08 March. 4, 2013 Eating a high-fiber diet does more than promote digestive wellbeing; it's also good for your heart, an expert says.
Iran Breaks US Monopoly Body's Immune System In Biodiesel Technology Billboard Produces Water A deadly form of skin cancer is able to fend off the body's immune system, UK Iran has broken the US monopoly over biodiesel technology.
The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in researchers have found.
Mohammad Javad Mohammadi-Zadeh, the head of Iran's Department of Environment, Lima, Peru, has partnered with advertising agency Mayo- The analysis of tumor and blood samples shows that melanoma knocks out the made the announcement on Saturday during the inauguration of Iran's first biodiesel plant Draft FCB to create an advertising billboard that grabs body's best immune defense, BBC said. in Isfahan province on Thursday, Fars News Agency wrote. moisture from the desert air and converts it into filtered A potential test could work out which patients are likely to respond to treat- "By opening the first biodiesel production line in Iran, the US monopoly is broken and drinking water.
ment, the Journal of Clinical Investigation reports.
Iran has become the world's second country with the superior biodiesel technology," he The city of Lima does not usually get much rainfall, but Cancer Research UK said the body's response was a "complex puzzle".
said, addressing the First National Seminar of Sustainable Development and Green Fuel can suffer from humidity as high as 98 percent, Gizmag Previous work from the team at King's College London showed that while pa- in Tehran on Saturday. tients with melanoma produced antibodies that could attack tumor cells, the im- Biodiesel is a clean and renewable energy source. The UTEC/MAYO collaboration has mune system often seemed powerless to stop the cancer progressing.
Mohammadi-Zadeh noted that biodiesel has no negative impact on sea animals and come up with a novel way to help local But in the latest research they discovered that the subtype of antibody attracted eliminates smoke from diesel vehicles. residents who are only able to get drinking by the melanoma cells was the most ineffective at mounting the right sort of re- The biodiesel plant was inaugurated on Thursday in the town of Tiran-Kravan, located water from often polluted wells, while also 45 kilometers west of the provincial capital city of Isfahan. generating interest in the study of engineer- In samples from 80 melanoma patients they say that the conditions created by The construction of the plant is part of Iran's attempts to increase reliance on environ- ing at the university, where admissions are due to start on the tumor attract IgG4 antibodies, which mount the weakest response and in turn ment-friendly fuels. interfere with any ‘strong' IgG1 antibodies that might be present.
The construction of Isfahan's biodiesel plant has cost more than $12 million. An advertising billboard erected along the Pan-American By mimicking the conditions created by melanomas, they showed that in the In December, Abbas Kazemi, the head of Iran's Fuel Conservation Company, an- Highway is also home to some hidden harvesting, conver- presence of tumor cells, the immune system sent out IgG4 antibodies, but when nounced that his company has set up a specialized workgroup in cooperation with the sion and purification mechanisms (including an air filter, faced with healthy cells it functioned as expected with IgG1 circulating.
Ministry of Agricultural Jihad to produce biodiesel. condenser, carbon filter and cold tank). The electric system They also confirmed that IgG4 was ineffective in launching an immune attack "Upon the request of the Cabinet, a fuel basket was defined recently in which the share takes moisture from the humid air by means of reverse os- against cancer cells.
of fuel used by diesel cars rose by 17 percent to reach 24 percent," Kazemi said. mosis and delivers purified drinking water through small ducts at the foot of the billboard, and down to a tap at the base of the structure.
The billboard is reportedly capable of producing 96 liters (over 25 gallons) of water every day for the locals, or for travelers who stop for refreshment, and has already notched Gold Nanoparticles Help up an impressive 9,450 liters (2,496 gallons) of potable wa-ter out of thin air since its installation in December 2012.
Bracelet Provides Smartphone Notifications Determine Captopril EMBRACE+ is a new piece of wearable electronics cur-rently in development, which wirelessly connects to a smartphone and lights up in different colors in conjunc- in their electrons. Therefore, these nano- tion with notifications received on the phone. Iranian researchers at Sharif Univer- sity of Technology have developed particles are known as plasmonic nano- According to Kickstarter, the idea is that if the phone a new way to determine captopril particles. They can attract light in various is tucked away in a bag, or not right near the user, he or enzyme quantitatively by using the fluo- regions of the electromagnetic spectrum she would be able to tell what kind of notification the rescent resonance energy transfer (FRET) depending on their type, size and forma- device has received and whether or not it's something tion," he said.
they will need to address immediately.
The method, which uses gold nanopar- The researchers first produced colloi- The bracelet can notify users of all kinds of events that ticles, has recently been used to determine dal gold nanoparticles and then modified occur on the phone. Some of the notifications users can DNA and other ingredients, Fars News them by using fluorescein isothiocyanate. receive through the bracelet are as follows: Agency reported. "Next, they added a solution of cap- Incoming calls (for specific contacts or groups) Dr. Mohammad Reza Hormozinejad, topril with various concentrations to assistant professor of the university's phosphate buffer of gold nanoparticles- Department of Chemistry, and his col- -fluorescein isothiocyanate, and studied leagues proposed a simple, highly sensi- the fluorescent spectrum of its emitted tive and selective method for the quanti- fluorescein isothiocyanate. The amount tative measurement of captopril in human of captopril in human blood plasma sam- blood plasma by using fluorescein iso- ple was measured at the end." thiocyanate (FITC) modified with gold Results showed that in the beginning, Low phone battery.
the fluorescent emission of fluorescein The creators are working to expand the Hormozinejad is a member of the Sci- isothiocyanate molecule was turned off list of supported applications, with plans entific Board of Sharif University of by modifying the surface of gold nano- Gold and silver nanoparticles have high adsorption coefficient, which is caused by the
to add Vine, WhatsApp, Ruzzle and other particles with fluorescein isothiocyanate. surface plasmon resonance in their electrons.
apps in the future.
"Gold and silver nanoparticles have However, when captopril was added to Users can customize the bracelet to high adsorption coefficient, which is the mixture, the fluorescence of fluores- due to the advantage of captopril in com- carrying out interaction with the surface light up in different colors for each type caused by the surface plasmon resonance cein isothiocyanate was turned on again parison with fluorescein isothiocyanate in of gold nanoparticles. of notification. The bracelet can light up in a single color for a specific event, or users can opt to use two different colors Battery Charges Cellphone in 5 Seconds for each notification. The number of blinks, duration of blinks, speed interval, brightness, and whether there is a short vibration can also be tweaked by Researchers have revealed a radical new eli School of Engineering and Applied Using this technique, the researchers type of battery that could charge a mobile have been able to produce more than 100 Everything is adjusted using the Android or iOS EM- phone or even a car in seconds.
To develop their new micro-super- micro-supercapacitors on a single disc in BRACE+ app. It comes with a color wheel that allows a Called micro-scale graphene-based su- capacitor, the researchers used a two- less than 30 minutes, using inexpensive complete range of hues to be used for each notification. percapacitor, the device can charge and dimensional sheet of carbon, known as materials.
It will also offer the ability to save profiles for quick ac- discharge a hundred to a thousand times graphene, which only has the thickness of For a supercapacitor battery to be ef- cess to certain settings.
faster than standard batteries, Daily Mail a single atom in the third dimension.
fective, two separated electrodes have to The bracelet itself uses optical fibers tucked inside of The team also found a way to produce be positioned so that the available surface a transparent core that runs through the whole band. This Made from a one-atom–thick layer of the new batteries easily by using a stand- area between them is maximized. This al- is coated in a transparent cladding that allows light to carbon, the battery can be easily manufac- ard DVD burner.
lows the supercapacitor to store a greater leave the core and shine around the entire device. It also tured and readily integrated into gadgets- "Traditional methods for the fabrica- comes in three different shapes, so users can choose one -and could even lead to smaller phones.
tion of micro-supercapacitors involve A previous design stacked the layers of that matches their style.
The team says their breakthrough could labor-intensive lithographic techniques graphene serving as electrodes, like the electrodes while reducing the path over The creators of the EMBRACE+ are seeking fund- lead to faster charging phones and cars, that have proven difficult for building slices of bread on a sandwich. However, which ions in the electrolyte would need ing on Kickstarter to help with purchasing molds, set- but also smaller gadgets.
cost-effective devices, thus limiting their this didn't work with electronic circuits.
ting up tooling, and developing the mobile applications "The integration of energy-storage commercial application," El-Kady said. In their new design, the researchers As a result, the new supercapacitors that make the whole thing come together. The minimum units with electronic circuits is challeng- "Instead, we used a consumer-grade placed the electrodes side by side using have more charge capacity and rate backing to receive a bracelet in one of the three avail- ing and often limits the miniaturization of LightScribe DVD burner to produce an inter-digitized pattern, akin to interwo- capability than their stacked counter- able styles is $49.
the entire system," said Richard Kaner, graphene micro-supercapacitors over ven fingers. who is a professor of materials science large areas at a fraction of the cost of tra- This helped maximize the accessible The researchers say people could even Soap Bubbles That Last for Hours and engineering at UCLA's Henry Samu- ditional devices." surface area available for each of the two make the technology at home.
The simple act of blowing a soap bubble probably brings New Computer Looks Like Keyboard back all sorts of nostalgic memories for most folks. Since we were kids, science has come a long way, creat- Readers of a certain age will remember, heart beats a 1.5 GHz Rockchip dual-core playback on a connected monitor via card and a ‘tryout' version of the English ing some usage for bubbles. One of those usages is a dis- probably with fondness, the computer-in- RK3066 ARM processor with Mali-400 VGA or HDMI, has two USB 2.0 ports, version of the custom Android overlay. play that uses a solution to keep the bubbles thick, Dvice a-keyboard form factor exemplified by graphics, supported by 1 GB of DDR3 3.5-mm audio in and out, an SD card slot, Backers can expect delivery to start in the likes of the Atari 800XL or the mighty RAM and 4 GB of NAND flash storage Ethernet LAN, and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi April. Solutions aren't the only way to keep a as standard, with 8 GB available as an op- bubble strong, though. For whatever rea- We've seen several impressive attempts FocusWill has now hit crowdfunding son, researchers have found that by sending at revival in the recent past, including ef- It runs on Android 4.0, with the option site Indiegogo to help give the keyboard an electric charge through a soap bubble, forts from Barry S Altman's Commodore of a Windows-like custom skin that Fo- computer an extra global push. Back- the bubble can last for several hours.
USA and ASUS, Indiegogo wrote. cusWill is also calling CoolShip that was ers can get a basic 4 GB storage package They took a soap bubble and trapped it Now China's FocusWill Information developed for Chinese users.
(which seems to have everything detailed between two platinum electrodes. Then, electricity. The Technology is getting in on the act with The full-size keyboard sports 104 chi- above, except for the touchpad) for just result was the bubble flowed upward, against gravity and an Android-flavored, keyboard-based clet-style keys (including what looks like $89. The company will throw in a USB became stronger. They even changed colors as they grew desktop computer called the CoolShip.
a Windows key), there's an integrated mouse for an extra $10 and up the mem- The CoolShip desktop computer has touchpad to the right, and stereo speak- ory to 8 GB.
The newly electrified soap bubbles can last for hours.
been under development since 2011, and ers rated at 0.7 W each below the main For a pledge of $119, you'll get 8 GB started shipping just last month. At its keying area. It supports 1080p HD video of storage, a USB mouse, a 16 GB SD


Author's personal copy International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 3 (2014) 88–94 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife Experimental manipulation reveals few subclinical impacts of a parasitecommunity in juvenile kangaroos Jemma Cripps a,b,⇑, Ian Beveridge b, Richard Ploeg b,1, Graeme Coulson aa Department of Zoology, The University of Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australiab Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Melbourne, Veterinary Clinical Centre, Werribee, VIC 3030, Australia

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