Our ref: AG 001
Draft Number: AG 001 – ZWS 869/2
Date: 2015-06-05

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: AG 001: FERTILIZERS AND SOIL STABILIZERS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DRAFT SAZ STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR FERTILIZERS – CALCIUM NITRATE
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Standards Association of Zimbabwe THIS IS A DRAFT AND MUST NOT BE REGARDED OR USED AS A ZIMBABWE STANDARD. LABELLING AND MARKING . HANDLING AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS . COMPLIANCE WITH THE STANDARD . PREFACE This Zimbabwe Standard Specification ZWS 869:2015: Fertilizers – Calcium nitrate. This standard was revised by Technical Committee AG 001: Fertilizers and Soil Stabilizers, under the general direction of the Food and Agriculture Standards Council. First published 2008, as ZWS 869, First Revision, 2015 as ZWS 869. This standard supercedes ZWS 869:2008 which is now withdrawn. This standard makes reference to the following publications: AOAC 920.01 : Nitrates in fertilizers. Lead in fertilizers. Calcium (acid soluble) in fertilizers. Water (free) in fertilizers. Cadmium and chromium in fertilizers. Copper in fertilizers. Zinc in fertilizers. Prednisolone or prednisone in drugs. Iron in fertilizers. Liming materials – Determination of calcium content and magnesium content (Complexometric method). Fertilizers and soil conditioners – Vocabulary. Solid fertilizers – Preparation of samples for chemical and physical analysis. Solid fertilizers and soil conditioners – Test sieving. Solid fertilizers – Simple sampling method for small lots. Solid fertilizers – Sampling plan for the evaluation of large delivery. Woven polypropylene fertilizer bags. The following interests were represented on the Technical Committee entrusted with the revision of this standard: Min. of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development, Department of Research and Specialist Services . Mr S Kodani Omnia Fertilizer . Grow Agriculture . Commercial Farmers Union . Min. of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development, Department of Research and Specialist Services . Sable Chemical Industries Ltd . Mr F P Mungwari Standards Association of Zimbabwe . Windmill (Pvt) Ltd . Mr J Chivasa Zimbabwe Fertilizer Company, Ltd . Fertilizers, Seeds and Grains. Standards Association of Zimbabwe . (Committee Secretary) ZIMBABWE STANDARD SPECIFICATION FERTILIZER – CALCIUM NITRATE (First Revision of ZWS 869:2008) This Zimbabwe Standard specifies the requirements for calcium nitrate intended for use as a fertilizer. NOTE. The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed in the Preface. For the purpose of this standard the definitions given in ISO 8157 shall apply. General. Calcium nitrate fertilizer shall be in the form of free-flowing and non-caking prills or granules and shall be free from visible impurities. Particle Size. The particle size (sieve analysis) of calcium nitrate fertilizer, when determined in accordance with ISO 8397, shall be such that a minimum of 90,0 % (m/m) shall pass through a 3,35 mm sieve and be retained on a 1,00 mm sieve. Chemical Requirements. Calcium nitrate fertilizer shall comply with the chemical requirements given in the table below when determined in accordance with the methods of test specified. TABLE – CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CALCIUM NITRATE AOAC 945.04/EN 12946 Sampling shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 8633 and laboratory sample shall be prepared prior to testing in accordance with ISO 8358. NOTE. For delivery larger than the quantity limit prescribed in ISO 8633, the delivery shall be divided into separate consignments each containing a quantity not exceeding the prescribed limit and considered as a separate lot. However, where practicable, the application of ISO 8634 is recommended. Individual Container Calcium nitrate fertilizer shall be packed in clean, sound and moisture proof containers (packages). Suitable packaging material includes the following: a) plain polyethylene bags woven high density polypropylene bags with an internal liner bag of polyethylene film woven high density polypropylene bags with an extend bag coating of polyethylene. The net mass of the fertilizer in a container shall be within the tolerance limit of + 1 % of the nominal net mass. Bulk Container. The fertilizer may also be supplied in bulk, in such a case the bulk container shall be sound, clean, dry and capable of protecting the product from adventitious contamination and moisture absorption. LABELLING AND MARKING Individual Container. Each container of calcium nitrate fertilizer shall be labelled indelibly with the following particulars: name of fertilizer; the nominal total nitrogen and water soluble calcium (see Table); the nominal net mass of the fertilizer; the month and year of manufacture; name and address of the manufacturer or supplier; any other marking requirements laid down by the purchaser/country of destination. Bulk Container. Where the fertilizer is supplied in bulk, the labelling information shall accompany the delivery notice. HANDLING AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS The manufacturer shall make available handling and storage requirements of the fertilizer. COMPLIANCE WITH THE STANDARD A lot of calcium nitrate fertilizer shall be deemed to comply with this standard if upon inspection and testing the provisions of Clauses 3, 5, 6 and 7 are satisfied.


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