Background, News, MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 3 Here at Holy Trinity we give Our Mission Links are  Andy & Innes Shudall 10% of all giving by the individuals and organisations (TSCF New Zealand) congregation, including Gift that we have chosen to Aid, to people and support through involvement  Roger & Alison Morgan organisations doing mission from members of Holy work. This booklet will tell Trinity, or even members  Hugo Vergara (South you where it goes and what sent out from here. We try American Mission is done with it. to keep in touch with each individual to support and We also give a significant encourage them, and to hear  Christian Aid amount each year (around of where God is at work £119,000 in 2014) to the around the world.  Tanzania Link Diocese of Leicester. The Diocese pays for John, Elaine Our mission links are: and Sami's salaries, their housing, the training of  Brian & Kath Blacklock ordinands (future vicars) and other support costs. Holy  Andy & Claudia Fanstone Trinity Church doesn't pay (Iris Ministries) John, Elaine and Sami's salaries.  Sarah Wheway (Hellenic

4 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH ANDREW & CLAUDIA FANSTONE (Iris Ministries) Andy used to be a make our love real in these physiotherapist at the ways, for as long as the Leicester Royal Infirmary poor are with us. and a member of Holy Trinity before leaving for … We are committed to Brazil in 2001. He now runs remaining sensitive, Iris Forteleza, a branch of flexible and obedient to the Iris Ministries. Iris Ministries day-to-day leading of the was founded by Heidi and Holy Spirit, from the least Rolland Baker and is based of our organizational in Mozambique. It is decisions to the greatest. committed to acting on the We are closely affiliated with (for the most part) Bethel Church in Redding, California, and belong to the Revival Alliance and also the Partners in Harvest network THE VISION We believe that Brazil is going to become one of the Iris Ministries ‘exists to greatest missionary-sending participate in bringing the countries in the coming Fortaleza is located in Kingdom of God to earth in decades, but if that's going Northeast Brazil. Its beaches all its aspects, but most to happen then there needs are known as a vacation especially through our to be an awakening inside of hotspot. Unfortunately it is particular calling to serve the the hearts of Brazilians. more widely known as a very poor: the destitute, the Their eyes need to see what centre for prostitution and lost, the broken and the God sees: the broken. All sex trafficking in South forgotten. We have been around this country are America, recently declared sent to places where "love" some of the most extreme the ‘third best location for must every day mean bread cases of poverty in the sex tourism' in the world on for the hungry, water for the world, and little is being a famous predator site. Of thirsty and healing for the done by the Church as of course, this is tied into the sick. It must mean family for fact that 1 in 3 people live in the orphan, freedom for the one of the 550 favelas captives and peace for the (slums) within the city, and war-torn. We want always to the children there grow up

MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 5 training and impartation for and Satan. We need to come those people that have a alongside these young burning desire for more of people not as educators or We are starting to work in God and have a heart for teachers but as a father and the worst slums in the city to missions. Youth from the mother to show them with see God break into the surrounding churches come our lives that fullness of life hearts of prostitutes, drug and stay at the Iris base and can only come in Christ. dealers, orphans, and get asked some intense This is what we do Saturday questions while letting the afternoons; the Bible is our Holy Spirit reveal His destiny text book and our lives are over them. Usually the goodbyes are teary and the Right alongside that work excitement for life is are prayer meetings, exhilarating at the end. discipleship and training of those that have a burning It's not girl scout camp, but heart to lay their lives down we do have a camp fire.'  for continued health and for the glory of God to be protection upon us as a  for the children in the Andy also runs an at-risk community we work with teens discipleship who are at risk: for Through missional God´s protection and an community we hope to see ‘If we don´t come alongside outpouring of His Spirit the churches and slums them and show them an stirred to fall deeper in love alternative and more with our Saviour.' meaningful way of life than ‘Every quarter we have an drugs and sex we will lose intensive weekend of this generation to the world HT LINK: Stephen and Cathryn Shilling E: [email protected] E: [email protected]

6 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH ANDY AND INES SHUDALL (Tertiary Students' Christian Felowship, New Zealand) Andy and Ines left Holy Trinity in 2005 for New Zealand, to serve with TSCF. REQUESTS Their work involves sharing It's been a time of family Jesus, discipling students, change (Ruben, 18, is supporting graduates, leaving for Germany) and training staff, and teaching some difficulties, such as nationally. They have three their house letting in children, Ruben, Deon and Andy has been encouraged Find out more in the 'Kiwi by a steady stream of Please give thanks for these Chronicles' blog at http:// students in Auckland either two encouragements kiwichronicles.blogspot.com. coming to faith or making You can follow Andy on decisive steps for Also for the complete themselves each week, and success of Andy's spinal by seeing two students strengthened and Please pray for ongoing emboldened as he studied financial provision as the the book of Romans with work continues to grow HT LINK: Richard & Fiona Wong E: [email protected]

MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 7 HUGO VERGARA (South American Mission Society) Hugo Vergara is our Latin St Andrew's Church runs: Partner in Mission serving God with the South  A ministry for men, American Mission Society in using the Alpha course.  Youth Encounter As Archdeacon, Hugo weekend programmes supports all the urban for non-Christian young Anglican Churches in the Diocese of Northern entertainment and Argentina, an area of high unemployment where 40%  Women's Encounter live under the poverty line. weekend programmes He also leads three for non-Christian women  For more people to mentor new converts  Alpha marriage courses, St Andrew's, Salta, which is for Christians and non-  For more lay leaders: growing via friendship three for the men's work, evangelism (such as cells 10 for Youth Encounter, inviting non-Christian friends  Training programmes for for a meal each week). St Paul's, on the outskirts of The Tucuman church also  For the men's cell Salta. This is an area of uses the Encounter poverty, prostitution and programmes and marriage forward in personal drugs. The church works growth and growth as with children and young people, and has 100 street children coming for meals at  For stamina, energy and its soup kitchen. wisdom for Hugo, especially in use of time A church in Tucuman, 200 Hugo says currently his and in delegating work. miles away. Hugo travels three top priorities are Alpha there and back every marriage courses, used for fortnight. This church too is evangelism; the work at his growing and God is working Tucuman church; and the there. ministry with men at St Andrew's. HT LINK: Wally Cullen 8 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH SARAH WHEWAY (Helenic Ministries) Sarah Wheway belonged to Holy Trinity before to the doorsteps answering a call of God to of homes in rural Greece in 2000. She now works for Hellenic Ministries, a non-denominational missionary society based in  Eleos (Mercy) Though Greece was the first Ministries, which country in Europe to be evangelised (Acts 16:10), and 2/3 of the New Testament was written providing meals, either to Greeks or by showers, clothes, Greeks, today only 2% of laundry services, the population are in church on any given Sunday. Only 0.18% of Greeks are Biblical teaching. evangelicals. Greece is  A camp ground and considered the neediest  A medical clinic and retreat centre north of mission field in Europe, even learning centre for Athens, Porto Astro, including Albania. refugee women and where it runs youth Unemployment is high – sports camps used for over 40% among young  The Hope Centre, a Christian maternity home  ‘House of Worship', a Hellenic Ministries (HM) was for pregnant women who founded in 1980 by a Greek choose not to have an gathering in Athens to couple who had worked as abortion and who need challenge Greek young missionaries in Irian Jaya. help. It also offers post- people to pray for In 1988 the first translation abortion recovery of the Bible into Modern Greek was made and  Sailing trips to the  Short-term mission trips published through HM. islands and coastline on Today Hellenic Ministries their ship, Morning Star,  A weekly TV show shown to support the local in Greece's main cities. churches, encourage lone  Operation Joshua, a two- believers, and disciple week programme every the young Greek people summer delivering free who join as crew. MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 9 HM is also working on training Greek church planters and evangelists. Sarah is on the core Sarah has asked for prayer: Please also pray for Sarah leadership team of Hellenic and all the HM workers:  That she will continue to Ministries – a team of five do what God is asking  For an attitude of who oversee all these areas her to do, and for of ministry. She currently discernment for her and leads The Hope Centre (see the other HM workers to  Flexibility and patience above). She also heads the know what is most young adults group in her  A heart of love for important and necessary local church in Athens. During the summer she helps coordinate Operation  That God will be glorified Joshua, and during the in their work and his winter she coordinates vision tours and conferences for pastors. HT LINK: Isabelle Milligan E: [email protected] 10 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Christian Aid is a Christian Christian Aid works in the organisation that insists the Americas, Africa, the Middle world can and must be swift- East and India. They: ly changed to one where everyone can live a full life,  give humanitarian aid in free from poverty.  For a ceasefire and an end to violence against We work globally for pro-  campaign on issues such found change that eradicates as climate change, tax the causes of poverty, striv- dodging, and gender  For comfort for those ing to achieve equality, dig- who have lost someone nity and freedom for all,  work to prevent the regardless of faith or nation- transmission of malaria ality. We are part of a wider  For wisdom and guid- and HIV and to support movement for social justice. ance for Christian Aid partners as they seek to We provide urgent, practical  work with partners on and effective assistance many other projects where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well More at their website, as its root causes. HT LINK: George Davidson E: [email protected] MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 DIOCESES OF MOUNT KILIMANJARO AND KITETO, TANZANIA Holy Trinity money, given via Kilimanjaro and Manyara on world to convert. our diocese of Leicester, the map above.) They are goes to support the work of mostly savannah grassland. The money goes towards the Church of England in our Only one road there is training church leaders, tarmac, the rest are dirt church planting and a fund tracks. In the south, where for emergencies arising from Since 1982 the Diocese of the Masai live, the rains are natural causes, such as lack Leicester has been building a unreliable and there can be of rain. In DMK we support now well-established severe drought and Munguishi Bible College, and relationship with the in Kiteto, Kiteto Christian Dioceses of Mount College, where we are Kilimanjaro and Kiteto in The Anglican church in DMK helping to build a dormitory. Tanzania. The Diocese of has grown fast. In 1982 Kiteto used to be part of the there were 19 pastors and Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro 39 parishes. This grew to (DMK) but recently more than 61 pastors and 47 REQUESTS separated from it to form a parishes now, and 200 new diocese. Together they churches. Some of the Munguishi Bible College are larger than Scotland and greatest progress was Wales put together, and lie among the Masai people in ‘We want to say thank you! close to the Equator. (They the south, once described as for all the support you've cover the regions of Arusha, the hardest people in the provided - both through prayer, care and by supporting the college financially. Your gifts enable us to train and send these students whom God has We hope you'll be able to keep supporting this ministry through your partnership. But today we just want to ask you to be remembering these men and women in your prayers - to pray for them that as they go out into the ‘harvest field', that they will cling to Jesus and his word, be faithful to him, and that God will work wonders through them, bringing many to know and believe Christ and so be saved." If you would like to know more, contact Rev'd Richard Worsfold (Chairman of the Link Committee) at [email protected]. 12 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Fusion is a group based in every university in the  Serving churches Loughborough who are UK. They have been passionate about student praying, training  73% of Christian mission. Less than 2% of leaders, sharing the students don't connect today's generation of good news and sharing with a church or any students has been reached Christian group at by the transforming university. Fusion message of Jesus. Fusion's connects students to vision is of a dynamic discipleship: Fusion, Christian student movement, with Urban Saints, Student Linkup app one that will see universities have written and sell enables young people and colleges won for Christ. to search and shortlist discipleship tool and Since 1997, Fusion has been Bible study for anyone leaving for university, fuelling the fires of this in the student culture. and churches to invite movement through: Also The Stuff of Life, future students to dealing with topics events for them even  Equipping students such as depression, before they receive  Inspiring evangelism: alcohol, dating and their A level results. They have written a Churches registered book, Living Mission, ‘a with Fusion also create  Preparing new students must-read for every a page on their site for for university: Fusion student in the UK who have written The wants to be fuelled for Student Alphabet, a mission and inspired by graduates to browse light-hearted and the stories of God in and are listed in their practical guide to our universities.' starting university, and  The Road Trip: Miriam The Student Linkup  Developing student (Student Mission Sessions, a book Developer) and some helping school-leavers  Fusion offers training, university by, e g, encouragement for all September on a two- working out who they in student ministry. year trip in a VW camper van to visit university and what  Fusion works in their values and partnership with priorities are. This personal and spiritual denominations and growth at university. More on www.fusion.uk.com HT LINK: Lois Cobbold E: [email protected] MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014  They are connected with held in Loughborough in 1000 churches in the UK. September will inspire Pray that this will grow to and equip student leaders and workers, and Luke Smith, Church will be used by God for Relations Manager, writes:  They are supported ‘climate change': in ‘Just like Elisha, I am hungry financially by 170 melting the spiritual to see God do twice as much churches. Pray this will coldness and frozen through the next generation increase to 340. perceptions of many UK as he has done in the  400 church-based student workers are being equipped by  Fusion is connecting about 3000 freshers to Fusion: pray for this local churches every number to grow to 800. year. Please pray this  Pray that the Student will grow to 6000. Work Conference to be 14 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH In Somalia, to be caught selling Christian books of all Thanks to a phenomenal carrying a Bible means time. It is now published in response of prayer and death. In North Korea, 35 languages. Brother generosity from Christians in anyone discovered to be a Andrew has also co-written the UK and Ireland, Open Christian is imprisoned in a Light Force, about his work Doors is supporting 3,000 concentration camp similar serving Christians in Muslim families. Lydia, who is to the Nazi camps. Believers countries.) currently visiting a church in meet to worship in small Erbil on behalf of Open groups early in the morning, Open Doors is now an Doors, has been so moved in the mountains or other international organisation by the difference your hidden places, so as not to which tirelessly works generosity is making to be heard or seen. In many to supply Bibles, leadership those in desperate need. Arab countries converting training, literacy "Prayer and giving money from Islam to Christianity programmes, livelihood often feels like it is too easy, can bring loss of family, loss support and advocacy but it's not! It is making a of work, exile or death. In services to persecuted huge difference in places like Nigeria last year, 300 Christians. It also seeks to churches were destroyed by mobilise the church in the Islamists and 612 Christians UK & Ireland to serve Information, news and killed. (Sometimes gunmen Christians living under prayer alerts on burst into churches and religious persecution. www.opendoorsuk.org. You shoot worshippers.) can sign up for weekly One example of their work, emails with prayer pointers Open Doors' work for God from a recent email: began in 1955 when Brother ‘IRAQ: an estimated 1.2 Andrew, a Dutch Bible You can also join the million people have now college graduate, first Persecuted Church Prayer been displaced following the smuggled Bibles into Eastern Group here at Holy Trinity advances of IS. Many fled Europe to the Christians (for one, some or all after IS militants gave them under persecution there. meetings). Contact Alissa the chilling command to (In 1967 Brother Andrew's convert, leave or die. biography, God's Smuggler, became one of the best- MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014  That God will strengthen and unite Christians as development projects. they face increasing pressure from the state.  Praise God for strong civil ‘When you ask persecuted (The apostasy law still rights bodies fighting for Christians what they need, exists, churches have the oppressed, including almost without exception been demolished by the Christians; pray that the they answer, "Prayer." government and an government will heed Prayer is the one thing that outright ban on new border guards and religious church buildings has police cannot keep out. been imposed, forcing Prayer reaches the most Christians to meet remote villages and together in tents – and infiltrates the most even this is frowned inaccessible labour camps. Prayer changes things.'  Give thanks that Open Three prayer requests for Doors is supporting the Sudan, where Meriam small but courageous Ibrahim was recently local church in Sudan released from prison: with discipleship training HT LINK: Catherine Basu E: [email protected] 16 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Redeeming our Communities developing links with Reebok Stadium in Bolton to is a charity, based near members of the police force. thank the police, and also to Manchester, founded by In 1998 a meeting was pledge to see violent crime Debra Green, a writer and gathered to thank the reduced in the region over popular speaker, in 2004. members of Greater the next 12 months through Manchester Police and prayer and action. The 'Thank You' posters were pledge was met: 11 months "In 1994 as I reflected on placed in every police station after that meeting the Metro the needs of the city of my across Greater Manchester. newspaper reported that birth I wrote these words: violent crime in the region "In our dreams and visions Relationships between the had fallen by 11%, bucking we see crime rates dropping, church and police in the city national trends. violence decreasing, drug began to develop in a new dealers disappearing, way. The story of these Following a national launch prostitution declining and developments can be read in at the NEC Arena in 2006, apathy diminishing. We see Debra and Frank Green's the initiative grew, with ROC business booming, housing book, City Changing Ambassadors joining the improving, schools Prayer. Following Festival team in regions throughout flourishing and hope rising." Manchester in 2003, which the UK. Stories of saw 500 churches from all community transformation We have seen all these denominations working on across the nation were things in some measure and community projects, many collected together for the work we do has spread people began to consult with Debra's 2008 book, across the UK, but there is Debra on how they could still so much more we can learn from the experience in Communities: 21st Century do together to build safer, Manchester and the Miracles of Social kinder communities for the Transformation. ROC now sake of the next generation." Communities initiative was has over 60 community By September 2004. Debra launched in 2004. projects meeting a variety of Green had been coordinating community needs around inter-church meetings across The launch saw thousands the Greater Manchester of people from the North region for a number of West including civic years, and had also been leaders join together at the MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 ROC has built partnerships addicts who are working businesses, individual and between police, fire services, through a recovery church donations, public churches, voluntary groups programme to link up services, and fundraising and others to tackle issues with trained ‘buddies' from anti-social behaviour to who will support them the isolation that is often through their recovery. experienced by elderly people. Its projects include:  ROC Care – elderly befriending schemes.  ROC Cafés— which A ROC Conversation to move provide activities for  ROC Restore – towards ROC projects in children and young restorative justice Leicester was held at Holy people such as pool, schemes. Face-to-face Trinity Church in June. table tennis, dance, conferences have resolved individual anti- Recently ROC were given a projects, classes, guitar social behaviour cases £5 million community tuition and workshops. and neighbour disputes. building on a 22-year rent- free lease, including fixtures  ROC Centres— these are  ROC Mentoring – and fittings. They moved in community hubs. A Bury mentoring schemes to local paper wrote of one keep young people out of centre, ‘It holds a daily the criminal justice police surgery and system, and to support  Pray for the staff team provides a base for a ex-offenders on release working at the new ROC range of community HQ at The FUSE in activities including ROC  ROC Assist— In Partington. Pray we'll be café, ROC football, youth Chichester volunteers able to settle in well and church, fortnightly provide practical help for hit the ground running. community lunches, those unable to maintain weekly bingo sessions their social housing  Thank God for our new and weekly drama properties, such as workshops for children. maintenance work, ordinator, Diane Around 300 people of all painting and decorating, McWilliam. Pray she will ages access activities in have favour connecting the ROC Centre each with individuals across week, and it has been ROC projects are run by Scotland and pray for reported there has been partnerships of churches, new exciting projects to a fall in anti-social police, fire services, emerge across the behaviour, since it voluntary groups and others. opened in October 2011, They are Christian-led and of 36%.' Centres can provide opportunities for  Thank God for the 30 host parent and toddler Christian volunteers to ROC Cafes we have groups, homework clubs, develop new relationships nationally. Pray that God advice sessions, family with local people by blesses the volunteers mentoring and other demonstrating the love and and pray for more lives reality of God in action. to be impacted by the Funding for them has come  ROC Buddy schemes— from a variety of sources: which link drug or alcohol grant making trusts, local 18 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Rooted in Jesus is the only  Follow-up for evangelistic discipleship course written crusades and Jesus film especially for the use of ordinary African Christians, rather than translated from This course has changed material developed for the West - where people face Long-term aims of Rooted in different problems and challenges in their Christian discipleship. It was written  Changed lives, changed by a team of clergy and churches, changed teachers from Holy Trinity, including Alison Morgan, wife of the previous vicar, Roger  Ordinary lay Christians equipped for ministry as disciples of Jesus It's currently in use in 57 dioceses or denominations in  Key people raised and 15 African countries, where trained for future it has been translated into leadership within the 35 languages. It's used in:  Political and social stability in a developing  Confirmation classes but suffering continent, through the growth of  Training of catechists, informed and committed evangelists and lay Christian discipleship To know more about Rooted  Sunday school groups  Evangelism and church MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 testimonies are coming Please pray for Alison through from the groups – Morgan as she manages her more on the blog! roles in the UK and in Africa. Alison Morgan writes: ‘… the Startling growth continues in Rooted in Jesus Junior books last six weeks have been the Dioceses of Toliara, are being translated into N amongst the busiest we Madagascar and Niassa, Sotho, Chewa, Bemba, Mozambique, both using R in Lhukonzo, and Swahili. J as part of their diocesan Please pray for protection, The international Anglicans strategy for discipleship; and wisdom and guidance for the Ablaze Conference held in R in J is being used in translators, and that they Johannesburg at the will do the best possible job. beginning of July was a Fianarantsoa by Pez & joyous occasion, with 2000 Louise Robison to plant the Give thanks for continued people attending from 43 first Anglican church in the financial provision for R in J dioceses and 17 countries. town of Ambositra. from individuals, churches The conference was and dioceses. We pray addressed by Archbishop Teams have recently especially for the planned Justin Welby, whose visit returned from Uganda, application for Anglican had a great impact. Alison Rwanda, Burundi and Communion funding to spoke on the Tools of Tanzania, and their reports enable R in J to become fully Discipleship, and we ran a will be available soon – one independent in Tanzania. packed workshop on Rooted team member has written, "I in Jesus. ‘Hope is Rising' was just feel a sense of huge the conference theme – to gratitude to have had the read more or to view our opportunity to co-work with presentations please visit the Jesus and such a wonderful team amidst a beautiful rootedinjesus.wordpress.com. people. God's gentleness and tenderness is the News from the Diocese of primary thing I am mindful Katanga in DR Congo is also of." encouraging: Rooted in HT LINK: Claire Greaves Jesus was introduced only in If you do not receive our February, but already prayer diary and would like E: [email protected] to do so, just let us know.' 20 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH SHARING OF MINISTRIES ABROAD (SOMA) SOMA is a charity set up in unique programme to On another mission to 1978. It is concerned with: address the issues facing the Bukavu Diocese in DR delegates identified by the Congo, large numbers of  Holy Spirit renewal in inviting bishop that are people came to Christ and Anglican churches across within SOMA's call and there were many healings. ministry and, as the mission progresses, adapt the Future mission destinations  Using intercession and include South Sudan and short-term mission trips. programme to the issues revealed by the Holy Spirit SOMA works for the through intercessors, transformation of individuals delegates and team.' and churches and the  For wisdom and healing of communities and For more information, go to discernment to recognise their lands through the and respond to God- renewing power of the Holy given opportunities to send teams to new, unexpected areas, SOMA sends teams of clergy REQUESTS regions and countries. and lay people to assist Anglican dioceses in the A mission to South Rwenzori  For those bishops who developing world in their in Uganda this year drew received SOMA teams in mission - through together team members the past 12 months. For partnership, teaching and from Surrey, Canada and prayer, in the renewing Uganda. After 19 days of encouragement, wisdom, power of the Holy Spirit. forced, intensive interaction, perseverance and vision. there had not been a single It also brings Christian tense moment between the  For the Lord's financial leaders to the UK to share members. Bishop Jackson of provision for SOMA their vision and energy with South Rwenzori said that he through increased churches and dioceses here. had seen a transformation in regular, planned, gift- the South Rwenzori ‘SOMA does not have a set leadership, and he prayed programme or product. For that a SOMA team would each mission we build a come once a year. MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 In 1919 a young student at Falmouth CU was praised for Cambridge University, its many outreach events, Norman Grubb, felt led by  Supports Biblical including serving tea and God to go round the rooms research, mostly at toast, open mic nights, Text- of all the men he knew in his postgraduate level a-Toastie and free meals. A college who were not spokesperson for the SU  Runs an apologetics Christians and speak to said, ‘The Falmouth Christian them about Jesus. He www.bethinking.org Union organise an wrote, ‘I went and pulled no impressive range of regular punches, and a number  Runs a theology website, events and take the came out for Christ, about www.theologynetwork.org opportunity to serve the sixteen of them. This wider student community.' caused a stir like a touch of UCCF employs about 80 revival. As I shared these staff, plus a further 80 or so Please pray: experiences with others in new graduates called ‘Relay  The Manchester CUs are the Christian Union, it came Workers', on a one-year already planning their like a vision to me that every training programme, who carol service! For the first university and college in support the CUs by, for time ever, all the CUs are Britain and the world should example, training Bible study coming together to hold have its evangelical and leaders or leading a joint service. Please witnessing Christian Union, discussions with non- pray that their planning and preparations would The vision of the Christian lead to an evening where Unions in Britain is the same the gospel is boldly today. For over 75 years proclaimed to many non- UCCF: The Christian Unions believing students. has sought to live and speak The UCCF Uncover Luke  Birmingham CU plan to Seeker Bible Studies have been translated into 14 hold a series of regular Christian Unions (CUs) are languages, for use by other lunchbars next term mission teams made up of bodies like UCCF abroad addressing big issues of students, supported by UCCF (other members of the life. This is a new CU Staff Workers, and International Fellowship of initiative so please pray working in partnership with Evangelical Students) and that the CU would be local churches. They are also with international able to create a warm non-denominational and students studying in Britain. exist to give every student atmosphere in which an opportunity to hear about UCCF has re-launched its students feel able to ask Jesus. The UCCF website signature apologetics their questions about says, ‘Thousands of students website, bethinking.org, are hearing about the following an extensive period  1 September is the start message of Christianity and of redevelopment work. The of Forum, UCCF's hundreds are coming to faith site was first launched in national training each year.' UCCF: 2004 and has attracted over one million visits since that conference for CU leaders. As over 1,000  Encourages and supports time. CU leaders to lead CU students gather to be mission and help Falmouth University equipped and trained in students grow in their Students' Union (SU) has mission for the year faith with training, advice formally recognised the CU ahead, please pray that for its ‘impressive' efforts to God would be glorified. 'serve the wider student  Publishes books and community' by awarding the booklets through its own group a Gold Accreditation. 22 HOLY TRINITY CHURCH RESOURCE (Roger & Alison Morgan) ReSource is a charity for  We work with dioceses,  Quiet days and prayer which Roger Morgan, former denominations and both vicar of Holy Trinity, and his traditional and new forms wife Alison work.  Clergy mentoring through our EQUIP Since 2004 ReSource has  We always listen first. worked for the renewal of people and churches for Among other things we  Parish consultancy – mission in the power of the identifying issues, Holy Spirit - across all developing vision and  Day programmes and traditions, Churches and growing healthy churches open evenings on key denominations, but with an topics of faith and  Preachers/speakers on Anglican distinctive. renewal and mission Their vision is to help build a  User friendly small group  The Rooted in Jesus church which is diverse, materials for discipleship discipleship programme local, renewed in the Spirit and effective in mission.  Support, resources and  A range of publications On their website they say: training for the healing on key aspects of the  ‘Our aim is to serve, to resource and encourage  Preparation and support  A full colour topical the church for growth. for local missions  We believe that each  Residential conferences Find out more at church is different, and for diocesan programmes www.resource-arm.net. work with each according to its own needs and  Deanery or cluster  We develop written  Church renewal resources in response to the needs we meet as we travel.  PCC day and evenings MISSION LINKS AUTUMN 2014 At St Barnabas, Linthorpe in wheel. Only three miles to Middlesbrough, Canon Erik the next services, he Wilson commented thought, deciding to drive afterwards that there was "a carefully on and stop there Two pieces of news from the lovely sense of the Spirit's for a break. He woke up to ReSource website: gentle presence throughout find himself, to his the evening." In fact we astonishment, neatly parked Open Evenings: 'I am the have found this everywhere; outside the service station Lord who heals you' it is a great privilege to walk café. He has no recollection ‘One of the fascinations for into a church where people of turning off the motorway, us in the last few months are constant in prayer and no memory of driving into has been the way the Lord the presence of God is the services – and it has to has met with people through almost palpable. We have be confessed that his our series of Open Evenings been overwhelmed by some parking is not always neat. led by Martin [Cavender] of the responses - we Thank you, Lord!' and Alison on the theme "I shouldn't be, we know, but it Please pray: am the Lord who heals you". has been a joy to meet with We offer these in churches people who have said to us ‘ReSource has a simple across the country, partly to that the Lord had told them policy: when we pray, things say thank you to those who this would be their time, and happen. This is not a lippy, support and pray for us, who have been released meaningless policy - we've partly to keep in touch with from deep and longstanding found out through trial and churches with whom we trauma and pain. Sometimes error! When God's children have worked, and partly people have asked us to pray; people get healed, because we want to share pray with them directly, but coincidences occur with the good news of the most of the prayer is offered statistical impossibility, lives kingdom as widely as we by those attending, sharing are saved, governmental their needs in little groups of policies change; God moves three and praying for one in a thousand ways (not all We began in St George's another - many surprised by of them mysterious!).' Swallowbeck, Lincoln, where joy to find the Lord working 78 people from 20 churches through them.  For Roger, working on his gathered together to worship book on good practice in God, look at scripture and Oh - the prize for the best children's ministry. For pray for one another. The biscuits went to St guidance and clarity. prayer was rewarding, with Margaret's Edgware .' most people saying they had  For Alison as she works Small miracle on the been touched by God. A man on her new book, The motorway: ‘Many of you named Jonathan came to Plural of Disciple is pray regularly for us as we the front, pointing out he travel long distances by was walking normally; when road. So we would like to  For guidance and wisdom he came, he said, he report a small miracle on the for the trustees and core couldn't do that; he had a motorway. Roger was team of ReSource as longstanding hip pain for returning home from they develop and grow which he was receiving Cambridgeshire when he the vision. That they will regular cortisone injections – began to feel sleepy at the hear from God clearly. the pain had gone. HT LINK: Jenny Ridge E: [email protected] A: Church Office, Holy Trinity Church, Turner Street, Leicester LE1 6WY T: 0116 254 8981 (answerphone outside office hours) W: www.holytrinityleicester.org /holytrinityleicester @holytrinityleic

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