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THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber Based on the novel by John Green FOX 2000 PICTURES FINAL SHOOTING SCRIPT
10201 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 Revisions
Green – August 27, 2013 Yellow – August 30, 2013 Goldenrod – September 13, 2013 Salmon – September 18, 2013 2nd Blue – September 23, 2013 2nd Pink - September 30, 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT 2013 TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION. NO PORTION OF THIS SCRIPT MAY BE PERFORMED, PUBLISHED, REPRODUCED, SOLD OR DISTRIBUTED BY ANY MEANS, OR QUOTED OR PUBLISHED IN ANY MEDIUM, INCLUDING ON ANY WEB SITE, WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION. DISPOSAL OF THIS SCRIPT COPY DOES NOT ALTER ANY OF THE RESTRICTIONS SET FORTH ABOVE. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Based on the novel by John Green Shooting Draft - July 26, 2013 Blue Draft - August 9, 2013 Pink Draft - August 21, 2013 Green Revisions - August 27, 2013 Yellow Revisions - August 30, 2013 Goldenrod Revisions - September 13, 2013 Salmon Revisions - September 18, 2013 2nd Blue Revisions - September 23, 2013 2nd Pink Revisions - September 30, 2013 FOX 2000 PICTURES 10201 West Pico Blvd.
EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - NIGHT HAZEL GRACE LANCASTER (16) lies in the grass, staring up at the stars. We're CLOSE ON her FACE and we hear: You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell sad stories.
CUT TO a SERIES OF QUICK IMAGES: EXT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT Hazel and the BOY we will come to know as AUGUSTUS "GUS" WATERS (17) at an outdoor restaurant in some magical place. [Though we DO NOT SEE HIS FACE, the impression we get is that the two of them look very much the perfect Hollywood couple.] On the one hand, you can sugar coat - the way they do in movies and romance novels.
EXT. RIVERBANK - NIGHT "Perfect" Hazel and "Perfect" Gus in a GONDOLA in some foreign country. She rests her head on his shoulder. Again, we cannot get a good look at him. Where villains are vanquished and. heroes are born and.
INT. ANNE FRANK HOUSE - DAY "Perfect" Hazel and "Perfect" Gus kiss in an unmarked room. The CAMERA favors Hazel. Gus remains unseen. . beautiful people learn beautiful INT. HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT "Perfect" Hazel and "Perfect" Gus fall onto a bed together. Though we still don't see Gus, the love in her eyes for him is unmistakable.
. and nothing is too messed up that can't be fixed with an apology and a Peter Gabriel song. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 2.
EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - NIGHT BACK TO Hazel on the grass, still watching the stars. Were those dreams or were they memories? Still unclear.
I like that way as much as the next girl, believe me. It's just not the truth.
Hazel closes her eyes. This is the truth.
And EVERYTHING GOES BLACK. We HEAR: INT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - DAY The real Hazel is no less beautiful than the one we just saw. Late in the Winter of my 17th year.
There are, however, some key and obvious differences.
First, you'll notice the OXYGEN TUBE in her nostrils which help her to breathe. Second, you'll notice her hair - which we couldn't see in the grass. It's much shorter than the "Perfect" version, the result of someone whose head was completely shaved a few . my mother decided I was depressed.
I'm not depressed.
Hazel's legs dangle over the side of an exam table. Her mother FRANNIE (early 40s, younger than she feels) explains to the oncologist, DR. MARIA: . she eats like a bird. She barely leaves the house, The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 3.
I'm not depressed.
. she reads the same book over and She's depressed.
I'm not depressed! Off her look, CUT TO: QUICK SEQUENCE, which play over: The booklets and web sites always list depression as a side effect of cancer.
INT. SHOPPING MALL - DAY Filled with TEENAGE GIRLS - gossiping, laughing - being teenage girls, basically. And here's Hazel. With her Mom. And her oxygen tank. Just another day.
Depression's not a side effect of INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - DAY She sits watching game shows in the middle of the afternoon. Her Mom brings her a sandwich. A glass of water. And a whole host of prescriptions. Hazel eyes them with indifference.
. it's a side effect of dying. INT. COFFEE SHOP - DAY Hazel sits alone reading a dog-eared, heavily underlined copy of a novel ("An Imperial Affliction" by Peter Van Houten). She only looks up when distracted by a squeal of delight. A YOUNG GUY has lifted a YOUNG GIRL over his shoulder playfully. He spins her around. Hazel watches a beat - goes back to the book. Which is what was happening to me. And we CUT BACK TO: The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 4.
INT. DR. MARIA'S OFFICE - DAY Frannie continues to talk to the doctor. Hazel continues to dangle her feet. . some days she won't even get out of Dr. Maria scratches her face, thinking. I may switch you to Zoloft. Or Lexapro. And twice a day instead of once.
Keep ‘em coming. I can take it. I'm like the Keith Richards of cancer kids.
I'm like the Charlie Sheen of cancer Dr. Maria looks at Frannie who just shakes her head.
Have you been going to that Support Group Instead of answering, Hazel looks at her Mom.
She's gone a few times. I'm not sure it's for me.
If you're depressed -- -- support Groups are a great way to connect with people who are. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 4A.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 5.
On the same journey. "Journey?" Really? Just give it a chance, ok? For me.
Hazel rolls her eyes, knows she's lost this battle.
DR. MARIA (CONT'D) Who knows? You might even find it. INT. CHURCH BASEMENT - AFTERNOON CLOSE UP on PATRICK (30s, pony-tail). He has a guitar. . we are gathered here today - literally - in the heart of Jesus.
Patrick gestures above, to the rafters of the church, which is in fact shaped like a cross. (Thus they are - metaphorically - in the heart of Jesus.) ANGLE on Hazel who just shakes her head. This is the lamest thing she could be doing right now. Who would like to share their story with The basement is filled with SICK PEOPLE. Hazel among them. Most are under the age of 18. QUICK CUTS: Jillian. Lymphoma.
Angel. Ewing sarcoma. Sid. Astrocytoma.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 6.
Patrick. Testicular. It began a few years ago when I was a perfectly healthy, strapping young man of 31. I'd just gotten married.
As Hazel watches, bored, and Patrick continues, we hear: I'll spare you the gory details of Patrick's ball cancer. Basically.
INT. PATRICK'S BATHROOM - DAY Patrick is urinating. We stay on his FACE as he finds something off. It's alarming to him. .they found it in his nuts.
INT. OPERATING ROOM - DAY Patrick, terrified, is wheeled into an OR.
.cut most of it out, he almost died, but he didn't die. And now here he is -- INT. PATRICK'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Patrick plays GUITAR HERO on XBOX. He's really into it.
.divorced, friendless, addicted to INT. PATRICK'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Patrick sits on the couch watching an inspirational program on TV while knitting what looks like a RUG of some kind.
INT. CHURCH BASEMENT - DAY Patrick has laid the elaborate (and badly sewn) rug of Jesus Christ on the ground in the middle of the basement and is placing chairs on it for the group to sit.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 7.
.exploiting his cancertastic past in the heart of Jesus - "literally" - INT. CHURCH BASEMENT - AFTERNOON And as Patrick finishes up his speech, we hear: .to show us that one day, if we're lucky, we could be just like him. . which is why I believe every day is a blessing. Thank you for listening.
Patrick smiles broadly when he finishes. And everyone says: "We're here for you Patrick." Hazel says it the least enthusiastically. She locks eyes with her only friend in Support Group, a blonde kid with an eye patch, ISAAC. He's also shaking his head. Now who else would like to share? Oh no. Patrick gestures for her to speak. Reluctantly she stands, sighs.
Thyroid originally but with quite the impressive satellite colony in my lungs. Not much more to say, Hazel is about to sit down. And how are you doing Hazel? Hazel has no idea how to answer that.
You mean besides the terminal cancer? But that's not what she says. She says: Alright? I guess.? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 8.
Isaac tries not to laugh at this. Hazel sits back down.
"We're here for you Hazel." Hazel exhales. This is not at all helpful. A few more beats.
Maybe now I'll play a song.
EXT. CHURCH - AFTERNOON Frannie sits in the car in the parking lot, reading from a book, waiting for Group to be over. She sees the church door open and puts the book away. Hazel comes out, disappointed to see her Mother waiting there. You didn't go to the movies, did you? Maybe next time.
Hazel is a little bummed by this, the lack of life being lived by her parents. But what can she do. (re: support group) So. was it amazing? Hazel just rolls her eyes, exhales, and we CUT TO: QUICK SEQUENCE, which plays over: And that was my life. INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Hazel watching TV, book in hand.
INT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - DAY Hazel in another doctor's office.
INT. HAZEL'S BATHROOM - DAY Hazel popping pills. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 9.
Reality shows. Doctor's appointments. Eight prescription drugs, three times a INT. HAZEL'S BATHROOM - LATER Hazel popping more pills.
INT. HAZEL'S BATHROOM - NIGHT Hazel popping yet even more pills before bed.
INT. HAZEL'S KITCHEN - ANOTHER DAY Hazel and her parents in the kitchen. Frannie prepares Hazel's lunch. Hazel's father, MICHAEL (40s, kind, doing his best to stay positive) drinks coffee at the table.
And worse worse worst of all. support Ugh. You can't make me.
Of course we can, we're your parents.
Hazel frowns.
You need to get out of the house. Make friends. Be a teenager.
If you want me to be a teenager, don't send me to Support Group. Buy me a fake ID so I can go to clubs and drink gimlets and take pot.
You don't take pot.
See, that's the kind of thing I would know with a fake ID.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 10.
Hazel mock stabs herself in the stomach with an invisible EXT. CHURCH - AFTERNOON A small Episcopalian sanctuary in suburban Indianapolis.
And so I went.
Frannie's car pulls into the parking lot.
Not because I wanted to or because I thought it would help. But for the same reason I did anything these days.
Hazel, oxygen tank in tow, steps out, helped by Frannie.
. to make my parents happy.
She turns to go. Quickly realizing that her mother isn't First, you wouldn't let me drive myself. And now you're gonna sit and wait the Of course not, no. I.
I have errands to run.
Hazel knows she's not planning to run any errands. She doesn't press the issue.
Love you too Mom.
The only thing worse than biting it from cancer - is having a kid bite it from As Frannie gets back in the car, she shouts to her daughter: Make some friends! The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 11.
Hazel just shakes her head. CUT TO: INT. CHURCH - AFTERNOON Hazel walks towards the elevator. A GAUNT LOOKING KID holds it open for her. Hazel thinks better of it.
I'll take the stairs.
The KID nods. The doors shut. She turns to go, walking right A SUPREMELY BEAUTIFUL BOY (we will come to know him as GUS). Tall, lean, muscular, straight short mahogany hair, blue eyes. Hazel has never seen a better looking kid in her life.
For a brief moment, the Earth stops. They stand looking at one another. Hazel is speechless.
With the Beautiful Boy watching, a wan smile on his face, Hazel shuffles off as fast as she can, ducking into: INT. BATHROOM - AFTERNOON Hazel catches her breath. Shakes her head. Surprised at herself. She looks in the mirror. So doesn't like what she sees. The Earth starts moving again. CUT TO: INT. CHURCH BASEMENT - AFTERNOON CU The Beautiful Boy. He's staring at Hazel. That same flirty smile on his face. CU Hazel. Feeling his eyes. She meets them - then quickly, self-consciously, looks away. Around her, the rest of the GROUP take their seats. Who would like to begin? An eager Support Group Member, JULIE stands and begins sharing the weekly battle she's won and lost. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 12.
Hi. I'm Julie. 15. Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It's been an ok week I guess. I've been sleeping better. More energy. I don't feel as sluggish as I used to. So far, everyone seems pleased with my results. But it's hard, you know. My friends are at school, they have parties on weekends. I can't help but feel I'm missing out. I should be grateful, I know that, I just. it's hard, that's all. It's hard. Hazel tries to concentrate on the share - but she still feels the eyes of the Beautiful Boy. It's intimidating. And intimidation irritates her. Hazel decides to play the game, turning towards him and meeting his gaze. A staring contest. The eager Support Group Member's voice recedes into BG along with the rest of the universe as the acoustic, guitar-picked intro to Josh Ritter's "Change of Time" fills their world. The staring contest continues for several more beats. The Beautiful Boy smiles, enjoying this. Hazel raises her eyebrows - not looking away, intimidation be damned. Patrick's voice eventually swims back into focus. Thank you Julie. Isaac, I know you're facing a challenging time. Perhaps you'd like to say something.
TWO SHOT of Isaac, sitting next to Gus. We can see that Gus continues to stare at Hazel. Or maybe your friend would like to.
Which causes the Beautiful Boy to look away. Aha! He's lost the staring contest. Hazel smiles to herself. Gus, who does not want to share, looks over at Isaac. Isaac stands. Yeah, um. I'm Isaac. Eye cancer. It's looking like another surgery in a couple weeks. After which, well, I'll be blind. Not that I'm complaining or The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 13.
I know a lot of you have it way worse but, still, I mean, you know, being blind's gonna suck. My smokin' hot girlfriend helps. And friends like Isaac nods towards the Beautiful Boy who now has a name - AUGUSTUS. Hazel stores that in the back of her mind. So. yeah. That's what's up.
"We're here for you Isaac." Ok Augustus. Your turn. Hazel looks at Augustus. He definitely doesn't want to speak. But he'll do it. With one more radiant smile in Hazel's direction, he stands: I'm Augustus Waters. Had a touch of osteosarcoma bout a year and a half ago - lost this baby as a result. Gus holds up his right leg - a prosthetic. But really I'm just here at Isaac's And how are you feeling Augustus? Me? Oh I'm grand. I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend. Hazel smiles. Gus catches this. Hazel, immediately embarrassed, stops smiling and looks away.
Perhaps you'd like to share your fears with the group, Augustus.
Gus thinks about this. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 13A.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 14.
ANGLE ON Hazel, intrigued.
Yeah, see. I intend to live an extraordinary life. To be remembered. If I'm scared of anything it's. not doing Patrick doesn't quite have the tools to deal with that. Would, uh, anyone like to speak to that? And Hazel's hand goes up. Even Patrick is surprised by that.
Hazel! That's unexpected. Hazel stands, takes a second to gather her thoughts. Augustus watches her, waits for it. I just wanna say. there will come a time when, you know, all of us are dead. Gus is now even more fixed on her than before.
It might be tomorrow. Might be a million years from now but. it's gonna happen. And when it does, enough generations will come and go, there'll be no one left to remember Cleopatra. Or Mozart. Or Muhammad Ali, let alone any of us.
The look on Gus's face is unreadable. Oblivion's inevitable, dude. And if that scares you, well, I suggest you ignore it. God knows it's what everyone else A beat. And then an enormous smile spreads across Gus's face, not a flirty smile but a surprised one, a real one. CUT TO: EXT. OUTSIDE THE CHURCH - AFTERNOON Hazel waits for her Mom's car to appear. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 15.
Across the parking lot, she sees Isaac going at it with a redhead, MONICA (17), sucking face like there's no tomorrow against the door of her green Pontiac Firebird. Between kisses, we can hear: Hazel turns to find the Beautiful Boy, Augustus, standing right next to her. I thought we were in a church basement but apparently we were literally in the heart of Jesus.
Hazel smiles.
Someone should probably tell him, don't you think? Jesus? Seems kinda dangerous keeping all these kids with cancer in What's your name? No your full name.
Hazel Grace Lancaster.
Gus nods to himself, smiles. Still fixated on her.
I didn't say anything.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 16.
Why are you looking at me like that? Because you're beautiful.
Hazel is taken aback. No one's ever said that to her before.
I enjoy looking at beautiful people and I decided a while back not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence. Particularly given that, as you so astutely pointed out, we're all gonna die pretty soon.
A CUTE YOUNG GIRL walks past them.
Hazel isn't surprised that other girls know Gus. Of course they do. She turns back towards Isaac and Monica pawing at each other. She hears: What's with the "always?" "Always" is their thing. They'll "always" love each other and whatnot. Must have texted "always" to each other at least four million times this year. They continue to watch the show. It's pretty gross. Isaac squeezes Monica's breast like a clown horn.
He's gotta be hurting her boob. Let's watch a movie.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 17.
Hazel is again surprised.
Sure. Yeah. I'm. pretty free this week-- No I mean now.
What do you mean "now?" He shrugs. Hazel has never seen someone so confident.
You could be an axe murderer. There is that possibility. Come on Hazel Grace. take a risk. As Hazel mulls this over, Gus reaches into his pocket and pulls out, of all things, a pack of cigarettes! Hazel is in disbelief. He flips the box open, puts a cigarette between Oh my god. Oh. My. God. You're kidding You just ruined the whole thing! What, you think that's cool? Oh you idiot! There's always a hamartia, isn't The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 18.
And yours is - even though you had FREAKING CANCER you give money to a corporation for the chance to acquire EVEN MORE CANCER!? Ugh. And you were As she rants, Gus continues to look at her with that smile on his face. Hazel does not find it so amusing.
Let me tell you. not being able to breathe? Sucks. Totally sucks. Hazel folds her arms and turns away from him. A fatal flaw.
Gus takes a beat and then moves to face her, the smile still etched on his face.
They don't hurt you unless you light I've never lit one. Hazel turns back to him. It's a metaphor. See? You put the thing that kills you between your teeth. But you don't give it the power to do the Hazel is floored. And impressed. Gus holds her gaze. And it's at this point Frannie pulls up. Hi sweetheart. "Top Model" time? The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 19.
Hazel looks at Gus, cigarette dangling from his lips. Cool as anything. Handsome as hell. She looks back at her mom. I can't tonight.
(off her confused look) I've made plans with Augustus Waters. And with that, she walks off. Frannie looks at the boy with the cigarette in his mouth. This could be trouble. Or awesome. Or both. And we CUT TO: INT. GUS'S CAR - AFTERNOON Hazel is terrified. Turns out, Gus is the world's worst driver. When he brakes, her body flies forward against the seatbelt. And when he hits the gas, seconds later, her neck snaps back in the seat. Gus sees the look on her face.
I failed the test a couple times.
You don't say.
Most amputees can drive with no problem but. yeah. Not me. I'm surprised you have a license.
Tell me about it! Another brake forces Hazel against the seat belt. The fourth time I took the test. it was going about how this is going. and when it was over, the instructor looks at me and goes, "your driving, while unpleasant. is not technically unsafe." Aha. Cancer perk.
Total cancer perk. A few beats of silence. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 20.
So what happened to you? Hazel takes a deep breath. She's told this story before but somehow this seems different.
I was 13 when they found it.
And as she speaks, we see it unfold. SMASH CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL BED - FLASHBACK - DAY 13-YEAR OLD HAZEL has a biopsy. Stage IV thyroid cancer. INT. OPERATING ROOM - FLASHBACK - DAY 13-YEAR OLD HAZEL on the operating table. It's a nightmare.
I had surgery first.
INT. ANOTHER HOSPITAL ROOM - FLASHBACK - DAY This poor little girl is taking a beating. And it's just getting started. Getting radiation treatment. INT. HAZEL'S KITCHEN - FLASHBACK - DAY Having her head shaved by Frannie.
INT. ANOTHER HOSPITAL ROOM - FLASHBACK - DAY With a PICC line in a chemo chair.
All of which worked for a while.
And then stopped working.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 21.
INT. ANOTHER HOSPITAL ROOM - FLASHBACK - NIGHT 14-Year Old Hazel lies in bed, struggling to breathe. Frannie tries to comfort her. Dad calls for a Nurse.
And then my lungs started filling up with INT. ANOTHER HOSPITAL ROOM - FLASHBACK - NIGHT In the ICU, her parents standing over her.
That should have been the end. (through the tears) You can let go, sweetie. Don't be afraid.
14-Year Old Hazel nods. Michael can't keep it together any longer. He completely breaks down.
But it wasn't.
INT. ICU - THE NEXT MORNING - FLASHBACK - DAY The sun shines in the room. 14-year old Hazel eats ice chips, the color has returned to her cheeks. The antibiotics kicked in. They drained the fluid from my lungs. And in time I got better. Stronger. INT. YET ANOTHER HOSPITAL ROOM - FLASHBACK - DAY Slightly older Hazel is getting more intravenous medication. It's never ending. I even found myself in an experimental trial. You know the ones that are famous in the Republic of Cancervania for not INT. RADIOLOGIST'S OFFICE - FLASHBACK - DAY A SECOND RADIOLOGIST examines a second X-ray. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 22.
It's called Phalanxifor. Didn't work in over 70 percent of patients but, for some The Radiologist looks surprised.
.it worked in me. They called it "The And finally, BACK TO: INT. GUS'S CAR - AFTERNOON Gus has one eye on the road, the other on Hazel. He was impressed with her before. He's totally dazzled now. Of course my lungs still suck at being lungs but, theoretically, they could continue to suck in just this way for, I dunno, a while maybe.
So are you back in school or.? Already got my GED.
A college girl! Well that explains the aura of sophistication.
He smiles at her. She smiles back. Shoves his upper arm playfully. They're easing into each other. Eventually Gus's car pulls into his driveway, knocking over a GARBAGE CAN in the process. He's as good at parking as he is at driving. CUT TO: The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 23.
EXT/INT. GUS'S HOUSE - LATE AFTERNOON Hazel follows Gus inside. She quickly notices all sorts of engraved plaques and framed signs with phrases like "Home is Where the Heart Is" and "True Love is Born from Hard Times." Hazel looks at Gus quizzically.
My parents call them "encouragements." (rolling his eyes) Gus's MOM and DAD (40s) are in the kitchen making dinner. Augustus, hi. New friend? Gus's parents don't seem surprised to see Gus with some random girl in their house. Hazel takes note of that.
This is Hazel Grace.
It's just. Hazel.
How's it going, Just Hazel? Downstairs if you need us! Gus drags Hazel to the next room. As she's pulled: Nice to meet you! INT. GUS'S BASEMENT - LATE AFTERNOON They walk down the carpeted stairs - Gus having an easier time with his one leg than Hazel is with her oxygen tank and Eventually they arrive at Gus's basement bedroom. There's a TV with a video game console, a few band posters, and a whole host of basketball memorabilia (autographed sneakers, school trophies, framed images etc.) Gus sees her looking at them. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 24.
Must have been pretty good.
These are mine. And these. The rest of it's just cancer perks. Gus grabs a DVD from his stack of DVDs. Hazel sits down on the bed, her breathing noticeably heavier.
Gus sits down next to her on the bed.
Don't get any ideas. (catching her breath) All that standing. and stairs. and then more standing. lotta standing for I understand.
I'll be fine in a minute. Unless I faint. I'm a bit of a Victorian lady, fainting- Gus smiles. He waits for her breathing to slow down. In time: Hazel nods, smiles. So what's your story? I already told you my story. I was Not your cancer story. Your story. Interests, hobbies, passions, weird The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 25.
Don't tell me you're one of those people who becomes their disease. No. I'm just. I don't know. un- I reject that out of hand. (beat, Hazel shrugs) Think of something you love. First thing that comes to mind.
"An Imperial Affliction." It's a novel. My favorite novel.
Does it have zombies? It's not that kind of book. Sounds horrible.
It's not, it's. kind of my bible Interesting. What's it about? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 26.
But not in that way, trust me. The guy who wrote it, Peter Van Houten, he's. well, the only person I've ever come across who seems to a) understand what it's like to be dying and b) not have In that case. I am going to read this horrible book with the boring title that does not contain zombies or stormtroopers. And in exchange. Gus pulls a book from his bookshelf.
. all I ask is that you read this brilliant and haunting novelization of my favorite video game. Hazel looks at the slim, ridiculous novella. She laughs. Don't laugh, it's awesome! All about honor and sacrifice, bravery and heroism, embracing your destiny, leaving a mark on But mostly it's things blowing up.
She laughs again. She's adorable when she laughs. He holds the book out for her and she takes it. And as she does, their hands get tangled together for a brief, charged moment. Your hands are cold.
Not so much cold as under-oxygenated.
Hazel Grace.
I love it when you talk medical to me.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 27.
Hazel blushes. And off her completely smitten smile, CUT TO: EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - NIGHT - ESTABLISHING A LIGHT on in an upstairs window. Hazel's Bedroom. INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Hazel sits in bed reading Gus's novella. Frannie enters carrying folded laundry, notices the new book.
That's different.
Hazel shrugs. Frannie looks intrigued.
Did he give it to you? By "it" do you mean herpes? A mother can dream, can't she? Feisty! I like it.
Hazel rolls her eyes. At which point, her phone buzzes. She excitedly checks it - only to be disappointed. Frannie Don't worry. I'm sure he'll call.
I'm not worried. Please. It's not like I'm waiting for him to call or anything. I just. we hung out. No big deal.
Frannie says nothing to that. Her silence says it all. Hazel rolls her eyes. CUT TO: QUICK SERIES OF SCENES: Hazel continues "not to wait" for Gus's call. We see her: INT. BATHROOM - DAY Brushing her teeth. And checking her phone. INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Watching TV. And checking her phone.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 28.
INT. KITCHEN - DAY Eating breakfast. And checking her phone.
INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - DAY Hazel looks out her window. Trying not to check her phone. Willing herself to not check the goddamn phone. And checking Where is he?! Did he forget about her? INT. HAZEL'S DINING ROOM - NIGHT Hazel at the dinner table with her parents. She's a little sullen, barely touching her food. Hazel's phone buzzes. She tries not to seem too eager to check it, what with her parents watching and all. She subtly looks down at her lap. And sure enough: a text from Gus! Her eyes bug out. We see: "Tell me my copy is missing the last ten pages or something." Hazel smiles. Goes back to eating. Frannie and Michael share a quick glance. A second later, there's a follow-up text.
"Tell me I have NOT reached the end of this book!" Hazel smiles again. And then a third text: "A BOOK CAN"T END IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE?! WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS THIS MADNESS! AAAAHHHH!" Hazel now laughs out loud. Michael clears his throat. Hazel Would you like to be excused? EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - NIGHT Hazel sits down on a patio chair and dials the phone. We see Michael, through the window, watching TV in the living room.
Gus answers on the first ring.
Hazel Grace.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 29.
Welcome to the sweet torture of reading At which point she hears a loud WAIL coming from the other end of the phone. What the -- are you ok? Me? Yeah. I'm excellent. INTERCUT between Hazel on the patio and: INT. GUS'S BASEMENT BEDROOM - NIGHT Isaac's head is buried in Gus's couch. He's wailing like a banshee, having some kind of nervous breakdown.
I am, however, with Isaac. Hazel hears more wailing. Has no idea what to make of it.
GUS (O.S.) (CONT'D) Dude! Hey! Does Support Group Hazel make this better or worse? Hazel genuinely has no idea what the hell is going on.
Isaac! Focus. On. Me. Hazel waits a few beats for Gus to come back on. Finally: GUS (O.S.) (CONT'D) How fast can you get here? Hazel thinks about this. Before she can even respond: GUS (O.S.) (CONT'D) Great. Door's open. Gotta run! And then CLICK. Hazel looks at the phone. And on her face, INT. GUS'S BASEMENT - NIGHT Hazel descends the steps, carefully. She calls to them. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 30.
She hears an ungodly moan before she sees anyone. What has she gotten herself into? Eventually Gus appears at the base.
(calling to Isaac) Isaac, Hazel from Support Group is coming Gus waits for a response. None comes. He gestures for her to follow him into the room. Before he does: A gentle reminder: Isaac is in the midst of a psychotic episode.
You look nice, by the way.
Hazel blushes, follows Gus into the room to find Isaac sitting upside down in a gaming chair. Tears are flowing down his reddened cheeks. Empty soda cans and bags of junk food lie around him.
How ya doing Isaac? Again, no response. Hazel looks to Gus for an explanation.
Seems Isaac and Monica are no longer a Do you want to talk about it? Isaac starts to sob again. I just want to cry and play video games.
Fair enough.
It doesn't hurt to talk TO him, however. If you have any sage words of feminine The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 31.
I actually think his response is "Pain demands to be felt." (lights up at that) You're quoting my book! Gus winks at her. At which point, Isaac lets out another howl. Gus gestures for Hazel to sit. The two of them flank Isaac. He finally speaks.
She didn't want to break it off after the surgery. Said she couldn't handle it. I'm about to lose my eyesight and she can't Hazel rubs his shoulder in sympathy. I kept saying "always" to her. Always, always, always. And she just kept talking over me and not saying it back. It was like I was already gone, you know? "Always" was a promise! You can't break Sometimes people don't understand the promises they're making when they make Right, sure, but you keep the promise anyway. That's what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. That could be an "encouragement." It's silent for a beat. And then Isaac stands up, a funny look on his face.
Suddenly Isaac starts kicking his chair across the room.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 32.
The chair lands against the bed. Gus hands Isaac something else to throw, a pillow. Isaac grabs the pillow and slams it against the wall. He dives on it and beings pummeling the pillow like a maniac.
That's it! Punch that thing.
And so he does. As he continues to, Gus looks at Hazel.
I've been wanting to call you for days now but I've been waiting until I could form a coherent thought re: "An Imperial I can't stop thinking about it.
Gus stands and takes the pillow out of Isaac's hand.
Pillows don't break. Gus hands Isaac one of his basketball TROPHIES.
You need to break something. Isaac looks at it, then back to Gus as if asking permission. Gus nods. Isaac holds it over his head and SMASH! The trophy breaks into a million pieces. Isaac almost smiles. Gus hands him another.
Go to town, my friend.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 32A.
I've been looking for a way to tell my Dad that I kinda hate basketball. Think maybe we've found it.
Isaac thinks about that. Grabs a trophy. Gus nods. Isaac smashes it. Grabs another one. The smashing is just getting started. Meanwhile, Gus sits down next to Hazel. They ignore The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 33.
So. "An Imperial Affliction." I'm glad you liked it.
But that ending, Hazel.
It is rather abrupt.
Are you kidding!? It's evil! Isaac continues loudly smashing the TROPHIES to bits. Gus and Hazel try to talk over the noise.
I mean, I totally get that she died or whatever - Anna. But there is an unwritten contract between author and reader and I think ending your book in the middle of a sentence kind of violates that contract.
But that's part of what I like about it. It portrays death truthfully. You die in the middle of your life, in the middle of a sentence. But I do - God, I do want to know what happens to everyone else. Yeah like her Mom. The Dutch Tulip Man. Sysiphus the Hamster. Hazel beams. Gus totally gets the book. A bond between them. They're barely noticing Isaac's rampage now.
Have you tried contacting this. Peter The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 34.
I've written letters. He's never responded. Apparently he moved to Amsterdam, became a recluse. Hasn't published anything. Doesn't do Having smashed all the trophies, Isaac stands there panting, bronze carnage all over the floor. Feeling better, Isaac? Isaac thinks about it. Shakes his head no. Gus walks over to him, puts his arm around him, looks at Hazel.
That's the thing about pain. it demands Hazel smiles. And on her face, we CUT TO: INT. LANCASTER HOUSE - DINING ROOM - NIGHT Where Hazel is having dinner with her parents. Dr. Maria called today. The PET Scan is set for the eighth. Hazel nods. This could be a source of worry but she's not going to think about that right now. She's upbeat. And she's actually eating, which her parents can't help but notice. Frannie and Michael look at one another, pleased.
I told you Support Group was a good idea.
Hazel's phone buzzes. "Augustus." She looks to her parents.
What are you waiting for? Go! The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 35.
EXT. HAZEL'S BACKYARD - NIGHT Hazel lays on the grass in her backyard staring up at the stars. She rings him back and as she does SPLITSCREEN w/ Hazel in the grass and: INT. GUS'S BASEMENT BEDROOM - NIGHT Gus (upside down) in bed, a laptop on his chest. Hazel Grace.
Hello Augustus.
I can't stop thinking about this goddamn You're welcome.
On the other hand. we do need closure, What we need is a sequel. Yes. We need to know what happens to Anna's family after she dies.
That's what I kept asking Van Houten for But he never wrote back.
That's correct.
Because he's a recluse.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 36.
Unfortunately so.
Gus clears his throat, smiles. Hazel waits.
"Dear Mr. Waters." "I am writing to thank you for your electronic correspondence." Hazel sits up. Could it possibly.? "I am grateful to anyone who sets aside the time to read my book." What are you doing? Mmm. I might have found his assistant. Emailed her. She might have forwarded that email onto Van Houten. Shall I Ahem.(clears his throat) "I am particularly indebted to you, sir," he called me sir.
Keep reading, keep reading! The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 37.
"Both for your kind words about ‘An Imperial Affliction' and for taking the time to tell me that the book, and here I quote you directly, ‘meant a great deal' to you and your friend, Hazel." You did not.
Of course I did.
Hazel is stomping her feet in excitement.
"To answer your question: No. I have not written anything else, nor will I. I do not feel that continuing to share my thoughts with readers would benefit either them or me. However thank you again for your generous email. Yours most sincerely, Peter Van Houten." So. yeah. That happened.
More silence. Hazel is entirely speechless.
If you're making this up, I'm going to hurt you. You know that, right? Do you really believe, with my meager intellectual capabilities, that I could just make up a letter from the great Peter Van Houten? I've been trying to tell you, I'm. kind Can I. would you mind if I. The Fault In Our Stars Salmon Revisions 9/18/13 38.
Check your in-box.
Hazel jumps up as fast as her lungs will allow. CUT TO: INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - LATER THAT NIGHT Hazel sits at her computer, Van Houten's assistant's email address staring her in the face. The cursor blinks on a blank page. And then Hazel starts writing.
"Dear Mr. Peter Van Houten, my name is Hazel Grace Lancaster. My friend Augustus Waters, who read your book - at my recommendation - just received an email from you at this address. I hope you will not mind that he shared that email with While Hazel reads the letter, we see a SERIES OF SCENES showing the next several days. They include: INT. COFFEE SHOP - DAY Hazel and Gus drinking coffee. He's enthusiastically telling a story, cigarette dangling from his lips. Hazel is enjoying every moment. But that damn cigarette. She snatches it out of his mouth and they both share a laugh. Huge contrast from when Hazel was in the very same spot. All alone. "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions I have about what happens after the end of the book. Specifically, the following:" INT. GUS'S BASEMENT - NIGHT Sitting on the floor. Wearing separate headphones but listening to the same song. Sharing something magical together. Close. Their knees almost touching.
"Does Anna's Mom marry the Dutch Tulip The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 39.
HAZEL (V.O.) (CONT'D) is the Dutch Tulip Man up to something - or is he just misunderstood? What happens to Anna's friends? INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Watching TV. Their bodies almost touching. But not quite.
Lastly, I was hoping you could shed some light on Sisyphus the Hamster. These questions have haunted me for years. And I don't know how long I have left to get answers to them." INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT And finally, back in Hazel's bedroom. She finishes reading this letter into the phone.
"I know these are not important literary questions and that your book is full of important literary questions, but I would just really like to know." INTERCUT w/ Gus bouncing a ball against the wall, listening. (reading it aloud to him) "And of course, if ever you do decide to write anything else, even if you don't want to publish it, I'd love to read it. Frankly, I'd read your grocery lists. Yours with great admiration, Hazel Grace Bit pretentious. But then again, Van Houten uses words like "tendentious" and. "bacchanalia" so I think he'll Hazel smiles, looks at a clock.
Is it really almost 1? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 40.
I gotta get to sleep.
Neither one of them want to hang up the phone.
They both laugh at this. Perhaps "ok" will be our "always." Hazel smiles.
A few more beats of silence, the both of them brimming with the giddiness and swoon of being 17 and in love. We stay with Hazel. Is it really possible this Beautiful Boy likes her? She can't quite convince herself yet. CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL - RECOVERY ROOM - DAY Isaac lies in bed, bandages covering his eyes, now officially blind. A NURSE attends to him while Hazel sits by his side. She hasn't even visited. Fourteen months we were together. What kind of person. You'll get over her Isaac. Just takes a little time. You'll see.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 41.
The Nurse exits the room.
Did she really just say "you'll see?" (shakes her head) Qualities of a Good Nurse. Go.
One: doesn't pun your disability.
Two: gets blood on the first try.
Yes! That is huge. I mean, seriously, I'm not a voodoo doll. Poke with precision No condescending voice.
(lays it on thick) "I'm going to insert this extremely sharp object into your skin now so you might feel a tiny, little pinch." They laugh and then lapse into silence for a moment.
You doing alright, Isaac? I don't know. To be honest, I think a hell of a lot more about Monica than my eye. Is that crazy? That's crazy.
It's a little crazy.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 42.
But I believe in love, you know? I don't believe that everybody gets to keep their eyes or not get sick or whatever, but everybody should have true love. Don't Hazel thinks about it as Isaac presses the button on his pain pump, self-administering morphine. Mmm. that's better.
He exhales as the pain pump starts to kick in.
Good. Good, Isaac.
Hazel sits with him as he drifts off to sleep. CUT TO: EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - ESTABLISHING - MORNING INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - MORNING Hazel rolls out of bed, stumbles to her computer. She casually checks her in-box and is shocked to discover - he's written her back! "Dear Ms. Lancaster. I cannot answer your questions, at least not in writing, because to do so would constitute a sequel, which you might publish or otherwise share on the internet. Not that I don't trust you, but how could I trust you, I barely know you." Hazel's jaw hangs open as she reads the next part: "Should ever you find yourself in Amsterdam, do pay a visit at your leisure. Yours most sincerely, Peter Van Houten" Son of a - WHAT IS THIS LIFE!!! Frannie races in, clearly expecting a health problem.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 43.
(realizing she scared her) Nothing. Sorry.
Everything! Look! Hazel shows Frannie the note. Frannie reads it.
Can we go to Amsterdam? Frannie thinks about how to respond for a beat.
Hazel, I. I love you and. I want nothing more than for you to have everything in the world but I. Amsterdam? I mean. How would we do that? You know money's tight around here and. getting the equipment there alone would cost -- No, yeah, of course.
Clearly Frannie feels awful. Which makes Hazel feel awful. There might be some way -- Don't do anything. Ok. Seriously. Forget I mentioned it.
I'm sorry Hazel.
A beat between them. Frannie walks out, sadly. Hazel sits on the bed, totally bummed now for two reasons.
Guilt is definitely a side effect of The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 43A.
EXT. CHURCH PARKING LOT - AFTERNOON Hazel and Gus get out of his car and walk towards the entrance to Support Group.
Just ask the Genies. Use your wish.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 44.
I've used it already. Pre-"Miracle." Hazel doesn't want to say. Gus realizes. Stops walking.
Tell me you did not go to Disney World.
(Hazel looks away) Hazel Grace! You did not use your one dying Wish to go to Disney World! And Epcot Center.
(hands in the air) Gus starts walking again. Hazel follows.
(defending herself) We had fun on that trip.
That is the saddest thing I've ever I met Goofy.
They get to the entrance.
Now I'm embarrassed. Why are you embarrassed? Gus opens the door for Hazel.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 45.
How can I have a crush on a girl with such cliche wishes? Hazel stops in her tracks. The word "crush" taken her totally by surprise. She looks at him. Then quickly looks away, blushing. Gus continues on about Disney but all Hazel can think about is "CRUSH". She tries not to seem too excited. INT. PET SCAN ROOM - DAY Frannie and Michael watch through glass as Hazel, in a hospital gown, is slowly fed through the machine. A TECH explains that she should hold still, try and relax, etc. But Hazel knows. She knows all about these procedures. She's a EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - DAY Gus is waiting on the front stoop when Frannie's car pulls up. They're home from the hospital. He wears an Indiana Pacers JERSEY and carries a bouquet of bright orange TULIPS.
Michael gets out of the passenger's seat to help Hazel out of the car. Gus rises to assist them. Frannie, carrying Hazel's belongings, smiles as she passes Gus on her way inside.
Is that a Rik Smits jersey? It is indeed.
Man, I loved that guy.
Hazel sees Gus, wasn't expecting him.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 46.
How would you like to go on a picnic? INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Gus is with Michael downstairs.
Something to drink? I'm great Mr. Lancaster.
INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - DAY Hazel puts on LIP GLOSS at her bedroom mirror. She can faintly hear this conversation downstairs: INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Michael and Gus on the couch. You're a survivor yourself? Didn't cut this fella off for the hell of it. Though it is an excellent weight-loss strategy. Legs are heavy! How's your health now? N-E-C for fourteen months. That's fantastic. I'm very lucky.
INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - DAY Hazel checks herself out in the mirror. Seems to like what she sees a lot more than before. She hears: The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 47.
Son, you have to understand. Hazel's still pretty sick. She will be the rest Hazel stops what she's doing, listens. MICHAEL (O.S.) (CONT'D) She'll want to keep up with you - she's that kind of girl - INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - DAY BACK on Michael and Gus.
. but the truth is, her lungs -- Hazel appears, silencing her Father mid-sentence. She takes Gus's arm. Off they go and we CUT TO: EXT. PARK - AFTERNOON Behind the Indianapolis Museum of Art is 152 Acres of Gardens and Grounds. Hazel and Gus walk together.
Is this where you bring all your romantic Every last one.
Probably why I'm still a virgin.
Hazel laughs, elbows him. You're not a virgin.
Gus picks a STICK up from the dirt. Draws a BIG CIRCLE in it. See this? This circle is virgins. Now Gus draws a much smaller circle inside that circle.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 48.
And this. is 17 year old dudes with one Hazel laughs. Point made. He grabs her hand, helps her walk up a tiny hill. Once up there, Gus lays a blanket on the ground. They sit, looking out over a rather odd SCULPTURE - a set of GIANT WHITE BONES where children can jump and play. "Funky Bones" by Joep Van Lieshout. He sounds Dutch.
And he is. Much like Rik Smits. And Hazel raises an eyebrow at Gus. He's sure taking this Amsterdam/Dutch thing pretty far. He removes some sandwiches and orange juice out of a basket.
Dutch cheese. And tomato. The tomatoes are Mexican. Sorry.
They eat for a second, their eyes watching the children play How cool is this? A skeleton being used as a playground.
You do love your symbols.
Speaking of which. Gus stands up, clears his throat.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 49.
You're probably wondering why you're sitting here eating a bad cheese sandwich and drinking orange juice with a guy in a Rik Smits jersey.
It has crossed my mind.
Hazel Grace, like so many before you - and I say this with great affection - you spent your Wish. moronically. Hush! I'm in the midst of a grand Sorry. Please, continue.
You were young. Impressionable. The Grim Reaper staring you in the face. And the fear of dying with your one true Wish left ungranted led you to rush into making one you didn't really want, for how could little Hazel Grace, having never read "An Imperial Affliction" ever know that her one TRUE wish was to visit Mr. Peter Van Houten in his Amsterdamian Hazel nods in agreement.
If you were smart, you would have saved your wish til the time in your life when you really knew your true self. Gus stops talking. Hazel is confused.
But I. didn't save it.
Good thing I saved mine. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 50.
Hazel cocks her head to one side. What is he talking about? Got it in exchange for the leg. And I still have it. She starts to realize.
Are you saying -- I'm not gonna give you my Wish or anything. But I too have an interest in meeting Peter Van Houten and it wouldn't make much sense to meet him without the girl who introduced me to his book, now (Hazel's eyes widen) I talked to the Genies and they're in total agreement. We leave in a month. Hazel is so excited that she grabs Gus and pulls him into a Why are you doing this? Gus thinks about this. Because Hazel Grace. I found my wish.
Hazel is beyond touched. She leans in to him, their faces close, lips inches apart, and just when it looks like something might happen, they hear: WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.) And there's a CUTE YOUNG KID watching them.
WOMAN'S VOICE (CONT'D) Get back over here! The Young Kid scurries back to his Mother. Hazel looks at Gus. They burst out laughing. Romantic moment not to be.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 51.
At which point, we hear: Wait, he did WHAT?! INT. HAZEL'S UTILITY ROOM - EVENING Frannie, in the midst of folding her laundry, cannot believe what she's hearing.
That's incredible! That's like the most beautiful. it's actually kind of Didn't you just meet this guy? I mean you barely -- wait a minute.
Oh my god Hazel! Tell me everything! Did you kiss him? Is he your boyfriend? Mom, focus. Amsterdam.
Amsterdam. Right. Well.
(beat, she sighs) Look, as your mother, I would love to say yes, but. I'm just your mother Hazel. INT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - ANOTHER DAY Where Dr. Maria shakes her head.
I don't know.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 52.
You said the PET scan is encouraging! The PET scan is encouraging! But we don't know how long it'll stay that way.
I'm not seeking political asylum. It's one week. A vacation.
How can I -- What if you get sick? In a They have doctors in Amsterdam. And Not all cancers are alike. And yours is particularly unusual, Hazel. The only way I could ever authorize a trip like this is if someone familiar with your case -- (turns to her Mom) So she can come too. The Genies can hook it up. They're Frannie had not considered that to this point. It's kind of the best idea in the world.
You've never been to Amsterdam, have you And judging from her face, seems she'd kinda like to. Dr. Maria looks at Frannie, shrugs - kid's got a point. Hazel smiles. And on that smile, we SMASH CUT TO: Over which, we HEAR: The Fault In Our Stars Salmon Revisions 9/18/13 53.
And then this happened.
INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT [Note: There's no sound in this sequence. Just images.] Hazel wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, shaking and holding her head. Frannie and Michael burst in. Mom grabs her crying daughter, frightened beyond belief, waves to Michael to call for help. People talk about the courage of cancer patients. And I do not deny that Michael grabs a phone, frantically dials 911. We see (but do not hear) him call for help.
He leaves the room to do so and Fran stays behind, rocking with her daughter, promising her it'll all be ok. Whatever nightmare this is, it's going to end.
I'd been poked and stabbed and poisoned for years and still I trod on.
INT. EMERGENCY ROOM - NIGHT Michael carries Hazel into the chaotic emergency room. They're practically running. There's still no sound. But make no mistake.
The doctors rally to assist the screaming, crying child. She's wheeled away from her family who can only watch. We stay with her and WE HEAR: In that moment I would have been very, very happy to die. END SEQUENCE.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 54.
INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - ICU - MORNING The sound returns. And it's the sound of a heart monitor. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. It's also the sound of a working heart. Hazel has made it through. Frannie and Michael by her side.
They thought it was a brain tumor. It wasn't - thank god -- So what happened? The usual. Fluid in the lungs, preventing oxygenation. They put that in.
There's a TUBE in Hazel's side draining fluid into a plastic bladder that hangs off her bed.
Drained a liter and a half last night. (That's a lot of fluid.) The good news is. no tumor growth. No new tumors in your body.
Hazel nods. That is a relief. We're all so relieved.
Frannie embraces her daughter. This is just a thing Hazel. It's a thing we can live with. Hazel nods again. Only in the universe of Hazel Grace Lancaster is something like this just a thing. Meanwhile: INT. HOSPITAL ICU - WAITING AREA - MORNING Here's Gus, his foot tapping nervously on the floor. It's unclear how long he's been waiting there. He sees Michael walk down the hall. Races after him.
Mr. Lancaster! How's she doing? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 55.
Better, thank you. Much better.
Gus nods, as relieved as the rest of them.
They won't let me in. Family only. No I get it. Will you just. will you tell her I was here? Of course I will. Gus smiles. And sits back down. Though he won't get to see her, he still wants to stay. Michael really likes this kid.
Why don't you go home, get some rest? Gus looks up. That might be for the best. CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Hazel and her Parents sit at a very large conference table along with Dr. Maria and THREE OTHER ONCOLOGISTS - her whole "Cancer Team." DR. SIMMONS (late 60s, white beard, old school) speaks.
Normally the tumors start resisting the treatment. And that hasn't happened here - Hazel hears the "yet" the loudest. DR. SIMMONS (CONT'D) On the other hand, the drug may be worsening the edema. The truth is. very few people have been on Phalanxifor as long as Hazel has. We don't really know the long term effects. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 56.
That comforts no one. Sensitive Michael starts to cry a little bit. He grabs Frannie's hand. Dr. Simmons continues.
What we're trying to do is prevent endothelial growth which, if overexpressed, can contribute to disease, decay, vascular inhibition, and the spread of the cancer cells we're working so hard to eradicate. The survival rates of patients with severe endothelial growth decreases exponentially the And as he drones on with some cancer gobbledygook, Hazel's eyes remain firmly fixed on her parents. Holding hands, Dad in tears, she hates what she's doing to them. And seeing them like this - it jogs a memory. CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL ICU - FLASHBACK - NIGHT We saw this once before. It looks like the end for 13-year old Hazel. Her father is weeping off to the side while her mom stands over her, holding her hand, and asking: (through the tears) You can let go, sweetie. Don't be afraid.
13-year old Hazel nods. The doctors get to work. The anaesthetic takes hold and Hazel goes under. But not enough. Cause she totally hears her mother say: (crying into his shoulder) I won't be a mom anymore.
She falls into her husband's chest. And we're BACK TO: The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 57.
INT. HOSPITAL - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Hazel comes out of the memory when her parents see her staring at them. She tries to shake it off. Dr. Simmons is still talking nonsense when: I have a question.
Can I still go to Amsterdam? Dr. Simmons can't help himself. He laughs. Everyone looks at him. He clears his throat.
That would not be wise at this juncture.
The doctors look at each other, trying to be delicate here.
Is there any way.? It would. increase some risks -- So does going to the mall -- Yes but an airplane? They have oxygen on airplanes.
It's my life, right? You're Stage IV -- The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 58.
I have this opportunity I may never have again. If the medicine's working, I don't Perhaps there's a scenario -- I don't know any other way to say this, Hazel. You're just too sick. And this is like a punch in the gut. DR. SIMMONS (CONT'D) Everyone feels horrible now. Dr. Maria, Frannie and Michael, and even Hazel. This meeting couldn't have gone worse. EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - DRIVEWAY - LATE AFTERNOON Hazel's parents bring her home from the hospital. She looks miserable. It's clear the last few days have been a big emotional set back. CUT TO: INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Her parents tuck her in. We'll be right outside.
Hazel nods. Her phone buzzes. She looks at it. A text from Gus that reads: "ok?" Hazel looks at it. And she doesn't write back. CUT TO: INT. HAZEL'S KITCHEN - MORNING Hazel sits staring at nothing. Soon enough, the house phone rings. Hazel ignores it. Michael comes in from another room with the phone in hand.
(whispers, to Hazel) Hazel thinks about it - silently shakes her head, no. Michael says into the phone.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 59.
I'm sorry Gus, she's asleep. Hazel remains sitting there, sullen. Michael hangs up the phone. Sits down at the table. Doesn't say anything. Eventually Hazel looks at him.
More silence. Michael isn't going anywhere. Hazel launches It's not fair to him. (Michael doesn't react) (still no reaction) He doesn't need this in his life. Nobody does. It's. more trouble than it's You're right.
Hazel looks at him, surprised.
Mom and I we were just saying the same thing. Could be time we toss you out on the street. Drop you off at an orphanage somewhere, make you their problem. Michael stands.
I'm serious. We're not sentimental Hazel shakes her head, smiles. He walks off, leaving her alone. She sits there another beat. Exhales.
EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - MORNING Hazel walks out back. Looks up at the clouds, threatening rain but not yet delivering it. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 60.
She sits down in the grass, on the verge of tears. Receives a text message from "Augustus." It just says "hello?" Again, she ignores it.
In the backyard, there's an OLD RUSTY SWING SET that's been there for years. Hazel looks at it.
And starts to cry. Just for a few brief moments, she lets Soon she gets another text. "This silence is deafening." Hazel's heart breaks. She can't take it anymore. She picks the phone back up. And dials.
Hi Augustus.
Are you crying, Hazel Grace? What's the matter? I don't know.
I mean, I do know. It's a lot of things. It's. I want to go to Amsterdam. And I want Van Houten to tell us what happens after the book. And I don't want my particular life. And also the sky is making me sad. And there's this old, pathetic swing set that my Dad made for me when I was a kid. It's just. Hazel is on the verge of losing it again. A few beats of silence pass by.
I demand to see this swing set of tears. Hazel can't help but smile and we CUT TO: EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - MOMENTS LATER And now they're on the swings.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 61.
I see your point. This is one sad swing set.
Hazel doesn't say anything. They swing for a beat as Gus looks at Hazel. Knows what she's going to say. You do realize. trying to keep your distance from me will in no way lessen my affection for you. Hazel says nothing.
All efforts to keep me from you will Hazel looks at him. He's sure not making this easy.
Look, Augustus, I -- I like you. I like hanging out with you. But I can't let it go any further.
Tell me - tell me what the problem is -- I don't want to hurt you -- I wouldn't mind -- You don't understand -- No you don't understand, Hazel Grace -- The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 61A.
It would be an honor to have my heart -- That silences him.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 62.
I'm a grenade. And at some point I'm gonna blow up, and everything in my wake will be obliterated and I really. I just. I need to minimize the casualties. Do you understand? Hazel nods, sadly.
That's why I don't have a hamster.
And now she's on the verge of losing it again. Gus remains silent. Exhales. All he can say is: We have got to do something about this frigging swing set.
Hazel is grateful for his understanding. And off her face, INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - DAY Hazel sits at the computer screen writing a Craigslist post. Gus stands next to her.
"Swing Set Needs Home." "Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs "Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks Butts of Children." Gus laughs harder. Hazel laughs with him. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 63.
Hazel looks at him, not understanding.
In case you were wondering. that's why (beat, off her look) You're so busy being you that you have no idea how perfectly unprecedented you are. And Hazel processes that. Then looks away. You can't say things like that.
What? That's how I speak to all my Hazel shoots him a look. He gets it.
I know. I know. Friends. Gus puts his hand out to shake. Hazel smiles, shakes it. It pains her but she's made her decision and she's sticking to it - for both of their sakes. CUT TO: INT HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Hazel is about to go to sleep. Before she does, she sends Gus a text: "Thank you for understanding." She waits. Gets a text back. Hazel reads it. Writes back: "Ok." A beat. Gus responds: "oh my god, stop flirting with me!" Hazel smiles at this. It turns into a sad one. Her decision is made and it's final. She turns off the light and goes to INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - DAY Hazel is at her computer reading a new email from Lidewij Vliegenthart. Clearly Hazel was not expecting this.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 64.
"Dear Hazel, I have received word via the Genies that you will be visiting us with Augustus Waters and your mother beginning on the 4th. A week away! Peter and I are delighted and cannot wait to -- Hazel is confused. She stands and walks into the hallway.
No response.
Mom!(still nothing) Frannie races out of her room in a towel, dripping wet.
What is it, what's wrong?! Sorry, I. I didn't know you were in the Bath. I was just. just trying to take a bath for five seconds. What's the matter? Did you ever call the Genies to tell them the trip is off? I just got an email from Peter Van Houton's assistant. She still thinks we're coming.
Frannie purses her lips and squints past Hazel. Clearly unsure what to say. Frannie can't keep a straight face. I didn't want to tell you until Dad got We're going to Amsterdam! The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 65.
(still not believing) What are you talking about? We spoke to Dr. Maria. It's 3 days instead of 6, I have the contact numbers of three different oncologists -- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Hazel can't move all that fast to hug her Mom so Frannie comes to her and they embrace. After: I'm getting back in the tub now.
Hazel smiles. Frannie leaves. Once alone, Hazel grabs her cell. ANGLE ON IT.
Hazel sends Gus the following text: "STILL FREE ON THE 3RD? A moment later Gus responds: "EVERYTHING'S COMING UP WATERS!" Hazel is over the moon with excitement. She smiles, then tries to calm herself, knowing it's the best thing.
(whispering to her lungs) One week, lungs. Keep your shit together one more week.
EXT. HOUSE - A WEEK LATER - DAY Hazel tries her best to help Frannie and Michael carry everything outside - oxygen tanks, a suitcase for clothes, another for medicines and back-up medicines just in case etc. They're all crazy with enthusiasm.
And then, as if on cue, a LUXURY SUV pulls around the corner. Gus pops out of the sunroof, huge smile on his face.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 66.
Like I said to the Genies, I travel in style or I don't travel at all.
Hazel, smiling, can only shake her head. The DRIVER helps Michael load up the car. Gus gets out to greet all of them. (to Michael & Frannie) Always a pleasure, sir, ma'am.
The two of them are beaming. Michael finishes loading the bags in the car, kisses his wife goodbye, turns to embrace Hazel. She hugs him back and of course he starts to cry.
I'm so proud of you.
Michael lets go of her and wipes away his tears. They look at each other. Unable to help himself, he grabs her for another hug. Hazel lets him, laughing.
INT. AIRPORT - DAY They wait in line for the security checkpoint. Hazel with her oxygen tank, Gus with his noticeable limp and Frannie helping with all the equipment. A LITTLE GIRL (6, cute braids) eyes Hazel curiously. When it's Hazel's turn: Miss, are you sure you are able to walk through without oxygen? I'm good. I got this.
Hazel unhooks the plastic nubbins from her nose. Gus helps place the oxygen tank on the conveyer belt. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 66A.
While walking through the WTMD, the Agent offers Hazel a helping-hand. Hazel refuses the assistance by nodding no.
Hazel takes slow, careful steps through the X-RAY SCAN MACHINE. She seems determined to get through this without any assistance. And she does. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 67.
But upon reaching the other side it's clear that even these few steps without oxygen were a struggle. Hazel holds on to the side of the conveyer belt to steady herself. When her tank reappears she puts the cannula back in place. Still light-headed, she closes her eyes, focuses on her breathing. Catches her mom watching, nervously. (with some difficulty) INT. AIRPORT SECURITY - LATER - DAY Hazel sits on a bench on the other side, waiting for Gus and Frannie to go through. The cannula is working its magic again and Hazel can breathe. We see various Passengers watching her. She ignores the attention until the Little Girl appears.
What's in your nose? It's called a Cannula. These tubes give me oxygen and help me breathe.
The GIRL'S FATHER swoops in, a little frantic.
Jackie. Oh, I'm sorry.
No, no. It's alright.
Would they help me breathe too? I dunno. Wanna try? Hazel removes her cannula and let's the Little Girl try it.
By this point, Frannie and Gus have joined Hazel by the The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 68.
I think I am breathing better.
Well. I'd love to give you my cannula but. I kinda really need the help. The Little Girl nods, hands it back to Hazel, who quickly reattaches it.
Thanks for letting me try it.
They smile at each other before the Little Girl walks back to her family. She waves. Hazel waves back.
AIRPORT ANNOUNCEMENT (O.S.) We will now begin pre-boarding Flight 144 to Amsterdam. For those passengers in need of extra assistance.
I think that's us.
INT. AIRPLANE - DAY Hazel sits in the middle with Frannie on the aisle and Gus at the window. He looks around, antsy.
Have you never been on a plane before? Gus shakes his head, he has not. And he's nervous. He pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and puts it in his mouth. Within seconds a FLIGHT ATTENDANT rushes over.
Sir, you can't smoke on this plane. Or. (cigarette in his mouth) I don't smoke.
The Flight Attendant shoots him a look.
It's a metaphor. He puts the killing thing in his mouth but doesn't give it the power to kill him.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 69.
That metaphor is prohibited on today's Gus nods and puts the cigarette away. "Flight attendants, prepare for The engines roar to life and the plane accelerates towards take off. Gus is getting more worried by the second. He grabs the arm rest, his eyes wide.
Gus doesn't say it back. Hazel laughs.
This is what it feels like to ride in a car with you.
Gus grabs Hazel's hand as the plane lifts off. He looks out the window - they're flying! - and then back to Hazel.
We're flying! Look! Hazel smiles at his enthusiasm.
Holy -- look at that?! NOTHING HAS EVER LOOKED LIKE THAT EVER IN ALL OF HUMAN He's adorable at this moment. Hazel can't resist leaning over to give him a quick, chaste kiss on the cheek. Immediately, she catches herself.
I'm right here, remember. Your mother.
We're just friends, Mom. She is. I'm not.
Hazel shoots him a look. Gus shrugs - "what, it's the truth." Hazel just shakes her head. CUT TO: The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 70.
INT. PLANE - NIGHT LATER. Mid-flight, the plane is dark, Frannie's asleep. Hazel and Gus watch the same gory action movie. Actually, he watches the movie. She just watches him watch it. He watches it with gusto. CUT TO: SFX: the PLANE touching down. - DAY CUT TO: EXT/INT. AMSTERDAM HIGHWAY - TAXI - DAY Hazel, Gus, and Frannie ride in the back of a TAXI. Hazel looks out the window, taking in the landscape. It's as if they've been transported - not only to another universe but to another time as well. MULTI-COLORED ROW HOUSES lined on both sides of a windy CANAL. HOUSEBOATS float against the edges and everyone rides BICYCLES down cobblestone streets. It's astounding. EXT. HOTEL - AMSTERDAM - ESTABLISHING - DAY The taxi arrives. We hear: FRANNIE (OVERLAP) Let's get you dressed! INT. HOTEL - LATE AFTERNOON Hazel's suitcase is opened and she's digging through it, trying to pick out an outfit. Reservations for two at a place called Oranjee. Mr. Van Houten set it up. Hazel finds one dress. Discards it. Looks for another.
Very fancy according to the Guidebook. And romantic.
Hazel is getting frustrated. She's nothing to wear. At which point, Frannie hands her a WRAPPED GIFT. Hazel looks at her - what's this? Frannie smiles. Hazel opens it to find: The perfect Dress. Stylish, elegant, and perhaps a little sexy. She hands it to her. Hazel smiles.
The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 71.
I'm just saying.
You're saying a teenage girl running free with an older boy on the streets of a foreign city famous for its vice and debauchery. is totally cool with you. That's what you're saying? That is exactly what I'm saying! Hazel just shakes her head. CUT TO: INT. HOTEL ROOM - LATE AFTERNOON Frannie opens the door to find Gus in a perfectly tailored BLACK SUIT, cigarette dangling from his mouth. (calling to the bathroom) Hazel! Gus is here. Looking sharp.
Thank you ma'am.
A few beats later Hazel emerges from the bathroom. She wears a knee-length, pale blue SUNDRESS. And she looks.
Am I under-dressed? You look gorgeous. Gus offers Hazel his arm. She takes it. They're ready to go.
EXT. RIVERBANK - LATE AFTERNOON Hazel and Gus in a GONDOLA, his arm around her. It really couldn't be more romantic. But she's still fighting it. Hazel leans into his body, but only a little. They stay like that, expectation of the evening building. CUT TO: The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 72.
Your table, Mr. And Mrs. Waters. Gus pulls out Hazel's chair for her. A WAITER brings them a bottle of CHAMPAGNE as they sit.
The champagne is our gift. Hazel and Gus look at each other. Is this a dream? The champagne is poured and Gus raises his glass. Hazel raises hers. They clink glasses and sip. Wow that's good.
Do you know what Dom Perignon said after he invented champagne? ‘Come quickly,' he said. ‘I am tasting Hazel and Gus smile. Welcome to Oranjee. Would you like a menu or will you have the chef's choice? Gus looks at Hazel. She shrugs. The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 73.
The chef's choice sounds lovely.
(the Waiter nods) And can we get more of this? We have bottled all the stars for you this evening, my young friends. The Waiter leaves. Hazel and Gus look at each other.
Thank you for coming to Amsterdam.
Thank you for letting me hijack your Thank you for wearing that dress which is Hazel shakes her head, trying not to smile but it's hard.
The Waiter brings two more glasses of champagne and a plate: Belgian white asparagus with a lavender Hazel takes a bite.
Gus takes a bite. That is just.
There are no words. The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 74.
Hazel and Gus smile. This night could not be going any better * INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT LATER. We FOLLOW a tray of food from the KITCHEN, through the * restaurant, until it lands on Hazel and Gus's table. Gus takes a bite. If it wasn't already clear on his face: I want this dragon carrot risotto to become a person so I can take it to Vegas Hazel also marvels at the deliciousness. After a few bites, she leans back in her chair.
I like your suit.
Thanks. First time wearing it. That isn't the suit you wear to funerals? Oh no. That one's not nearly this nice.
When I first found out I was sick - they told me I had like an 85% chance to be cancer-free. Great odds, sure. But that meant a year of torture, the loss of my leg, and still a 15% chance it might A long beat.
So anyway right before the surgery I asked my parents if I could buy a suit, like a really nice suit, just in case I It's your death suit. The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 75.
That's what it is. I have one of those. Bought it for my 15th birthday. Don't think I'd wear it on a date, though.
Are we on a date? Gus winks. CUT TO: INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT LATER. Dessert on the table. As they euphorically eat: Maybe I wouldn't go so far as to say no. I just. I'd like some evidence. What do you think? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 76.
Oh for sure. I mean, not like a heaven where you ride unicorns, play harps, and live in a mansion made of clouds but, yeah, I believe in something. Hazel is surprised. There has to be something. Otherwise. what's the point? Maybe there is no point.
I refuse to accept that. I won't accept it. Hazel thinks about it. She appreciates his conviction but is still not sure she agrees. The hand they've been dealt too unfair. Hazel looks out at the water as she says: I hope you're right.
I'm in love with you.
That gets her attention.
I'm in love with you. And I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.
(shrugs, matter-of-fact) At which point, the Waiter reappears.
The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 77.
Hazel is still too speechless to respond, her eyes fixed on Gus. Eventually Gus answers for them.
Just the check, please.
Your meal has been paid for by Mr. Van Gus raises his eyebrows at Hazel. This Van Houten guy is EXT. MUSEUM - NIGHT Hazel and Gus sit, soaking in the beauty of the city - and the evening.
EXT. AMSTERDAM - HOTEL - MORNING A crisp Spring morning in Amsterdam. The buzz in the air outside is equalled by the buzz in: INT. HOTEL ROOM - MORNING Where Hazel excitedly paces through the room.
I really don't get that shirt.
Hazel wears a screen print t-shirt of Magritte's "Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe." (A painting of a pipe with words below that mean "This is not a pipe.") Van Houten will get it. Trust me. There are like fifty Magritte references in "Imperial Affliction." "This is not a pipe." The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 78.
But it is a pipe.
No it's not. It's a drawing of a pipe. See? (she doesn't) All representations of a thing are inherently abstract. A drawing of a thing is not the thing itself. Nor is a t-shirt of a drawing of a thing the thing itself. Frannie is still at a loss but she's impressed.
When did you get so grown up? I feel like it was yesterday I was telling 8-year old Hazel why the sky was blue. You thought I was a genius back then. Why is the sky blue? Because I say so.
A knock on the door. Gus pokes his head in.
Who's ready for some answers! INT/EXT. AMSTERDAM - ON THE TRAM - MORNING Hazel and Gus ride the crowded tram through the city. ELM TREES line the canals, their pale petals blowing into the wind like a spring snowstorm.
An OLD COUPLE stands to give up their seats - this happens all the time. Hazel again tries to protest and again it falls * on deaf ears. She and Gus sit. They look out the window into the city. Excited.
EXT. VONDELSTRAAT ROW HOUSES - DAY Gus and Hazel stand outside Van Houten's white house. I'm so excited I can barely breathe.
As opposed to other days.? The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Pink Revisions 9/30/13 78A.
She playfully hits him. He takes her arm, picks up the oxygen tank, and up they go towards his front door.
As they approach, there's a noticeable NOISE coming from inside the house. It's the deep thump of a BASS BEAT. Loud. Like, obnoxiously loud.
Hazel grabs the brass ornament and knocks. They wait. There's no response.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 79.
Maybe he can't hear over the music? Gus tries again, this time with more force. Still nothing. He tries a third time. Finally, the music stops. They wait. Still excited. And then, Through the closed door, they hear: MAN'S VOICE (O.S.) WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.) Are they here, Peter? MAN'S VOICE (O.S.) There's a knock on the -- Who the hell's "they?" Gus and Hazel share a look. Uh-oh. Is he not expecting -- ? At which point, the door opens - opened by the Woman whose voice they'd been hearing - Van Houten's assistant LIDEWIJ (30s, Dutch, pretty in a bookish way).
Please. I am sorry. Come in.
Hazel and Gus share one more awkward glance before Gus takes a step. Hazel follows. They walk: INT. VAN HOUTEN'S HOME - DAY Lidewij leads Gus and Hazel through a corridor. We see HUGE BAGS of what looks to be garbage lined against the walls. The Man is still shouting to her.
MAN'S VOICE (O.S.) I said who the hell is "they," Lidewij.
Lidewij smiles to Gus and Hazel as they walk, shakes her head, nothing to worry about. She shouts back to him.
They are Augustus and Hazel, the young fans with whom you've been corresponding.
Gus and Hazel smile at hearing their names. Perhaps this will help things take a turn for the better. Hazel accidentally trips over one of the BAGS, spilling out, not trash, but FAN MAIL. All of these bags contain unopened, unread letters from The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 80.
MAN IN PAJAMAS (O.S.) They follow Lidewij until they find themselves entering a living room so sterile, it's creepy. The walls are empty and white, there's a single couch, a small ottoman, and a lounge chair. That's it.
And in the chair, a MAN IN PAJAMAS. Huge potbelly, thinning hair, a week-old beard. This is PETER VAN HOUTEN.
You invited them, remember? He looks them up and down a beat. Then turns to Lidewij.
You know why I left America, Lidewij? To never have to encounter Americans. Get rid of them.
Hazel and Gus can't believe it. This is terrible! I will not do this Peter. Be nice.
She virtually shoves Gus and Hazel in the couch near Van Houten. They all sit there. One beat, two beats. No one knows what to say. Until finally: Which of you is Augustus Waters? Gus raises his hand tentatively. Van Houten looks him over. Grunts. The awkwardness returns. Eventually, Hazel says: Mr. Van Houten.
Van Houten kicks his feet up on the ottoman, crosses his Thank you. For writing back to us.
Clearly an error in judgment. Yours are the first missives to which I've replied and look where that got me. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 81.
VAN HOUTEN (CONT'D) (raising his GLASS) Um, no thanks.
Just me then, Lidewij. (downs the drink) Another scotch and soda, please.
Perhaps some breakfast first Peter? She thinks I have a drinking problem. I also think the Earth is round.
Nevertheless, Lidewij pours Peter half a glass and hands it to him. He takes a sip, then sits up straight. So you like my book.
Yes. We - well, Augustus, he made meeting you his Wish so that we could come here and talk to you.
Van Houten says nothing. Takes a long pull on his drink.
Did you dress like her on purpose? (looks at her shirt) Van Houten says nothing to that. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 82.
I do not have a drinking problem. I have a Churchillian relationship with alcohol: I can crack jokes and govern England and do anything I want to do. Except not He glances over at Lidewij, who dutifully refills his glass.
Incidentally, thank you for dinner last We bought them dinner last night? It was our pleasure.
(sighs, takes another You've come a long way so. what is it I We have some questions -- About what happens, you know. after. the end of your book. Specifically to those who Anna leaves behind. Like her Mom, the Dutch Tulip Man, Sisy -- How familiar are you with Swedish hip- Hazel looks at Gus. Is he kidding? I would say. limited? But presumably you know Afasi Och Filthy's seminal album "Flacken." The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 83.
Lidewij! Play ‘Bomfalleralla' Lidewij sighs but she does as she's told. A few seconds later, some loud Swedish rap song blasts from the speakers. Hazel and Gus sit through this, totally baffled.
(yelling over the music) I'm sorry, sir. We don't speak Swedish.
Who the hell speaks Swedish? The important thing is not what nonsense the voices are saying, but what the voices are feeling.
The song continues another awkward ten seconds or so before Gus has enough. He gets up and turns off the music.
Are you messing with us? Is this some kind of performance? Rudolf Otto said that if you had not encountered the numinous then his work was not for you. And I say to you, my friends, if you cannot hear Afasi Och Filthy's bravadic response to fearfulness, then my work is not for you. Hazel is really getting worried at this point. They came all this way for this? So anyway. when the book ends, Anna's (raising a hand to silence The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 84.
VAN HOUTEN (CONT'D) Let us imagine that you are racing a Hazel and Gus fidget in their seats. Lidewij frowns, clearly feeling bad for them. Van Houten continues. VAN HOUTEN (CONT'D) The tortoise has a ten yard head start. In the time it takes you to run ten yards, the tortoise has moved maybe one yard. And so on, forever. You are faster than the tortoise but you can never catch him, you see, you can only decrease his lead. Now certainly you can run past the tortoise as long as you don't contemplate the mechanics involved but the question of how turns out to be so complicated that no one really solved it until Cantor's proof that some infinities are bigger than other infinities. Hazel and Gus have no idea how to respond.
VAN HOUTEN (CONT'D) I assume that answers your questions.
I don't know what's going on.
And yet you seemed so intelligent in print, Mr. Waters. (under his breath) Has the cancer found its way to your Gus could throw a punch right now. Hazel tries to calm the Can we please, maybe, talk about Anna for a sec? I mean, I understand that the story ends mid-sentence because she dies or she becomes too sick to continue -- I'm not interested in talking about that The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 85.
- but that doesn't mean her family and everyone she loves doesn't have a future, I said I'm not interested -- But you promised! Mr. Van Houten, you said you would tell us what happens and that's why we're here. We. I need you tell me. Surely you've thought about it. I mean, as Nothing happens to them! They're fictions. They cease to exist the moment the novel is over. This is not what Hazel came all this way to hear. She won't (again, has to calm I mean, I understand. In a literary sense. But it's impossible NOT to imagine I can't do this. Lidewij, get rid of (Lidewij doesn't move, he turns back to Hazel) I won't indulge your childish whims. I refuse to pity you in the manner in which you're accustomed. I don't want your pity -- Of course you do. Like all sick kids, your existence depends on it. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 86.
You are fated to live out your days as the child you were when diagnosed, the child who believes there is life after a novel ends. And we, as adults, we pity this, so we pay for your treatments, for your oxygen machines. We give you food and water though you are unlikely to live Peter, that's enough! You are a side effect of an evolutionary process that cares little for individual lives. You are a failed experiment in Lidewij throws her apron on the ground, tears in her eyes. She's done with this. Gus as well has balled his fists, ready to fight. But not Hazel. Van Houten's words have not phased her one bit. She rises from the couch.
Listen douchepants. You're not gonna tell me anything I don't already know about illness. I need one thing and one thing only from you before I walk out of your life and that's for you to tell me what happens to your goddamn characters! I can't tell you.
Van Houten goes to take a drink but.
Make something up.
. Hazel smacks it right the fuck out of his hands, surprising everyone. After a beat: Lidewij. I'll have a martini please.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 87.
I don't work here anymore. Oh don't be ridiculous.
No one moves. Van Houten realizes he's alone in this.
VAN HOUTEN (CONT'D) I'd like you to leave.
You're really not gonna tell us? I would like you. to leave.
Hazel is furious. Gus stands next to her, touches her arm is if to say "come on, enough of this guy." CUT TO: INT. VAN HOUTEN'S HOUSE - DAY Gus and Hazel tearing towards the exit. When they get to the door, Van Houten calls to them, one more thing to say: Have you ever stopped to ask why you care so much about your silly questions? Go fuck yourself. And with that, they go: EXT. VAN HOUTEN'S HOUSE - DAY Both of them are practically shaking. Hazel especially. Gus hugs her tight as he sees her breakdown.
Hey. It's ok. It's ok.
I'll write you a sequel.
(she cries harder) I will. Better than any shit that drunk could write. With blood and guts and sacrifice. You'll love it.
Hazel nods, then wipes away tears. She fakes a smile and Gus gives her a hug. Afterwards: The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 88.
I spent your Wish on that asshole.
You did not spend it on him. You spent it They embrace once more.
I know. I know. Apparently the world is not a wish-granting factory.
This gets a real smile from Hazel. That's when Lidewij comes outside. Clearly she's been crying too.
I'm so sorry. Circumstance has made him cruel. I thought meeting you would help him, if he would see that his work has shaped real lives, but. I'm very sorry.
Hazel says nothing. Gus holds her in a very protective way.
Perhaps we can do some sightseeing. Have you seen the Anne Frank House? Cause that'll totally cheer us up.
It's a beautiful place.
I'm not going anywhere with that monster.
He is not invited.
EXT. ANNE FRANK HOUSE - AFTERNOON Lidewij walks back from the ticket kiosk with more bad news.
I'm afraid there's no elevator. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 89.
Oh, um, that's alright.
No, there are many stairs. Steep stairs. I can do it.
Hazel is not going to stand for any more disappointments today. They are going inside. CUT TO: INT. ANNE FRANK HOUSE - GROUND FLOOR - AFTERNOON A VIDEO plays on a MONITOR showing the Nazi invasion of Holland. Hazel and Gus stand with Lidewij in a pack of BACKPACKERS and TRAVELERS about to take the tour. Many of them begin to walk up the first flight of stairs. Hazel nods. Both Hazel and Gus walk slowly up the stairs. So far so good. They find themselves in an office space.
This is the bookcase that hid the Frank family and four others. The BOOKCASE is half open. Behind it is an even steeper set of stairs, only wide enough for one person at a time.
Some of the Travelers begin to walk up the stairs. Gus looks at Hazel - are you sure we should continue? She begins the climb, determined. Lidewij trails behind, carrying her oxygen Hazel moves very slowly. We are aware of her labored breathing the entire time.
ANGLE ON OTHER TOURISTS, watching and quietly commenting. Just like at the airport, except now in foreign languages.
Hazel arrives on the NEXT FLOOR - an empty room. She's definitely starting to struggle. She leans against the wall to catch her breath. Gus comes to her side, wipes her brow. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 90.
You're a champion.
Hazel smiles. When she's feeling up to it they walk into the next room, also empty. And another staircase, even more narrow and steep - practically a ladder. When Gus sees this he looks at Hazel: Hazel very slowly begins the climb. Again we're aware of her every breath. It's dark. And it's becoming very difficult. Near the top Hazel stumbles but is finally able to pull herself through.
Once there, she falls to the floor, slumping against the wall, trying to catch her breath. Gus crouches next to her.
We're at the top. That's it. Hazel becomes aware that TOURISTS look at her with concern. She smiles, stands up, nothing to see here. And now they're in the final room - a long, narrow hallway. This is where Anne Frank and 7 other people lived in hiding for as long as they could. There's a TIME LINE detailing their story.
The only member of the whole family to survive was Otto, Anne's father.
Gus takes Hazel's hand.
I don't know how you go on, without your Lidewij stays behind to study part of the exhibit. Gus leads Hazel into the room at the end of the hallway where a VIDEO details the last days of Anne Frank's life. Over it, we hear a YOUNG GIRL's VOICE reading from the diary. The Travelers stand to watch and listen. Gus and Hazel do the same. The room is dark.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 91.
GIRL'S VOICE (O.S.) "At such moment's, I don't think about Gus and Hazel stand very closely together. The video is the cherry on top of a very emotional day. Hazel watches it.
GIRL'S VOICE (O.S.) (CONT'D) ".but about the beauty that still Gus, meanwhile, is just watching Hazel, the same way she watched him on the airplane. After a beat, she catches him. Their eyes meet. The emotions build.
GIRL'S VOICE (O.S.) (CONT'D) "Try to recapture the happiness within yourself. Think of all the beauty in everything around you. and be happy." And Hazel KISSES Gus. A most passionate, intense, you-and-me- against-the-world kind of kiss, better than any they've experienced or could even imagine. It seems to last for a small eternity.
Eventually, they break away and open their eyes. They quickly notice all the Travelers staring at them. For a brief second, they wonder if that was a very inappropriate thing to do.
When suddenly everyone starts clapping for them, moved by the whole thing. One EUROPEAN even shouts "bravo!" Hazel blushes, Gus smiles, bows, he grabs her hand. We hear: I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep. Slowly. Then all at once.
INT. HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT They fall onto Gus's bed, kissing. Hazel is very in the moment and now it's Gus who seems nervous. As they kiss: It's above my knee. She ignores him, more kissing. She takes off his shirt.
It tapers a little and then it's just The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 92.
Hazel pulls away from him. Just so you're prepared -- Oh get over yourself.
Hazel kisses him again. Now he tries to pull her shirt off but it gets tangled in with her oxygen tube. He can't figure it out. Eventually the whole thing is hilarious to them. They shake their heads - laughing - certainly not your typical Hollywood movie moment. And yet, for them: I love you, Augustus Waters.
I love you too, Hazel Grace.
They resume kissing. It's heating up. Hazel stops for a beat, inserts the cannula, gets some much needed oxygen. Smiles. Gus smiles back. And when she can breathe again, kissing continues. CUT TO: INT. HOTEL ROOM - MORNING Gus wakes up in the bed. He looks around for Hazel but she isn't there. On the bed is a piece of paper. A note. It reads: "Dearest Augustus." Beneath that is a BIG CIRCLE, labeled "Virgins." And in that circle is a SMALLER SECOND CIRCLE labeled "17 year old dudes with one leg." We'll notice part of that circle is now outside the bigger circle. Gus flashes that signature smile.
INT. HOTEL CAFE - DAY Hazel and Gus sit with Frannie drinking coffee, re-enacting yesterday's events, having a great time.
You called him "douchepants." The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 93.
It just came out! I was angry. They both giggle at the whole thing. It was awful, Mom. You can't imagine. And then what happened? Then we went to the Anne Frank museum.
A quick glance between Hazel and Gus. We just. walked around.
Hazel and Gus smile, thoroughly in love but trying to keep it in check in front of her Mother.
They're all still smiling. Hazel has truly never been happier. Gus can't take his eyes off of her. Loves seeing her like this. And yet the image stirs something sad in him as well. We can start to see it brewing.
(checking her watch) There's still a few hours till our flight. Should we check out the Rijksmuseum? That's pretty close to here. Or the Paradiso. Or the Oude Kerk. God there's so much to see. We'll never hit You'll just have to come back is all.
Hazel shoots her a look. As if.  The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 94.
Hazel just shakes her head at her mom.  Could you not be ridiculous right now? And by this point, the sadness in Gus's eyes is unmistakable. But Hazel and Frannie are too engaged to notice.
I'm not being ridiculous. I'm being Mrs. Lancaster.
Both Hazel and Frannie stop talking and turn to Gus. They both can see in his face - something big is weighing on him.
Is it alright if Hazel and I have some Frannie doesn't know what's going on. But something is.
She stands. Hazel looks at Gus. Also can't quite read the I'll meet you back in the room. And with that, she walks off. Hazel turns back to Gus, still not sure what's happening. He gives her his best Gus smile.
Wanna take a walk? EXT. HERENGRACHT CANAL - DAY They stroll across a footbridge. Hazel notices he's struggling with something.
Gus takes a cigarette out, sticks it between his lips. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 95.
There's something I have to tell you.
They walk in silence a few beats.
Just before you went into the hospital. There was this. I felt this. ache in Hazel grabs onto his arm, a lump already forming.
Gus takes the cigarette out of his mouth, clenches his teeth tightly, trying not to cry.
I had a PET scan.
Gus sits down on a BENCH. Looks up at her. Tries to smile. Before he even says it, she knows.
It lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel.
The lining of my chest, my liver. Hazel loses it in that moment, hugging him for dear life, her head in his lap.
I'm so sorry, Augustus. I'm so so sorry -- It's so unfair -- I should have told you -- It's so fucking unfair! A beat. Gus still trying not to cry.
Apparently the world is. not a wish- granting factory. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 96.
And at that point, Gus lets it go, lets himself cry and be sad and feel awful. But just for a second. Then he shakes it off, pulls Hazel's face up to his, tries again to smile through the tears.
Don't you worry about me, Hazel Grace. I'll find a way to hang around and annoy you for a long time. She hugs him, perhaps a little too tightly. He winces.
But of course it's not ok. Not by a mile. Hazel takes a moment to look at him, touches his cheek.
I'm just. I'm very fond of you. He grabs her hand and holds it.
I don't suppose you can forget about it, treat me like I'm not dying.
I don't think you're dying, Augustus. You've just got a touch of cancer.
Gus nods. Squeezes her hand. Would it be absolutely ludicrous to make The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 97.
Hazel doesn't answer. She just kisses him, hard. And on the two of them, so in love, we CUT TO: INT. AIRPLANE - DUSK Hazel lays on Gus's shoulder as he stares out the window, leaving Amsterdam behind. INT. INDIANAPOLIS AIRPORT - BAGGAGE CLAIM - DAY As they ride down the escalator, Hazel sees Michael standing amongst the livery drivers. He holds a sign that says - instead of someone's last name - "My Beautiful Family (and Upon seeing them, he immediately starts to cry of course. He kisses his wife, gives Hazel a big hug. Gus goes to shake his hand but Michael hugs him as well. CUT TO: INT. HAZEL'S LIVING ROOM - THAT NIGHT Hazel sits with her father on the couch. All he can say is: I'm sorry Hazel.
They sit for a beat. Tears form in Michael's eyes.
You're not gonna say it? The usual. "Everything happens for a Michael shakes his head.
I don't know, Haze. I always thought being an adult meant knowing what you believe.
. that has not been my experience.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 98.
Hazel understands exactly. CUT TO: INT. GUS'S BASEMENT BEDROOM - DAY Gus lays in bed, eyes open, a PICC line now being fed through a port in his chest. Chemotherapy at work. Hazel and Isaac are keeping him company. How are your eyes? Great. Wonderful. I mean, they're not in my head is the only problem. I hate to one-up you but. seems my entire body is made out of cancer now, Isaac nods. Tries not to get emotional but it's happening. He goes to touch Gus's arm and accidentally touches his thigh.
Whoa, I'm taken.
Isaac laughs.
(to Hazel, re: Gus) Did you write his eulogy yet? Hazel is confused.
I haven't asked her.
What are you talking about? The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 99.
Gus looks at her, grows a little serious.
I need speakers at my funeral. I thought maybe you and Isaac. but especially you Would you be kind enough to whip (touches his hand) I would love to.
They hold hands. You guys are adorable - makes me sick.
Hazel play slaps Isaac on the arm. How's your love life? Anything from Nope. Not a word. She hasn't even like, texted to ask how He shakes his head. Gus gets an angry look on his face.
That is so messed up! I've stopped thinking about it. Moving on. There's a new girl in Support Group with these humongous - The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 100.
Isaac gestures to his chest. Hazel is confused.
How do you even know that? I'm blind but I'm not that blind.
They turn to him.
Do you happen to have five dollars? No one knows what that means. CUT TO: INT. FRANNIE'S CAR - DAY Gus is in the passenger's seat. Isaac sits in the back. Hazel returns to the car. With a CARTON OF EGGS.
Gus smiles. CUT TO: EXT. SUBURBAN STREET - DAY Hazel, Gus, and Isaac lean against Hazel's car staring Oh it's there.
REVEAL they're looking at Monica's green Firebird. She's in the house? Who cares where she is? This is not about her. This is about you. (sticks out his hand) Hazel nods, opens the egg carton, hands Gus an egg. Gus puts it in Isaac's hands. Positions Isaac - who, of course, can't see a thing - towards the Firebird.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 101.
Isaac winds up and tosses the EGG. It misses the car by a mile. After a beat: I didn't hear anything.
A little to the left. My throw was to the left or I should aim Isaac turns his shoulders.
Isaac turns some more. Hazel leans in to Gus: Shouldn't we wait until dark to do this? It's all dark to Isaac.
Yes! Excellent! And throw hard. Gus hands him a SECOND EGG. Isaac winds up and hurls it - missing the car again but hitting the HOUSE.
No you missed it by like 20 feet. (hands him a THIRD) Try one more time. Isaac hurls it, this time smashing the car's taillight. Isaac's face lights up.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 102.
Isaac grabs for ANOTHER EGG. Throws it. Then ANOTHER. He's a throwing machine. Most of them miss but at least he's enjoying himself. Finally there's a DIRECT HIT on the car door, triggering the alarm. Isaac pauses.
Keep throwing, keep throwing! Isaac does. Gus smiles, putting an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Hazel watches him, enjoying this moment. Eventually, MONICA'S MOM opens the front door and comes out. What in God's name -- An EGG whizzes by her head, causing her to flinch MONICA'S MOM (CONT'D) She sees Hazel, Gus, and Isaac. Tries to make sense of this.
Are you Monica's mom? Hello ma'am. Your daughter has done an injustice and we've come here seeking revenge. We may not look like much. Between the three of us, we have five legs, four eyes, and two and a half working lungs. But we also have two dozen eggs. So If I was you, I would go back Monica's Mom is very confused. A beat. Without another word, she turns and goes back inside. The three of them celebrate. As Isaac picks up where he left off, Hazel gently kisses Gus on the cheek. And over we hear: A few days later, Gus landed in the hospital with chest pains. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 103.
INT. HOSPITAL - WAITING ROOM - MORNING Hazel bounds in to find Mrs. Waters in the waiting room. She stands to hug Hazel. They both sit down.
He's had a tough night, Hazel. His blood pressure's low. His heart -- Mrs. Waters fights back the tears.
What about the chemo? (shakes her head) They're gonna stop the chemo. They both know what that means. Mrs. Waters gathers herself.
Mrs. Waters doesn't want to say no but in her brief hesitation, Hazel understands completely. This is his mother. She needs to be with him too. Hazel nods.
We'll tell him you were here.
I'm just gonna hang out for a while. If you don't mind.
Mrs. Waters smiles, hugs her again, walks out through the heavy doors towards Gus's room. Hazel sits in the chair. Same chair Gus sat in while waiting for her. It's as though they've switched places.
EXT. INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART - DAY Hazel pushes Gus, now confined to a WHEELCHAIR, to their spot on the hill overlooking "Funky Bones." A second picnic, this time with champagne. Hazel pours some for them both into little plastic cups. She's trying to be upbeat - but it's difficult. Gus watches the kids play on the bones.
What are you thinking about? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 104.
I know it's kid's stuff but. I always thought I'd be a hero, you know, with a grand story to tell. Something that would run in all the papers. I thought I was Yeah but. you know what I mean.
Hazel, annoyed finishes her cup, tosses it to the side. Gus can tell he's said something wrong. I do know what you mean, I just. I Hazel stands up, anger building.
This obsession with being remembered -- Don't get mad -- I think you're special, is that not You think the only way to live a meaningful life is for everyone to love you, for everyone to remember you. Well guess what, Gus, this is your life. This is all you get. You get me, and your family, and this world. The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 105.
And if that's not enough, well I'm sorry, but it's not nothing. Cause I'll remember you, I'll love you -- And I just wish. I just wish you'd be happy with that.
You're right. I'm sorry. (pulling her back down) Gus hands Hazel another cup. Raises his to hers in a toast. It's a good life, Hazel Grace.
She softens. They toast. It's not over yet, you know.
Gus nods. Of course it isn't. And yet they both know there isn't much time. CUT TO: INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Hazel is asleep. Suddenly, her phone buzzes. She looks at it - "Gus" - then she looks at the clock - 2:35am. A pit grows in her stomach. A quick panicked beat before she answers: Hazel Grace.
Oh, thank God. Hi. Hi, I love you! I'm at the gas station -- The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 106.
Something's wrong. You gotta. please come help me.
INT/EXT. FRANNIE'S CAR - NIGHT Hazel drives like a maniac down the street, eventually finding herself at the Speedway gas station. EXT. GAS STATION - NIGHT Gus's car is alone in the parking lot and she pulls up next to it. She gets out of her car, opens his driver's side door, and finds him sitting there, his shirt stained with vomit and blood. She gags from the smell. Hazel looks down at his hands which are pressed tightly to his belly. She sees something is leaking from the TUBE sticking out of it. Oh, God, Augustus, I'm calling 911. No! Please! Hazel, listen to me. Do not call 911 or my parents -- I'll never forgive you -- Don't, please.
Gus starts to cry.
Please just look at it.
Hazel lifts up his shirt. His ABDOMEN is bright red.
I think it's infected. Hazel feels his forehead, he's burning up. Gus, what the -- why are you here? Why Gus throws up. He doesn't even have the energy to turn his mouth away from his lap.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 107.
Oh, sweetie.
I wanted to buy some cigarettes. I lost my pack. Or they took it. I don't know. They said they'd get me another one but I wanted. to do it myself. Do one little Hazel doesn't know what to do. I can't fix this. I have to call someone. No, Hazel, please! But she must. She gets out her cell phone and dials. At which point, Gus really loses it, weeping like the poisoned, dying teenage boy that he is. As Hazel dials, we hear: I wish I could say Augustus Waters kept his sense of humor till the end, did not for a moment waiver in his courage and his spirit soared like an eagle to the (to himself, shaking) I hate myself I hate myself I hate this I .but that is not what happened. EXT. GAS STATION - NIGHT An EMT loads Gus into the back of an AMBULANCE. INT. AMBULANCE - NIGHT Hazel is allowed to ride with him in the back. As the car starts moving, Gus grabs her hand. We ride with them: Read me something. Read you something? The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 108.
Do you know any poems? Read it to me.
"The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos (beat, tries to remember) "So much depends / upon / a red wheel / barrow / glazed with rain / water / beside the white / chickens." That is it. But there's another ten minutes of driving to do. Hazel thinks fast. No of course not. Um. what else.
so much depends upon.
Hazel thinks on her feet. She wants so badly to distract this boy she loves from his agony. She looks out the window. We CUT TO what she describes: EXT. HAZEL'S BACKYARD - DUSK CU the sky at dusk, billowing clouds up above.
. a blue sky.
EXT. HAZEL'S BACKYARD - DUSK CU BRANCHES on trees, their leaves blowing with the wind . cut open by the branches of the INT. AMBULANCE - NIGHT BACK ON HAZEL, looking at Gus, trying to smile, weak, barely The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 109.
And so much depends. CU the G-TUBE, protruding from Gus's stomach.
on the transparent G-tube/ erupting from CU Gus's lips, impossibly blue, desperate for oxygenation. .of the blue-lipped boy. BACK ON Hazel, tears falling from her face as she cradles Gus's head in her arms. So much depends upon this observer/ of the universe.
And as Gus is drifting off to sleep, WE HEAR a different VO: One of the less bull-shitty conventions of the cancer genre is the convention known as the "Last Good Day." EXT. GUS'S HOUSE - DAY Gus comes home from the hospital. He does not look good - but he lives. Hazel is there to help get him inside. INT. GUS'S HOUSE - DAY Gus no longer sleeps in his basement. Nor does he sleep in his own bed. He sleeps in a HOSPITAL BED set up in a guest room. Hazel is with him. They're watching sports on TV.
This is where the victim of cancer finds himself unexpectedly with some hours.
EXT. GUS'S BACKYARD PORCH - DAY Hazel and Gus getting some fresh air. She sits there reading a book. Gus just sits there. His eyes staring off into nothing. Hazel squeezes his hand. He looks over, as if waking from a dream. She manages a smile. He manages one back.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 110.
. when it seems like the inexorable decline has suddenly plateaued, when the pain is for a minute bearable. INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - EVENING Hazel on her bed, staring at nothing. Her eyes fall on the dog-eared copy of "An Imperial Affliction." She frowns. The problem, of course, is that there's no way of knowing that your last good day is your "Last Good Day." She stands to retrieve it. Opens it up to find a FLOWER from the restaurant in Amsterdam, pressed inside. Smiles at the memory. Puts the book back. Places the flower on the night stand by her bed. At the time, it's just another decent Her phone buzzes - Augustus. She answers, cheerfully.
Hi, Augustus.
Good evening, Hazel Grace.
His voice is strong today, and Hazel is happy to hear it.
GUS (O.S.) (CONT'D) Quick question for you. Did you ever write that eulogy I asked you to prepare? Hazel looks at an ENVELOPE resting at the edge of her desk.
Excellent. Do you think you could find yourself at the Literal Heart of Jesus in Um. sure. Yeah. Is everything -- I love you Hazel Grace.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 111.
And with that, the call ends. Hazel, confused, stands to go.
INT. HAZEL'S DINING ROOM - NIGHT Frannie and Michael are bringing plates of food from the kitchen to the dinner table. Hazel comes down from upstairs. Can I have the car keys? What, we're just sitting down to eat-- I'm not hungry.
You barely ate lunch today-- I said I'm not hungry.
You can't not eat-- I am aggressively un-hungry-- Hazel, just because Gus is sick-- This is not about Gus.
--you can't starve yourself. You need to But I can't, Mom! I can't stay healthy because I'm not healthy. I am dying. I am going to die and leave you here all alone and you won't have me to hover around and you won't be a mother anymore and I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about it, ok? So just SHUT UP! The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 112.
Hazel immediately regrets what she said. But at the same What do you mean "I won't be a mother (Hazel looks at her) Why would you say that? I heard you. That night in the ICU before "The Miracle".
I said "I won't be a mother anymore?" Hazel nods sadly. Frannie takes that in.
Oh god I did, didn't I? I was so scared. And I really though once you were gone, it would.a part of me would never.
Frannie grabs hold of Hazel's shoulders.
It's not true, Hazel. I know that now. I was wrong. I know that even if you die-- A beat. Another beat. This isn't easy for Frannie to accept. But she must.
Even when you die - I will always be your mother. It's the greatest thing I will ever be. It's who I am. Hazel, listen to me. it's gonna hurt like hell to lose you but. you of all people know it's possible to live with Hazel takes that in. She sits down, exhales.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 113.
My biggest fear in the world is that. when I am gone you won't have a life. That you'll just. sit around all day staring at the walls or just. off yourselves or something.
We're not gonna do that.
I don't just. sit around.
Hazel doesn't understand. Frannie looks at Michael like, "should I say something?" He nods. She goes for it. I've. I'm taking classes. To get my master's in social work.
Hazel is stunned.
It's a way for me to take what I know and. maybe help people, council Wait so when you're waiting for me outside Support Group or whatever, you're Frannie nods. Finally able to "admit" it.
That's amazing! Mom, I don't -- why would you keep that from me?! Frannie and Michael don't quite know how to say it.
We didn't want you to feel abandoned -- Are you kidding? This is great! You'll be The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 114.
Hazel pulls Frannie into a hug.
Thank you. That means everything to me.
I just want to know you'll be ok.
(taking her face in her We will, Hazel. I promise.
And Hazel believes it. They've both had things they needed to say and they've finally been said. We CUT to: INT. CHURCH - NIGHT As Hazel enters the empty sanctuary, a wheel-chair bound Gus is directing Isaac up to the podium. A little to the right. Your other right. There. That's it. Perfect.
Gus is thinner than we've ever seen him, thinner than any young man should be. But for now, he's happy. Hazel Hazel Grace, you look ravishing. Doesn't she look ravishing, Isaac? How would I know? Gus nods, fair enough.
So, um, what's going on guys? You're late.
Late for what exactly? Gus gestures for her to sit next to him and she does.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 115.
I wanted to attend my own funeral. I'm hopeful I'll get to attend as a ghost, but just to make sure, I thought I'd - well, not to put you on the spot, but I thought I'd arrange a pre-funeral.
No time like the present.
(looks around the room) How did you even get in here? Would you believe they leave the door As well you shouldn't.
He smiles and for a brief moment it's old Gus. Hazel laughs. Isaac clears his throat. "Augustus Waters was a cocky son of a bitch. But we forgive him. We forgive him. not because he had a heart as good as his real one sucked, or because of his superhuman handsomeness. Or because he got 18 years when he should have gotten I'm assuming you've got some time, you interrupting bastard! I mean seriously. (back to the speech) "Augustus Waters talked so much that he'd interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious. Sweet Jesus I never understood a word out of that kid's mouth. I mean who talks like that?! The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 116.
Gus nods - that part is true.
"But I will say this: when the scientists of the future show up at my house with robot eyes and they tell me to try them on, I will tell the scientists to piss off, because I don't even want to see a world without Augustus Waters." Hazel smiles - but it's one that triggers an immediate emotional waterfall. "And then, of course, having made my point, I will put my robot eyes on because, I mean. robot eyes!" Gus has a big smile on his face. "So anyway, Augustus, my friend. Gus nods a couple times. Thank you Isaac.
This causes Isaac to lose it. He clings to the lectern.
Goddamn it, Gus.
Hey don't swear in the Literal Heart of Shit! Ass! Balls! Isaac sighs. Wipes away the tears. And another beat passes.
Can I get a hand here, Hazel? Hazel remembers Isaac can't see. She rises, goes up to get him, walks him back to her seat. Hazel Grace, it's down to you.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 117.
Hazel takes a piece of paper from the envelope, walks up to the dais. She takes a beat to ready herself. And begins.
"Augustus Waters was the great star- crossed love of my life. Ours was an epic love story, and I won't be able to get more than a sentence into it without disappearing into a puddle of tears. Like all real love stories - ours will die with us, as it should. I'd hoped that he'd be eulogizing me, because there's no one I'd rather have." And that's all she can get out before falling apart. She lets it out for a couple beats and then pulls herself together.
(beat, composing herself) "I can't talk about our love story so instead I will talk about math. I am not a mathematician, but I know this: there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 And .12 And .112 And an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. I want more numbers than I'm likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and for that I am eternally grateful. I love you." Gus smiles, nods, and closes his eyes. CUT TO: Over which we hear a RINGING TELEPHONE. INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Hazel turns on the LIGHT by her bed. Her HOUSE PHONE is ringing and it's 4am. She knows instantly.
The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 118.
Augustus Waters died eight days later in Hazel's head falls into her chest. . when the cancer, which was made of him, stopped his heart, which was also Her bedroom door opens. It's Frannie and Michael. This only confirms her worst fears. She starts to cry. Her parents embrace her in the bed. It was unbearable. The whole thing. Every second worse than the last.
EXT/INT. FRANNIE'S CAR / MALL PARKING LOT - RAINY DAY The rain falls hard on Frannie's car as Hazel sits in the driver's seat. The loudest music she can possibly blare turned up to the max. She's trying to drown out all the horrors of the world. Over which we hear this: One of the first things they ask you in the ER is to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. I'd been asked this question hundreds of times and I remember INT. DOCTOR'S OFFICE - DAY - FLASHBACK Young Hazel sits with a NURSE in her hospital bed. She's looking as ill as she feels. We hear: .early on, when I couldn't catch my breath and it felt like my chest was on fire, and the nurse asked me to rate the pain. Though I couldn't speak, I held up Young Hazel weakly holds up both hands, but tucks her thumb in, holding up only 9 fingers. And later, when I started feeling better, the nurse came in and she called me a The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 119.
INT. FRANNIE'S CAR - RAINY DAY BACK TO: Hazel in the car. "You know how I know," she said.
"You called a ten a nine." The loud music isn't protecting her as well as she hoped. INT. HAZEL'S BEDROOM - ANOTHER MORNING Hazel puts on her funeral dress. She looks in the mirror.
But that wasn't the truth. I didn't call it a nine cause I was brave. The reason I called it a nine was. I was saving my EXT. CEMETARY - DAY Hazel sits with the gathered MOURNERS as Gus's COFFIN is about to be lowered into the ground. Michael and Frannie by And this was it. The great and terrible GUS'S PARENTS sit in the front row, crying. Frannie is especially upset. Hazel sees this - her mother watching another mother bury a child. Hazel reaches out and takes Frannie's hand. They hold on tight as a MINISTER stands to address the mourners. Augustus Waters fought hard for many years. His battle was a courageous one and his strength was a source of inspiration for each and every one of Hazel frowns. This is all such bullshit. And she hears: What a load of shit, eh kid? Hazel recognizes that voice. But it doesn't make sense. She turns around and, sure enough, it's Peter Van Houten. The Fault In Our Stars Green Revisions 8/27/13 119A.
Let us pray.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 120.
Everyone clasps their hands, closes their eyes. Hazel keeps staring at Van Houten, too shocked to do a thing.
We need to fake pray now. Van Houten bows his head. Hazel, still stunned, is trying to make sense of this unexpected appearance, when she hears: And now we'll hear from Gus's. special friend Hazel Lancaster.
Hazel stands, walks up towards the casket. When she gets there, she removes a pack of Camel Lights, places it on the coffin where other mourners have left dirt and rocks. She turns to face everyone. I was his girlfriend. Hazel clears her throat. Reaches into her pocket. Takes out CU - the eulogy she already read. We see, in her handwriting, "Augustus Waters was the great star-crossed love of my life." BACK ON Hazel. She looks up. Sees Gus's parents in the front. She looks back at her notes, one last time. Folds it up. And instead, she says: There's a beautiful quote in Gus's home that reads "if you want the rainbow, you gotta deal with the rain." Hazel continues to speak but we over it, WE HEAR instead: I didn't believe a word, of course. But that was ok. I knew this was the right Gus's Parents, arm in arm, nod along with every word. Funerals - I'd decided - they're not for the dead. They're for the living. Van Houten watches as well. It's impossible to know what he's thinking at this moment. And we CUT TO: The Fault In Our Stars Goldenrod Revisions 9/13/13 121.
EXT. CEMETARY - LATER The worst of it over. Hazel hugs her parents goodbye.
Are you sure you don't want some company? I just want to drive for a while.
Frannie nods. Hazel turns and walks through the parking lot towards the car. She gets in, turns the ignition. Suddenly, a KNOCK on the window.
Can I hitch a ride with you? INT. FRANNIE'S CAR Hazel is about to say absolutely not. But before she gets a word out, Van Houten is already in the car. He shuts the door, whips out his flask, takes a swig. Hazel looks at him in disgust. A few beats of awkward silence passes. Until.
Omnis Cellula e cellula.
Hazel ignores him.
VAN HOUTEN (CONT'D) Your boy Waters and I corresponded quite a bit in his last -- You read your fan mail now? Oh I would hardly call him a fan. He despised me. But he was quite insistent I attend his funeral and tell you what became of Anna and her mother. So here I am and that's your answer: omnis cellula "Life comes from life." I am so not in the mood.
You don't want an explanation? The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Blue Revisions 9/23/13 122.
Nope. Thanks though. Have a great life. You remind me of her.
I remind a lot of people of a lot of My daughter was eight. She suffered beautifully. For so long.
Hazel wasn't expecting this. She had leukemia? Like Anna? Just like her, yes. And now Hazel is beginning to understand Van Houten. Her attitude softens.
Were you married then? Not when she died, no. I was insufferable long before Anna, my dear. Grief doesn't change you. it reveals you.
Hazel takes that in.
Well I'm sorry for your loss.
And I'm sorry for yours. And for ruining You didn't ruin our trip. We had an awesome trip.
Are you familiar with the Trolley The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Blue Revisions 9/23/13 123.
There's a thought experiment in the field of ethics known as the "Trolley Problem." You've gotta be kidding me -- Phillipa Foot was a philosopher-- I don't give a shit, Van Houten! Hazel, I'm trying to explain something to you! I am trying to give you what you What I want is for you to get out of my car so I can go home, by myself, and grieve for a while. Can you do that for Van Houten takes out a FOLDED PIECE OF PAPER. He holds it out to Hazel.
You'll want to read this-- Hazel snatches the paper from his hand, crumples it up in a ball and throws it at him. It lands on the floor at his Get out of the car! He does as he's told, stepping out onto the street.
Hazel is about to drive off. But before she does, she takes one last look at the sad man by the side of the road.
Swallowing her anger, she rolls down her window.
Hey Van Houten.
The sunshine agrees with you.
You should get out more.
The Fault In Our Stars 2nd Blue Revisions 9/23/13 123A.
And with that, she drives away. In the rearview mirror, she sees him raise the FLASK, as if toasting her. Maybe, just maybe, he will try to change. Hazel blinks away some tears and drives on. CUT TO: INT. BEDROOM - AFTERNOON Hazel sits on the floor against her bed and weeps. Soon there's a knock.
Hazel leans over and unlocks the door. Michael kneels down next to her, putting her head on his shoulder.
Hazel presses her face into his shirt and cries some more. Michael squeezes her tightly. And this time, he doesn't cry.
I'm so so sorry.
It was a privilege to love him, though, The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 124.
Hazel nods into his shirt. Then looks up at her Dad.
Gives you an idea how we feel about you.
Michael smiles at Hazel. And he doesn't cry. Hazel draws strength from him. We hear, from downstairs: Hazel! There's a friend here to see you. Hazel looks up. CUT TO: EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - LATE AFTERNOON Hazel and Isaac sit on the grass, near where the old swing set of tears used to be, talking. Do you know if it hurt or whatever? He was really fighting for breath, I guess. He eventually went unconscious, but it seems like, yeah, it wasn't great or anything. Dying sucks.
It just seems so impossible.
Happens all the time.
Gus really loved you, you know.
He wouldn't shut up about it.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 125.
It was annoying.
I didn't find it that annoying.
They sit there in silence a few beats. Did you read the note or whatever from your author friend? He is not my friend and -- how do you We talked at the cemetery. Said he came all this way to give you that.
Yeah well I'm over it. I never want to read another word of that asshole's Yeah but he didn't write it - Gus did.
That's what he said. Gus had written something, sent it to Van Houten -- Hazel sits up. Her heart is racing.
INT/EXT. FRANNIE'S CAR - MAGIC HOUR Hazel is inside the car, rummaging crazily through the trash in an effort to find what Van Houten gave her. She's about to give up when she sees it - crumpled up into a ball beneath the passenger's seat. She reaches under, pulls it up, and unwraps it. As she reads, WE HEAR: The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 126.
Mr. Van Houten, I'm a good person but a shitty writer. You're a shitty person but a good writer. We'd make a good team. I don't want to ask you any favors but if you have the time, and from what I saw you have plenty, please fix this for me. It's a eulogy for Hazel. Hazel is overcome with emotion.
GUS'S VOICE (CONT'D) She asked me to write one and I'm trying, I just, I could use a little flair. See the thing is. we all want to be She smiles to herself, remembering: INT. CHURCH - FLASHBACK - DAY That first time Gus and Hazel ran into each other.
INT. CHURCH BASEMENT - FLASHBACK - DAY The staring contest in Support Group.
We all want to leave a mark. INT. GUS'S CAR - FLASHBACK - DAY Driving (badly) in Gus's car.
EXT. PARK - FLASHBACK - DAY The near kiss at the picnic by "Funky Bones." But not Hazel. Hazel is different. Hazel knows the truth. She didn't want a million admirers, she just wanted one. And she got it. Maybe she wasn't loved widely but she was loved deeply. And isn't that more than most of us get? INT. FRANNIE'S CAR - MAGIC HOUR And BACK TO HAZEL reading the letter, tears in her eyes.
When Hazel was sick, I knew I was dying. But I didn't want to say so.
The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 127.
INT. ICU - FLASHBACK - NIGHT Gus stealthily sneaks into Hazel's single room in the ICU. She sleeps. He kneels by her side.
She was in ICU and I snuck in for ten minutes and sat with her before I got caught. Her eyes were closed, her lungs Gus takes her hand and holds it. GUS'S VOICE (CONT'D) . but her hands were still her hands, still warm, and the nails painted this dark blue black color and I just held her hands and I willed myself to imagine a world without us and what a worthless world that would be. INT. FRANNIE'S CAR - MAGIC HOUR AND BACK TO HAZEL reading the letter. She never knew that story, never knew he was there. CUT TO: EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - NIGHT Hazel walks out to the grass behind her house, the oxygen tank dragging behind her. She lays down on the grass and looks up at the stars - the same IMAGE that opened the movie. She's so beautiful. You don't get tired of looking at her. You never worry if she's smarter than you cause you know she is. She's funny without ever being mean. EXT. RESTAURANT - (ORANJEE) - FLASHBACK - NIGHT The magical dinner. EXT. RIVERBANK - (AMSTERDAM) - FLASHBACK - NIGHT The romantic GONDOLA in which they sat overlooking the water.
INT. ROOM - ANNE FRANK HOUSE - FLASHBACK - DAY The passionate kiss which we now see is happening in Anne The Fault In Our Stars Pink Draft 8/21/13 128.
INT. HOTEL ROOM - FLASHBACK - NIGHT The two of them falling onto the bed together.
[All of these are images we saw at the beginning of the movie, only now, we SEE the oxygen tank, we SEE Gus's leg, we SEE the fumbling and the difficulties etc. They don't make these images less beautiful. They make them twice as beautiful - because they're real.] I love her, god I love her. I'm so lucky to love her, Van Houten. You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world but you do have a say in who hurts you. EXT. HAZEL'S HOUSE - BACKYARD - NIGHT AND BACK ON Hazel in the grass. She holds the letter to her chest. A single tear falls onto her cheeks. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers. Hazel CLOSES HER EYES.
GUS'S VOICE (CONT'D) A beat. Another.
Hazel OPENS HER EYES. And she says to the universe:


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