Es-t1-6a led rgb controller

ES-T1 LED RGB Controller Manual
ES-T1 LED RGB Controller Manual
2. The charging methods for remote control
LED RGB Controller
1. Please use USB cable to connect with the matched 5 V charger or insert into the USB interface on the computer.
2. The blue indicator light flickers while charging, and turns green when finish charging.
3. No memory effect in the lithium battery of remote control. Follow the standard charging procedure even for the first three times, no need over charge.
4. Red indicator light flickers meaning low power and need to be charged. charging in low battery will affect life of battery.
3. Product size
COMPLIANT 3 years The Intelligent LED color touch controller ES-T1 is our latest development of human y ouch and multi-functional RGB controller.
The control system consists of two parts, the remote control and controller, built-in 32 changing modes, adopt the advanced PWM (pulse-width modulation) control technology, smooth changing effect and no flickering on the led light, with a high power MOS driver, the maximum current load of RGB channels could reach to 18A. unique touch technology, the controller comes with 8 touch keys, you can select the functions of switch, pause, changing modes, speed and LED brightness, all functions can be remote controlled at a long distance, RF remote control has 16-bit color selections on the full-color circle ; controller can automatically adapt to the input voltage of DC 12V-24V, suitable for most conventional low-voltage RGB LED light.
1. Technical Specs
Power supply chose: DC CV SMPS Input voltage: DC5V built-in Lithium battery Working current: 30mA Input voltage: DC12V~DC24V Working frequency: 2.4GHZ Max current load: 6AX3CH Max 18A transmitting distance: ≤30meter Max output power: 216W/432W(12V/24V) transmitting rate: 500Kbps Change mode: 32 Fantastic modes Battery capacity: 1000mAh Control button: 8 touch buttons Standby time:1 year Scale levels: 65536 steps per RGB (16 Bits/CH) Normal using time: 30 days Working temperature: -30℃~55℃ Charge time: <4 hours Number of Charge cycles: 500 times Package Size: L215×W42×H32(mm) Weight (G.W): 180g Package Size: L165×W76.5×H59(mm) Weight (G.W): 200g Tel: +97142579924 Fax: +97142579904 ES-T1 LED RGB Controller Manual
ES-T1 L ED RGB Controller Manual
4. Detailed key functions
6. Conjunction diagram
The remote control has18 function buttons and 1 full-color touch circle; The controller has 8 touch buttons.
The learning of remote control:
Press the key "ON/OFF" on the controller until there is the DUDU sound, then press the key "1" to activate the controlling between the controller and remote control, press key "2" until there is long ringing is to cancel the controlling.
Controller sign Remote control sign
ON/OFF ON/OFF: Turn on/off the Controller.
Press it to stay at current color.
Press it again, it will continue to change.
Press this button in 3 seconds, the buzzer can be on or off.
Press the keys to select next mode or back to previous mode.
SPEED- Press them to quicken or slower speed.
Press the keys to select different brightness you want directly & immediately.
】 orking with our power repeater can expand the power unlimitedly, please refer to the manual for full-Color
the specific connection method.
Touching When touching the full-color circle, LED lights will
7. Attention
show the same color as the circle.
1. The product shall be installed and serviced by a qualified person.
Pressed-in 3s, the controller will save the present function 2. This product is non-waterproof. Please avoid the sun and rain. When installed mode automatically. Can save 9 modes, can be saved outdoors please ensure it is mounted in a water proof enclosure.
repeatedly. Press "PLAY" key to play cycle modes.
3. Good heat dissipation will prolong the working life of the controller. Please ensure good ventilation.
(merely play the dynamic effects, the static effects will be skipped automatically) 4. Please check if the output voltage of any LED power supplies used comply with the working voltage of the product.
5. Tables of Changing mode
5. Please ensure that adequate sized cable is used from the controller to the led lights to carry the current. Please also ensure that the cable is secured tightly in the connector to avoid arcing and subsequent failure or accident.
brightness adjustable 17 Cyan Fade out and fade in
6. Ensure all wire connections and polarities are correct before applying power.
7. If a fault occurs please return the product to your supplier. Do not attempt to fix this product by yourself.
brightness adjustable 18 White Fade out and fade in
brightness adjustable 19 RGB Fade out and fade in
7. Warranty Agreement
brightness adjustable 20 Red/green gradual alternately
1. We provide lifelong technical assistance with this product brightness adjustable 21 Red/blue gradual alternately
A 3 year warranty is given from the date of purchase. The warranty is for free repair or brightness adjustable 22 Green/blue gradual alternately
replacement and covers manufacturing faults only For faults beyond the 3 year warranty we reserve the right to charge for time and parts.
brightness adjustable 23 Red/yellow gradual alternately
2. Warranty exclusions below; 24 Green/cyan gradual alternately
The damage caused by improper connection to power supply, excess voltage and overloading.
7 colors skipping 25 Blue/purple gradual alternately
The product appears to have excessive physical damage 26 Green/yellow gradual alternately
Damage due to natural disasters and force majeure.
Warranty label, fragile label and unique barcode label have been damaged.
27 Blue/cyan gradual alternately
The product has been replaced by a brand new product.
Red Fade out and fade in 28 Red/purple gradual alternately
3. Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty is the exclusive remedy to the customer. Green Fade out and fade in 29 Blue/white gradual alternately
E-star shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any Blue Fade out and fade in 30 Yellow/purple/can gradual alternately speed/brightness adjustable
stipulation in this warranty.
4. Any amendment or adjustment to this warranty must be approved in writing by E-star only.
Yellow Fade out and fade in 31 RGB gradual alternately
Purple Fade out and fade in 32 Full color gradual alternately
★ This manual only applies to this model. E-star reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.
Tel: +97142579924 Fax: +97142579904


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