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General presentation
Technical sheet

Specific features
Charging mode
Discharging mode
Control / Display mode
General presentation
Lithium Battery
Connected Power Pack
Simple Battery
Just a battery with a BMS (Battery Interactive Intelligent System Management System) (Lithium Battery + Electronics + Solar controller MRC + safety)  "PLUG AND GO« system
Necessary Peripherals
Impossible to connect a Lithium No accessory to add, EZA is battery in place of a lead battery. equipped with all the electronics Additional hardwares are required needed to be connected to any (coupler / splitter, Battery switch, generator available in a safety devices, and other equipment for Euro 5+ and Euro 6  Smaller and lighter
Sometimes significant size
Not always suitable for The EZA80 Power Pack was specially designed to be installed in place of any lead battery. Including under the passenger seat of any van (From the Fiat Ducato

Technical sheet
100 Amp/h Lithium REFERENCE
EZA 80 Ah (or 130 Ah) Maximum load voltage Minimum discharge voltage Maximum charging current Maximum discharge current (5 mn) Dimensions: length x width x height mm Lifespan: cycles Self discharge per year Load temperature Discharge temperature Storage temperature Warranty in Months 24 (possible 60) BMS protection system Battery coupling Bluetooth Module Control module for Solar Charge Alternator coupling module EURO 6 charge control module Option for a remote control indicator COMPARISON WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES
Specific Features
Charging Mode
3 separate lines, secured and specifically adjusted to their generator's
EZA versus Lithium Battery
Engine load line (red)
• It's EZA that controls the coupling of the engine with the Power Pack and keeps priority to the engine battery  Lithium batteries require a coupler / splitter. • Online secured charge limited to 70 Amp to protect the carrier, the alternator and prevent cable overheating.  An empty lithium battery can take more than 100 Amps which would require appropriate wiring.  Tests have shown that uncontrolled load could default the carrier (red indicator lights up) when many accessories are operated simultaneously (Fog lamps, wipers, lights-road heating, etc . )  Special MRC (load control module) allowing to charge EZA on the new carrier (Euro 5+ and Euro 6) while respecting Lithium load curves. Other Lithium batteries :  Require to bypass the Euro5+ or Euro6 device or a Booster for Euro 5+ and Euro 6 compatibility,  Require an Anti return diodes.  Lithium batteries are given for 2500 cycles provided that their specific load curves be complied with. COMPARISON WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES
Solar charge dedicated line (yellow)

• The EZA Power Pack is equipped with its own solar controller that can support up to 400W solar panels or wind turbine while complying with lithium load curves. Other Lithium batteries :  Specify MPPT regulators that do not comply with Lithium A charge that respects lithium technology is a guarantee of a longer life.  Auxiliary load line (Blue)
• Secured line limited to 70 Amp 12V for EZA 130 and 140 Amp 12V for EZA260. The Power Pack is compatible with any 12V chargers on the market (EFOY-Tel-air Bullpower- etc .)  Other batteries have no secured lines. COMPARISON WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES
Specific Features
Discharge Mode :
2 separate lines for greater security and readability of flow

Ligne de servitude 12V (noir))

• secured line limited to 70 Amp to prevent overheating of existing  With other batteries watch out the cable thickness • Line equipped with a low voltage security. Prevents the Power Pack of getting into safety mode when get to zero. No manual reset procedure  Other batteries need to be reset • Line equipped with a low voltage alarm, alerting the user before  No warning on other lithium batteries  12V high power bondage line (Grey)
• secured line, controlled and limited to 150 Amp  Allows to take control of an inverter either manually or automatically and avoids unnecessary consumption.  No remote controller needed for the inverter the function is available on the application.  None of these features are available on other batteries COMPARISON WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES
Specific Features
Control / Display mode
Interactive, it communicates via the application


• Provides a comprehensive vision based on instantaneous consumption. Better visibility without calculations for the user  Extremely rarely, see non-existent on other batteries  Reading of current flows

• Allows the control of the generators and consumers with perfect and easy visibility for the user. Very convenient for the customer service, facilitates controls and operating of the charger, solar panel etc .,  Extremely rarely, see non-existent on other batteries  Control via a PC interface
• Enables to take control of some settings of the Power Pack and to modify certain features. Possibility to adapt the Power Pack to requirements of a manufacturer for example.  Non existing on other batteries COMPARISON WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES
short cut protection Protection of charging and discharging lines Automatic restart without BMS reset Protections
9.8 Volts low voltage protection Low battery alarm 10V Supports the START & STOP mode of engine sustainable investment Euro5+ & Euro6 compatible Standards complied by the manufacturer and / or installer limited loading to 70 Amp Control « engine running » Engine battery charging priority Safety low voltage / engine Control engine battery voltage level Engine Loading Line
- Intelligent loading - 70 A loading limitation Optimization of loading if integrated charging module difference of voltage Charging cycle complies with LiFePo recommendations Battery cell balancing Auxiliary load line
separate line, limited to 70 Amp 12V NO separate line
Integrated 400 W special EZA Regulator charge cycles conforms to the LiFePo Solar charge line
load recommendation automatic balancing of the Power Pack cells Motorhome 12 V discharge line
Limited to 70Amp Security to avoid cables from heating Controlled inverter No need of remote control 1500 W discharge line (dedicated for an 150 Amp peak
Conforms with standards for non Automatic cut off when engine is started presence of 230 Volts when engine on Calculation of autonomy Very rarely
available capacity Very rarely, often only the Voltage Management and Display
Better visibility for users instant and specific control of loads and consumptions. Reading power flows Nothing to add to EZA Plug and Go
Easy to install Everything is guaranteed by EZA It is possible to configure EZA to comply with PC Interface
Flexible and responsive to needs special needs that customers can have.



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