managing Equipment The SoMa Management Organization may wish to own or lease specialized equipment for events and performances (mobile sound and lighting) and other basics such as displays, tables and chairs and have SoMa Implementation Strategy
Exhibit 3.3
12-18 18-24 Months Months Months Months Months Months ESTABLISH SoMa MANAGEMENT STRATEGY
1a. Establish SoMa Management Team
Expand the role and revise composition of the Lerner Governing Board Defi ne the goals, measurements and resources needed to accomplish the SoMa Management Strategy 1d. Establish the SoMa Management Organization1e.
Redefi ne DEI's role in SoMa to focus on real estate services and development Engage Local Stakeholders Research potential collaborations with funding partners CREATE COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING PLAN
2a. Promote SoMa Brand
Coordinate SoMa promotional materials Establish and manage centralized calendar of events 2d. Capture local and regional audiences by collaborating with the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote SoMa Establish and manage a customer database DEVELOP A SYSTEM FOR IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS
3a. Collaborate with public engagement of local
Develop a strategy to cross-promote local businesses & events Develop a method for evaluating SoMa's success CREATE AN OPERATIONAL PLAN FOR SoMa MANAGEMENT
4a. Develop an operational plan for SoMa including public
safety, maintenance, landscaping, parking, and traffi c Organize volunteer management Establish a RiverWalk Culture Trail Tour program 4d. Design a basic equipment management services
5a. Establish a funding campaign
Consider membership fees and dues Top 5 Recommendations for Chapter 3 SoMa Management
Strategy to Cross-promote Business and Events
Establish RiverWalk Culture Trail Tour Program
Collaborate with ECCVB to Promote SoMa (Locally & Regionally)
Establish and Manage a Centralized Calendar of Events
Establish a Funding Campaign


Somatostatin and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors: Implications in Breast Cancer Geetanjali Kharmate and Ujendra Kumar Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Received on May 30, 2013; Accepted on June 8, 2013; Published on June 22, 2013 Correspondence should be addressed to Ujendra Kumar; Phone: (604) 827-3660 , Fax: (604) 822-3035 , Email: [email protected]